Allen West torches Dems: Why in God’s name do we want to repeat Vietnam?

Allen West slams the Democrats for trying to cut funding of combat operations in Afghanistan for diplomatic and withdrawal purposes and compares it to America restricting funding in Vietnam that ended with the killing fields of Pol Pot:

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45 thoughts on “Allen West torches Dems: Why in God’s name do we want to repeat Vietnam?

  1. The answer is simple: leftists do not trust the military, have no respect for it, as an organization, and have no respect for any individual Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman, unless they are known to toe the party line. Vietnam is definitely something the left wants to continually perpetuate against America and Americans, because to the Right, it represented our armed forces not being able to decisively defeat a Soviet backed enemy, due to lack of political will, social sabotage by the budding leftist networks being perfected into outright, latter day anti-American agitprop and black propaganda…

    …and political sabotage.

    To the left, it represented power of the people restraining American instincts of imperialism. It represented the ‘good’ people of the United States, through peaceful and violent protest, changing the course of the nation and the world, so as to free people to live their own lives, and protect them from the brutality of the American Soldier and Marine, who was uneducated and cared about nothing but killing and murder. This is what they want to become the model for the American military exercise: they’re not free to do anything, other than what the left sanctions, and any right wing cause will be sabotaged through criminal legislation and complicit news outlets, including CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN.

    When fighting for a cause the left approves, we’re robots; we’re made to die.

    When fighting for a cause the left disapproves, we’re criminals. We deserve to die.

  2. West is a good man, but the war has been screwed up for a long time now, and is essentially impossible to win with the rules on the ground as they are. We don’t have enough guys over there, the ROE is too restrictive, intelligence collection went south after Abu Ghraib, and were really not persuing the enemy to his strongholds. We know where Omar, Haqqani (and his son), Hekmaytyr are, yet we don’t do anything about it and the recruit, arm and fund with impugnity.

    It’s not reasonable to keep the troops in danger and keep spending the money hoping that one day the generals (and mostly congress and the administration and State) are going to crack the code and try to fight to win. Any more this is just cynical political calculation: Can’t pullout because it will make us look week, can’t fight it to win, because it would cost too much and make us “look bad” in the eyes of the media.

  3. Thanks Mr West,
    Our soldiers are being desarted by the party Of Death (DEMOCRAT Party) just as they have turn their backs on America’s Protection, The Unites States Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, and The Declaration Of Independence and yet they face and run towards our enemies with arms wide open and with our treasures.

    Remember Americans this same Democrat party turned their backs on our soldiers in Vietnam. They are a despicable party, the party of death, fits them like a glove.
    They should be on trail as traitors to America and liars to their oaths of office.

    Tea Party Patriot
    Respectfully to American Patriots
    Vote these vile bloods suckers out 2012, We must destroy the democrat party, the party of evil and death to a point they can never infect the minds of Americans again.

  4. And this is why Allen West needs to be president of the United States. He not only understands history, but he uses it to shape his world view of foreign policy, which is what every president should be doing. He also knows full well what will happen once we leave and the Taliban takes over again. Once we pull all of our combat troops out, we WILL be seeing those helicopters flying off of an American embassy again as Afghanistan is once again plunged into the darkness of yet another medieval Taliban reign of terror. But Congress is going to cut and run, as usual, making all of the sacrifices we made over the past ten years meaningless. This is what happens when you allow politicians to take over a war.

  5. Excellent orator. The left sees war as nothing but a nuisance and a theft of dollars that can be going for social and welfare programs. They have no respect for our men and women on the battlefield, and they prove it by voting to defund them while they are still in the arena.

  6. This is why West is so hated by the left…He exposes their hatred for those who fight for our freedom.

    1. That’s just one of the reasons. He also exposes them for the Marxist/communists that they are. When asked to back off of it, he refuses. They don’t like their colors to be displayed. They’re like the m&m in that commercial that thinks he’s walking into a strip club (except West strips off the outer shell). It will make sense if you’ve seen it.

  7. My prayer from here on is for Romney to pick this man as his VP. He is the only logical choice imo.

  8. What a man! Put him in charge and watch the cockroaches of the world run for cover. He has a back bone made of steel, a heart of gold and a mind like a steel trap!

  9. West for Vice Pre si dent
    Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap
    West for Vice Pre si dent
    Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap

      1. I don’t think he will. Like McCain, he won’t want to pick someone that outshines him. Don’t get me wrong, Palin DID outshine McCain, but not according to McCain.

          1. I know, same with me. I was disgusted when McCain said she is the reason he lost. Uh, huh. Keep telling yourself that, buddy.

  10. Wow, can you imagine Allen West as Secretary of Defense? Give him a few months to a year and the enemy would surrender.

    1. He would still be at the direction of the President. The rules of combat are so bad for our soldiers that they fight with one hand tied behind their backs. Politics always trumps the right thing to do.

