Allen West: True racism lies among white liberals who think black conservatives need approval from their ‘masters’

Once again this is exactly why I love Allen West, because he never fails to deliver the unvarnished truth no matter who objects. In this instance he’s responding to a LA Times article called “America’s dirtiest job: Justifying Allen West” that focuses on Reince Priebus’ interview with Wolf Blitzer the other day, condemning Priebus for not condemning West’s recent comments on Obama being a proponent of economic slavery. Allen West had this to say:

I really feel that it is demeaning to me to think that I need some individual to justify me and my existence. Look, I went through 22 years being in the military, I rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel, I have a bachelor and 2 masters degrees. And for these white liberals to believe they can have this condescending manner toward black conservatives that we need to have approval from our quote unquote, I guess “masters”, for us to be able to speak – see that’s where the true racism really lies governor is with the white liberals who don’t want to see someone such as myself that broke away from their dependency class and is out here and able to possibly contend against them with the policies that they are promoting that’s destroying the black community. I know I’m their #1 target and it just emboldens me to speak out even stronger.

And the heck with them if they think someone else needs to approve of me and what I stand for.

Watch the full interview below:

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130 thoughts on “Allen West: True racism lies among white liberals who think black conservatives need approval from their ‘masters’

  1. I do love to see character in a man – regardless of skin color. I would vote for him in a minute. He could do so much good with our Black Population. At least, he might be able to get them to listen to him. Honestly, we have failed our Black citizens. They would yell racism and the next thing you know – they are given a promotion. Affirmative action hurt them as well. There are so many young Black males that are in trouble or get into a gang, etc. Certainly not all of them – I hate generalizations but in this case the figures support it. The bulk of the prison popular is Black. Some will say it is because they were discriminated against – didn’t have a good lawer etc. The bottom line is in order to aquire the “American Dream,” you have to work hard and get some kind of trainig or education. And, even then, it might not work out. I do think though that hard work will pay off in time. If you get a job at a chicken plucking factory, be the best chicken plucker you can be.

    I do admire this man. He is a super role model.

  2. I really like this man, He says exactly whats on his mind and he has the courage to stick to his convictions, The libs are now screaming for Mitt to “come clean” about his “offshore” accounts and business dealings. I think the Romney team should wait a few weeks and let the libs push this issue, On national TV or a Pres. debate Mitt should say, I’ll tell you what, I will make public that information plus I will show for public scrutiny, my birth cert,my high school and college transcriptions, my SS card etc. Mr President, I challenge you to make the same information public, Game over. If Obama refuses. in the public eye he’s going to look like he’s trying to hide something. If he complies,whatever he’s trying to hide will be brought to light.

  3. I really like this man. He says what he believes and has the courage to stand by his convictions.The libs are insisting that Nitt “come clean” about his offshore financial dealings. I think Mitt’s team should wait a few more weeks,let Obama and his libs really push that issue, Mitt should then either go on national TV or a Pres. debate and say, “I’ll tell you what, I will make that information public and I will also make my birth cert.mmy high school and college transcripts, my SS card etc public and I challenge this President to do the same, Game over, If Obama refuses he will look bad in the eyes of the voters and if he compliesm whatever he is tryinng yo hide will come to light.

  4. This man see this Nation for what it is and he believes in this Nation. He thinks by himself and not from those that keep the Black man in a slave state of mind.

  5. I have sppent more than an hour reading all the excellent comments about Allen West, and concur with all of them. I have voted for Col West for Vice President in every poll I can find. I agree that it may be too late to get him into the PRESIDENT slot this time, but I will be willing to support and push him for President in 2016. If we can’t get him into the VP spot now, we should try very hard to get him into the Senate. Can yhou just picture him telling Harry Reed he ought to shove it? But having said all of this, Col. West is facing a major financial hurdle. The Liberals are pouring money into the coffers of his opponent, who is a dyed in the wool RINO that has helped many Democrat ploys. If you want to see West advance, youneed to contribute to his campaign. Give him the financial help he needs and he can handle all the rest.

    Dave Russell, Air Force Retread

  6. I really like Allen West I wish it were he that were sitting in the oval office instead of the usurper.

  7. I would like to see Mitt attack the President as a DESTROYER of the Constitution.

    Just a line or 2 thrown into his stump speech, with a solid FACT or 2.

