Allen West won’t let CNN anchor take him down the “rabbit hole” of gay marriage

Allen West has mastered being a gentleman while being tough. And in this clip, he refuses to go very far down the road of gay marriage, accusing the CNN anchor of trying to take him down a “rabbit hole”. After he persists in bringing up the real issues that Americans care about while she’s trying to get a statement on gay marriage, she finally moves on:

(via Mediaite)

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93 thoughts on “Allen West won’t let CNN anchor take him down the “rabbit hole” of gay marriage

  1. that is some big brother liberalism right there. with that logic, you might as well jail all blacks under 35 years of age. fyi, government doesn’t have the right to jail people for their personal safety. GZ simply needs to rearm himself.

  2. I don’t like Romney and feel like we’re being McCained all over again by the Establishment, but if West is on the ticket with ORomney then I’ll be more enthusiastic about voting for the Establishment’s patrician, liberal robotic candidate.

    1. I think what you say here represents the only real hope we all have going forward. Sad but true. It will be interesting to see if the MSM tries to destroy an amazing, principled man who happens to be Black as much as they tried to destroy an amazing, principled conservative who happened to be a woman.

    2. I can’t stand Romney any more than I could stand McCain. I voted for Palin and would vote for West if he was on the ticket. Unless we have a truly viable candidate we’ll have 4 more yrs of o’crap and there will be nothing left of the country as we know it in 2016.

  3. People like the honorable Representative from Florida Allen West and Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona give me Hope that all is not lost in this world we share today. Keep the Faith America and in the words of Roy Rogers; “May the Good Lord take a likin` to ya !” Happy Easter………

  4. Take a look at black conservatives like Allen West and Mia Love and then compare them black liberal politicians like Sheila Jackson Lee, Hank Johnson, and Maxine Waters….WTF???

  5. I have been a mega-fan of Allen West and as I see here, many people see him as a true conservative. However, I am extremely dismayed at his support of keeping “children” on parents healthcare until the age of 26, and the idea of making insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions. Due to those two provisions, the health care cost to my employer has climbed from $170 a month to $370 a month in the last 3 or so years. My employer originally said they would cover up to $200. They have graciously continued to pay the cost, however our deductible rose to $1,000, two years ago, and then rose last year to $2,000 just to try and keep the payments down!

    Those two provisions are not in line with conservative ideals IMHO.

    1. Your insurance companies are trying to use the ploy of raising premiums to force the removal of those two items. Their costs are not going up. Keeping “kids on parents insurance, while at school” is an option, not a requirement, and how many kids of college age actually USE that insurance? That is free money for the insurance companies. If the kid is in college, they have enough to worry about besides having to get and pay for insurance. If they are working, it is a moot point.
      There should not be a question about covering pre-existing conditions. It should be done, period. Life insurance, that is another story, but for healthcare, not allowed to exclude. Simple reason is, for example, you get sick because of hazards at job A, recover completely but later change jobs, which has a different insurance carrier. Your illness was “job related” and probably covered by Workers comp at the time, but you have a relapse, and it is not “job related”, your new carrier would be allowed to say nope to coverage, leaving you with hundreds of thousand of dollars in medical bills. And until you are homeless or old enough for Medicare, the insurance company is signing your death warrant. Is this what you mean by “it is not in line with conservative ideals?”

      1. Telling a health insurance company that they must cover pre-existing conditions is no different than telling a car insurance company they must cover pre-crashed cars.

        In both situations, people have no reason to ever purchase insurance prior to an illness or accident. If people realize that they cannot be turned down for pre-existing conditions, why wouldn’t they just choose to not buy insurance until they get sick or injured and now need it? Then they can go sign up for insurance and say “You have to cover this illness”. You have now effectively completely minimized income to the insurance company and maximized expenditures. Yhey will be taking in absolutely no money and spending but loads on illness and injuries. This will put them all out of business and then the only safety net will be the loving and benevolent US government. Which is the reason this idea exists in Obamacare. Hello single payer healthcare. So no, that is not, IMO in line with conservative ideals.

        If that is not clear enough, please go back to the car insurance analogy. If car insurance companies were required to pay for cars that were already in need of repair, why would anyone waste money paying for insurance prior to needing their car fixed? Car insurance companies would have absolutely no income due to people not buying it and they would have maximum expenditures on fixing broken cars. They would have no other possibility than going out of business. Again, not very conservative. Or smart.

