Allen West: What you see coming from Obama is called “dhimmitude” to the Islamic world

Ouch! Allen West doesn’t hold back in calling out the Obama policies of weakness, appeasement and “dhimmitude”:

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135 thoughts on “Allen West: What you see coming from Obama is called “dhimmitude” to the Islamic world

  1. War is hell and is a necessity. Face it, folks! We cannot placate and kowtow to those who are unable (and refuse to) to assimilate with the rest of the civilized world, whether through diplomacy or otherwise. We are fortunate to have a warrior on the front line of the political spectrum to drive home reality when others believe that we should kneel down to them on wounded knee and dismiss what your and my forefathers have fought and died for in this country. I’ll be damned. Thank you, Colonel West, for sending the message home, resolutely and non-convolutely clear!!

  2. When diplomacy failed back in 1801 President Thomas Jefferson sent his new navy to battle the Islamic Muslim Barbary Pirates who wanted Jefferson to continue the previous administration of John Adams giving them tributes (money) Bribes to sail their shipping lanes. Jefferson refused, and instead sent our new navy and marine corp. led by young Lt. Steven Decatur, and beat back the Muslim pirates, and free the shipping lanes for American trading ships. This was the advent of Radical Islam…
    ” It is our duty still to endeavor to avoid war; but if it shall actually take place, no matter by whom brought on, we must defend ourselves. If our house be on fire, without inquiring whether it was fired from within or without, we must try to extinguish it.” Thomas Jefferson

  3. Obamas greatest strength is holding his head in an attitude of confidence while his knees are knocking.

  4. obama is giving us so many distractions, nobody sees what his agendas are
    He said he will have his own strongest personal home guard stronger , more powerful than our own Military, and better equipped. obama bought nearly all or all of the the Hollow Point Ammunition made for and sold in the USA. there are none we can purchase if we wanted too.
    He is purposely collapsing our economy, driving prices for an american to sustain a living, turning his back on Israel, for a meeting with obama, but obama is to busy to meet with Mr Netunyau, so he meets with the David Letterman show, and people like the Pimp with the Limp Radio Show????? while Israel is waiting for what??? to be destroyed???
    obama open border policy has now have Al Quada, Muslim Brotherhood, in our Countryand I bet you right now all the Fast and furious weapons lost in Mexico are in the hands of these terrorists thats obama’s yes we can and yes we will. he will now show up for the presidential debate because, he will have the arguments that he has an urgent national security issue, which he supposed to have now, and Americans are ask to trust him, while he addresses the issues. he will lie and stall and actually find a way to halt any elections, through any means neccasary including having terrorists here causing disruptions, which has started today in Texas.
    Democrats, Republicans, Independants , if you care about your Country, Your Freedom, and Your Childrens Freedom,we have to come together putting Party aside, and really look deep into where obama is taking America
    God Bless You and God Bless America

  5. obama is giving us so many distractions, nobody sees what his agendas are
    He said he will have his own strongest personal home guard stronger , more powerful than our own Military, and better equipped. obama bought nearly all or all of the the Hollow Point Ammunition made for and sold in the USA. there are none we can purchase if we wanted too.
    He is purposely collapsing our economy, driving prices for an american to sustain a living, turning his back on Israel, for a meeting with obama, but obama is to busy to meet with Mr Netunyau, so he meets with the David Letterman show, and people like the Pimp with the Limp Radio Show????? while Israel is waiting for what??? to be destroyed???
    obama open border policy has now have Al Quada, Muslim Brotherhood, in our Countryand I bet you right now all the Fast and furious weapons lost in Mexico are in the hands of these terrorists thats obama’s yes we can and yes we will. he will now show up for the presidential debate because, he will have the arguments that he has an urgent national security issue, which he supposed to have now, and Americans are ask to trust him, while he addresses the issues. he will lie and stall and actually find a way to halt any elections, through any means neccasary including having terrorists here causing disruptions, which has started today in Texas.
    Democrats, Republicans, Independants , if you care about your Country, Your Freedom, and Your Childrens Freedom,we have to come together putting Party aside, and really look deep into where obama is taking America
    God Bless You and God Bless America

  6. I certainly don’t claim to know what is in Zero’s thoughts. But his behavior should be used as a guide in predicting his future actions. He makes nothing but ‘mistakes’ in all the speaking and doing that Americans would be comfortable with, yet when speaking and doing in the Muslim world, he never makes any mistakes. That is where he is comfortable.

