Allen West: We must support whoever the nominee will be

Allen West weighs in on 2012 saying that whoever the nominee is, we must ‘buck up’ and support them. But until that time, we must tell them to stop the gimmicks, that they must be able to articulate our message and draw a contrast between themselves and Obama:

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114 thoughts on “Allen West: We must support whoever the nominee will be

  1. I agree with Allen West, however, the republicans must STOP criticizing each other in these debates and with trashy videos. They must agree to focus on Obamas failures or we will face another 4 years of Obama misery.

  2. “The election of 2008 had major consequences. We cannot afford the election 2012 to have even greater consequences.”
    Actually, we do want greater consequences, but not in the same direction as now. We need a return, a recapturing of who we once were. Greater consequences as the result of a Constitutional Republic. I am not convinced any of the current candidates are capable or dedicated.
    But one would be. Col. West. Run Col. West, Run!

  3. I could never support a christian fascist that has the social views of an 18th century preacher.

  4. …or you could vote in Ron Paul, the man who’s ideology and ideas kick started the tea party.

    1. He also invented Saran Wrap, and was the first man to climb Mount Everest. In the nude.

      He’s the Most Interesting Man In The World!

      “Stay high, my friend.”

  5. Sorry West, no can do if the nominee is Romney. I can’t vote for a stealth Democrat and I am unafraid of four years of a lame duck as we all know the GOP will take back the senate.

  6. I have reservations about the entire field, but my disdain for Obama’s governance over the past 4 years trumps all of it. Outside of the Bin Laden decision, everything he has done has been a negative for this nation.

    I’ll vote for a frozen can of green-beans over Obama. Whoever the GOP winner is, they will quickly learn that if they go squishy, their approval rating will be 50 within 6 months in their first term. It would be under 45 by their first mid-term election. One and done if they don’t repeal Obamacare and cut spending dramatically.

    1. If the next President does not manage the Obamacare repeal process through Congress in his first year, we’re all done.

  7. There is a time and a place for everything. We all want more “Tea” party people in political office. Now is not the time. The establishment still has too big a hold on the way the system works. If anyone “including Trump” thinks a third party candidate can win is stupid. This is power and there is no way an establishment that has had this much time to grow is not going to give up power over night. People have been killed for less. There are only going to be “viable” candidates when November comes around. It will be either Obama or whoever the Republican candidate is. Electing a third party hardly ever happens in fact the number of a third party candidate is I believe .06 percent. That is less than one percent.

    Remember Ross Perot. He won 19 percent of the popular vote but won no electoral vote. After words all the way up today people say he helped Bill Clinton win office because if those 19 points would have went to Bush #1 he would have been re-elected. Another thing off story is it was Ross who said increase the Gas tax at .50 cents and put it towards the national debt would pay it off. Which is exactly what Clinton did anyway, thus the high tax on gas? Once a tax is in, it will never go away.

    Whoever the candidate is this time we must support, We must put away our contrast and come together and vote for the Republican candidate. Anyone who has done their homework must know that they also vote for constituents in the house and the senate as well. Please do your homework on people running for office locally. If we can put “TEA Party” people and fill up the house and the senate, we can than start to dismantle the corruption from the inside. Which would give greater chance in the future for a third party candidtate? I would rather see the Republican Party gets eaten up, to where there is no more republican party. Let’s be realistic though even if all this was to happen and a new Tea Party was created all the people who now control the Republican Party would just move over and take over the Tea party. I am hoping they would put in blocks to make that difficult, but money buys a lot of things.

    If a third party candidate was to come along this time around, someone like Trump. I think it would be good for debates vs. Obama because he would be attacked on 2 fronts instead of one, than at the last moment step out of the race and let it be between the two.

    If we really want a third party candidate to win we must first dismantle at least a bit the establishment of which now controls the whole of America’s political spectrum. Now is not the time. We cannot take a “Risk” of having Obama in office for another 4 years. I don’t want John Huntsman as our candidate But I would vote for him because he is “NOT” Obama. I get attacked all day long because of this view but it is the Logical view, is it not? If not give me a viable alternative that would guarantee that Obama would not get re-elected. I do believe there is a time to vote for a third party candidate but now is not the “RIGHT” time. If you believe that we “COULD” loose and have another 4 years of Obama. Then there will be no more fair elections, America would be over as we know it.

