Allen West weighs in on Obamacare going dark tonight (VIDEO FIXED)


Obamacare is supposed to be fixed on November 30, but just a few hours before the deadline they’ve announced that the website will go dark until around 8am tomorrow morning. Allen West says for them to set another deadline that it appears they are going to miss hurts not just the credibility of the Obama administration, but of Obama himself.


UPDATE: The video is working now.

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198 thoughts on “Allen West weighs in on Obamacare going dark tonight (VIDEO FIXED)

  1. Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Close enough for government work.”

    Now imagine yourself lying on the operating table, waiting for a minor surgical procedure~~~~~~~

    * First you worry it will hurt.
    * Then you worry if the pair of gloves they all share has been washed recently.
    * Then you wonder if anyone is coming.
    * Then you wish you’d have gone to Singapore instead.

  2. Nothing about Obama or his policies is credible. He lies, deceives and obfuscates so easily he wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him upside his head.

  3. Trying to nail a commitment to the wall made by this administration is like trying to catch a greased gazzel hopped up on speed, in the middle of the night, on million acre field, blindfolded, and a ball and chain attached to one leg.

    1. That was good! 🙂
      Summed up perfectly. And any other administration would have been hauled off to political oblivion by now. If not for the leftist loving media.

  4. Credibility???? Only fools think marxists have credibility.

    To me, the website is a sideshow, and fixing it will give it legitimacy in many people’s minds.

    The unAmerican (unConstitutional), marxist program is the poison that will kill liberty. That’s the real agenda of Dear Leader and the socialist democrats.

  5. ‘Oh, it will be going at 8 AM (or 9, or 10, or maybe Sunday, if anybody shows up for work, or maybe Monday, or Tuesday ……….. or, ……….). 😉 😉

    1. Who cares if it works? Next is immigration reform and then Comrade 0 will have the votes to ignore the 26th amendment.

    1. Sure, but all the money they’ve thrown at it so far has certainly fixed Michelle’s crony’s bank account!

      1. I agree with Wayne Root, who was (Mr Obama’s College Classmate) who Said he never saw Obama at the university, then when Mr Root made contact with then the now retired #1 College Professor who would have definitely taught Mr Obama at the University Said he never heard of Obama. Mr Root said on a radio interview that someone needs to check Michelle’s and the rest of the thieves Swiss Bank Accounts, he went on to say the money ($600 million) is somewhere, and it needed to be found.

        I just found this 6:50 Youtube Video link of Mr Root speaking on the subject, fascinating material…

        1. Yes, John Lott also remembers him from Columbia where 0 made his anti-gun intentions clear. I’m guessing he was one of the partiers who sat quietly in the back when he was there. A few people are coming out (no pun intended) now saying they recall him being in the company of older white men, whom they presume he was getting his cocaine from.

    1. Most of our enlightened thinkers believe ZeroCare is going according to plan. It will kill off a large portion of the population (just what they want) and leave the majority of Americans squealing for somebody to “do something!” Enter single payer, medicare for all.

  6. Well… I’m still waiting. Waiting to find out how much more Obama can screw us because I sure do know that this certainty is a hoax on his part. Yep… just waiting for the next shoe to drop.

    1. Just remember all the RINOs and mush Republicans who stabbed Cruz in the back, saying, “Let this law implode on its own so the American people can see how bad it is.”

      That was like a general in WWII saying, “Let the Japanese wipe out the residents of Hawaii, that will show the American people how bad they are.”

      Uh, no… you fight. You fight tooth and nail every step of the way. You don’t sit back and hope that your enemy gets tired punching you in the face.

  7. Obamacare was designed fo fail.

    It was supposed to do exactly what it is doing, and it is running right on schedule.

    When will Obama come out and tell us the only alternative is Socialized Medicine?
    That is what he is setting us up for.

    Am I the only one who can see this con game?

    1. No, anyone with a semi-functioning brain and grain of intellectual honesty can see this is a scam of biblical proportions.

    2. No. He’s hoping people will become so frustrated that they will be thankful for the single-payer system he’s had in mind all along.

