Allen West says Newt best suited to communicate conservatism to the black community

If, like me, you missed Allen West on Greta last night because of the debate, then you should enjoy this even more because it was better than the whole debate. Allen West, in discussing what the Republican Party needs to do to get black voters into the Republican party, was asked which presidential candidate has the conservative principles to help turn the tide of high unemployment in the black community, and he was quick to point out that despite those on the left accusing Newt of race-baiting, he believes that Newt is the one who is diagnosing the problem well and is trying to open a dialogue with the black community by offering to speak before the NAACP.

But what I really liked about this clip was that when asked to define race-baiting, he singled out Al Sharpton and Rep. Clyburn for using race to attack Newt when it absolutely wasn’t true. And when asked about the Catholic leaders sending an open letter to both Newt and Santorum telling them to stop using race to get votes, West said that he would question whether their principles are founded on Christianity or on liberalism.

Wow! This is why I love Allen West!


UPDATE: I changed the title to more accurately reflect West’s words.

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73 thoughts on “Allen West says Newt best suited to communicate conservatism to the black community

  1. I have to admit, I liked Mitt for 2008, but its a new ball game. I believe it’s a time for Newt now. He’s tried a couple of times for the presidency. His time has come. We need someone who knows his stuff…and not affraid to tell it like it is. No more sugar coating…give it to Obama and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood right between the eyes….so-to-speak.

  2. excellent interview w Col. West. He’s always well spoken and rational. His comment about the catholic priests was spot on.

  3. Newt is an establishment retread and a progressive nutjob. And corrupt too.

    The fake tea parties that support him are about age 40 and have no clue.

    The real tea party of 2007 knows..

    1. so you try to make your point and get people to think you have something rational to say by insulting others? I have never understood that line of thinking because it doesn’t work and it makes NO SENSE.

  4. Given the rhetoric that came out of Newt and his super PAC recently do we want hi explaining free market economics to anyone? He has wrapped ideas like good and bad capitalism in an attempt to appeal social conservatives that may not be pure economic conservatives. Trying to make a populist appeal to them that the evil “wall street boogeyman” is going to come to their town buy out the local business break them up for a quick dollar. This kind of rhetoric hurts our ability to argue for free market solutions

    1. either you are just reciting talking points to shill for Romney or you don’t know anything about business. The fact is many companies do engage in what is commonly referred to as corporate raiding. Bill Gates-good capitalism. Bernie Maddoff-bad capitalism. Romney is the Wall St. poster boy. 90% of his campaign is funded by Wall St. Romney is a liberal-plain and simple. The fact that he hides what he did under the banner of capitalism makes him even worse.

  5. Col. West is the best man for the VP slot with Newt. I pray he accepts if Newt offers after Newt wins the nomination.

  6. Re: the “Catholic leaders and theologians”: I read the list of signatories, and it’s nothing more than the same old Who’s Who of the “Catholic” Far-Left. All the usual suspects, who think “social justice” means government tyranny. I wonder how many of them have actually read Leo XIII, since they seem to have never heard of the basic, key principle of Subsidiarity. As a Catholic myself, I’m embarrassed by these people. Their mental mush is spiritual poison.

  7. For 50 years it is the Republican establishment to write off the black vote, uncontested. I’m sick of it, I know history, Democrats can take the overwhelming majority of America’s racism. The party of slavery, the court of the Dred Scott decision, the party of surrender to the Confederacy, the party of segregation, the party of Jim Crow etc etc etc.
    Allen West is right, Newt is the best guy we have to communicate the conservative message to the black community. I hope we see this NAACP speech happen. For the Newt haters, you so under estimate him…

  8. I object to the whole process. In the melting pot, no survey should use race as a criteria.The best way to stop racism, is to completely ignore it.i.e., no survey should apply to anything but Americans, no matter what they call themselves.

  9. Newt, pay attention to West..he needs to be in your cabinet or even VP…the man never flinches, loves him!

  10. Nicely said, LtCol. West…as always.

    I’m still hoping that he will be picked as the VP nominee this year.

    1. Thanks for putting this up…I read it and teared up a bit at the end when President Reagan put his arm around Newt and more or less told him to finish what he had started. It makes Romney seem so small and insignificant doesn’t it?

  11. as usual his articulate ability was great listening too……….RS…can you get more of the black forum that he conducted? Can we get clips OR THE WHOLE thing on RS?