    All the Talk show radio hosts all have their favorites. You can hear it the way they talk about certain candidates vs. others. Give it time all of the talk show radio hosts will back whoever the republican candidate is. I agree with West a true “TEA” party and a true leader. Let’s put aside our differences we all have our favorite candidates, but if one gets in that we don’t like or think he is like Obama or think he has Socialistic views or you don’t like him because his breath stinks and his hair is bad. We must come together as Americans and vote and send a message this time around telling the world we don’t agree with socialism and we want to turn this country around. I would rather a landslide election rather than just winning by 1 or 2 points thus causing are count or something stupid like that. I would rather it be a clear win, where Obama calls at 60 percent of the precincts in and concede to the now Republican candidate.

    After whoever gets elected that will be the time to dismantle the establishment. Take Boehner out of speaker put in a “Tea” partier as speaker. Force our candidates to put in term limits. Over the next 4 years we could dismantle the establishment. Thus creating a way for a third party candidate to win. This time around it is completely impossible and would only help the Democratic Party.

    1. A thought on term limits. Team limits will not stop the corruption. I think it will become more prevalent. Instead of someone thieving or corrupt over a thirty year period they would only have 8 – 12 years. to do so. People who are susceptible to corruption will just have a shorter period to do so. It will not stop corruption. However with less time I do think we would be able to spot it easier. We must start punishing politicians who are corrupt and not have a “Pardon” for them. Corruption should be part of treason to this country and they should be put to death. These people are making laws over millions of people they have the responsibility not to be corrupt and to force out corruption. The only way to curb it is to have harsh sentences for such people who plan on stealing from the American people, or have insider trading.

      Just like a flat tax. A flat tax would be good, at least for a while. A flat tax rate would increase just as taxes today increase. The difference with a flat tax is it would start out low than increase fast. You think taxes are tough now to decrease or to get away from. If we only have one tax law, once increased it would never, ever decrease. We have got to be very careful when talking about something like a flat tax. The idea is good as long as it remains low, but a people taxed are a people taxed. Call it what you will, the difference is once in it stays in.

      1. I disagree. I think that if Mitt for brains wins the TEA party will experience an huge resurgence and it might spell the end of the GOP as it is known today.

        1. Big If and a lot of might.

          Never know where he’s going to stand on the issues come tomorrow. Never know what he’s going to say tomorrow to contradict what he says today.

          He’s not a tea party candidate. Mitt Romney doesn’t inspire anything in the tea party.

      2. How would it kill the Tea Party motivation and enthusiasm? What is your reasoning behind that statement?

          1. You must of not have read my post. I believe I make a compelling argument why not “this time around”. I believe Huntsman is more of liberal than Romney, in fact if you want to paint contrast I think Huntsman has more things in common with Obama than Romney. However I know that Huntsman would be a better leader than Obama. That is why I say I would support him. If we want to make a change in 4-8 years and Vote for a Third Party I am all for it, As long as there is some sort of organization behind it. If not there is no way “in my life time anyway” a third party candidate will ever be elected, thus throwing away your vote. I cannot throw away my vote thus getting behind the elected candidate and supporting him “this time around”. I consider myself a Tea Party. I believe you should vote on your Principles and morals. However I do not fool myself. I would say vote for a third party candidate this time around if it was organized to do so. I believe the Tea Party is in a transitional stage right now. A stage we are not familiar with as it has not happened for a long time. I think it is moving from a movement to a political party. But it is not there yet. It is not organized yet. We need time to organize as a party and as a movement. We need time to do it. Time between elections is 4 years. So we have either 4-8 years to get organized to do so. Right now it will be totally inconceivable to have a third party candidate win. Do I think that there are better people that should be running for office this time around? YES. Do I believe that this is the “best” America has to offer? No. SO I do not see how it would disenfranchise the tea party if Romney or any candidate wins? I see it as a stage to where the tea party can grow and become a true invader in future elections. For the people by the people. Did I not make that clear in the first statement?