    Maybe he can get the Media’s attention and get O-BOZO back on his heels.

    O-BLAME-O just won’t shut up, spewing his deception across this great land is nerve wracking and needs some “CONTEXT” from conservative candidate, not just Allen West.

    O-BOZO is acting more and more with dictates, this has to be making independents very nervous.

    I think they will swing to Mitt on election day, unless O-UH-OH decides to take on IRAN “with” ISRAEL, but what would his base say and do?

    He will do anything to get re-elected, and if that means getting Hillary to change her mind, he will try.

    I don’t think she wants any part of his vision, she has her own.

  8. I don’t care if a person is chartreuse green with iridescent pink polka dots, if they believe and abide in the Constitution, believe in a persons God given rights and uphold the sovereignty of God in this nation….I’ll vote for them. Here’s a little tid bit you never hear mentioned…ALL and I mean ALL 50 states preambles to their state Constitutions begin with praising, acknowledging and upholding God’s personal hand in creating that particular state. So when these half wit nut cases call on the ACLU to stop anything that refers to God they are in direct violation of that states Constitution. I wonder why nobody ever defends a case on those merits ? I am absolutely positively certain Allen West would keep those ideals of God and His Grace for America. THAT’S whats wrong with this nation right now. People need to understand that when God starts judgement He ALWAYS starts with His own people. Even in Biblical times God didn’t spare even His own when it comes to judgement. Unless we as a nation return to our Judeo/Christian roots and get serious with God and elect people who are of the same mind set…..we will be a thrid world country in this lifetime. Time is of the essence. God doesn’t play games with humanity. As He are either for Him or you are against Him. There is no in between. I have heard Allen West speak on spiritual matters before. This is why I fully and adamantly give Allen West my full support both politically and spiritually to be our next Vice President of the United States of America.

  9. What I love most about Allen West is that he doesn’t let ANYTHING or ANYONE hold him back or hold him down. He is the epitome of a true American Patriot both on and off the battlefield.

    Yes…America needs Allen West in a greater position in Washington D.C. but more important we need more Allen Wests in Washington D.C.

    Allen West continues to put the AWE in AWESOME!!!!! I love this man!!!!

  10. Amen, Allen.

    Now if we could only elect more republicans with even a fraction of the bravery this man displays on a daily basis.

    Grownups 2012.

  11. The thing that libs hate about Congressman Col. West is that they *know* he knows the *facts*. The names of the bills, when they were passed, who voted for them. He knows history and he knows America’s enemies. Maybe Romney will have the brains to ask Col. West to be SecDef. THAT would be cool!

  12. I of course will vote for Mitt, and I like the guy, however he was not my first choice. this said, I am not sure Mr. West would accept the call to VP , mainly because I think he is seen as a polar opposite of Mitt as to being conservative. And also seen as a stronger leader then Mitt, Mitt is a great manager, West is a true leader. Now all this said, Mitt himself is the more moderate conservative, the VP probably should be a tea party type conservative. See it’s a tough call, in a debate with myself I can’t even make up my own mind…

  13. I like how a very well educated and informed on point liberal can not match wits with him. typically they try to over whelm someone with an onslaught of big words and progressive talking point jargon. However when they present it to Mr. West, he retorts back at them causing them to crash and burn, with a look on their face of loss and confusion. It really is entertaining.

  14. Obama is not the first Black President. He’s the first Alien Presence.

    He has no “black” culture. He has a couple of black fathers, neither of who claim him, a white mother who put as much distance between him and her as is possible on this planet. Raised with white Hawaiian pot heads and transformed himself into some kind of Che Guevara with a slice or a latter day Trotsky of Chicago, that brain trust of the nation.

    How does Obama have even one follower? He’s barely human. No history, no culture, even Jeremiah Wright finds his very existence objectionable.

  15. The folks of South Florida are the brightest people on the planet. To hire this man to speak for them. We the People should hire him to speak for all of us. Well, those that are not Marxist Socialist Communist liberals. Not everyone gets the trophy, but this Man, Allen West, has earned it. Most of the Spineless Congress do not speak for us and have been brainwashed into believing that they do. I think the Lt. Col. and Congressman Allen West deserves the Highest Office in the Land.