    1. It’s on C-SPAN. I watched it yesterday. Only Emmanuel Cleaver of the professional black caucus had nothing substantial to offer in the panel discussion. I suspect his group is not happy that Congressman West is trying to do something of merit.
      Star Parker was the moderator and she is another great conservative voice who knows firsthand the pitfalls of Uncle Sam’s Plantation. In fact she wrote a book about it.

  12. Great job by West once again but what I find striking is that there is a group of catholic spiritual leaders writing letters about the republicans making racial statements and yet not a single one of them have written any letters to the president asking him to protect the christians who are being murdered around the world by islamic jihadists. Picking the easy targets like the MSM are we??

    1. Because real conservatives everywhere are mourning the death of the constitution.

      Newt Gingrich is our worst nightmare, possibly MUCH worse than Romney.

      Neither can win… so it’s gonna be four more years of Obama.

      We won’t vote for fake conservatives.. nosiree.

      Sorry Col West, you are a warmonger and that’s progressive!

  13. I haven’t been able to watch the video, but I don’t think Newt will communicate well with blacks. All of my black friends think that Newt is a racist. Granted its a small sample size, but it at least appears that the charges of racism has stuck for blacks. Really, you would think that someone like Thomas Sowell, or Allen West himself would be the communicators of conservatism to blacks.

    1. If your Black friends think that Newt is a racist, they probably wouldn’t come to listen to Newt anyway, then. Tell them to stop listening to the headlines and do some research themselves.

      Those are the very people Newt should be talking to.

    2. I disagree…I think Newt can and will communicate with all races….I don’t see anything racist about him at all……Why do people think that, just because he wants ALL children to learn to work, and make something of themsleves??? That includes white children as well as any other group…..

    3. You might enjoy seeing the conference West spoke of on C-SPAN. I watched it yesterday and found it highly informative.

      The pity is that the Al Sharptons and Clyburns – and yes, even our president – continue to gin up animosity to the extent that only other blacks truly have the privilege of speaking to the black community without fear of being deemed a racist.

  14. Catholic leaders writing a letter of slander? Lies? They should stick to pedophilia, or drop all of the sin, get right, and tell the truth!

    Could someone write one heck of a letter to Catholic leaders? Yeppers!

    “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?
    (Matthew 23:33)

    1. Not Catholic leaders but Catholic priests and theologians who have gone off the reservation in terms of church doctrine. As mentioned, jerks like Fr. Michael Phleger, Pastor of St. Sabina’s Church on the southhside of Chicago. A predominantly black parish. Everything is racist to him. He suffers greatly from white guilt. Has even taken on the ghetto dialect to give himself more street cred.


      1. I’m gonna have to peg ya’ for a handful of Hail Mary’s, an hour of Our Father’s, and and at least a cartful of confession confetti, you know, for the kids :-I

        Or you could just have a come to Jesus moment and skip all that.

        Martin Luther

  15. Greta asked West who ‘best’ showed concern about unemployment in the black community.

    West replied that he would give Gingrich credit for being concerned, articulating the problem, and reaching out to the black community.

  16. Great post Scoop… thanks! 🙂

    Allen West now! But 2016 is fine also… if there’s still an America to lead.

    1. No one says specifically, but my guess is that Father Pfleger out of Chicago might be one of those who would. He has no problem whatsoever espousing controversial political views from the pulpit.

        1. I’m from Chicago and had to listen to that ass for so many years. He has absolutely no credibility in the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese. Cardinal Bernardine called him in on the carpet a number of times while still living.

          1. My condolences my friend.

            It’s guys like him (Pfleger) who give “religion” a bad name. I’m amazed that guys like him or even “Rev.” Wright even have a congregation. If their patrons swallow the lie of “Liberation Theology”, then their destination isn’t where they think it’s going to be.

            1. Again, another one of the reason’s I left Catholocism. If you believe some of these guys are cooks, you should hear what some of the Catholic priests are espousing at Newman Centers across the country! They ought to pull these guys in and defrock them.

              1. I’ll bet nearly every one of them are cooks, at least to some degree. Then again, some of them could prolly burn a salad. That’s not being a very good cook at all 🙁

            2. The present Instruction has a much more limited and precise purpose: to draw the attention of pastors, theologians, and all the faithful to the deviations, and risks of deviation, damaging to the faith and to Christian living, that are brought about by certain forms of liberation theology which use, in an insufficiently critical manner, concepts borrowed from various currents of Marxist thought.


