Allen West SLAMS Ambassador Rice as borderline ignorant for blaming attacks on anti-Islam video

Allen West said tonight that UN Ambassador Rice’s statement earlier today blaming the attacks in the Middle East, specifically Benghazi, on this anti-Islam video is borderline ignorant. In fact he actually called them asinine, naïve, inept, and incompetent as well. He goes on to accuse the Obama administration of outright distorting the truth with their complicit MSM, suggesting this could be Obama’s very own Jimmy Carter moment.

Watch below:

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139 thoughts on “Allen West SLAMS Ambassador Rice as borderline ignorant for blaming attacks on anti-Islam video

  1. I love this man. He doesn’t get excited or raise his voice, he just tells it like it is. From where I sit, he’s 100% on each of the issues he talked about.

    However, I don’t see any way the White House or the Dems are going to admit the truth. We’ve known for some time now that this was not about a crappy YouTube video, but a coordinated attack by terrorists. Yet they continue to blame it on the movie and even attack the First-Amendment rights of the man behind it, in order to try to appease our enemies.

    They either are all the things Col. West said the Ambassador was, meaning they don’t have a clue and their knee-jerk reaction is to lie about what little they do understand; or, more likely, they aren’t willing to tell the truth because it’s likely to lose Obamao the election.

    The President and the Liberals and Lame-stream-media care more about this election than they do about our country’s security.

    1. I agree with you. Obama’s reaction to most bad judgement calls has been to lie his way out of it. I see nothing more in this President than a 3rd rate con man who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. My biggest issue is that the responsible people who butchered four of our American brothers are going to walk. It seems to me this Obama has no interest beyond lying and defrauding his way into another four years as President. With the assistance of the media, Obama has been very successful in one thing, hiding his true Muslim allegiance from the American people.


    This is the real story. Ulsterman, LameCherry and other bloggers are reporting on it. Nobody believed their lies but this is what they do not want America to know: the Islamists attacked our soverign property, our Embassies and they raped and killed our Ambasador and killed other Americans.

    This is what Obama has sown and reaped with his ME policy all for the benefit of his buddies the Muslim Brotherhood. They own him.

  3. Allen West is the reason I think any one even contemplating running for President should have at SOME military experience.

    An Eagle Scout has more experience than the dumbo in Office.

  4. Susan Rice is a light weight sock puppet…
    It’s more like Obama’s having a Jimmy Carter paralysis moment! This is why the white house is in need of person more qualified than a community organizer.

  5. If the left really thinks an obscure movie about Mohammed is causing violence in the Middle East, they will demand that Hollywood not release the upcoming movie about Obama killing Osama. But they won’t because they don’t.

  6. I Love this guy, hope he runs in 2016.
    sad they let that rino christie speak at the rnc, and ignored west, who is 100% better then christie.

  7. ALL forms of authority must be open to criticism and satire, or they will turn into monsters. For 1400 years, Islam has not been open to criticism or satire and guess what? It became a monster.

    It can spread to more countries. It has already spread to 57 formerly civilized ones.

  8. There are a lot of differences between the UN Ambassador and LtC West, all of them being to his favor. But I must say, she was not inept for her words. She is merely a puppet of Obama and has to say what he tells her to say. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to speak outright lies and deceptions simply because my boss told me to.

    This gives Obama the advantage of being able to throw her under the bus if and when they have to change their story after the polls tell them that their lies aren’t working. Seems like a win-win for Obama.

    It’s obvious that she fits right in at the United Nations, because they thrive on that aura of lies and deception. Another reason for us to leave the UN and kick them out of New York. And Rep. West is absolutely right when he says we must end all monetary aide to these countries. Unlike McCain who thinks the bribes still work.

  9. What more can be said about this great and patriotic loving American. Colonel Allen West and my congressman of the great state of Florida. Shows every other elective official in Washington DC how a true statesman performs his or her duty. With honor, with integrity, with love of country, with truth, and unbridled courage in the face of fire.
    We here at the right scoop salute you! We will stand by you no matter how hard the struggle. God Bless you Lt. Colonel Allen West congressman Florida.