  16. Allen West is my hero. He has true personal courage, and I would have been happy to serve with him, in any situation I found myself in my career. Now the however (comma) part. the military strictly promotes on “quotas” as far as race is concerned. I have seen female minorities who were promoted by virtue of “hanging in there and not getting fat”. This isnt sour grapes as I made my own career, and my superiors even when inferior did not slow my own personal growth or promotions. Affirmative action hurts the military, but it is almost a dogma thing that one must not speak of. I was the EEO/COO rep for my unit which required some amount of equal opportunity training. the NCO teaching the class was a black female, and she wouldn’t even allow us to discuss affirmative action in class. So while I think LTC West is hands down the best man in who works in the circle parking lot; what he said about the military being “truly merit based” is not exactly true.

    1. The military has for too long been the “mothers milk” of social engineering, this is all a waste of time and more important,MONEY.
      Let us close some overseas bases and a bunch of obsolete crapola in the USA, then our proud and wonderful members of the ARMED SERVICES can have good …what should I say “everything”, perhaps not, but close would be a good start. Weapons, training and the ability to be known for what they are, not what some jerk in DC thinks of them. x military person…long ago retired.

    2. My military son tells me that the military has gone so far overboard on the promoting of minorities, both male and female, that they NOW must hold white only promotion boards to recover a resemblance of balance.

  17. Allen is the man, he stands up for our country and all of our people, not just the liberals or republicans. He would be a great president, he is honest,and down to earth just a all around good man

  18. I love how he mentions Thomas Jefferson repeatedly. The one true Founding Father who believed in Republican government (Rule of Law) over Federalism (Government Rule).
    ” Sometime it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.” Thomas Jefferson
    With men like Congressman – Colonel Allen West representing us in the halls of congress….I still have hope that the dreams of independentcy of body and mind from the shackles of government will prevail.

  19. He never backs down, the left can’t stand it they can’t control him!
    “America’s dirtest job”….that job will be done in November and come January bleach by the gallon will be needed to cleanse the filth and stench left behind in the PEOPLE’S house from bo and his first drag queen….

  20. I would love to see a 3rd party run of PALIN/WEST……call it the “freedom party”
    I honestly think they would have a good chance…..

  21. The TRUTH has NO agenda! That is why I love Col Allen West. He speaks the truth from the bottom of his heart. American needs many like him!

  22. Black conservatives are labeled “Uncle Toms”. The liberals use this to denigrate those who would differ from them. The TRUE Uncle Tom worked for the slave owner and if a slave became disgruntled, he was sent to Uncle Tom’s cabin and talked into not being a problem. Uncle Toms like Jesse Jackson, Al Shapton. Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, etc are the real Uncle Toms as they keep the blacks in line for their liberal democratic masters and are too stupid to know it. This is what Allen West is saying. Thank God, strong black leaders are starting to emerge to change this travesty being played on our black citizens. Without racial hatred liberals could not exist.

  23. This statement by Alan West isn’t just a home run statement, it’s a Grand Slam! He succeeds in in showing up the mindset and words of liberals, socialists and the republican elites for the racist slander it is.

    Colonel West, this old warrior will serve with you on any battlefield anywhere in the world.

  24. Allen West has sworn an oath to uphold the constitution.He has demonstrated his loyalty to his country and men time and again. Does the current leader? The differences between the two are sharply defined. Allen West serving in any capacity (especially VP) would help to lead us back to the Constitutional roots we were founded on.

    “For those who have fought for it.Freedom has a special taste that the protected will never know”

    West has fought for it.

  25. Love to hear the man talk the talk. Only problem is he has given us reason to doubt whether he’ll walk the walk.

    Thousands of fraudulent claims were made over the Pigford con job. West voted for it. While he apologized saying he ‘might have to take this one in the shorts’, We, The People are the ones forced to pay off those parasites.

  26. Allen West would be a great Vice President and then the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT! I wonder how many Conservative Patriots are thinking the same thing I am?? WAY TO SPEAK THE TRUTH, Lt. Colonel West!

  27. I wonder if Allen West is who Schmuckabee has in mind when he says the Republicans are in the grip of hyper-orthodoxy.

