Allen West: ‘What the president is proposing is reflection of him living in some type of fantasy world’

Allen West says it best:

Well when you sit back and you look at where we are with our economy, the amount of debt that we have incurred, the fact that we have had four straight years of trillion dollar plus deficits… When the president sits down and says he wants to raise taxes on those at $250k or above, that’s only going to generate about $850 billion over the next 10 years. We have had 1.42, 1.29, 1.3, 1.2 and now we’re on the way to another trillion dollar deficit just for these years.

So what the president is proposing is not pragmatic whatsoever, and it really is a reflection of him, I suppose, living in some type of fantasy world.

He also blasts Chuck Schumer’s comment that Republicans should just let Obama have his tax increase because he ran on tax increases and won the election, saying he’s not an idiotic person who’s going to follow someone off into the abyss.


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40 thoughts on “Allen West: ‘What the president is proposing is reflection of him living in some type of fantasy world’

  1. Right on …. you’re describing the classic core of Marxist revolutionary takeover, since the post feudal, industrial era. The key to its success is to destroy the earning vehicles of the then approximation of the middle class: traders, journeymen, merchants eg: the bourgeoisie. At the bottom, lies the largest component, fueling revolutionary support: the hand laborers of peasant agriculture.

    In Obama terms, these groupings have different, false, but analogous identities: the 99% comprised of a polyglot group, all vitally dependent on the govt. treasuries: the sui-generis welfare-dependent and student populations, along with government employees and unions

    Once everybody’s interest is on his roster of government dependency, the dictator is in full flower: ready to move on his ultimate objective: Control of the military/policing order-maintenance institutions: (was Petraeus the first target of leadership-cleansing elimination?).

    Personally, methinks the liberty acculturation of our American law enforcement and military traditions can survive the tender revolutionary ministrations of this megalo-Br’er Rabbit.

  2. I know this is the equivalent of “shoveling manure against the tide in Louisiana,” but have any of you West Worshipers looked at his voting record?

    The man voted for every … every … budget busting piece of legislation. He voted for every Continuing Resolution, which defunded nothing, but added more spending every single time. He voted for the Pickford Scam. I could go on and on, but I’m sure it doesn’t matter.

    It is amazing to me how gullible are the people who post on this site.

    Allen West has your number. He knows you will never, ever, spend the time to find out how he voted. He knows he can snow you by giving lip service to fiscally conservative principles, all the while voting in the opposite manner. He knows that you respond emotionally to anything that is “said” that you want to hear.

    He is pissing on your leg, telling you it is raining, and you are opening your umbrellas.

    And this is the problem. This is why the GOP can get away with marginalizing you. Because you will buy any bull-pippy, and never bother to research whether or not you are being jerked-off.

    Until you people start researching who these “Allen Wests” really are, you will continue to be “marks” and “suckers.”

    And you will continually be whining about how bad things are.

    Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

    Barracudas Maximus.

  3. Debt is just one, albeit a major one, of the schemes the Marxists use to enslave a Nations peoples. Marxists are all about destroying the Middle Class. Some more ways they accomplish their destruction: Inflation, destroy cheap energy, Obuma(no)care, starvation, regulation, taxation, class envy, Agenda 21, control of production/labor (Unions), etc., etc.; for just a few.

  4. the only people living in a fantasy world are those who don’t realize we are in the midst of a hostile takeover by the United Nations. our President is not “clueless about the economy” or ” out of touch with the American people”. he’s accomplishing exactly what he set out to accomplish – the destruction of the United States of America. he’s not living in a “fantasy world”. he’s living in an Agenda 21 world and its becoming reality.

  5. If this man was elected President, he would fix this problem in one term.

    You know how, when you have a party, and after the party, the whole house is a mess, and the kitchen is a disaster? That’s what this country is right now. Obama and the Democrats have had themselves a party. Someone now needs to clean up the mess.

    Allen West is the man to do that.

  6. Why are people wasting their breath on this issue. Liar-in-chief wins either way. He does not care about the rest of the country. He wants the USA to fail, that is his goal. Only by destroying our economy can he accomplish his goals. He is not going to compromise. He wants taxes to go up and they are going up one way or another. Do not raise the debt ceiling is the only way to curb his spending. Shut the government down and we will all be better off. Returning to our communities to solve our problems is the only way to save our Republic.

  7. Hitler
    In the Bunker
    Moving fantasy troops, tanks, divisions, armies
    ….. that didn’t exist


  8. Obama is living in the socialist utopian world of stupid. If you want European bennies, then you have to pay European type taxes. Raising taxes on the job creators forces them to raise prices on the consumer.

    The way to raise revenues is to create jobs. If you create jobs you turn the unemployed or underemployed into taxpayers who then increase the tax revenues of the state.

    Obama having never been an employer or a job creator has never learned the truism that “all shite rolls downhill”. Garbage in garbage out.

    I do not think that Obama gives a tinkers damn about anything or anyone. He is only interested in political power and the imposition of socialism on a country that he hates.