  10. It was nearing midnight EST and I ran across a radio show. I don’t know who the host was and couldn’t tell you the name of the guest, but he was a former member of the Muslim brotherhood. He is was saying America needs to understand the different mindset of Muslims. When America apologizes, like when they did for the video, Muslims think confession of guilt and punishment while America thinks apology and forgiveness.

    He also said that there are 500 colleges where there are Muslim groups (said the name of them) that are an extension (or something) of the Muslim brotherhood. He also mentioned something about Al Gore had quoted something in the past that came from one of those Muslim groups.

    And the Muslim brotherhood has a goal of Sharia and taking over governments. They are invading our campuses.

  11. Borderline ignorant? NO! It’s flat out stupidity and they know it! This is not a surprise to the Odumbo administration. They have such disdain for the USA, that they are purposefully trying to destroy us on every possible level: economically, politically, and globally. This is a propaganda run on Rice’s part. She is willing to be an idiot, so that Odumbo’s Islamic, socialist garbage can move, “forward”. Odumbo and his ilk want power and they want us on our knees in submission. This is willful destruction, not just ineptitude!

  12. That little mix has been sitting on her multiculturalist a$$ for the last 3+ years, maintaining a low profile. Then she gets on TV and drowns out Jake Tapper and never addresses any of his questions with an honest response. What did come out of her mouth was pure Obamination BS. She is ignorant by choice. She hides her head in the sand because she has bought into the leftist multiculturalist lie about Islam. She’ll never admit that she and Hillary are utter failures on foreign policy or that the real reason behind these attacks had nothing to do with a film that was made last year. It had everything to do with Islam’s growing confidence exacerbated by over-educated common senseless todies like her who continue to feed that hungry Islamic crocodile. And it keeps comming back for more. She and others like her have put our country and our diplomats and military personnel at further risk by trying to appease Islam rather than supporting and defending our Constitution and focusing the war on the philosophy behind the global jihad. The genocidal maniacs in Islam will never be appeased. NEVER.

  13. If a video on youtube could of caused all of this then what on earth does Obama think will happen when Hollywood release the film of killing Bin Laden. Remember Obama gave Hollywood access to a lot of information and is a O K with being called the one that killed Osama bin Laden. This administration is nuts.

  14. Someone close to the Romney campaign PLEASE tell him not to agree to the line that a video caused the attacks! That dumb George Stephanopoulos interview showed Romney commenting on the “stupidity” of the video. Why?

    Romney, it is simple, when someone asks you anything about the video, you say, “Who cares about a Youtube video that had nothing to do with the attacks on our embassies? I am not going to sidetrack this major foreign policy issue by commenting on an irrelevant video, regardless of the administration’s desire to actively mislead the public on its false importance.”

    Something like that.

    Romney, you better grow a pair before the debates.

    1. Romney says what he is told to say by those “close to his campaign”. Listen to McCain and Graham on islam, the Brotherhood and the middle east. Remember how the republican establishment attacked Bachmann? The mindset is the same in DC. Romeny’s campaign is of that mindset.

  15. Muslims are basically saying: Give up free speech, or more people will get killed.

    And you know, you just know that the Democrats would be more than willing to do that. Obama right now is spitting on the first amendment because he can’t stand having his hands tied by… you know, the rights of Man.

  16. Pack up all of our embasies in the ME and get the hell out of there and don’t forget to burn the checkbook along with all the classified data.

  17. Why does the West think it can control or straighten out the Middle East? Why does it think it can still play at being the world’s police force? Why do both the Republicans and the Democrats think that whoever is occupying the White House can straighten it out? Is the American public that ridiculously naive? Apparently so.

    1. Apparently the only naive one here is you. Perhaps you should go back and critique a few more television shows.

    2. The only way to “straighten out the middle east” is to engage in total war against the major Islamic states, regardless of whether they’re considered an ally, neutral or not. I’ve often suggested widescale nuclear strikes against population centers, infrastructure and military capabilities of said Islamic states. The minor Islamic states will fall in line once they see what will happen to them too… if they don’t change their ways. We need to be clear with all Islamic states: Surrender to us, renounce Islam, and accept our terms, any terms, otherwise we’ll carry on obliterating you.