  28. “Slavery,” to a big government liberal probably conjures up a person in chains standing on an auction block – and his grandiose plans for the nation of course have nothing to do with that. “Slavery,” to someone else may mean he works a job he hates and doesn’t get paid more than subsistence for, and has no choice about doing it…and he also has little personal freedom. Indeed that probably does describe life under Obama’s leadership for many, many, MANY Americans.

    A black person raised in Georgia has the experience of people within living memory who were actual, legal, slaves. His view of slavery would be more up-close and personal than the big-government liberal’s. I would let that black person have his viewpoint and not knock him for having it.

  29. Allen West spoke clearly the first time when he stated that the obamessiah regime wants you to be his economic slaves. Its the lamestream lapdog media who spun it out of control to mean the exact opposite of what he said.

    1. Is that a trick question? LOL

      Daylight shinning on their lies tends to send the cockroaches back under their slimy rocks….

  30. This Lt Colonel has all the required qualities to be our Commander-in-Chief. We need a miracle…. Even if he gets to be our VP, I’ll be satisfied. West will remind me of Sarah Palin while I bite my tongue and vote for Romney. Even a RINO can make a good decision from time to time. It’s now your turn, Mr. Romney!!

  31. West never ceases to amaze me. He is very well spoken and articulate, and he says what needs to be said. I don’t see any other Republican breaking out of the PC box because they don’t want to offend anyone. Well, people need to get offended because truth hurts and the only way we can defeat this mentality is to call it for what it is. G-d bless Allen West and I hope he has a long career as a Congressman. We need him badly.

    1. If there could be some way for LTC West to debate bo and biden….he could do that with half his brain….I would PAY to be there, or just watch it, or listen to it…or, just someone tell me about it!!
      It would be worth it just to see the demons that infest bo and biden twitch and slober trying to keep up!! 🙂

    2. Yes he is needed in Congress- perhaps in the Senate later. I would like this great man to be a true part of the Romney Adm., then return to one of the other houses. Not often done in this day and age, but Hell when you are needed, you go. Like he has in the past. LEAD ON BRAVE HEART.

  32. Would love for him to be our V.P., actually our POTUS, but that will have to be next time!

  33. Dat was delicious Mr. West. I do appreciate the way Romney equivocates though. My man can equivocate early and late. He can equivocate like it were his date. Something tells me that ain’t right…but he’s still going to wipe the floor with O’ and company. I mean shine it right up.

  34. True racism does lie with white AND black liberals. These people, many who call themselves christian, ignore the Basic fundamental point of true Christian believers, that there are no Jews, no Gentiles, neither is there black or white in the body of Christ. They ignore the basic truth of God’s creation, that He created man in His own image, and that He has given each human gifts and talents and abilities. Not all liberals are atheists, and not all conservatives are Christian, but the fact remains that all liberals are pro big daddy government, which they believe can do a better job at helping people than individuals. To them, it IS government who gives rights, and too many people have been brought up in that mindset, not even knowing that the Declaration of Independence and the Founders acknowlege that God Himself give each person rights which are inalienable and no government can take them away.
    All these liberals, both black and white, who are for things like affirmative action, special rights and hate crime legislation, are the true bigots, because they don’t believe people have the ability, sense or ingenuity to do things for themselves, that they NEED government intervention. THEY are the ones who focus on color and outward appearances, and not the content of what makes a human, created in the image of a Loving Creator. Those who complain about racism the most are the perpetrators of racism.
    I’m disgusted that with all the hooplah the liberals and blacks made over a “historical” election of a black man to the office of President are the ones who yell the loudest that racism is alive and well in the US. They are the ones who keep the fires stoked, and those with the supposed title of “reverands” are the worst of the lot and ought to be falling on their knees before Christ and asking forgiveness. It’s a disgrace. Historical yes, but so was Hitler and we know how well he worked out for the classes and races.
    Sorry for the book I wrote, this is very frustrating and disgusting to me. I thank God there are voices of truth and reason like Allen West.