  11. In early 1968 I begged, pleaded, and prayed that my family would vote for Nixon because some of us already knew Johnson would betray us. So many times I wish I could go back and try even harder to stop the communists from spreading beyond North Viet-Nam. All I can say is we were winning when I left in early April 1969.

    1. According to my father, we were 2 weeks from WINNING in Vietnam. The US media is what lost that war for us and the freedom of S. Vietnam.

  12. Sure, democrats will do anything to undermine the credibility, the credit worthiness, even the very creed and “creedence clearwater revival”, of our founding. What else is new?

  13. Love this guy… he’s totally right. I did a tour in that theater and he’s 100% correct!

    Defunding the military or war-fighting operations is suicide for our troops, our country, and the world. What, do Democrats check their brains at the door? Ignoramuses!

    1. They believe we can be like Canada without a military. After all, no one is invading Canada.

      Problem is, they benefit from our military and no one would be dumb enough to go into Canada with us right next door.

      We also stamp out evil in the world, which is one thing that makes us more of a desired target than Canada. If we don’t, tyranny will spread and freedom will dissipate.

      We are not Canada. We are a bastion of power and if we drop our military there will be no resistance to force on the entire continent. Canada would be forced to strengthen their own defenses.

      Try to explain that to an empty-headed lib.

      Edit: I guess I shouldn’t portray Canada as having no military at all, but it’s not anything massive.

  14. This man deserves, from all Americans, the utmost respect. I am proud of him. He makes me proud to be an American. I would follow him through any war. Americans aren’t used to seeing a leader so they don’t know what one is. LTC Allen West is a Leader. LTC Allen West is a 22 year veteran of the US Army. I hardened war veteran. A leader in combat. Barack Obama was a community organizer. Makes me sick to see our heros in uniform salute Obama.

    Sorry, just rambling. Can’t help it, I just wanted to say more about this man.

    Praise God for him!

    1. It must cause great discontent to every uniformed man and woman in the military when they are forced to salute Obama, knowing in the back of their minds they are risking the defense of the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic… in this case, domestic.

  15. I don’t even know what to say any more…..I’m speechless after hearing LTC. West speak every time….He is what we have all been waiting for. He is it. If this man does not run for president at some point, I will be disappointed to say the least.

    After that speech, he should have walked out of the room and and pulled his pant legs up so all the liberals (dems and repubs alike) could lick his shoes as they walk by.

    I have been touting LTC West on rightscoop for a long time. Makes me sick to see some on here say he would make Palin or Romney or Cain (for crying out loud) a good vice president. This man should take second to know one. He is a LEADER is every sense of the word. He is head and shoulders above ALL of the so-called political leaders today. You shouldn’t even mention his name in the same breath as a ditsy Palin or spineless Romney or a ignoramus Cain.

    God Bless you LTC West! Everyone of us needs to call his office and tell the the staff that LTC has ALL of our support and to NEVER back down, to keep it strong and to keep it real.

  16. Allen West is one of a few who kindles hope. The thought of Colonel West leading the charge to retake the White House, for the People, is truly inspiring.

    1. You’re right about that; and if we make it to 2016, we’ll have another party, give the GOP the boot and install this man as the first qualified president since Reagan.

    2. Like I said before… the only thing that will redeem that dumb elephant of a man, Romney, is if he were to name West as his running mate. If he were to do that, then I could truly say, “all is forgiven”.

      1. Not even that would do it, although it would set up a President West for 2016. Romney is a ship without a rudder, a being with out a personality.

        I just got into a discussion with a friend about this. You must rally the base to win and Romney is so smug he just thinks they’ll forget all of what he said about them attacking Conservatives-they won’t.

        He is going to be just like McCain only it will hurt 10 times as much because Obama is such an easy win that we, unfortunately, WILL LOSE.

        1. …well maybe not all is forgiven… unfortunately I think I agree with what you say.


  17. Oh how many ways can I say I love this man!!! J’aime cet homme! ¡Amo a este hombre!

    I hate the way democrats ALWAYS treat war as a humanitarian or legal issue. War is war, our troops went over to fight, yet they have been hamstrung time and time again. I used to say that the blood spilled by our incredible soldiers was worth it because of the good things they were accomplishing over there. But I have to wonder, as I see more dying under dear leader than they did under Bush- if these morons keep cutting funding for our troops, when they spend billions on unConsititutional crap every stinking day, the blood of those soldiers is on the hands of every politician who keeps voting for this BS.
    God Love and Bless our brave boys and girls, and please let this madness stop.

    1. I’m like #15 on this. We need more Christians, let alone Christian women with a spine like you, to express what you just said. God Bless You… and thanks for the straight talk.

      1. Thank you my friend. But there are plenty of us on here who do express their frustrations, many better than I do- but yes, we need to keep up the straigh talk! God bless you las1!

  18. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in and not letting the libs get away with it!

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