      1. It would not surprise me if it is much larger than the Pfleger crowd. After all we saw a strong segment of the Catholic church support Obama despite his bent to crush all that is good and moral in this country. The Catholic church still has a social justice factor (liberation theology was pioneered by activist Catholic priests).

        1. I agree. Their support for the left has bitten them in their rear ends as he begins to fundamentally transform this nation.

        2. Unfortunately true. If I recall correctly, Pope John Paul II fought pretty hard against the Liberation Theology bishops. Back then, most of those guys were in South America and Africa. I don’t see any reporting regarding Benedict XVI doing much of that. A few things he’s done seem awfully “squishy” to me.

          I’m guessing the whole “pedophile priest” thing has the entire Catholic system on its heels. How squishiness helps that situation I don’t know.

          1. I believe Benedict was one of the Cardinals that backed up John Paul II’s proclamation against Liberation Theology. Benedict is pretty hard nosed when it comes to things like this. Only wish he was a bit more aggressive on the worldwide pedophelia problem.

            1. I thought that was the reputation he brought in. I just haven’t seen much evidence of it since he settled into the post-JPII period. I guess it takes a while, but photos of the guy don’t convince me he has a whole lot of time to screw around with subtle approaches.

        3. If the Catholics you’re talking about voting for Obama, they’re what’s called “cafeteria Catholics”. They pick and choose what works for them, including ideas on abortion.

          1. Now when you start talking about Cafeteria Catholics, that’s where you’ll find the most cooks 🙂


            Ok, I’m standing in the corner.

    1. He’s aiming for Speaker of the House. Considering this man came out of retirement to continue his vow to protect and defend the Constitution, I don’t think he’ll rest until God and the people stop him. If God calls him to step up as President, I’m sure he’ll step up and answer that call.

  17. I think your title is a little misleading. I think Mr. West was very careful to NOT endorse Newt as the “guy best suited to speak for black people”. I think he said that Newt is articulating it very well right now. And as a practicing Catholic, I like how he chastised the “Catholic thoelogians” in a very respectful manner. (We’ve got a real war going on in the Church battling some extremely liberal forces who BTW intend to force the Church to change “the word of God” if you will. Who knows who these theologians are or what factions they represent.) He said “I will give Speaker Gingrich some credit……”JS.

    1. I never said he endorsed Newt and we know that he’s not going to endorse a candidate, but he was asked specifically about helping the black community and out of the four he picked Newt.

      So I stand by my title.

    2. I had thought that Pope John Paul II had stomped out these Liberation Theology nuts in the early 80’s. John Paul II called them out for their marxist/leftist leanings as he had experienced communism first hand in Poland. No doubt The current Pope Benedict does not share these views as he is even more conservative than John Paul II as he as he served as Prefect of the Congegation for the Doctrine of Faith (the main body that dictates Catholic Theology).

    3. OK, but I didn’t hear him say “best”, that’s all 🙂 I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be paranoid. I just want this thing to go on as long as possible so the “great unwashed” are hearing our message for as long as possible! 🙂

    4. yes, Newt is best articulating the problem of high unemployment in the black community and the causes that lead to it.

      The best way to help the black community to enable them to help themselves, but I doubt they would take the offer, i think they prefer Obama who just gives them stuff from his “stash”

      1. October 2009 – Detroit Michigan USA

        “35,000 people lined up, so desperate for help with mortgage and utility bills that threats were made, fights broke out and people were nearly trampled.” This is Obama’s America.

        “I’m here for some Obama Bucks”

        ROGULSKI: Why are you here?

        WOMAN #1: To get some money.

        ROGULSKI: What kind of money?

        WOMAN #1: Obama money.

        ROGULSKI: Where’s it coming from?

        WOMAN #1: Obama.

        ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get it?

        WOMAN #1: I don’t know, his stash. I don’t know. (laughter) I don’t know where he got it from, but he givin’ it to us, to help us.

        WOMAN #2: And we love him.

        WOMAN #1: We love him. That’s why we voted for him!

        Money grows on trees according to uneducated black inner city Democrats/Liberals.

        You may remember this woman’s jubilation upon hearing about Obama’s Presidential victory – “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage.”

        They (Liberals/Democrats) live in a fantasy world and really believe that The Money Ferry can solve all their problems. Yes I know, I too am amazed people can be this stupid. It is what we are up against.

    5. AND Newt’s new issue is the elimination of religion by all the liberal/socialist/atheists. Newt is the right man for the presidency, bar none.

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