        I realize it is not warm and fuzzy to say pre-existing conditions cannot be covered but the only other option is the destruction of the insurance industry and the rise of single payer healthcare.

        As for keeping “children” on parents insurance until 26. You seriously see this as a conservative idea? Here you are now greatly decreasing the number of possible customers for insurance companies. Not to mention that generally speaking, kids cease to be children when they become 18 years of age, should move out and support themselves. This should include getting a job and purchasing their own insurance. If they choose to go to college, they can still figure out how to get healthcare coverage.

        Passing health insurance portability laws and allowing interstate competition between insurance companies would go a long way toward fixing the problems currently in the system.

        Absolutely not one single line or paragraph of Obamacare can be allowed to survive and the people who think it can, like Mr. West, have not thought beyond the warm and fuzzy parts.

        1. As long as we continue down the road with the expectation that we can pay a third party to look out for our best interest, we are imposing a form of Self Socialism on ourselves.

          Health Insurance has become a Health LOTO Ticket, or Get out of the Doctors Office FREE Card. The reason it has is because we have gone from paying our way to expecting someone else to pay our way, even conservatives.

          If Health Insurance was still money pooled to offset catastrophic illnesses, and not used to pay for or a portion of every doctor’s office visit. We might be paying 50-75 dollars for an office visit, but I don’t think people would pay the 50-75 like we do as a copay, then have an additional percentage tacked on for every Q-Tip, Tongue depressor and band-aid etc used. I think we would shop for healthcare like we do for food and clothing, some wouldn’t care and wouldn’t have to but most would make and expect the most for their hard earned money.

          I am starting a INCOME TAX INSURANCE Company, for a mere 44.5 to 86.2% of your income, you want have to pay or even worry about federal income taxes again, I will take care of that awful burden.

          1. I apparently have had it good where I live. Co-pays are usually between $5 and $20. When I didn’t have insurance, a visit rarely was over $50.

      2. I am all for Government Motors providing a 26 year WARRANTY on their vehicles too.

  6. Once again, it would take a VP candidate to make the Presidential “nominee” palatable.

  7. He is amazing. During this interview he was calm, gave facts to support his positions and beliefs. Congressman West also explained why certain issues should take priority and why Obama’s laws have got to go. He is the best!!!!!

  8. Really, I don’t think he’d be a good vice president. Mitt Romney is not a Conservative, and a hard-core RINO that has a lot of anti-American ideals, and I really can’t see West liking him, very much. Ron Paul is a doddering, simpering, white supremacist and a lunatic; nuff said. Gingrich? A RINO, himself, for the most part. He justifies voting for scum like “Dede” Scuzzyfu**er, and others like her, just because she has an “R” behind her name. That’s how the detestable Murkowski has remained in power; because of people like him. He’s also a global warming nut [a trait he shares with Slick Willard], seemingly having no grasp of the simplest sciences, all the while trying to portray himself as the second coming of Cicero. Then you have Santorum. Wimpy. Forgettable. Runs hot and cold, and its usually cold. This is the worst election, ever, even making the McLame/Obama election look great.

    No, West should be in a higher position, than second fiddle to these people that would have a hard time keeping up, if they were second fiddle, themselves. It would be a waste of West’s talents.

    WEST/NORTH, 2k12.

      1. Dude, I wouldn’t take Rice to a dump to shoot rats, much less let her back in the Truman Building. I want RINOs run out of DC, not given cushy, 6 and 7 figure jobs there. If I put out a call for a Secretary of State, that would be a call going directly to the John “the Mustache” Bolton. Department of Energy? Nope. Get rid of that. If you want Palin, I say make her something that’s actually useful and Constitutional, like White House Chief of Staff, or even Deputy Secretary of State. LTC Ralph Peters, Secretary of Defense; Paul Ryan, Secretary of Treasury; Herman Cain, Chief of the Federal Reserve (with his first order being a top to bottom audit and achieving total transparency, within 6 months, or else); Mark Levin, Attorney General; Joe Arpio, Secretary of Homeland Security; Fred Thompson, White House Legal Council; Michelle Malkin or Alfonzo Rachel, White House Press Secretary; John McCain, Court Jester.

  9. Beatch-slap. I can handle a Romney-West ticket. I’m still pulling for someone else. but Col West needs to step up a little higher. He’s made of sterner stuff. If the only way to get him to climb the ladder a little higher is by convincing him to take the VP slot, then drive on…ooh-rah.