            1. A thought about Romney. Anyone saying they will not vote for Romney is in essence voting for Obama. I don’t care what way you look at it or justify it. You can’t. If you believe our country is headed in the wrong direction and takes no action because you find yourself you cannot vote for the lesser of two evils. Which is what it is! You are voting for the more evil. This is what I believe. I also believe that I also believe that principles can become a fault in this case. Because if Romney is our nominee and it showdowns between Obama and Romney and you will not vote for Romney, Who are you casting your vote for? If you believe Romney will not try to at least curb some of the socialistic values our country has embraced over the last 3 years than there is something wrong with you. There are only 2 votes this time around.

              You will cast your vote for either Romney or Obama? There is no other option. If you don’t vote you are silently casting a vote for Obama. If Obama does get re-elected you will have helped him win. I don’t like it either but it is what it is.

              I voted for Romney last time around. I am going to vote for Santorum this time around. Yet if Romney is our nominee I will support him. I sincerely hope that it is Rick that wins the nomination. However I am a realist and I just don’t see it happening. If it does great. I am not going to be blind sited on the few things that Romney has in line with Obama. I will concentrate on the better views that he has for this country. I believe Romney has the “Chance” if elected to become the next great president whom this country will refer too for decades to come. This is going to be another historical election, or we should make it as such.

              Problems with Romney? Romney care. Yes, when he was governor he signed it in to law. However you all act as if he acted alone. States have the same mechanisms as the country does. That state and that bill passed the state house and senate before Romney signed it. Romney is not king. I find it when this question becomes prevalent how “everyone” turns in to a politician and will not answer the question. the question is simple.

              Romney or Obama? A vote for none is a vote for the incumbent!

              Plain and simple! Yet, more people say they will not vote or write in a candidate. We must put aside our differences this cycle because I believe this is what it will come down to. If you cannot put aside your difficulty for voting for Romney than you must not have been “that” affected by Obama and his policies yet. I am still holding out that the slim margin will hold and Santorum will be our nominee. However I will not hold my breath.

              1. Anybody but Clinton got us Obama. The GOP is taking back the senate so there is nothing to fear about a lame duck second term President with the GOP controlling both houses of congress and gridlock would be more conservative than Romney.

                1. The only thing I can think of is you are an evangelical Christian. We all know that the Evangelicals will not vote for any Mormon because they view us as the church of the devil. So let them vote for Obama and let’s see if their religion can survive another 4 years of Communism, just because of their hatred that they could not vote for a Mormon. Please oh Please try to find “recent” terror stories about the church since no one was alive back in 1870, and no one living knows what kind of community and social network they had back then.

                  The first black bishop of the Catholic Church was in 1875. So I guess I could say that the catholic church also discriminated against blacks, so why on earth would any black be associated with that church? Your argument is unsound at it’s best.

              2. Anyone saying they will not vote for Romney is in essence voting for Obama. I don’t care what way you look at it or justify it. You can’t.

                The main problem with this is it is simply incorrect.

                Anyone voting ABO just “for the win” risks keeping Obamacare. If Obamacare stays in place, we’re done. There is no “next time.” We join England as another fallen socialist experiment. Obamacare must be repealed, in toto, within the first year of the next President’s term or it becomes too entrenched, and virtually unremovable.

                With Santorum, Perry, or Gingrich, you will have repeal. Even Gingrich is a possible fail on that score. With Romney or Huntsman, repeal is not likely at all.

                This is the one mistake Mark Levin made in his otherwise excellent play calling of this political season. Telling people from the very beginning that he will vote Anyone But Obama was a message to the Party that he and people like him would roll over in the end and accept Romney.

                I don’t care how vehement people make their statements, if Obamacare survives, it won’t matter at all whether we won or lost the Whitehouse.

                The smart risk would to have been to back a Conservative as the “party favorite.” Because this election is a major risk any way you look at it. The weak-minded selected Romney instead, and the “risk” with him is a fool’s bet.

                It’s not too late to tell the party clowns we won’t accept their choice. But you can’t do that by saying you’ll fall in line just to defeat Obama.