  18. I cannot believed my ears, when Susan Rice went on TV and outright LIED to Chris Wallace’s face! This woman is another Obama’s lap dog, who will outright lie to protect Oloser! This is the main reason why Americans should kick that POS Obama to the curb this November! He’s a Muslim and will do whatever it takes to sell our country to Islam!

  19. If you say it like it is, then the people will respond. Whether they like it or not they know when they hear truth.
    Sometimes it takes more courage to be honest, than to be politically correct.
    That is something obama can not claim, he would rather lie to the American people, than to be honest.
    I can not support a leader who does not know what honesty is.
    The problem obama has is he really doesn`t know the difference between a lie and the truth.
    He has lied to the people who support him the most, the African-Americans about jobs and health care.
    He has lied about his assault on the voting rights of active duty military.
    He lied about the illegal aliens in our country, and are trying to use them for his own personal gain(votes), which is in it self is voter fruad.
    He has lied about the economy and unemployment, trying to constantly say that it was Bush`s fault.
    He has lied about the illegal sell of weapons to the Mexican drug dealers, which has caused deaths both here and in Mexico.
    He lied about the stimulis that he claimed would decease unemployment, but in fact caused more unemployment. It was filled with corruption and pay-offs to his cronies and not all of it even stayed in the U.S.
    I am nobody, but even I can think of alot of things that this country could use for 6 tillion dollars. If he had done for this country in that amount of money his could have been a hero, but he wasted it all, and accomplished nothing.
    That is why I will vote for the Americans Romney/Ryan. Lets throw this communist from Kenya out of our White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Borderline “ignorant” isn’t the term I would have used to describe Susan Rice, but it’s close enough …

  21. It would be a true tragedy if Col. West is not high on Romney’s list of Cabinet appointees.
    A true test of a great leader is one who surrounds himself with those who are willing to face reality and to tell the truth no matter how bad it is.

    1. I always love your comments Art. Good to see you friend!

      Bachmann and West are both in the fights of their lives for their seats. They are both in need of serious donations too. I pray more folks give to them both!!

  22. It was a major mistake sending Rice to the talk shows today. It keeps the story alive and gets people angry at the lying. I have NEVER seen such unanimity in the criticism of what this woman said today. Usually, the boards all over the internet lean one way or the other, with plenty of opposing viewpoints. Check out the ABC website. ABC! There might be 1 in 50 not putting her down for her lies. Same thing on Yahoo. Again, big mistake on Obama’s part.

    And those saying Romney should attack are dead wrong. Let Obama and his admin be int eh spotlight. Don’t provide a target for the MSM. Let it stew. Whenever Romney opens his mouth, it gives Obama a break. The focus should be on Obama and his admin because it makes them look so bad.

    1. I agree. Let them keep talking. The more they talk, lie and spin, the more they implode. Glad to hear that the tide might be turning even in the MSM audience. Funny they aren’t even stupid enough to believe the lies as they did in the past!

      Hum, I wonder what they’ll try next to blame someone other than this admin for ALL of their failures?

  23. Once again, we see the real President of the nation, speak to us on the current crisis in the Middle East, while the empty chair of Clint Eastwood, says nothing. I’m joking, of course, but ask yourselves who appears more Presidential.

    Folks, we are in real trouble, when the Representative from Florida, speaks what the nation wants to hear, and our actual President is hiding in his bedroom, asking Michelle, “why don’t these people like me?”

    1. Exactly, Rocklin. Have you ever seen a politician in recent history, who is so not politically correct? I just love this man.

    2. You know, Rocklin, he used a group of words to describe his anger. “Asinine,” was one of them. The point I would like to make about this beloved American, is that he calls them like he sees them.

      He is the right man for the times that we face. He is to us, in this current crisis, what Ronald Reagan was, when we had Jimmy Carter.

      Allen West is not afraid to speak the truth, when the truth is what so many, are begging to hear.

