Allen West: We are at a modern day Chamberlin/Churchill moment with Iran

I know this interview runs 23 minutes, but it’s worth watching in totality. Allen West is one of the greatest thinkers we have in Congress when it comes to dealing with foreign policy problems like Iran and the greater Middle East.

With regard to Iran, he believes we at a modern day Chamberlin/Churchill moment with Iran and are nearing the point where diplomacy will reach its end and we must be forthright about the use of ‘kinetic solutions’.

He also talked about Obama’s relationship with Israel and how that has affected their standing in the world to act unilaterally. The first thing he brought up was the moment where both Obama and Sarkozy were caught off-mic trashing Israel, and his point was that it wasn’t just heard in America and France, but also in countries that hate Israel like Iran, Lebanon, Gaza, and Egypt and that causes him concern.

He also made the point that while Obama has certainly visited Turkey and Egypt, as President he has never visited Israel which he believes is certainly revealing about Obama’s disdain for Israel.

And there’s more. Here’s the full clip:

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