    1. The “fix” will be, “All right folks, we’ve heard you. There are too many Republicans and Tea Partiers who want to gum up the works. We have no choice but to offer a single payer system.”

  8. As if people are going to be charging the gates of Obamacare to get knocked over the head and mugged. Get real…


  9. This HAS to be a HOAX. It is too hard to believe that the highest office in the land cannot put together a functioning website especially in light of the highly functioning NSA that is capable of spying on each and every person in America and others throughout the world. I admit I know little about websites, but this does NOT add up.

    1. I agree with you. This crew doesn’t do anything without a motive. It’s there somewhere but without a devious mind it is hard to detect. To achieve their ultimate goal of single payer doesn’t require this.

      1. I’m a former liberal so devious thinking comes easy for me if I choose to go back down that road. It’s real easy. They’re taking over the economy through healthcare, inflation, energy, indoctrination of our youth and a number of other socialistic stratagems in preparation for Comrade 0’s eventual dictatorship.

  10. Obama has absolutly no credibility to hurt. He lied to our faces time and time again. The DEMOCRAT OBAMACARE law is destructive and must be abolished. The only way to make that happen is to vote the democrats out of the house and senate in 2014.

  11. That’s an excellent summary – simple but correct, brief as can be, complete, and TRUTHFUL!

    obamacare is evil. No surprise – obama is evil. reid and pelosi are evil. Lethal, gleeful traitors.

  12. obo-tax was never about health care…. it is a croney distribution of wealth, socialized medicine and population control……. nothing more…

  13. Does this humanist organization deal with money? Rather hypocritical, considering currency is printed by the government and it says, “In God we trust” on it.

  14. Americans need to leave the public school system. It’s totally a Nazi Organization and those that work for schools like that are no better than the school it’s self. It’s time to call these schools out and label them for what they are

  15. They should have just changed the name of their benefit to the holiday drive since everyone in the country celebrates New Years. Let them prove otherwise.

  16. What would be funny if someone broke into those yahoos’ home and stole all their Christmas gifts (don’t say they don’t have a tree/gifts…they DO).

  17. So now children cannot receive gifts for Christmas because godless trash, aka atheists feel threatened. These idiots are so insecure. Nothing but a bunch of losers threatened by CHILDREN receiving gifts for Christmas.

    And before some idiot claims: “Yeah, yeah, but what if they were handing out gifts for Ramadan???

    Um, this isn’t SAUDI ARABIA first of all, this is America, where CHRISTIANITY, not islam, nor hinduism, nor buddhism, nor wicca were the founding faith of this country. And for that reason ALONE Christianity has precedence by OUR PEOPLE AND OUR CIVILIZATION!

    SECULARISM is the ONLY true threat that faces our civilization and the sooner we drive it from our shores the better.

  18. The left have no shame, first they scream we need to do (———fill in the blank—–) for the children, then when we do something for the children, we are not supposed to according to their rule. They are NUTS

  19. Obamacare
    is working as designed – stripping people of their insurance, moving
    them to part-time jobs and moving jobs overseas…. and blaming it all
    on the insurance companies and a website. Perfect!

  20. These 40 are just covering they a()s , and think people are stupid and will forget how they voted back in 2010 . It’s time for the great Lier , and his phony scandals to leave , he’s done enough damage . You have to vote for is to see what’s in Pelosi ,know look where we are because of the left wingers , and the great one is still out their lying . This guy has no shame .

  21. Humanists are abject trash — they are hateful and depend upon opponents to be submissive to their BULLYING I say bring on the litigation and to hell with Progressive trash — this is not about religion this is about jerks who cannot mind their own business and hide behind tax free endowments funded by our own Capital garbage like Lois Lerner allowed while she was a roadblock to people she deemed as dissent

    PROGRESSIVES think they alone can define BULLYING when they are small minded mean spirited BULLIES themselves–watch anyone who dares ask a question Hillary Clinton feels she should avoid –will be labeled a BULLY

  22. Just don’t have the toy drive on campus, surely there is some place that would donate you space to hold your drive.

  23. What is HUMANIST GROUP….what is so humane about killing our culture? Someone hates themselves and willing to hurt everyone for their own lack of fun or enjoyment of life. Just saying….this is wrong on every level

  24. Another example of how the repubs “fight.” Punch themselves in the face and shoot themselves in the foot.

    Clueless, gutless idiots!