    1. Got any more “books”? That was great and right on the money.

      One thing I disagree with is that even though G-d gave us our rights and no government can take that away, it has to be believed by the people for it to be true. Liberals don’t believe it and because of them our government very well could take those rights away. Liberals willingly give up freedoms to further the leftist agenda which they don’t realize destroys their way of life and prosperity. They think things will get better because the rich are hoarding all the money and the wealth needs to be spread around. The illusion is that if you spread all the wealth everyone will be poor. They don’t understand this, don’t believe it, and will tell government to march forward with the Marxist agenda. They will learn the hard way….when it’s too late to change it.

      1. “God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.” Daniel Webster

        It’s too bad that half the country has been indoctrinated to believe that liberties come from government and have nothing to do with what true liberty is.
        I agree Kong, I think we’re preaching to each other 😉 I do hope we can all reach at least 1 liberal in our lifetimes and maybe things will slowly change for the better.

        1. I would never preach to you, lol. It would be like the student lecturing the teacher. 😉

    2. Sorry for the book I wrote‘ – ABiC

      Sorry for the book? Can you teach me to keep my posts that short? That looks like a one liner compared to some of my rants. Nicely said, too.

      1. Ditto in keeping it short and sweet, I forget that on occasion. The Libs want all the parrots they can get, Col West shows us how stupid that is and with conviction that more Blacks and Whites and every color in between can learn from. What amazed me was the Jewish Vote for Obummer and perhaps it is going down, so to speak, I wish it so. For when religion is mixed in the Pols wavelength things get mucked up to a fair thee well. West makes more sense than most and needs to heed the ‘Call”. Libs show that politics is their religion, period.

    1. Isn’t it? To actually hear a political figure speak and know he is giving it straight up…he and Newt are the best at that..they don’t give a you know what…looove it!

  35. Where is it written in stone that, should Romney be the presidential nominee, that he can hand pick his VP? It isn’t. According to GOP rule 40b, it takes the plurality of five states delegation to place ANY name in nomination. Allen West’s name should be placed in nomination for VP.

  36. I’m not even an American, and even I love Allen West.

    West is absolutely awesome and inspiring, a true patriot not only of the USA but for individual freedom and liberty everywhere.

    I hope and pray that Allen becomes the first “real” black president of the USA.

    1. Dave – As you can see, those that post regularly here absolutely love Allen West. Do you reside in the US? As far as Ltc. West being the real first black POTUS – sorry Dave, I don’t care about the color of someone’s skin, but the content of their character, and West consistently demonstrates leadership, honesty and integrity. That is what’s important. We would love to have him as our president.

      1. LTC West is Red, White & Blue. If bringing that to your attention makes me a racist, then I guess the shoes fit.

  37. I would love to see Ltc. West start a new caucus – Constitutional Conservative Caucus as a start for a new or redesigned R party before 2016. There are many new members of congress who have had a military career and other true conservatives (not RINO’s) that would follow his great leadership. I am so proud of him for always speaking the truth and NEVER backing down. What a fearless leader he is. This country really needs him now.

    Do we dare be hopeful that he could be our president in 2016? I could put up with Romney for 4 years if Ltc. Allen West is our light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!

    Gosh, there is no other in public office that I respect more than this man.

  38. The unbelievable irony is that liberals are the first to scream about the evils of profiling while at the same time they adamantly profile blacks and other minorities as belonging to the Dems.

  39. There is a direct link between Democrat policies and racism in this country. Start with the public school system, high unemployment, and growing government dependency. Their policies are designed to keep black people out of the mainstream of society, and they know it. How can a Liberal who lives Princeton, NJ and the housing project resident in Camden, NJ vote for the same political candidate when they have nothing in common?

  40. There is a direct link between Democrat policies and racism in this country. Start with the public school system, high unemployment, and growing government dependency. Their policies are designed to keep black people out of the mainstream of society, and they know it. How can the Liberal Princeton resident and the housing project resident vote for the same political candidate when they have nothing in common.

  41. We don’t stand much of a chance until 90% of the GOP caucus sounds like West did in that clip.

    Can you imagine Eric Cantor talking like that? Yeah, I thought so.

  42. Allen West speaks the truth and the libs don’t want the truth out. That’s why they are going after him.
    Congressmen West welcome to Governor Palin’s world. You are indeed a great American.

  43. LtCol West NEVER disappoints. Its those pasty whitebread libsticks that are the real racists. And freemen don’t need the approval of whitey to speak up whenever they damn well please. HUA Lt Col West.