    He is precisely the kind of despot that the Founders were worried about when they created our form of government.

    1. 911infidel, you are 100% correct wanna a Job as President of the US? lol anyone would be a better choice! His “SOCILISTIC” policies are what truly scare me!! We need to lobby Congress to impliment the “Impeachment” process!! We cannot wait until we are a 3rd World Country that “dumb-ass” is trying to make us!!!

  9. Od1ldo is fantasy land Col. West. Which is why your statement is so accurate indeed. Keep them coming Col.!! 🙂

  10. I can’t say this enough times. The desire to raise taxes on the wealthy has nothing to do with addressing the debt, or paying for anything. It’s all about punishing the wealthy for being wealthy. The left are fanatics about getting at the rich and hurting them, even if that means hurting the rest of the country in the process.

    1. On the money! It is about ideology not revenue. If it was about revenue Obama would be touting tax reform and an overhaul of the tax code. Obama and his cronies scream “tax the rich!” with a wink wink, and a nod, nod because they will run to their lobbyists and write their political checks to get those loopholes slipped back in.

      Or do as Clinton, Gates, Buffet and others and just hide their money tax free in a foundation. Why else do you think Obama is still soliciting donations?! Tax free money!!

      1. People like Buffet have already figured out where their money is going to go to. Just remember, Buffet was the one declaring that he paid less taxes than his secretary, yet no one ever saw him write a check to the IRS to compensate for that ‘terrible misjustice’. In fact, he is still fighting the IRS on a billion dollar debt he owes the IRS, as it is.

  11. No questions were asked by the MSM that in some parts of Philadelphia and Cleveland Romney didn’t receive a single vote out of tens of thousands of votes counted, and in this mans district in Florida a full and proper recount wasn’t able to be done in a timely manner. All the while their Racist narrative went on for four years. This guy gets it, and we get rid of him. The President doesn’t, and we keep him. Something doesn’t add up.

  12. When the politicians, including West, say what will be raised over 10 years it sounds like it resolves the annual deficit because the 10 years is ALWAYS left off by the media. They need to say $85 billion/year and that pays 3 days of existing spending levels and 1.8 days with the new spending Barky Boy wants.

  13. The congress should just let everything fall into place next week. These are obie’s tax increases and failed policies. Let him own them. Whenever asked every republican and/or conservative member of either house should just say “we tried to deal but harry reid and obie would not negotiate in good faith”.

    If they had any stones at all they would also go through the obiecare bill line by line and de-fund every aspect thus rendering it DOA. They have options and opportunities to lead. It is really too bad that they do not have the intestinal fortitude to to the right thing.

    Come on congress, prove me wrong!

  14. Sure hope he moves back to GA and runs for the Senate in 2014. Time Chambliss is taken out as West would say ????????????????? Go Allen !

    1. He’s a true warrior. Cool headed, never frazzled or distracted by the banter. It’s always encouraging to hear him speak.

    2. Col. West was what I had hoped to be a Conservative leader in the party who knows and understands the issues. His communication skills are on par with Newt’s. With his loss in Florida, the entire country will be the worse for it.

      The suspected widespread voter fraud in this last election may have been why he lost in Florida and Obama won the Presidency. We’ll never know.

      As much as I’d like to see him get the Speakership, he scares the establishment RINOS way too much and Boehner would cry daily.

      1. Who cares weather Bonehead cries or not, he has do “NADA” to stand up to the “DUMBASS in the White House, in fact makeing it easier for do do to reuin the U.S. and make us more relient on “Big Government”!!!

  15. Don, I agree; however, it’s his handlers and puppetmasters that are in charge. THEY are the ones that want to topple America…and they are succeeding…we have to fight harder but the odds right now are against us…

    1. Kelly, Obama’s role is as a talking head for a movement that has been moving forward with these evolving policies for decades. His father was an Marxist and his stepfather raised him in madrasses in Indonesia. All of his early peers were communist oriented and anti-capitlism to the core. This is a world movement and the fact millions of taxpayer dollars were used to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt was never reported by our mainstream media. Soon to be a fact is sharia law, with taxpayer money, will soon takeover Syria. Isalamic radicals have a revolving door at the White House. Where this stops nobody knows.

    2. Like George Soros, he should be deported and take Obama and his cronies with him. They both want to ruin US. Happy New Year to all? Who knows if it will be happy anymore. If we go over the fiscal cliff of course the republicans will be blamed. Another loss for US.

  16. As usual Colonel West hits the nail on the head. Obama is a narcisstic politician who is totally incompetent on what needs to be decided for the best interests of all Americans. He has absolutely no working experience in job creation or even any aspect of an what an economy needs to stimulate growth in order to meet the needs of it citizens. His only area of expertise outside of being a celebrity is what gets voters attention in order to keep him in power. The idea of the United States being a leading economic power in the world is completely beyond his comprehension. Thus as we slowing evolve to the substandards that he constantly imposes, then the handouts for those who believe as he does will keep the system on the downslide and him in power.

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