  25. If you like your Socialism/Communism you can keep your Socialism/Communism!
    If you like your Democratic Politician you can keep your Democratic Politician

  26. I think we should begin a list of all Americans who die as a result of ObamaCare just like the Defense Department compiles list of Americans who die in combat. ObamaCare is a war on the American people and we should be compiling a casualty list. Right now the list has 5 million who’ve lost their insurance because of Obama(doesn’t)Care. Soon we will have cancer patients and others actually dying because of ObamaCare. We need a casualty list for ObamaCare.
    John Craven
    New Orleans

  27. Nah, I’d druther stop at the zero mark, ’cause there’s hardly anything I need to hear from any liberal. Except maybe squeaks, squeals, groans and moans of regret for their incredibly stupid behavior.

  28. Obamacare was NEVER supposed to work. It is SUPPOSED to fail, leaving NO OPTION except —-FULLY SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE—
    Of course, this is the obvious last resort, but it cures everything but actual Health-Care, which was never the intent.

    The intent— Power, Money, Control.

    1. Bull’s eye, Snowshooze! Can it be that Sen Cruz doesn’t know that Obie is here to “transform America” into a third world Islamic nation? If so, he has a rude awakening to swallow and digest. His father could enlighten him quite well.

    2. Ditto! snowshooze! Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!

      There was a guy who called up Sean Hannity today and said he has designed multimillion dollar websites and he says that the ObamaCare website did exactly what Obama wanted it to do and that is protect the polical lie he and the democrats were selling everyone about ObamaCare, which is ultimately a Ponzi scheme shrouded in an Identity theft racket, and as Rush Limbaugh pointed out today, based on camoflaged eugenics which harkens back to Margaret Sanger, the “father of modern society” and Hitler’s master race ideology because you have the architects of ObamaCare talking about those of us who won the “genetic lottery” and those who did not which is in truth Master Rascist talk.

      That’s why ObamaCare is one huge death panel. Once they get your identity from you through either the website or their navigators or the IRS, Obama and the Democrats no longer need you, do they? You are expendable to them once they get that information and then you are just taking up space they need for something else.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

    3. Exactly right Snow…… Wreck Obamacare, leave people without coverage, make it as frustrating and hard as possible to use the website to obtain healthcare and……voila…..single payer……Obama and Reid’s wet dream! This is what dictators do! This is the biggest fraud scheme in U.S. history. Didn’t Bernie Madoff get 150+ years for doing exactly the same thing?

  29. You know, there’s always one thing you can rely on with liberals. The name.
    The Affordable Care Act won’t be ‘affordable’. Civil rights activists usually aren’t ‘civil’, and ‘Humanists’ aren’t ‘humane’ 😉 😉

  30. What Cruz says makes a whole lot of sense. Still…… I don’t know what it is but there is something about Ted Cruz that just screams…. DON”T TRUST ME! I have nothing to base that upon it’s just a feeling I get when i listen to him talk. He talks a good game but there is just something….

    1. Well, you know he is a LAWYER, right?
      NOT just any Lawyer, but A Solicitor General for Texas who argued
      cases in front of TEXAS Supreme Court AND the US Supreme Court.
      Not only that, I think he went UNDEFEATED!!!!!
      Oh yeah, he is rich Lawyer too, but not a shyster, and extremely successful.
      I did not research this, Mark Levin used to brag on his friend running for Senator in Texas. He was 20 points down to the very rich LT GOV I think, Gregg Abbott (or one of those dudes), and was being outspent, and then Mark and SARAH PALIN got behind him ( and some TEA Party money flowed in, I sent $100), Davy and Goliath story, He won by double digits and blew the guy out.
      I did not care for his early style so much, bit he focused on what I wanted to hear.
      I hope he develops more of an inspiring style like REAGAN, but Ronald was shaped by his life he led, and the idiot left tries to claim him as a liberal moderate. Ron just gave in too much (tax increases after BIG CUTS and IMMIGRATION reform he later admitted he was hoodwinked) and was older man I feel, but he was so inspiring, we all loved him so much. They still have not built the FENCE.
      I think if we get TED as President, the FENCE will be built. Our economy will ROAR back to life, and he will follow the constitution I assure you.

