Almost 70,000 illegal immigrants with CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS released back into the US last year

Senator Rubio, please read this from The Hill:

An internal Department of Homeland Security document compiling statistics on  arrests and deportations in 2013 showed that ICE agents encountered 193,357  illegal immigrants with criminal convictions but issued charging documents for  only 125,478. More than 67,800 were released.

The data came from an end-of-year “Weekly Departures and Detention  Report.”

The Center for Immigration Studies, a research group that favors stricter  enforcement of immigration laws, estimates ICE agents released more than a third  of illegal immigrants with criminal records they detained.

“ICE  released 68,000 criminal aliens in 2013, or 35 percent of the criminal aliens  encountered by officers. The vast majority of these releases occurred because of  the Obama administration’s prosecutorial discretion policies,” Jessica Vaughn,  director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, wrote in a  memo summarizing the DHS document.

ICE classifies illegal immigrants as criminal if they have been convicted of  a crime, not including traffic offense, Vaughn noted…

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that ICE officials moved to deport 28  percent fewer illegal immigrants from the interior of the country in 2013 than  in 2012 [interior means those arrested deep inside the United States; instead of at the Border].

So basically, President Obama is letting as many illegals stay in the US so that they will get citizenship once the GOP caves on this issue. If the GOP cares for their own survival as a party and America as a country, they need to push for enforcement, enforcement, enforcement at the border, BEFORE any other talk about immigration reform!

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