AMAZING CLIP: Mostly White BLM ‘protesters’ blocking highway get CHEWED OUT by Black man trying to Work and FEED his FAMILY

As a group of mostly white kids with nothing better to do but try to prove how virtuous they are attempted to block a highway in Austin AGAIN, proving what point we’re not even sure, one driver got fed up and read them out. And it was caught on camera.

It is a gratifying clip if you’ve been annoyed and angry. Because if you aren’t black, then saying “get out of the way I have to feed my kids” will get you drummed out of existence as a racist. But how are they going to make that smear stick here?

It’s not just gratifying, however, it’s also IMPORTANT as we see that this mans LIVED EXPERIENCE is that he is being oppressed right now, prevented from earning income and living a decent life, not by the forces of the evil police or the evil Republicans, but by these Mostly White but not mostly peaceful agitators who have been coming out night after night for weeks for purposes that aren’t even clear to THEM anymore.

Anyway, watch this.

That is awesome. Naturally, it made zero impact on these juveniles who know nothing beyond their desire to be seen acting out.

And the insanity continues.

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