            2. I read it. I just added what I thought a Mitt Romney nominee would do to the tea party. Not all but some tea party people would start the process faster to a third party with him being the nominee. To still have the anybody but Obama when we know who the candidates are, is a defeated mentally. I’m against a third party candidate running but it would probably open the door for Trump to run with so many anti-romney sentiment out there. Trump said he will run if the GOP picks the wrong candidate, Mitt Romney is probably that candidate, in the eyes of many he is the wrong candidate.

            3. The whole problem with “this time around” arguments is Obamacare.

              It makes zero difference to the future of this country whether Obamacare becomes the entrenched nightmare that turns us into England on Obama’s watch or on Romney’s.

              Zero. Difference.

              This time, there is no “next time.” We ran out of those with McCain.

              If Obamacare is allowed a few more years to become fully entangled in our political system, the American Moment is over, and all of those who voted for Orange Juice Cans or Anyone But Obama can thank yourselves for it.

              We played this game with Bush 41, Bob Dole, Bush 43, and John McCain. This is why we now have Obama, the trampling of the Constitution, an EPA that is out of control and killing business, and the rise of the totally useless Ron Paul campaign.

              This is my one disagreement with some Conservatives, and I am not playing their game anymore. If Romney is the nominee, I’ll keep my money, and I’ll write in someone else.

              But I sure will vote.

              1. I totally agree with you 100 percent. A few added thoughts, that Whoever the next (R) president is, is going to have a very difficult job. Because to turn all those things around, to stopping out of control spending and to basically cut, cut, cut. A lot of people are hurting now, more will under the next (R) president. Please don’t get me wrong and hear me out. Carter was the president that implemented and started the slowdown in the late 70’s, but during Ronald Regan’s reign a lot of poor people got poorer. It was called Reganomics. Do you remember? The only difference between now and then is that the media was more partial back then.

                I grew up during Reganomics; I remember how poor we were through the period. I have a few newspaper clippings on the subject. One shows this small bag of groceries with a two big fingers holding the bag, with Reganomics at the bottom of the page. I also have one where it says that Ronald Regan was looking out of the white house window and said “There are no poor people in America” Quote un quote. My point is as I am now older and can judge; he was doing the things he had to do to turn this country around however at the rate he did things it was extremely fast pace. I remember everyone getting after Clinton for shutting a few military bases down. Well if you remember Regan he chopped and chopped and chopped our military. I know because my Mother was one affected by the chops. It took most of the 80’s and the first part of the 90’s to see the “true” benefits of Regan. I think we are worse off now than then. I think it is going to take 15-20 years to fully turn this country around, it is not going to be a short period of time. People need to be told the truth that turning this country around is going to be difficult on the people but it is a necessity to retain our freedom and liberty. This is what makes us different from the rest of the world. We must do this because as Regan said; “if we lose freedom here, there is no where ells to go”. We will get through it together, working together as a people of one country not of two countries. We should ask for God’s help, because we will need his guidance and patience turning this country around.

                Yes; we need to change direction but I am not sure how fast we should turn this train around, because it just might backfire on us. If things get tougher for people during the next presidency we are finished as well. We need to change direction but if we do it to fast human nature will reject it. Although I agree we need to change course dramatically, I for one am not fooling myself thinking that the future is going to be easier under a “True” conservative president. Quite the contrary, it will be more difficult under a conservative president. For a while that is. Things are not going to change overnight. Only “true” change can come from the people of this country. Quite frankly I don’t think America has had it bad enough yet to see the light. 28 percent of America thinks that we are headed in the right direction, 28 percent of America would still vote for Obama.

                I for one am all for having the train jump tracks and turn this puppy dog around and head straight for freedom. However the majority of people will reject it. Human nature the majority will want someone to blame and that person is the president.

                Obama is going to get up on stage and says he need 4 more years to complete his cycle and achieve the goals of restoring the economic power to America.