  7. I believe the Embassy “security” did not include live ammo. Remember this is the adminstration that didn’t want utensils for the “latinos” dinner and I think leon pansy had the Marines leave their weapons outside.

  8. You are so right Lt. Col West. “They only understand strength and might” now lets give em some shock & awe to go with it.

    If Hillary doesn’t stop talking about this stupid video, I’m gonna scream. She is unfit & unstable. Have you seen her lately? I mean…WOW.

    I wish she would resign early and turn on O.

  9. I’m glad to hear it. I’ve been told to mellow my mouth, not here but other places, and now the world is exploding and others are catching up with me.

      1. Don’t worry about that. I was trained by our government, back when it had balls and teeth, to lead the charge in the name of True American interests. I wouldn’t know how to Shut Up and sit down if my life depended on it. Your tax dollars at work, before they were stolen.

  10. Do you really want to know what the problem is with all of this?

    It’s simple. America (and the West) is a like a guy who walks into a bar of pick pocketers, yet he’s the only one in the room that has NO IDEA where he is.

    He walks out of the bar reaching for his wallet only to find it missing. Then he starts to wonder: “What on earth happened to my wallet? It was here a minute ago.” But by the time he realizes he’s been had, the bar has closed and the patrons have all gone home. The man is left standing there scratching his head in bewilderment.

    THAT is America right now in relationship to islam and Republicans in relation to liberals.

    There is this glaring naivety in the West and specifically in the federal government which believes that everyone is virtuous and everyone is reasonable and everyone seeks liberty. But they simply do not.

    Evil still exists in this world, and it doesn’t like you. So get over yourself!

    It’s time to suck it up, roll up your sleeves, grow a pair and face the threat head on. Stop trying to be everyone’s weak kneed little punk!

  11. I simply cannot wait to see this arrogant, condescending, a-hole be fired in a 50+ days. Considering how he is the most inept person to hold that office in every single area of leadership and management, he has some huge nads to make a comment like that.

    1. No one would vote for him because as much as I hate to admit it, that whack job Bill Maher was partly right when he said: Americans are idiots.

      With the exception of a few, America doesn’t want true liberty and freedom! They utterly FEAR what is necessary to achieve it. They cower. They whimper. They complain. But they don’t act when they must!

      They nominate spineless liberals while at the same time complaining about their detestation of spineless liberals!

      It’s totally mental!

      Then a true patriot comes along like Colonel West and they love what he says but run away (or are led away by the LIBERAL media) and find another dispassionate half-whit candidate to back!

      Then they spend the next 6 months trying to squeeze CONSERVATISM out of him when there’s NO CONSERVATISM to be HAD!

      It’s pure lunacy!

      I mean DO YOU WANT to change America or DON’T YOU? Make up your mind!

  12. How sad that Allen West isn’t our presidential candidate. Maybe, if Mitt wins, Col Allen West will become Sec of Defense.

  13. I sometimes think there are two Allen West, the West that likes to go on youtube videos and the West that his voting record is 100% rino

  14. George Washington said the best way to maintain peace is to always be prepared for war.

    Why does everyone think Obama is just weak? Did it ever occur to them, that he is working with them?

  15. I can’t even watch Satan get off of that helicopter. He’s just disgusting and smarmy. The guy is nothing but a slimy crook.

  16. Does anyone know where we can get a copy of the film the Jihadists are using to excuse away their murders of our people?

    1. I don’t know where the film is located but the film’s creator was just made a target by our government. They released his full name.

  17. We must have a President, that KNOWS WHAT TO DO, WHY AND WHEN TO DO IT, AND TO WHOM TO DO IT TO, WITH THAT LITTLE RED BUTTON, and the little boy-king Obama is NOT the one for the job.