    2. It don’t get the “Don’t Trust Me” thing but it is never a good idea to give a politician unquestioned trust. On the other hand, could it be a case of “too good to be true”? So far, he has walked the walk as well as anyone in decades. We’ll see.

    3. Trust….but verify. I like him too…..but have been bitten too many times to trust any politician without some reservation.
      Enthusiasm tinged with a little skepticism isn’t cynical…it’s prudent.
      Patton said it best: Politicians are among the lowest forms of life. Democrats are the lowest form of politician….

  31. The average joe will never catch another break with the vicious democrats in charge. There’s nothing left to do but make being a democrat a felony with a life without parole automatic sentence.

  32. Humanists, like Democrats, hate people who give to other people out of the goodness of their heart instead of waiting for government confiscation.
    Welcome to world they have have decided is better for us,

  33. I am thinking of growing a beard and wearing a towel and converting to Islam

    I just want to CHOP OFF SOME HEADS!

    This is in West Columbia SOUTH CAROLINA of all places !

    More info about these a-holes >>

    So – let me guess this straight – ONE family stops the school from helping 100 other families

    This group should be very proud ! –

  34. Just change the name to Islamist holiday toy drive and see what happens.
    I would venture that there would be no pressure. But then, I am very cynical.

  35. The definition of FRAUD from the dictionary…

    a :  deceit, trickery; specifically :  intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right
    b :  an act of deceiving or misrepresenting :  trick
    a :  a person who is not what he or she pretends to be :  impostor; also :  one who defrauds :  cheat

    Could this be used as a high crimes and mistomeanor case against Owebama?

  36. Anyone who thinks this is not going to touch them is not paying attention.

    Cruz’ comments go along with the video I saw on townhall of the MIT professor stating that our current system was discriminatory – 0-care just levels out the playing field. Equal misery for all. Can’t wait til they decide that we have too many cars or a house that is too nice.

    1. Obama is already looking at moving his bros into foreclosed homes in white neighborhoods. Waiting for Congress to pass a law requiring us to buy only GM automobiles.

      1. Like water dripping on a stone, our liberties and independence will be eroded if they keep getting their way.

  37. I missed the part about what is next. I heard more yesterday and Cruz has a plan but it is not ready.

  38. What happened to the Democrats being the party who cares about people? Apparently, though its okay to NOT care about the people who lost insurance. This certainly exposes them for who they are.

    1. It’s all happening in a vacuum. It’s not like it’s being televised on CNN. The ignorant will still be ignorant.

  39. Anyone know for how long things are extended for? Also, is there some language in the Bill that has your policy cancel if X or Y change, i.e. some stupid co-pay having to go up, etc.?

    1. all individual market policies sold prior to jan. 1st 2013 can be resold in the up coming years insurance exchanges, and be deemed legal in regards to the A.C.A.. in other words people who choose these policies over the ones in the exchanges wont be penalized.

  40. Now Reid will turn the Upton bill into the Landrieu bill, and Bamster will veto it anyway… But this puts (R)’s on the books as voting to “fix” (as opposed to killing) Ocare. Now they have “skin in the game”.

    Dumb as a bucket of rocks = GOP

  41. If we don’t do something the Demorats will swear up and down that we are the party of no. Let the Demorat led Senate kill the bill.

  42. The House passed the Upton bill.

    P.S. McDumbutt is a commie, pardon my English. I’d like to use some French, but then I’d be no better than a damn cusser ass, and I ain’t willing to be one of those.

    1. McDumbutt. Thanks, I’ve always wanted to know his real name. Living near where this imbecile represents, I now know how to actually pronounce his name!