                Republican candidate: “Should” stand on stage and tell the American people the Truth. Going forward is going to be tough. We as a “Whole” are going to go through some tough times. If you want me as your leader and as president I want to let you know it is not going to be easy. Yet; if you stick with me and help me through this as a “whole” of a people, we will get through this. We will save our seventy, our liberty, our freedom. In the end (First Term) will be the most trying time we have as a nation. The Nation as a whole has to make a decision. I am not going to stand up here and tell you I can get this done in 4 or 8 years. What I can tell you is that I will start to de-criminalize Washington. I will cut, cut, cut all unnecessary programs. I will start to defund and take apart and power away from government agencies. What I can promise you is that “we can” turn this behemoth of a train around, it won’t be easy, it will be trying for the American people, but if we can do this, we will have a country of our own again. You will be making the decisions for America the land of the Free and the home of the Brave.

                But no Politician would ever speak that way, because they are all cowards and bought.

                1. The military cuts were started under Carter. Carter was all about base closings (it was in the news constantly), and that bled over into the Reagan years because it was all on a long, slow, graft-and-corruption influenced schedule, controlled by Congress.

                  There also came the time to execute our commitments under the START and SALT treaties (I forget which came first), which required destroying a LOT of equipment. I think much of that happened under Reagan as well.

                  But Reagan was famous for building the military back up, and was the genesis for the magnificent volunteer army we had, going into Iraq in Gulf War I.

                  (I honestly don’t know what the state of the military is today because we get such distortions about it in the news, from the Ron Paul folks, and from the left. But I suspect it’s still basically sound.)

                  As for poor getting poorer, I’ve never bought that concept. First, the only perennial “poor” are the ones stuck on welfare, thanks to Progressives and their entitlement programs. Welfare never goes down. It only goes up.

                  Second, the folks who usually make the claim about income gap and the gap between rich and poor are making a numerically incorrect conclusion about economies. The fact is, an economy cannot grow–at all–without increasing the supposed “gap” between those on fixed, permanent incomes, and those who are prospering. It’s mathematically impossible.

                  In all free economies, some people are growing poorer, while some grow more prosperous (not necessarily wealthy). In truly free economies, “the rich” and “the poor” are temporary, static images of a very fluid reality.

    2. same argument every 4 years. have not bought it ever and never will.
      I’ve done what I can to make sure citizens always have the right to vote, got the messed up knees for it, and always treat a persons vote with respect. I do not treat it as political cannon fodder or trading points.
      I don’t play political games with my vote, you all can do whatever you wish as thats your right. I support your right to do it, damn well better support mine to not do it.

        1. I have no REAL problem (I may bitch about it a bit) with people voting however they want for whatever reason they want, I have huge problems with being told why I must vote a certain way.
          makes no sense to me (and I suspect another vet like you) to have served just to be told this all the time.

      1. I do. I wish I could have your views on the subject. Again I am a realist. I wish we lived in a country that knows the contrast between good and evil or between Communism vs Conservatism. But we do not. People have become stupefied over the last century. I know people disagree with me on this subject, But I realize that it is what it is. If we want a different party, than let’s organize a different party. One that would more speak my or “OUR” values and take it to the American people.

        I am totally against the Minority getting the vote or sacrificing our principles to vote. Vote to your hearts content. Yet this is the world we live in and this is the reality of it. Our hearts are all in the right place. I just don’t want to see Obama win election again due to the fact that the delegates are going to vote for Romney as our nominee but not get any support what so ever in the end virtually electing Obama as President for another 4 years. Do you really think that could not happen with the sentiment of today? Again if that is the case than obviously you have not had enough of Obamanism. I can tell you I have felt the disaster that Obama has left behind in his first term. If he gets a second. For “any” reason we will be doomed.

        I am sorry if you got the impression that I was telling you who to vote for. I really don’t care. In my eyes though. You are either casting a vote for Obama or Romney, and there is no “not voting”.

  8. He’s wrong about it not being about policies and records. It’s all about Obama’s policies and record and how that relates to the “soul of the country” as he said. I happen to think that Obama is a bad guy. Personally. I think he’s a sociopath. I think he’s mean. I don’t think he gives a rats ass about anything but himself. But attacking personally will never fly. Too many people are too defensive when it comes to him, and the deep seated hatred for conservatism will never allow people to not have a knee jerk reaction to protect him. So it has to be about his record, his policies, and his intentions if he gets another term.

    He is right about supporting the nominee. I’ve said I would never vote for Romney but I changed my mind. My vote is simply a vote to cancel out another one for Obama. I know my brother is voting for Obama so my vote will do nothing more than cancel out his. That’s the best I can do.

