Allen West weighs in on Obama excuses on Benghazi attacks and Romney controversy

Allen West says that the Obama administration is making excuses for the Benghazi attack to hide the fact that their failed policies in the Middle East have led to this. He also weighs in on Romney’s remarks from a fundraiser back in May, suggesting his point was clumsily made and could be explained better, but seemed to agree with the gist of it.

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26 thoughts on “Allen West weighs in on Obama excuses on Benghazi attacks and Romney controversy

  1. The day this man walks into the white house will be the day I apply for a green card – he makes this patriotic old Brit proud to be American! 🙂

  2. Former Lieutenant Colonel Allen West and present U.S. Representative from Florida is a true patriot and a rising star of conservative Americans. His comments on the Obama administration making excuses for the Benghazi attack is right on target and demonstrates how Obama would prefer to lie as UN Ambassador Susan Rice demonstrated on the Sunday talk shows.

    Team Obama will never admit they failed to act on the intelligence they had prior to the attacks on our Embassy in Cairo and the Consulate in Benghazi. After all, they have an election to win.

    It’s truly sad that I trust the Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf account than my PRESIDENT.

  3. They’ve gotta be blowing their fuses each time they see an Allen West tv interview inside the white house. He’s turning into the best GOP commercial money can buy.

  4. The WH press secretary, Hillary Clinton and Suasan Rice all blamed the attack on the trailer of the anti-Islam video. How will Middle East radicals react to the Hollywood movie on Bin Laden,which comed out of the leaked details from the WH in breach of national security. Who are they going to blame, the Hollywood movie producer? the WH?

  5. Why do we even care about this manufactured controversy? Romney is mostly right. Some of those 47% are going to vote Romney because they don’t want to be on whatever services they’re on, but the rest of them he’s absolutely right about.

  6. I like Col. West but I didn’t think Romney was clumsy about his 47% remark. If taken out of context sure, you can edit most things to sound how you want by clipping a sound bite. I don’t care how else Romney could have said it, if someone wants to spin it, they can and will.
    47% are takers, they will not vote Romney/Ryan, he’s correct. I’m so tired of Obama and his lying lefty pals including the LSM. In general, they seem to be morally devoid. Speaking of some of his lefty, lying pals, there’s Valerie, Pelosi, Waters, Wasserman Shultz, Fluke, Sebelious, S. Rice, etc. Hmmmmm, maybe there should be a war on women, Obama’s women!!!

    1. Let me rephrase that. The one-way ticket comment was meant for the progressives … and only some of the 47%!

    2. I think when West said clumsily he may have had in mind people like me who are retired on Social Security who do not pay federal income taxes (I do because of realty property) but have worked and paid income taxes all our lives. These people should not be cast in with the others. These are the retired senior citizens who are supporting Romney over Obama. He does not want to inadvertantly insult them because that is the case that the Obama flunkies will try to make. Otherwise I agree wholeheartedly with Romney.

  7. The truth is so refreshing and so rarely heard in today’s corrupt criminal mobster media. God Bless Allen West and I Pray that We Can Get the Facts out to the people that only watch the National Obama News every night. If Obama wins this election ‘we the people’ lose our freedom and our republic.

  8. Mmm, I am beginning to beleive that this was all coordinated. The Obama administration allowed this to happen. Looking at the lack of security in Benghazi,Libya on 9/11, and the President of Libya saying the attacks were planned, and the way that the film maker was transported in for quesioning means that this was all planned. In the beginning this made no sense but now I can that it was coordinated by the Muslum Brotherhood and maybe the Obama administration for the release of the Rahman.

    Date: 9/18/2012
    From: BHO
    To: BFF Jarrett
    Subject: Loose Ends

    This 1st amendment thingy is beginning to piss me off.
    Since you’re in neck-deep on my administration’s new free speech guidelines, make damn sure you send the boys out to all the libraries around the country and strip them of all copies of this pamphlet this cat West is talking about today.
    I don’t know what’s worse; these ridiculous “rights”, or intelligent people exercising them. Sheesh.
    You go get ’em, girl.
    Love, Sweet Cheeks

  10. Even if you are not in FL please consider donation $5 to the Allen West campaing, all the big guns are coming for him and we must protect him so he keep saying all we wish we could say.

  11. You know I disagree with Col West on this one. No Mitt’s comment was not clumsily made! It was SPOT ON!! What it is about politicians….every single one has this area where they think BE CAREFUL do not offend, watch what you say…egg shells and such. It drives me nuts. The most effective leaders are those THAT CLEARLY speak and CLEARLY define. What Mitt said was 110 percent true. This idea that the 47 percent will be mad WHO THE FRICKING HECK CARES!! The people whining are the people put on notice for the Culture of Dependency they rely on for power.

    Sorry Col Allen YOU ARE WRONG!! It was refreshing from Mitt and the people I talked to were thrilled that HE DEFINED between the TAKERS and the PRODUCERS!! It is something we all know in our hearts but some are too darn afraid to say! I guarantee you millions said in the privacy of their homes MITT WAS RIGHT!! And when he said it I think it makes others that share Mitt’s feeling more inclinded to express themselves. It is liberating. He has fired up his base big time. Neil Boortz and Liberterians will love what he said and it showed backbone!

    I love Col Allen but I feel Mitt spoke clearly and precisesly and UNPOLITICAL!! I am fired up and happy! This is not a debate Obama wants….because it goes to the very heart difference between Liberals and Conservatives! And like Rush says when we talk issues CONSERVATIVES ALWAYS WIN!! Bring it on Libs…lets talk HARD NUMBERS and those that have to pay the bill for it!

    1. I don’t think Allen West was saying it was clumsy in an apologetic way. I think he was saying it was clumsy because it didn’t point out that allowing the parasite problem to grow to the extent it has will inevitably bring down democracy – hence the Tocqueville reference. Or, to put it another way, I think Col. West was saying it was clumsy because it didn’t go far enough!

  12. Mr. West… get that Alexis de Tocqueville quote to Romney stat. That way he won’t have to walk back but double down.

    1. I don’t think Romney was clumsy at all by stating the obvious. We’ve got a parasite problem in this country. Nothing wrong with identifying the problem. Although, there is something wrong with letting the problem spread.

      1. I agree there steven… like I said… Romney should make his remarks more palatable with the quote from de Tocqueville and even from Ben Franklin about poverty. If he was a Newt… he’d have these quotes off the top of his head, but Romney has never immersed himself in the founders and because of it his understanding lacks historical authority.

  13. Great Alexis De Tocqueville quote. It states, basically, that every country will go the way of oppression of the minority by the majority. In any nation, once the majority of citizens want something, they are going to get it. It’s sad, but true.

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