      How different these two men. Both black, as if that matters anymore.
      Thankfully, we are past that impediment to our future greatness.

      The one, a Patriot of the first order. A military man, who has helped protect this country from our enemies.

      The second, the other one, a man dedicated to the destruction of this great nation, by whatever means at his disposal.

      What an amazing time we are living in. I just hope you are not watching television.

  24. Another example of why I like Allen West; he tells it like it is. Though many compare Obama to Carter I think Obama is much worse and the worst president of my lifetime. The man is evil and is doing everything he can to destroy us. He really should be put on trial but I will be satisfied to see him leave 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    1. I’m not satisfied with him just leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I want him jailed forever. He will be more dangerous than a radical Islamist Imam on the loose with an army of radical Islamists following right behind him within our own country. He has his head full of all our military secrets, strategy, and everything top secret and will seek to use it against us.
      He is a treasonous traitor to our country and needs to be treated as such.

      That Radical Islamist loving POS, we call our POTUS, needs to be jailed before he has the opportunity to become Dear Leader of the U.N. Period.

      1. I had never thought of it quite like you do and will admit you have made some good points. However, I don’t think anyone in the GOP has the courage to do what you are suggesting, though I would stand with them and you in this matter.

  25. The only thing I disagreed with him on is the notion that we cut off aid to muslim countries, until they get into shape. No, we just cut them off, period. Muslims are not our friends. Period. I think we should do like Canada, and not only shut down our embassies, in that part of the world, but have their personnel removed from US soil, and only allowed on with similar escorts that allow them to go to and from places like the UN Building. Cutting ties with them would force us to delve into our own energy resources, and temporarily use those of Canada, until we could undercut them by selling our own crude around the world, even as we undercut the terrorist OPEC nations. Withdrawing all American petrodollars from OPEC would sting. Taking away the petrodollars from virtually all other customers, including the Chinese, thanks to more secure government, more reliable transport and cheaper prices, could send OPEC into a tailspin, and, hopefully, trigger international and civil warfighting amongst themselves.

    1. Rick Perry had the best solution of all the candidates; every nation starts at 0 and then when you prove yourself we open the wallet.

  26. If only our party would all join forces and start fighting the media, and all the propaganda that is coming from the left this election would not be as close as it is. Allen West’s win in November will be further proof that if you defend your positions without apologizing for it, and you state your convictions with truth and force, you are able to beat the nazi left that has destroyed this country from within. I need our party to stop playing the politically correct way, and start telling the truth. It is my believe that if this continues another party is going to have to be formed, for too long we the conservatives have felt that the republican party (Establishment) has abandoned its principles for the sake of not upsetting anyone.

  27. I saw her comments this morning and my jaw hit the floor! She’s trying to placate the terrorist Islamists and justifying the unjustifiable? I’m so sick of the apologists in this administration! Call them what they are! Murdering terrorists. Period!

  28. Lies, damned lies and NObama “facts.”

    Even the Libyans get it!

    If you think about it, if NObama was today a foreigner seeking to come to work in the US legally, he’d be denied. What with questionable past associations with terrorists, extremist anti-American “pastor” and all those left wing groups. His refusal to show his true birth certificate, his school records. He would fail to get left in because he would be considered a threat to the security of the United States.

    Yet… Sadly… somehow, he managed to fool enough people to become the pResident of the WH and in nearly 4 years, damned near destroyed this country… If we give him 4 more years… We deserve to have this country destroyed! We know what he is now, and the mask has long ago slipped.

    I’m praying to God every day to guide and protect Romney and Ryan. I don’t pray for NObama. I’ll let God sort him out when he gets hold of him without my prayers. I feel he does not deserve them. Please pray for them too. As we need change in November more than at any other time in our history!

    We are fighting a second civil war. Not with guns and cannon, but with ideas and philosophies. Either we win and America is restored or we lose and America, as we know and love it, will be gone forever. Pray Hard!

    1. I’ve been praying and will continue to do so and now will also pray that Romney will do what a leader does; call people out.

