Allen West says Newt best suited to communicate conservatism to the black community

If, like me, you missed Allen West on Greta last night because of the debate, then you should enjoy this even more because it was better than the whole debate. Allen West, in discussing what the Republican Party needs to do to get black voters into the Republican party, was asked which presidential candidate has the conservative principles to help turn the tide of high unemployment in the black community, and he was quick to point out that despite those on the left accusing Newt of race-baiting, he believes that Newt is the one who is diagnosing the problem well and is trying to open a dialogue with the black community by offering to speak before the NAACP.

But what I really liked about this clip was that when asked to define race-baiting, he singled out Al Sharpton and Rep. Clyburn for using race to attack Newt when it absolutely wasn’t true. And when asked about the Catholic leaders sending an open letter to both Newt and Santorum telling them to stop using race to get votes, West said that he would question whether their principles are founded on Christianity or on liberalism.

Wow! This is why I love Allen West!


UPDATE: I changed the title to more accurately reflect West’s words.

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