  10. WOW that was TASTY 🙂 only against a back drop of courage and reason do we see the DEMONIC GOADING BAITING MINDSET OF THE MEDIA,, as she slung her MUD, RACE, SEX, DIVISION, he stood his ground and did not abandon his convictions to appease her ,, this is how we slap them back into reality, either they will stop being the BIAS MEDIA, or everytime they put a mic in the face of a real strong person…. this was refreshing , all those who come before the mic must do the same….

  11. I think he should be in jail for his own safety, but to involve the US Dept. of Justice would be wrong. I don’t trust that Idiot Eric Holder, you know, the guy that says civil rights are not for white folks and sponsors and backs the New Black Panther Party. Like, I really want that bunch in my corner.

    1. I meant this as a response to some one saying that Zimmerman should be in Jail and that the US Dept. of Justice should get involved.

  12. Allen West and Newt Gingrich are the ONLY politicians that know how to turn around the MSM gotcha questions with grace and class but using anger and indignation when appropriate. Too bad Santorum missed that lesson in Newts training classes.

  13. Wow, that’s how you handle it. Imagine if every Republican basically told the journalists carrying water for the Democrats to go kiss off when they try to devote half of the interview to social issues that are irrelevant to the overall national debate. Nothing wrong with talking about gay marriage at a townhall or on a 30-60 minute long sitdown, but when you’ve got Allen West on live TV, a man you acknoweldge could very well be on the shortlist for VP, and you insist of devoting almost the entire segment to that along with Trayvon Martin, they need to be called out.

  14. Great point! I knew a Sergent in the Army that was a few years older than me but vastly more experienced. We had a trouble in our squad with one of the guys constantly screwing up and I got tasked with riding herd on him by this Sergent. While tasking me with this, he delivered one of the most brutal verbal beat-downs on this kid that I have ever seen, without once raising his voice above the conversational level or resorting to even mild personal insults or profanity.

    I approached him later and asked him for some advice, because I was never really good at dealing with belligerence calmly or effectively, with all honesty. I wanted to know how he stayed so calm, yet sounded so intimidating.

    What he told me boiled down to: You are right, they are wrong. Facts and authority are on your side. Act like it.

    This is the reason so many people responded to Gingrich dressing down these people publicly and correctly.

  15. I like Allen West but I disagree with his statement that it’s not an important issue. Economy and gas prices wont matter if America continues in its moral decline.

    1. Also, I disagree with his opinion that it is a states’ right issue. Marriage was authored by God and God will not honor a nation that winks at states’ falsely redefining what He is the Author of.

    2. Yes, I’m uncomfortable with the line about how “it’s the economy that matters”, not issues like abortion. As if it’s a luxury to be concerned about abortion, and we’re not “there yet” because the economy is bad, and economic soundness is at the bottom of our Maslow’s pyramid of basic needs.

      The holocaust of children that our “civilized society” permits is far more pressing than whether our standard of living is up or down. When we don’t value human life, why should we blessed with prosperity?

      These social issues are “embarrassing” to some republicans.

      I’m embarrassed of those republicans.

    3. No, they’re not important like gas prices, the economy and the Constitution. If gays are allowed to marry in your state, I’ll bet it won’t lower the cost of gas, food or anything else; nor will it create jobs or being the government in line with the Constitution.

      1. I disagree your only looking at things from a natural perspective but not from a spiritual perspective. You may think of those things as not important but trying to improve the econemy, lower gas prices, and create jobs will be in vain if a nation is in moral decay. Rome was a good example of this. You may disagree but just keep watching, things will get worse instead of better.

        1. You cry “moral decay” but I don’t see the divorce rate, adultery, pre-marital sex, children born out of wedlock among heterosexuals declining.

          West is correct in his position that gay marriage is not an election year issue. It is a detraction being used by liberal politicians and the liberal media to hide issues that affect ALL people, e.g. Economy, illegal immigration, job loss. PLUS, Marriage contracts are issued by each individual state, and it is each individual state that recognizes whether a license issued in another state is valid. That is a constitutional guarantee of states power and not granted to the federal government.

          If God intended to strike a blow to the world, he would do it more because of all the hate being done in his and his ambassador’s names. (all religions inclusive)
          It will not be because gay people are allowed to get married. Comments like these do show how much hate there is in this country. Remember these commands? “judge not”, and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. If any here are so moral they can cast that first stone, I hope you can stand before the final judge and be found so pure.