  29. West speaks the truth. His country – our country, cannot survive such subversion and lies instituted at the highest levels of our government, military and media. Many of our bravest countrymen have not.


    1. Romney better start showing some chutzpah and take a page out of Allen West’s book or he is going to flub this election. More than Allen West need to start rallying the American people; are you listening GOP?????

    1. I heard Bachman yesterday but it was something to the effect that there is a U.N. resolution that prohibits this govenment from saying something bad about islam, and of course the Idiot Obama signs it.

      1. It’s funny how chummy Obama, who was raised by communists and Muslims, is with these terrorists.

        He is guilty of so much treason it’s sickening.

  30. Dang, Allen West is classy and brilliant.

    The more dear leader and his sycophants blame some you tube movie, we need to shout louder the truth. This is pathetic that they’re still doing it. Lying pieces of crap.

  31. After being such a great speaker at the Convention, it’s a horribly disappointing thing to see Dr. Rice (yes, that’s “Dr.”) totally fail to think this through.

    One look at the “protest” outbreak map; the statements by leading Mullahs; and a cold, detached look at the violence (that no sane, intelligent person could attribute to a video, no matter how disgusting)… well, that’s all it should take to realize this was never about some “offensive” stuff on youtube.

    1. It’s possible you’re mixing up Susan Rice with Condoleeza Rice….Condi is indeed a Dr., but not the ambassador they’re talking about…

      1. Well, there’s egg on my face. I “acted stupidly”. I’ll leave that unedited as a reminder for next time.

        I just re-watched the vid and Allen West clearly says Susan Rice. I must’a missed the beginning.

        Thanks for keeping me sharp!

            1. Maybe that’s what makes you so lovable. Not perfect so we can relax around you. Ever think of that?

              Seriously, it is no fun to make a mistake and worse when it’s public.

              1. Well now, that’s a neat thing.

                I used to cringe when making those mistakes in forums like this. Getting beat up about it by people I respected made it worse. The I realized a totally open process was critical to minimize it. I.e., write in a way that lets people see how you arrived at your conclusions. Also, not taking yourself too seriously minimizes the blowback.

                I’m not important, I’m just a guy; it’s the stuff we all talk about that’s important.

                That led to the discovery that I stopped arguing “people”. I argue ideas. Ideas get put in the arena, and they have to stand or fall on their own. If one of my ideas falls, that’s a *very* good thing, because it wasn’t good enough to stand. Who wants an idea that doesn’t stand on it’s own? So I’ll try hard to defend an idea, but I don’t get mad at all at people trying to beat it to death. That’s their job, frankly, and now I expect it and encourage it.

                Once you get to that point, you don’t even get mad at people you have “arguments” with in the day to day world. Even intense arguments. (As always, “difficult people” are still difficult, though)

                So yeah, that’s kinda cool that you can relax here. I didn’t realize that was one benefit of me not taking myself too seriously.

                (Of course, I need people reminding me of this when I get too full of myself. Lay it on me!)

                Thanks MLCBLOG!

                1. I think to be effective against our adversaries and to win the hearts and minds of our countrymen, especially the younger generations, we need to become able to withstand our own difficulties and just keep going on into the fray even when we are far from perfect. Let God perfect our efforts!!

      2. Wow!! apparently Everyone is doing it. The entire comment thread, or is it me? I thought it was Condi and wondered what was up!!

        That’s right. I remember thinking…but Condi is not an ambassador, or did she get there somehow? Nope.

        1. As I explained in another reply…”been there, done that”….meaning I’ve been guilty more than once of firing off a comment in hurry, and then finding egg on my face….I call that (meaning of myself) “shooting from the lip” LOL. This time, I just happened to catch that it wasn’t Condi, but some Liberal twit…

    2. Trying to be nice to your enemies, has gotten more people killed throughout history, than any other single tactic.

      1. Yes, people miss it. I think the Word talks about spiritual forgiveness, not letting someone come in and kill your family or even mount forces against you without opposition. Duh!

        People get this so mixed up.

