Allen West: We must be willing to recognize Sharia as the enemy

On Frank Gaffney’s radio show last week, Rep. Allen West said that recognizing Sharia as a threat must be part of our national security strategy going forward. The funny thing is that the commenters over at Think Progress, who picked this up, are going nutso over this. I don’t understand why they can’t see that the ideology of Sharia, which is trying to infiltrate other countries like Britain and France, is completely antithetical to the freedoms they fight for here in America. For pete’s sake women have NO RIGHTS! Husbands can beat their kids, their wives, and even kill them without penalty if it’s about ‘honor’.

It’s just ridiculous that they would be so up in arms about West suggesting that we must ensure that Sharia never gets a foothold in America. I mean, I love it and I say GO WEST!

ALLEN WEST: So there are many different ways we need to understand this 21st century battlefield, how we can leverage all elements of our nation’s power against — and like I said we need to get away from this nation building focus. I think that is economically hurting us.

GAFFNEY: In terms of understanding our enemy, and I think you’ve done as much as any congressional candidate to help expand the awareness for not only your constituents but others. I count on you to be carrying that on in your new capacity. What is your sense of the willingness of this new Congress to take on Sharia as the enemy threat doctrine?

WEST: Well, I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down with all of the new members, giving all the new members of the freshmen class a phone call to talk to them. I think one of the critical things that we must come together is that there is an infiltration of the Sharia practice into all of our operating systems in our country as well as across Western civilization. So we must be willing to recognize that enemy. We cannot have a national security strategy that does not recognize it in specific and understand its goals and objectives. So once again, we can tailor you know our internal goals and objectives as far as our security systems, our political systems, economic systems, our cultural and educational systems, so that we can thwart this. And it comes back to one of those strategic goals that you mentioned, reducing the sphere of influence of this Sharia you know ideology that is tied into Islam. But I think that is our most threatening part, is the Sharia philosophy.

(H/T Weasel Zippers)

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