Alyssa Milano calls for pro-abortion SEX STRIKE and the internet laughs uncontrollably!

Every now and then liberals get this idea in their head that they think is very very clever – a boycott of sex with men until they get what they want, which is more dead babies.

And every single idiot who puts this out there thinks they’re the first moron to ever conceive of it.

Today’s idiot is Alyssa Milano:

Of course, this is totally fine with the vast majority of conservative males as they generally try to avoid having sex with the rabid, disease-ridden and schizophrenic nuts at the liberal end of the dating pool. And honestly, most of these nutcases already avoid conservatives anyway, right?

Still, it was great fodder for online jokes:

Then there’s idiots like these with their bizarre sex fantasies:

Sure buddy, you keep believing your gross degenerate delusion.

I, for one welcome our abstinence overlords. Most smart guys marry conservative chicks anyway…

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