          1. You don’t think just in the past 70 years there hasn’t been moral decay? 70 years ago kids weren’t bringing guns to school killing each other. divorce, teen pregnancy, homicides were nothing like they are now. You could leave your doors unlocked with no worries. So what happened between then and now? We’ve taken God out of schools, we’ve made sin socially acceptable. Morals do matter my friend. take a read on how nations die

            And its not about hate, I don’t hate anyone. Nor is it about being judgmental, only God can judge. I’m just iterating what the Bible says about it. So If you disagree with that you’ll have to take it up with God.

  16. Darn!! That was an excellent interview. A lot in the Republican party need to take notes.

  17. That was simply THE BEST Republican I have ever seen deal with hostile and irrelevant questions. I’m not exaggerating one bit. That struck me as sounding like Reagen refusing to “take advantage of his opponent’s relative youth and inexperience”. I hope I don’t sound like an idiot.

    West turned her questions against her perfectly. “There are Millions of gay people in this country and….”

    “Those millions of gay people should be worried that 62 percent of the money we spend at the federal level is mandatory and we borrow 40 percent of the annual budget. “

  18. Rabbit “hole”? Disgusting.

    In all seriousness, West is one of our few models of manhood left.

  19. boy THAT is the kind of leader this country needs!!!.. he made her look look like a hack but did it ver respectfully .. VP or Sec-Def is in his future

  20. If Romney wins Allen West as VP might be the only thing that can save the ticket.

    They are asking about things that are non-issues in order to divert the topic away from Obama’s failures. Trayvon Martin has only become a national issue because of the irrational media using it to advance their cause with their racial agenda and dividing the American people. The Trayvon Martin case is not a federal government issue or something I would want our politicians focusing on. This is a police and criminal court matter.

    1. Trayvon Martin may only be the catalyst for the anti-gun lobby to push for disarming the public. DOJ has already ordered from ammo makers a popular caliber ammo to the extent there will be a shortage to citizens. (5.56 cal I believe, among others)

      1. Oddly, I haven’t heard libs pushing for gun control as a result of this. I haven’t been watching a lot of t.v. so they very well might be. What I’ve seen is them making this a racial issue…another black victim that’s so much more special than the hundereds of other murder victims killed by blacks. We don’t even know if he’s a victim yet. If he is the one that attacked and wasn’t provoked that’s the chance he took. I don’t care about violent thugs that assault someone when there’s not enough reason to so. In any case, the media doesn’t care about facts. They don’t even care about Trayvon. They only see him as a black man that gave them the opportunity to stir up racial divide to help the libs in November.

  21. First thought – Allen West is one for the ages. He, if anything should be the VP candidate.

    Second thought – That reporter was so condescending and almost had me pulling out the ol’ barf bucket, but the Honorable Allen West showed such class in his answer. The answers were spot on and the dim bulb of a reporter wants to put a feather in her cap as the one who tripped up the Congressman with an answer that would cause a sensation.

    Lord knows I have come to despise news people with a passion, but I guess the old saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is valid, but the after taste in my mouth from throwing up does not sit well with me.

    I just keep telling myself, “remember November” then it will all change. Of course, that doesn’t get rid of those horrendous news people who consider themselves objective. I got to think that Breitbart set the example and dove head first into the whirlpool just to show them nasty bastards that he could swim with the sharks. In a small way we try to do the same so the truth will hopefully see the light of day.

    1. I just pray that the current administration doesn’t feel so threatened that the puppet masters create a race-riot situation where O can justify 1.) declaring marshal law, 2.) because marshall law is declared, suspending the constitution 3.) since the constitution is suspended, congress and the supreme court are disbanded and the UN will handle all matters of justice, “during the course of marshall law 4.) Elections will not be held in November.
      I just wonder what O will declare his “burning of the Reichstag” will be.

      1. You Sir are absolutely correct. What will be his “burning of the Reichstag”? Pray tell that our suspicion’s are nothing but delusional babble, then again I am sure others thought the same thing back then as well and did not voice their concerns.

  22. There aren’t many people in the world of politics that I like as much as I do Allen West. I wish I could buy this man a PBR!