  32. Ms. Rice….I certainly hope people do not think Condolezza when they hear the last name? Col Allen is right this meme is an EMBARRASSMENT….you have the Libyan President telling people this was PREPLANNED and ORGANIZED and you have that 10 Watt Buld Rice telling everyone hey no it was not….the people saw the video went to the 7-Eleven in Benghazi went down the Express RPG AISLE picked up 5 or 6 and then launched them into the Consulate. Does this women realize how FRICKING STUPID SHE SOUNDS!! When you keep pedaling in quick sand no matter how fast YOU SINK!! And this Adm is sinking with the turns and twists of this outrage. The MSM here can try to control stories within the USA but they cannot control people overseas….and that is Obama’s problem here!

  33. The State Dept. did not want a military presence at the embassies so not to infringe on the civil rights of muslims. Instead they hired private contractors to protect the embassies. That is who has real blood on their hands.

    1. I can tell you from personal experience that the State Dept as well as the diplomats at embassies usually do not want a military presence in “their” country.

  34. Spot on… the truth is the truth and Allen West isn’t afraid to confront the ignorant and corrupt. Love this guy.

    Liars should be called out. Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton and a number of other liars should all be called out and paraded before the American people.

  35. Borderline ignorant? No I think its FULL BLOWN! And I have to say the reason that the media is complicit with the lie, is that they know full well that Obama has become Jimmy Carter (Redux). And they are trying their best to avoid it from becoming so painfully honest to those that mindlessly voted for this creton!

    Thanks Colonel! You are indeed my hero. Among many others! One being Gov. Palin!

  36. Yeah, they are liars pretty much all around..

    Just the same old drill, circle the wagons and deny, deny, deny.. Let the propaganda fly…
    They know there will be no repercussions no matter how many lies they spew. Who is gonna do something about it? The GOP? Boehner? Juan McCain? Sen. Gramnesty? haha.. give me a break..

    The Democrat party and fellow leftist MSM have given up any attempt to speak truthfully about almost anything now.

    It is Propaganda 24/7. The MSM IS OUR ENEMY.. I say cut them off 100%

  37. A UN Ambassador making stupid remarks? Who woulda thunk it. Funny how West’s remarks “asinine, naïve, inept, and incompetent” describes the entire United Nations.

    1. Typical Obamaton making a stupid comment:

      Lipsmacker Dunn may be gone, but her spirit lives on in people like Ambassador Minute Rice, Janet Incompetano, Debbie Wasserbot-Schlitz, and Steponme “Toe” Cutter.

  38. The incompetence meme is getting real tired. Our liberties are not being trampled as a result of incompetence.

    1. Barack Hussein Obama… Is a Anti-American Wac job.. Nut case… Is Asinine.. Naive.. Inept…. Incompetent… Missing moral fiber… Unfit to be a President anywhere… A Danger… Threat…. Treasonous… And our liberties are being taken day by day from all of us even you…. Also John Andrew Boehner is complacent in all that this President Barack Hussein Obama has done to this country since 2010 and forward… Democrats in Congress are complacent times ten for applauding Barack Hussein Obama as he destroys America… Yes not by incompetence alone…

    2. Exactly. This is being done on purpose and our leaders need to start calling a spade a spade…whoopsie, was that racist?

    3. You are right. I’d say if you asked any Islamist, environmentalist, socialist, communist, Occupy protestor, union boss, abortionist, illegal immigrant, or a vast array of anti-Americans; El Presidente is very competent and he is doing a fantastic job.

    4. Exactly, Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He can’t support the muslims directly so he has to do it while trying to fool everyone…but we aren’t fooled. The most pro-Israel President ever….I fall to the floor laughing. Pushed the Arab Spring so they could be free….yeah, right, they’re worse off now. Left the embassy ungaurded even after being forwarned our installations would be hit….was it on purpose? He is either the most incompetent boob ever, he doesn’t give a crap about foreign affairs, or he’s doing it on purpose. All of the choices are bad.