  43. Have you seen these comparisons in the media of Obamacare being to Obama what hurricane Katrina was to Bush?

    One big difference, however, is BUSH DIDN’T CREATE HURRICANE KATRINA!

    Leave it to the media to make such stupid comparisons that downplay the sinister nature of what is going on here.

    1. Not only didn’t he create Katrina, he didn’t do anything wrong! He had asked the imbecile governor of that state BEFORE it hit what she wanted the feds to do, she turned down all offers of help. It was her and that dufus mayor of New Orleans who screwed that state.

  44. The ‘panic’ is over losing leverage to force single-payer on The People, against their will.

    Pelosi would lose every ounce of political clout she has if the path toward single-payer dies.

  45. It’s pretty rich that that socialist windbag McDermott is accusing the R’s of putting forth a socialist bill. Especially since his own butthead prez put forth a similar solution yesterday – just as “confusing” and “socialist” as whatever that airhead Fred Upton has rushed out.

  46. Actually, this might work out well for the Republicans. They get the Democrats on record against “fixing” the bill concerning canceled plans and they are the ones wanting to help the people that lost their plans. There could be some great campaign ads made.

    1. Perhaps and perhaps not. The GOP funded ObamaCare despite the shutdown and with over 60% of Americans screaming to repeal it they PATCH it up and shove it down our throats with the Democrats.

  47. Am I being an airhead? Why would Pelosi be strong arming the D’s to vote against Upton’s bailout?
    (I absolutely don’t want the bill to even get to the floor – the R’s should stand far back and be prepared to put forward their own reasonable and practicable private insurance reform plan.)

  48. Obamacare is the equivalent of a terrorist attack – on the economy, our healthcare system, and in the long run on our culture/moral standards and freedom.

  49. The Obamacare disaster needs to be tied so tightly around Democrats’ necks in 2014.

    They need to lose EVERY race but those in the most deep blue (backward) parts of the country.

    1994 and 2010 should look like NOTHING compared to 2014!

  50. man are these democrat scum desperate to win, hope these senate Dems get flushed down the toilet where they belong.

  51. The GOP should stop screwing around with these “fix” bills and take up impeaching Obastard for subverting the constitution. Obastard has no right to choose which parts of a law to enforce and which not to enforce. That would give the president a de-facto line-item veto which has been ruled unconstitutional. Can someone please tell me why nobody in the GOP is challenging Obama on this unconstitutional overreach, yet again???

  52. I don’t think the GOP should touch this legislation in any way apart for FULL REPEAL! As soon as their fingerprints are on it and they try to fix it, they lose the strength of the fact that NOT ONE REPUBLICAN voted for this!!! I hate to see people suffering…. but we cannot fix this before the 2014 election because people must feel the full impact of this before they vote!!!

    1. To paraphrase the impostor regarding the sequestration and Government shutdown…this should result in as much pain and disruption as possible.

    2. You’re right, for the political will to ever be there for this thing to be repealed, it had to be this way, people had to feel the pain and the direct hit to their wallets firsthand, unfortunatley.

  53. And you morons compare this to 911… Absolutely outrageous!!! You assholes voted for this and knew all this was going to happen and wanted this to happen so you could have your single payer and bankrupt the insurance companies. Eat crow all of you, you traitors!

    1. While I agree with your premiss I will point out that very few if any read the ACA bill, regardless of what they say, they really had no idea what was in it, they’re a bunch of ignorant tools! That is the problem, they vote how a party tells them not how the people they are supposed to represent want them too!

      It is not representation or is it doing ones job, instead they are sent out to raise more money for their party, it is a money gathering and laundering scheme at the peoples expense for the party’s gain and to condense more power…

      1. Reminds me of that geriatric buffoon Charlie Rangel who mocked everyone who was screaming: “READ THE BILL!” I don’t think ANY of them read it.

  54. McDermott talks about “endless confusion” and “panic” in Congress. Seems this has been the case for the Nation as a whole for about 4 years, 10 months and 1 week or so. We have no leader.

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