  23. I would pay big bucks to watch West debate the whiner-in=chief on any issue from foreign to domestic. something our primary candidates may find themselves in an orbit when libs & LMSM will and often spin on them.Newt and West are some of the best defensive basemen we have as conservative. love the ” ya ya ya yya ” melody !
    Newt / West 2012

  24. I say…f – all of the talking heads, the establishment all of em…..F- Romney,
    lets have a brokered convention and lets put ALLEN WEST up against the Chiocago Thug!!!!
    These are some desperate times for this nation,
    desperate times call for desperate measures…

    WEST 2012

  25. yea, i agree. good job avoiding this rabbit hole. last month, it was ridiculously contraception.

    however, i think the Trayvon business at the end of the interview was more interesting. all the evidence in this case points to an attack by Trayvon on Zimmerman so i do not understand why Rep. West thinks he should be locked up, the Sanford police chief should be removed, and the US Department of Justice should be involved. that is some ridiculous judgement in my humble opinion.

    1. Maybe kept in jail for his own safety. And I would never trust the US Dept. of Justice. With that idiot Eric Holder in charge, who says that Civil Right don’t cover white folks and sponsors the New Black Panther Party, I say keep it in the State of Florida.

    2. “…all the evidence in this case points to an attack by Trayvon on Zimmerman so i do not understand why Rep. West thinks he should be locked up,…”

      consider, when a police officer discharges his/her weapon, they turn in their gun and are put on administrative leave until a FULL investigation is complete.
      Innocent or guilty, Zimmerman is a private citizen. He discharged his weapon which caused another’s death. That is at the very least, negligent homicide. GZ should have been arrested, (he was already detained), and an investigation done. During that investigation, he should have had his license AND weapon suspended/impounded.
      However, since the DA did not wish to press charges, the police had to let him go, and since there was no arrest/investigation, his license and weapon were returned.
      It was the DA, not the police, or the police chief, that fell down here.

      Romney/West, Yes. I think West would be a fantastic buffer for any abrupt changing of mind, Romney might be tempted to do.

      1. poor poor logic here as well, while simultaneously exhibiting naivety about the consequences of a fight. from all of the details that i have seen, GZ fought TM for some time while suffering a broken nose and split head. that is a potentially deadly scenario. if GZ was knocked out or suffered a intracranial hemorrhage, he may have been the one to die. GZ killed him and this appears to be justifiable homicide, ie self-defense.

    1. Made my day better too Steven….another ray of Hope for this 61 yr old who prays our grandchildren will share the freedoms our founding fathers established. Happy Easter everyone and may God Bless our Troops and America…we need it ! ! ! !

      1. I like them because they don’t appear to be hipocrits. For example, Marco Rubio protested against Obama care when we know that Obama care was the blueprint for Romney care so how can Rubio then endorse Romney? Hipocrit! Well Allen West was at the Supreme Court protesting against Obama care also and so was Rick Santorum and I beleive they have like minds which would make a good match. I keep hearing that Rick Santorum has said he would be a VP candidate for Romney. Now that would be a huge pill to swallow, but perhaps it could work.

    1. My understanding is that it’s because they think Obama can stomp him in the general election….which could be true. My view is that it’s because it’s someone they feel will not take away the gains forced on us by the left (if he should be lucky enough to win). This has been the big problem. The left takes major strides towards socialism and the right doesn’t reverse it when they take over power. …in my opinion.

      1. Spot on, kong1967. I’d say the reason the so-called right doesn’t reverse it when Republicans hold the reins of power is that by and large there are few among them who are actually on the right; most of them are progressives and believe in power sharing when it’s their turn at bat more than they believe in anything else. Call me cynical, perhaps, but if the Republican Party were a majority conservative party we could not have descended so far into the abyss of what is fast becoming a Marxist nation. We need people in office to OPPOSE socialism in all its guises, not people out to enrich themselves at our expense, and who frankly don’t care about the nation as long as they can exploit its people.

        1. Touching on a deeper, systematic problem…the voters have learned to vote their way into the treasury. People that want to serve our country and do the right thing are put in an awful position. If they do the right thing they get booted out. Somehow there needs to be something put in place to prevent politicians from selling out the country to get votes. Republicans have become liberal-lite because if they try to reverse the trend it puts liberals right back in control. Society is doing it to itself. People rebuke corrective measures to put us on the right track. Politicians are just a result of our own demands.

          1. Yes, and it doesn’t help at all that liberalism has swept through the colleges, churning out little socialists who now lead the boardrooms and editorial desks around the country, the latter of whom are purveyors of propaganda — they crucify a Nixon and lie for an Obama and his ilk.