    (Obama said that Cuba is no threat to us … H.S.!!! I lived on Otis AFB, at the time, and oh yes, Cuba WAS a threat, then.)

    Does Obama do and say and talk like a Carter-clone? Oh yes, indeed!
    Carter was a Democratic Party knee-jerk, and what trouble did we get into then?
    Obama is a Democratic party (well)-jerk, and look at the trouble, today.

    Four years of Carter brought us the Iranian Hostage situation, among other things. Oh, by the way, we were the ones training the Iranian military in this country at the time.

    Four years of Obama is bringing us, what looks like “Phase 2”, of the same program. Oh, by the way, we have been training Saudi and Egyptian military, in this country, during this time.

  18. Allen West is 100% right, as usual.

    Are we safer since obama got into office?

    NO, but our enemies are….

    For Starters.

    All patriots must watch this video and spread the world, we must not allow ANYONE to take away our free speech.

    It is time for the American people to demand that all foreign aid to Egypt and all enemies of America, stop immediately.

  19. Thus far Obama’s response, according to DoD, it to have the DoJ investigate the attack in Benghazi. Go figure. Holder, I’m sure, will get right on it. Dhimmitude indeed…with a good dose of radical Islam sympathizing.

  20. This is called offense and is how Romney should have responded to media attacks that he “misspoke”.

    Instead Romney is spending all his air time defending himself instead of doubling down.

    I watched the StephanieUpagus interview this am. Defense defense defense.

  21. I think the dhimmmitude comment went over the heads of the usefuld idiots and the lamestream libfag media. But I think inside Dhimmitude USA headquarters (the white house), they understood it loud a & clear.

  22. There’s a little big-mouth boy (yeah I said it) in the WH. Because he’s good at nothing, all he can do is agitate. We also have a group of clueless academics at State led by the large ego of the Ikwan’s tool Rodhead Klingon. Sound foreign policy is not their forte. Brain dead common senseless fecklessness is. And how’s that “clenched fist” baby-shite rhetoric working out for you Obamby? Huh? R2P? Like everything else, these “whiz kids” turn to shite everything that they touch.

  23. We need people like Allen West, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Newt Gingrich and some other brave patriots in the Romney cabinet. The same ole, same ole isn’t going to work anymore. The days of Bush, Rove and RINO’ism are on the decline. I hope Romney realizes that.

  24. Wow look at his arrogance in that first sentence. He is such a filthy liar and deceiver of epic proportions! He hasn’t worked a day in his entire life and has been handed wealth and success just because he is (half) Black! He hides his entire past by spending many millions in lawyer’s fees. For a man that claimed to be the most transparent President in history he sure is a Pathological Liar!

  25. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

    This definition applies to Obama, in his giving aide and comfort to America’s enemies- ie; Terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Hamas, etc..

    Obama’s personal agenda is to make America Domestically and internationally impotent as a superpower.

    Obama’s intention is to internally destroy America’s own energy supply and production, ensuring our dependence on foreign Gas and Oil- ie; forever sending America tax payer money to OPEC, aiding the arab islamic muslim cause of jihad conquest of the western civilized Democratic world by giving these radical islamists- giving billions in US tax payer dollars, as well as US militarily equipment, training, and intelligence to them.

    In the past few weeks, Obama has forgiven Billions of dollars in debt owed by Egypt- now the Muslim brotherhood govt, owed to us, America, so they can borrow billions more to buy a new military build-up to go to war against Israel and us, America.. Obama’s intent, actions, and even words, are not only outrageous and anti-American, they are treasonous.

    While Sec of State Hillary Clinton either hasn’t a clue, or worse, which obviously is the case, she helped to create this current tragic middle east fiasco to come about, because what she has been doing for that past 3 and a half years, has been to side with, make, shape, and ferment US foreign policy as one of pro-arab islamic muslim / anti-Israeli.. ie; Liberal progressive anti-Americanism. On top of which, Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Sec. and personal advisor is Huma Abedin, whose family- ie; mother, father, etc, are directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, has been instrumental in this strategy to change US foreign policy against Israel, towards the arab islamic muslims / radical islamists.