    This is not 2008. We now know how Obama intends to destroy this country. It’s not about holding our noses and voting for a RINO. It’s about voting against Obama and it will take all of us to prevent a second term.

  9. doesn’t West understand that if Mitt Romney is the nominee, MANY conservatives are going to feel disfranchised with the GOP shoving him down their throats. Some conservatives will not vote for him and say screw the GOP.

    1. Not this year, they won’t. Not if they care about the country. The goal in 2012 is get Obama out of office. That’s all that matters.

        1. We are screwed if he’s the nominee. I’ve looked at the map and obma would win narrowly over Romney in a “worst case” for obama. A better nominee would have turned PA red

    2. Sorry, Conservatives ARE NOT coming out for Romney. Its not happening. Combine that with his lousy record and we’re looking at a repeat of 2008.

      The only good that comes out of this is that the GOP will be so humiliated, they might actually re-invent themselves.

      1. Exactly what I’m hoping. I can’t believe they would even THINK to give us McCain #2. Heck, he’s even endorsed Romney just to make it clear!

        They won’t learn. They just won’t.

        They know we’re all saying “Just plug your nose and vote against Obama” and figure we’ll all fall into line and do so. But when does it end??? When!??

        1. If they pick Romney, PERHAPS they will learn with the severe humiliation that would result.

          It never ends with these bozos!

  10. I’ll back whoever wins South Carolina in the primary. But i’ll do anything possible to defeat the progressives and there foulness. This is it. Finally, I don’t care who’s face is on the man that takes out the pipsqueak pretender professor. I’d prefer Atilla the Hun.

  11. I will not vote for Romney. Ever. I don’t vote for liberals and I don’t vote for non-Christians. It may be too late already but 2012 is the last chance to save the republic before the currency goes to zero and massive war ensues. Mitt RINOmney can’t save us and I will NOT vote for a lesser of two evils. I’m writing in Sarah Palin.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    1. I think that I may do the same thing. Anyone else willing to write in Palin in the general election?

      1. Attaway, Mike. Romney will be the nominee, the GOP will have no other so I’m hoping for a brokered convention. When the economy starts breaking down again and Romney can’t close the deal, the GOP will finally get the message.


        1. You know, I’ve heard everything the supposed right wing media says but I cannot, in good faith vote for Romney and, quit frankly, I’m offended at people to tell me I should vote for him if he wins the nomination. My answer is, BS, I will not vote for Romney, period. He is part of the Soros, Maobama machine and you pinheads that voted for hope and change over Mccain last time can kiss my backside.

          Can Maobama win again? Maybe, but I don’t believe that the general election will be close. I will write in Palin but will work my backside off getting republican congress critters elected. That is far more important than whether Maobama or Romney win the white house. I view them as the same.

          1. Hello friend. Have you considered that the reason we have O’ in the first place is because many folks also refused to vote for Rino McCain? How is refusing to vote for Romney any different? Many viewed O’ and McCain “as the same” too.

            In this way, your post performs double-duty as it’s own rebuttal, doesn’t it?

            It criticizes those who didn’t vote for McCain while admonishing folks to not vote for Romney if he gets the nomination.

            1. Wrong, you can’t have it both ways. Because the non McCain voters suddenly understand doesn’t make them right. Romney is NO DIFFERENT than Maobama. Not even a little bit. Many of us recognized the BS that was Maobam and we, now, recognize that romney is a soros shill too. Wake up, man. DNC and the GOP Establishment are the same party.

              1. You’re the one trying to have it both ways. Not I. I am shining a light on your dual faces. McCain is no more conservative than Romney. McCain even endorsed Romney. The GOP is not forcing anyone to vote for anyone. Sure they are trying to get Romney as the nominee it appears, but we can vote for whoever we want to vote for in the primaries.

                If Romney ends up with the nomination though and you do not vote for him in the general, then yes, your post is it’s own rebuttal. In Biblical terms, it’s a house divided against itself.