            But I like Allen West; he’s a cool customer, that’s for sure, and unafraid. I’m keeping a close eye on him.

            1. Allen West has replaced Sarah Palin as my favorite politician. He is so good at explaining conservatism without politicizing it. West/Palin for a Presidential ticket…or the other way around, lol.

            2. as parents, are not also responsible for how our children are raised? values are developed at home. i too was sent to public schools and went to a liberal college. during that time my head would hurt, trying to sort out what truely mattered. did i submit? occasionaly. i voted for Carter, i am sorry to say. but a little voice always found a way to be heard. i consider myself to have had a foundation built by my family that i have attempted to keep with my children, and grandchildren

          2. The overall problem you are touching on is people are giving their vote up for benefits. If this is true to the majority, the country will implode. Many people are very short sighted. Give me mine, now. Problem with this is it destroys the future. so the young idiots wanting theirs now, will definitely get theirs when they are older as there will be nothing left to give but the boot on their throat.

            1. It’s almost like the Commercial where all those people are yelling out their windows of homes, cars, etc saying: “I Want it NOW”….So many are being ‘underhanded about what they HAVE & what they NEED/ or WANT! It’s all about GREED. People buying raffle tickets when their children have NO FOOD or MILK…& yet they want FREE FOOD.I’ve seen it in People I KNOW personally…..They are more interested in SELF as opposed to sharing….I could go on & on….but I do remember when FDR was President,,,,and we had to have “Victory Gardens, food coupos to get a pound of butter, a pice of meat….and someone? is trying to cram Socialism down our throats…..& some WANT it NOW!!!

            2. Agreed. This is what we get from a generation of kids that have been forced to sit in classes being spoon fed liberalism. Conservative kids in college are afraid to speak their mind because they don’t want to fail. We need to change the composition of teachers and what they are allowed to discuss in class….and how.

              My government teacher in high school was great. He’s a conservative but you would never know it in class (and I didn’t find out until after I graduated). He taught us how the process worked but he would not give any opinions of the different parties. He wanted us to learn about them, but as for what we believed they stood for was for us to decide. Cool guy.

              I also had a liberal English teacher that smoked weed with the students. No joke.

      2. “My view is that it’s because it’s someone they feel will not take away the gains forced on us by the left”

        That makes perfect sense. Marxists always recognize a fellow traveler. Free citizens are easily fooled.

        1. I’m not giving up hope on a brokered convention yet, but I can’t help but see that we are more than likely stuck with Romney. Hopefully he picks someone like West as VP to make the ticket more conservative, and we will have to hold his feet to the fire big time. I am happy to say that he’s not Obama, but he still needs some kicking around to hold the conservative line.

      3. Well, remember: let’s not forget that Slick Willard [Little Lord Fauntleroy] is “the man that lost to, the man that lost to Obama”. Some people are just stupid, I guess. The only prayer Little Lord Fauntleroy stands is the “not Obama” vote. He can’t debate worth a bag of room temperature horse crap, his ideas are horse crap, his social, political and economic records are horse crap, and HE’s horse crap. The GOP should be ashamed of themselves for foisting this piece of crap on the nation, and its more reason why at the end of this year, I make the decision as to whether I stay in the GOP, or not.

        1. I can’t say I disagree. They did give us a hunk of crap. However, the voters didn’t have to vote for him. We had other choices and so-called conservatives are supporting liberal-lite. I’m more angry at them than Romney. Romney is who he is. The voters could easily have voted for a more conservative candidate.

    2. Some people think it’s because they are thinking that Obama would beat him later in the general, on which point I agree with kong. I can’t deny the possibility, especially if the economy recovers enough by that point and gas prices drop.

      More likely, I think Democrats think it would be easier to push Romney around while he’s in office should they retain the Senate and take the House. They probably wouldn’t be wrong.

  26. I think not making this man Sec-Def would be wasting his traits of honesty, military knowledge, and always going straight to the heart of a matter. But if he ends up on a ticket as VP I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

    1. I have been advocating for Allen West for VP. The Left will try to use his discharge from the military after 20+ years as a negative. West got the info needed from the terrorist and he did not harm anyone. He got his troops away from any involvement and like a true leader and real man, took the burden on himself. What he did would not raise an eyebrow in WW II. A man that leads men into battle is more impressive than one that leads them into a board room for many. West would be a great role model for our troubled youth instead of Obama who hangs out with radicals, Communists and bragged about smoking dope and doing crack in his books.

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