    Both Obama and Hillary should be impeached and tried for treason against the United States of America.

    1. No need to impeach Obama…he is a usurper. Just frog march him off to jail and declare all the laws he signed and his judge appointments null and void because they are null and void.

  26. It’s because we’re operating in fantasy land.‘ – West

    Rep. West is exactly right. He nails it once again, as usual. Hannity also had Sen. McCain on afterwards and he got McCain in quite a snit about the Middle East. McCain was blaming Fox, much like the media was blaming Romney and he got quite snippy at Hannity. He felt these middle east countries were run by moderates and we should continue feeding them the funds that we are presently throwing away.

    Bill O’Reilly also had Minn. Rep. Ellison on his show and they got into a bit of a squabble. I was disappointed in Billo, as I felt after all that, he should have asked Ellison the one important question that we all want to know: “As a sitting Congressman, Rep. Ellison, where exactly do your loyalties lie, with the Middle East or with the United States?” It would have ended the conversation to my liking.

    Both Rep. Ellison and Sen. McCain need to be jettisoned from Congress. LtC. West is the kind of Congressman that we need more of.

    1. Allen West nails it as usual. John McCain is the weak-willed, moderate appeaser who should shut up and hand the reins over to the likes of Allen West who has the courage and fortitude to call ’em as he sees ’em.

      As for BillO-nothing changes, but nothing changes – once a bloviating pinhead, always as bloviating pinhead.

      1. once a bloviating pinhead, always as bloviating pinhead.‘ – l

        I was thinking the same thing while I was watching him, lol. 🙂

    2. Imagine mclame in a snit! And Nuke, I’ve never watched a full O show, but what bits I’ve ever seen of him, I’d never imagine he’d ask a real and great question such as that!

      West and Bachmann are definitly what we need more of… but they’re both up against fierce and incredible financial battles, and I don’t think the GOP cares to send them much reinforcement. I guess it’s up to us huh.

      1. I guess it’s up to us huh‘ – ABiC

        You Betcha. I’m giving ’em every dime I can spare. Soros may have lots of money on his side, but we have right and there ‘ain’t nuthin’ better’. 🙂

        This has been the strangest and toughest election season I have ever seen. But I feel good about it, in spite of the media, the skewed polls, and the far left extremists. The good Lord gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling about this, ’cause Truth is closest to Him and there ain’t nothin’ I like better than Truth. 🙂

    1. Add Gingrich….SOS or on the Presidential ticket. I’m tellin’ ya….people like these 3 are the new conservative. Romney is just a stand in to get obama out of control. If Romney got two terms I would be surprised.

      Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

  27. Well maybe it is time for the LIAR to come out of the closet and tell the World he is a Muslum, Then it is time for Weiner’s wife to explain her role in the Sisterhood. And finally WHY are our front line responders carrying side arms and M/16’s without ammo? Remember that Terry had empty clips as well as our Marines at these Embassy’s. A gun is nothing more than a paper weight without proper 556/M855 in the clips.
    We are witnessing the results of an Affirmative Action Professional Campaigner that can’t talk or think without his Crackberry or Teleprompter.
    Oh my, we as a Nation are being played by the Media and the Progressives!

    1. My dad summed it up perfectly, “All these Arabs (muslims) do is stand in the streets, make fists and shake them over their heads, a yell, ‘ahhhhhh’.”

        1. Yup, because under the shariah-diarriah, women can’t go out of the house without a male relative.

          When those boatloads of muslims were heading to Europe last year when Libya and Egypt went up in smoke, there were no women or girls on board. I read that some of the guys on board admitted they had thrown them overboard because they were trying to lighten the load!

  28. Dear leader is such an a$$ who had and still has no clue about foreign policy except that he knows islam and wants to spread it here.

    Contrast with Allen West whom I LOVE!!!! I sure wish he was our President.