                1. I disagree. I will not settle. I have been complaining that Maobama is not even constitutionally legit to be pres but no one seems to give a hoot. I will not settle again. Never. I pay taxes and that makes my voice more important than any entitlement check casher. No more. We can’t fix everything in one election cycle but for this one my priority is congress. With a powerful, conservative congress it won’t matter who the president is.

                2. “We can’t fix everything in one election cycle…” (MMM)

                  Exactly, you are rebutting yourself again here. Romney is no Obama. He is in fact a step in a better direction, and if we can’t fix it in one election cycle, we definitely fix some things. At least Romney is a capitalist and wants to unleash the power of American businesses and entrepreneurs.

                  O’ couldn’t run a lemonade stand! He could put one out of business though through government regulations and executive orders.

                3. Now we get to the meat of the disagreement. You are wrong to think that romney is a step in the right direction. He is no different than Maobama and you are naive to think he is.

                4. I am not naive about anything Mike. You are. Still in your twenties right?

                  He is completely different than O’, from the way he was raised, the folks who raised him, the place he was raised, his business philosophy, his business success, everything.

                5. I am 41. I am an arctic trained Marine. Friends lost in combat. Half of our country is ungrateful and socialistic. Romney bankrupted his state and introduced obamacare before anyone knew who obama was. You are delusional if you really think romney is acceptable in any way. I will defend your right to vote for who you want but I will not be convinced that romney is anything but a soros lacky and I will not vote for him.

                6. We won’t agree but to agree to disagree. Elite money politicians are all on the same team. If you don’t see that, then we are not seeing things from the same perspective. The fact that you want to make a real change to our political system and fix our country, then you and I are allies. We don’t have to agree. We have the same goal. Good luck to us both.

                7. It’s not a house at all. It is a mental institution being run by political elites telling us what to do and what to accept.

                8. I was speaking of the divided house inside your own head sir. Who will you vote for in the general if Romney is the nominee?

                9. I will right in Palin, probably. I don’t believe that romney will win anyway. I think that most true conservatives know that he is a liberal and an unacceptable option.

                10. It’s a free country, but growing less free by the day. Romney is not nearly the “unacceptable option” that O’ is though. No way 🙂

            2. We need to hedge our bets, pushing for the best conservative candidate that we can, while at the same time ensuring a majority in both House and Senate.

              The majority will allow us to counter anything O tries to bamboozle us with, should he get re-elected. This would also be true should Romney get the nomination and show his true colors in the White House.

              I don’t see much difference between the two. The fight against both O and Mitt would set up a run for a ‘Tea Party’ in 2016 and put us in a great position to restore this country to it’s greatness once again. The job won’t be easy and can’t be accomplished in a day.

              1. O’ is too much of an executive order freak. I’d take an old pair of underwear over he. In the primary though, I’ll vote for Santorum, Perry or Gingrich.

                If Romney wins the nomination, I will vote for him in the general. Usually I vote straight Republican ticket because the only alternatives are democrats and there aren’t many things I despise as much as a democrat.

                Romney was governor in a blue state with democrats controlling the state’s congress too. His job was to represent his constituents of that state. I think he would be much more conservative at the national level with a much higher percentage of conservatives in the electorate than he had in Mass. If Repubs also take the senate while maintaining the house, we could turn this ship of state around. Unless a bunch of stalwarts stay home on principle.

                Mike is wrong. So is dmacleo. Their frustration though is understandable, but their proposed actions are self-defeating. I think Romney would kill O’ in landslide fashion.

    2. Odd that….

      You are saying The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints = non christian

      Guess you didn’t do so well in math.

      P.S. I don’t like Romney either, but it has nothing to do with his religion.

  12. What gimmicks is he referring to exactly? Embarrassing ourselves? If you don’t want to suffer negative ads, then don’t get into politics….It’s a contact sport. Until the primaries are done it’s full contact. Does he think Obama’s crowd will go lightly on our nominee?

  13. I respectfully disagree, Colonel West. It is time the GOP stops dictating to the people and starts listening to us. WE DO NOT WANT AN ESTABLISHMENT GUY OR A RINO. PERIOD.

    1. I agree with that sentiment and have said so any number of times on this board, though I still wonder what I would do if it’s Romney vs. Obama. Let Obama win? That’s a toughie.