  39. After all the events of the last week, it is incomprehensible that there are still people who doubt that Obutthead is a Muslim. Allen West continues to be a breath of refreshing, and rare, honesty in the modern theater of politics. Obutthead on the other hand, denies the true reasons for the Muslim Brotherhood’s hostile attacks, and the communist MSM helps him in every way they can. With the ambassador being sodomized and beaten to death, Obutthead goes to Vegas, and the MSM attacks Romney for him….

    1. This will go down in history as one of the worst reactions to an international tragedy by a sitting U.S. President ever.

      He’s jet-setting while Americans are dying. He’s campaigning while atrocities are being commited against U.S. citizens. And then he and his guilty staff lie to cover it up when there is so much overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

      This HAS TO be his Waterloo. He’s a complete dirt bag and his actions and words confirm that dramatically.

      1. Like he said in Las Vegas in a campaign event “he had a tough day” while the Embassador was getting killed along with 3 other americans, what a fraud this guy is, It is just bothering me to have to deal with this guy for another 6 months and 4 years if he is reelected (god forbid).

              1. Lmao I try not to count it as it appears that time cant go fast enough for me…….. Damn I am a desperate man grrrrrrrrrrtr lol

            1. We know what you mean, but please don’t give us all a shock.
              You could be right, though, if we have to forcefully remove him from “OUR Empty Chair” after the election.
              Once our new Republican congress is elected, we need to hold their feet to the fire to put him in cuffs and into jail pending trial.
              Lock this POS up and throw the keys away.
              I’ll be in D.C. for the installation of our newly elected congress and, hopefully, a new POTUS.
              God forbid that Obama gets reelected, but if he does, we all need to be in D.C. to call for his ousting.
              We should have millions upon millions there to see him out of OUR White House.

        1. I pray that God spares us from 4 more years of this monster. I can’t imagine America surviving if he is re-elected.

      2. Problem is that Romney agreed it was the video that caused the attacks in the interview he had with George Stephanopoulos. Romney commented on the stupidity of the video instead of telling George that he will not comment on an irrelevant video that was not the cause of the attacks. Now if Romney joins the rest of us in not believing the video was relevant at all, then the Democrats will be able to make ads on his flip flopping on foreign policy. I cringed at his interview. I know the interview was early in the crisis, but I don’t think ANYONE who regularly comments on The Right Scoop ever considered the video the cause of the embassy attacks. Romney better get some clarity on this issue fast.

        1. Good point.

          However, he now has the opportunity to turn it around and attack the mute regime on the new information coming out. He can pivot comfortably on this… and he better.

  40. I don’t think Rice’s comments were asinine, naïve, inept, or incompetent. I thought they were just lies, terrible, filthy, lies. And when the truth does come out about this fiasco in Libya, somebody is going to have to take the fall for it. Will it be Hillary? Well, the problem is, they’ve doubled down so much on the excuse of the video that if any other information comes out to contradict that, then Obama, Rice, AND Hillary are all going down. It couldn’t happen to a “nicer” group of people.

    1. Uillary slipped White Water, Obama slipped Fast and Furious and a number of other crimes… I pray that you’re right. These people got caught in their incompetence and then they made it worse by flat out lying.

      I’m sick to death of this.

        1. It is extremely important that the events are noted exactly how they happened, because our response and our security depend on it. Yet, Obama so willingly lies about everything and if it happened the way he said it did it completely changes the approach in the future. There is no limit to his lies to save his own a$$. Impeach the stupid lying son of a bitch right now!! Pardon my french.

          1. BO is an anti-Christ. That’s with a small “a” for now. I’m starting to think it ought to be with a upper case “A” because he lies and his followers believe him and the world has been deceived. We were warned about this so that we could stop it.

            We really need to get him out of office and put the POS in jail.

        2. Thank you for the link… but I can’t watch it. My heart cannot take any more of this pain.

          I appreciate your help on shedding light on all of this though. 🙂

    2. Allen West is a man to be admired. I really love his in-your-face way of saying things. Ambassador Rice is part of a steady parade of lobotomy candidates in and from the Obama Administration. She is really quite a joke. You hear those snickers and whispers from your Muslim friends when you enter the U.N. General Assembly, Ambassador? You’re not paranoid, they’re all aimed in your direction.

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