      1. Not me. Clinton sold the Chinese dual use nuclear technology. Thereby moving the Chinese nuclear program 50 years ahead of schedule. Thanks to Comrade Clinton, China now has long ranged, nuclear tipped, ballistic missiles pointed at all our major cities.

      2. I’ll opt for you having a nervous breakdown PVG because Clinton’s dalliences with Monica under the oval office desk is partly why we’re still in this mess. Sigh… I do know what you mean though.

      3. Clinton Crimes RECORD SETTING Scandal Index !

        You might want to re-think your statement about preferring Clinton. Clinton did well because he had a majority Republican House and Senate.

            1. Newt Gingrich was Speaker when Clinton was president and pretty much forced
              Clinton into a more conservative role; then there was the Contract With America
              which I believe was 80-90%+ completed.

              The more liberal republican members of the house, the old republican guard rinos,
              if you will, ousted Gingrich on trumped up charges which even the IRS came out
              later and said were false.

              Look for the truth on the internet.

              These are the types of facts the media has been keeping from us for decades.

  29. Saw this on Hannity tonight. Love that Allen West stood up and spoke. Still wondering where the House leadership is…that’s right they are busy spending money we don’t have and even funding Obamacare. When will they get the fortitude to impeach this president?

  30. Then after Allen West John McCain comes on and says his usual appeasment BS, I paraphased,well we have to wait and look at all the factions to determine if this is a good time to leave or should we wait to see if staying there would give us more influence. Please, someone get John McCain the hell out of there. Let us not forget it was John McCain who said that the rebels in Libya were “freedom fighters” and now we see that those same so called “freedom fighters” were just thugs who raped and killled our diplomat and dragged his body through the streets! John McCain is out-of-touch and I hope that Romney throws him off of the armed services and intelligence committees.

    1. Romney can barely call out Obama and you think that he will do anything about John McCain! Of course, if McCain came out and repented and went full force Conservative, then that would be a horse of a different color.

      1. P, I don’t think Romney is a stupid as he appears. Anyone with a brain can see that McCain is a diaster on foreign policy and should be removed. It is my hope that Romney does it, delicately of course.

        1. I don’t think he is stupid either. Naive, yes! He is also super loyal and he is loyal to the McCain’s of the party more so than not. McCain will not be going anywhere as long as he is in the Senate.

          1. Well he needs to minimize his input because McCain is ot of touch. Moreover, perhaps that is the reason McCain was in such support of Romney so that McCain is not exposed for the incompetent diaster that he is.

  31. I don’t expect obama to do anything as a show of strength in any Middle Eastern country, he’s too connected emtionally/religiously to those countries to take any military action against them. He was suppose to make those countries less hostile to the US, instead they clearly see that he’s one of them and they are taking advantage of that and attacking our embassies and killing our citizens. They correctly figure they’re going to get a free pass from their brother in OUR White House. Lord, please let Romney win big in November, or this Republic will be lost forever.

    1. We have to concentrate and put all our energy on having Romney win, not on Obama losing, ………
      (THE SECRET)

  32. Obama has responsed as he always has by blaming everybody and everything for thr negative fallout resulting from his total incompetence. The bragging of being personally responsible for the assassination of Bin Laden and responsible for the drone attacks that have killed al quida leaders have been expressly stated by the terrorist leaders. He will try to deflect what he cannot deny to sane people, but the swill will be guzzled eagerly by the brainwashed liberal lemmings that worship his weak leadership.

      1. That’s good, because there isn’t one reference to the Federal Reserve and the continued destruction of our currency on the entire Right Scoop page.

        Libya, Egypt, Iran, Islam…none of those are going to destroy us. We are destroying ourselves from within. It can’t go on forever.

          1. Ok, ya got me. I missed that the Palin thread was about QE3. And I’m glad to see it. Unfortunately, what the Fed did and has been doing for decades often takes a backseat to other political issues. Not that social issues and foreign policy matters are not important, because they are, but without a sound dollar we will literally cease to exist as a sovereign nation. Please post more threads about the destruction by fiscal toilet paper that is upon this once great country.