      The GOP keeps kicking the can down the road election after election. If it’s a guy like Romney, it’s clear that they too are the problem. Perhaps another 4 years with full-blown Marxism will teach everyone a lesson and put Conservatives in the WH for the next decade? Or people will get sick of it and vote in a Conservative House and Senate? The President is not the end all.

      1. You are correct. I believe that taking both houses of congress is more important than taking the white house. If the numbers we get are high enough, then it won’t matter if Maobama stays in office. We can roll back all of the damage he has done and his VETO stamp will not matter. I kind of like the idea or repealing Maobama’s entire legacy with him in office watching and unable to stop it.

      1. My senator and Rep are useless to me. I live in The Peoples Republic of Maryland which is run by dems and unions. I am behind enemy lines.

          1. I have Marine friends telling me to move out near them. Montana, wyoming, etc. I tell them no, if there IS a war in the offing we will need people where I am currently. I’ll stay, but should I become a sacrifice for the USA, all I ask is you remember us.

            1. I’m not a marine, and have no right to use it, but the term ‘semper fi’ comes to mind. God bless those willing to sacrifice for others.

              1. If your intent, saying Semper Fi, was to convey to me that you’ve got my back and appreciate the sacrifice of our warriors you are permitted to say it, Brother. So long as you let the listener know you aren’t a Marine but feel it as an American. If you take any heat for it, refer them to me. I’ll deal with it.

                1. I appreciate it. I wish I had been a Marine. I could have learned a lot about life that took me far too long to learn as it was.

                2. Well, The Corps teaches you how to stand up for what you believe in but if you didn’t have some of that to begin with you wouldn’t sign a contract. I haven’t become quiet in my soul and seriously thoughtful until recently. I think the life lesson we all learn, eventually comes more from being kicked around by life and surviving it. The Marinie Corps is just a good way to get kicked around by life a lot, and quickly.

    2. Unfortunately it’s the “anyone but Obama” mentality… But if your only choices are Obama and “diet Obama”, then what choices do you really have? It’s like you’re at a restaurant and all they serve is coffee and decaf and you want iced tea… oddly I fear that’s what this election will become…

      1. If my choices are coffee and decaf, I’ll go out and brew my own tea and kill something to eat. I refuse to settle. How many generations of Americans have “settled” since WWII? Isn’t that how we got to where we are ? No more.

        1. I see that there are 2 camps.

          A: Anyone but Obama. Vote against him, even if you can’t vote for the candidate you want.

          B: Line in the sand. No more wishy-washy RINOs, even if Obama wins again.

          I believe we get the leader our country deserves. I also believe that if no solid Conservatives have shown up on the stage so far, then it’s a matter of good men doing nothing and letting evil triumph by their inaction.

          1. It would be, if “action” for action’s sake were always a good thing. Sometimes men of good will must refrain from joining those who have chosen a poor action.

            1. Clarifying: I think there are good potential candidates out there who chose inaction and sat this one out, depriving us of the opportunity to vote for them.

  14. I’ll back whoever wins South Carolina in the primary. But i’ll do anything possible to defeat the progressive. This is it. I don’t care who’s face is on the man that takes out the pipsqueak pretender professor. I’d prefer a Hun.

  15. I agree that we must support the nominee…the race is not over though…let us wait and see…we may be pleased…whatever, we must defeat Obama!!!

  16. wrong.
    would he follow, as an officer, an unconstitutional order? I think he would not.
    same thing. if I am morally opposed to a candidate I will not vote for that candidate.
    and the naysayers that are about to jump on me can suck it.

    1. I think the GOP has got to get it through their skulls that they don’t have a right to my vote. They have to earn it.

      1. If we are going to talk about who “earns” what, Obama has certainly “earned” my vote for him OUT of office.

        1. Is it really a question of Obama vs Not-Obama?

          What about us getting a real, principled Conservative?

          1. Look I really wish we had better candidates, but If you have an evil and are presented with an opportunity to choose a lesser evil, its not that tough of a choice.

            1. I do not disagree. My big gripe here is that the “plug your nose and vote against X” has been going on for election after election.

              When does it end?

              “We draw the line here. This far. No further!”
              [Star Trek buffs applaud.]

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