  44. Congressman West speaks for me and 99% of all my friends both home and abroad. I will remain in support of him and whatever he intends to do in the future. God Bless him and his family. Thank you Mike Huckabee for bringing the LTC on, I certainly will always watch when he is scheduled!

  45. It’s liberals who think Blacks should all think, vote, and act a certain way. If that isn’t a racist attitude, I don’t know what is. Allen West for VP!

  46. I am a 53 year old white male from the south. Congressman Allen West won’t be told what to do or think. He is a Lt. Colonel for sake. Men like West are not going to play nice, be quiet and “behave”. This man should be the VP and eventualy the Prez.

  47. LTC. Allen West has to be the most powerful force in the Conservative arsenal right now. There is no other reason why the liberals are trying so hard to make him look irrelevant. Just a note to liberals – it’s not working.

  48. Rep. Allen West has the right to speak his mind for a number of reasons: he’s an American, he’s served his country in the Army for more than twenty years, and he needs to support and do what’s best for his constituents. He’s a breath of fresh air, and I wish him well as he continues to grow as a politician.

    1. Well John, I’m not going to get Newt,(too old now) I don’t think Santo will try again for at least a couple of cycles..but we both can have hope West will throw his hat in…I look forward to seeing and being a part of that!

  49. Congressman Allen West for Vice President. I will say it again, Congressman Allen West for Vice President.

            1. Sorry dude…I was making a joke, but apparently you’re not having any of that. Incidentally, I don’t know why, but it showed this story on the front page of TRS, so no…I didn’t notice it was a month ago. I’ve been away for a while, so it never even occurred to me. Don’t worry…I won’t bother you again with another reply.

              1. Brian, no problem, I just thought it strange that’s all, but I see it was on the front page, I too would have missed the time line. Actually 4 days before the Ryan announcement I posted that I thought Romney was going to pick Ryan.

    1. I would agree with you, however I think Congressman West would be wasted in the office of VP. I mean this as no disrespect to Allen West, quite the opposite. I simply mean that we need him where he can (and I believe he is the type of man who will) do the most good that he can. As VP he would have no direct influence in many of our government funtions. We need him doing what he does in Congress if he’s not yet willing to run for President.

      1. I think ‘Congressman’ West would make an awesome Speaker of the House! I just wish we could clone this man!

        1. As senator, West would shake up the good ol’ boys club. I’m sick to death of PC from the Senate in the form of carpets like Mitch McConnell who are to afraid of the media to actually speak the truth. When will he have the opportunity to run for US Senator from FL?

          Wouldn’t be grand to see him debate the likes of Harry, the undertaker, Reid?

          1. The opportunity is now!!!! He has, (Allen West) the best opportunity to beat that Obama clone…Senator Bill Nelson in the Florida Senate race come this November Then that Rhino… Connie Mack. I hope and pray that the National Tea Party get behind him and call for him to run for the senate come November, instead of his local congressional seat. What say you?

      1. Just the man to audit and reconstruct the State Department. It’s been arabist at least since FDR’s days. Lt.Col.West has no fear in calling out the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and all the rest, as he showed during his congressional campaign. And the SD is in dire need of a thorough audit.
        A patriot, a soldier, a straight talker – he’d make marxist heads explode in so many ways…

        1. I agree. That would be a great job for him, as well. Our country would be in a whole lot better shape with someone like him at the helm, or close to it!

    2. Wouldn’t that just drive the liberals nutz. I also think that being VP would prep him for being the first real Black President. And his being a warrior doesn’t hurt either.

    3. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been undecided about who Mitt should pick for his running mate. Much has been said that the VP candidate should be capable of assuming the presidency should something happen to the president. Allen West is that man. He is unquestionably qualified to step into the role of the President of the United States of America and after 8 years of of growth and prosperity under President Mitt Romney I would champion the candidacy of Allen West for President!

    4. I second that motion…. forget Rubio, Christie, Palin and whoever else… this is the MAN Romney should choose as his VP… Colonel West would not just make a great VP, he would make a great President…even better than Romney…

  50. I like ANY politition, black, white, or otherwise, who takes the P.C. filter from between their brain and mouth, and throw it away and just speak the unvarnished truth. West embodies this, and that is why we love him.

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