        1. That’s why some of us are fasting, praying, donating, and volunteering to elect a conservative fixer who understands our Capitalist economy – while we still have one! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the Romneys and the Netanyahus have been good friends for nearly 40 years. We’re to have this man to vote for!

      1. You are not alone, it is difficult to sleep when the enemy of freedom and the American people lives in the white house.

        I think we need to pray for obama. We need to ask the G-d of the bible to open obama’s eyes and heart to the truth about G-d and his son. If obama would be spiritually saved, then he would physically save, America.

      2. There will come a day, and I hope it’s soon, when the last Muslim breathing air in this country will have his last night of peaceful rest.

      1. Have you drive Hiway 99 through the CA Central Valley lately? Its like a waste land. For my money, Sen Boxer is aiding the Obama agenda using her smelt. If they drive everyone out, farmers and laborers. the Fed can acquire the richest farmland in the world and begin to control the population using food.

        It’s crinal what California Commies like Boxer have done. She’s a criminal and a traitor

      2. And stopped a HUGE highway project in San Antonio at a very busy, bottleneck of an interchange because of a blind spider that hasn’t been seen in decades, but was uncovered while crews were digging. Now the project is on hold.

        1. Wood..Last year I went toa a small gun store and told the guy I wanted to buy a gun and he asked me, “Is this purchased intended for home defense or homeLAND defense.

          I bought a tactical 9mm. Wish I’d bought the 7.62 instead.

          Honestly if you weren’t raised around guns or used them in the military, the best place to start is at a local gun range. Somebody there will be able and willing to help you. There are way too many guns around and you should find the one that you can learn, care for and use effectively. Your age, size, weight and physical strength are critical in selecting a firearm.

          1. WordsFailMe, that is how I got started. An 82-year-old Navy veteran friend of mine runs a gun training course at our local range. He told me before purchasing a gun to take his course. My wife and I were then able to determine which guns were right for us and the proper care to use, as well as the right way to store them safely. When our boys each turn 12, they will be taking the same course. Thank you for sharing this very valuable information!

            1. That is such a good idea. I’ve know woman who wanted a gun but never learned how to use it. More importantly, the instructor will talk about when to use it.

              If the moment of horror arrives and all the right buttons are pushed and you have the gun in your hand will you use it? These life and death issues happen in seconds. If you hesitate, well you know.

              Once a week or so, I go over with my wife what to do if I open the dorr and someone charges in. I tell her, aim high. If something happens I will pull the first intruder down leaving space for her to fire the shot gun through the open door.

              Then she always says:” Yeah yeah yeah I know, I know. After I shoot someone, then I fire a warning shot through the ceiling.”

        2. when you have been playing with guns for a few years and have a collection where yo can point out the pros and cons of each variety, you can then be concerned with ‘which is better’. If, on the other hand, you are new and can’t wade through all the choices and are afraid of making a mistake, then let me make it much simpler for you. I would recommend a S&W or Ruger in .357 with a medium frame (STEEL, not light weight) and a 3 or 4″ barrel. Because there’s going to come a stampede of people telling you to get an auto instead, go ahead and consider a Glock 19 if you can find one to play with and get comfortable with it. But I’d still choose the revolver as your first gun, if it’s going to have to be your only gun for a while. Put .38 Specials in it to learn and practice. Dry fire the crap out of it. Shoot DOUBLE ACTION at all times, this means you do NOT cock the hammer first, but pull the trigger all the long way to do both the cocking AND firing.

          This is your best choice if you can’t take the time to learn to decide for yourself. This will always be a treasured part of your collection, even after you get “smart” enough to handle automatics safely and well.

          You really should have a .22 to practice with also, but if you can only have one, it needs to be something you can defend yourself with. A .22 is better than screaming for help, but you can’t count on it to stop the threat NOW, and that’s the only reason to have a gun.

          Learn your own local laws, but I believe you’ll find that if you are legally able to own, then you do NOT need a concealed carry permit to carry in your own home, or on private property with the owner’s permission. This makes getting used to carry a lot easier before you go out in public after your permit arrives.

          1. I learned on a .357 magnum and primarily used 38 plus P ammo. I learned from a former Marine sniper/primary sniper on the SWAT team in a city of about 100K. I have since graduated to semi auto and prefer it over revolver because it’s DA/SA – I have very small hands and the trigger pull is much easier for me.

            Some states, including mine, consider your vehicle an extension of your domicile and it’s legal to carry in the car.

      1. Looks like a plan JS. I have some hunting rifles, a tac 9mm and some hand guns. Today I’m shopping for semi-auto 7.62’s. Yugo and China mfr appear price effective, looking for a pre-AK military model. Ammo is easily available in 880 pc tins.

        1. From what I hear, the ones out of China are crap. Dad’s bought several from Yugo and other former Soviet Bloc countries, for about the same price. He’s got a C &R license and has gotten some really good deals.

    1. BINGO! This is the most important subject in this election cycle hands down! News of QE3 sure made the stock market jump but borrowing and printing more money today will ensure our collapse happens sooner rather than later. If Obama gets re-elected this republic will become a socialist nation and freedom as we know it will be lost.

      1. It sure is. Debasement of the dollar will be the death of this country. It goes beyond Obama….this has been building for many decades over many administrations and congresses. Our monetary system is fatally flawed, and facilitates corruption of epic proportions. It is designed to transfer wealth (and control) from the bottom to the top, and it is steadily doing just that.

        The general public seems to be either oblivious or in denial. Just as in 2008, and 2004, and 2000 before that, we are made to choose between two candidates for POTUS who support and are supported by the bankster elites who run the show. We have a currency based on debt, and they have a government granted monopoly on the expansion of that debt. If it does not expand in perpetuity, it will collapse. We are rapidly approaching that point.

        Look at Andrew Jackson on a twenty dollar Federal Reserve Note today. He’s pissed.

        1. Does everyone realize that the Federal Reserve Corp is a privately held corporation? There is NOTHING FEDERAL about it! It’s a PRIVATE corporation.

          My understanding is that the Federal Government has the responsibility of ‘monatary policy’ and part of that is the responsibility of ‘coining money’. Why do they ‘farm out’ our money supply to a private corporation, which not only loans it back to us at interest, but also DICTATES MONATARY POLICY to the United States?

          This has ALWAYS LOOKED pretty bad to me! Read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island”….it tells HOW AND WHO started the Federal Reserve. And it was all behind closed doors, in secret, using code names for those who attended. You can also google and get lots of info.

    2. There are those in the financial arena that have been predicting exactly that for some time now. One of the most well-known is Jim Rogers. He owns no stocks. All of his wealth at this point is in physical assets.

      Glenn Beck is another one.

    3. Yes, QU3 is now in effect and of course the obama executive orders and communist legislation makes us all slaves of the the UN aka One World Order government, religion and economic system.

      We must learn for the lesson of 9/11, that is, only G-d can save us.

      Individually and as a nation.
      Turn back to him or go to him, repent, and follow him.

      G-d’s curse on America because of obama.

      Prophecy Sign: Obadiah 1:15 “For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.”


      “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).

      “I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land” (Joel 3:2).

      “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it” (Zechariah 12:3).

      President Barack Obama turned his back on Israel in their struggle to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. On September 11 I posted information on God’s curse because of what President Obama is doing to Israel. In the Sept. 11 report I showed you the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, asked to meet with with Obama and Obama refused the request. That was Monday. By Tuesday after noon the embassy in Egypt was under attack. By Wednesday morning 4 Americans including the US Ambassador Chris Stevens lay dead in the streets in Libya. Obadiah lays out a definite spiritual principal that when nations come against Israel they will be judged. What you are seeing right now playing out in the headlines is the beginning of God’s judgment on America. In my book under the chapter God’s curse I show you what happens when you go against Israel. The curse pattern continues.


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      Headline: Embassies in 7 countries warn of possible attacks

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