Amazing story of Jesus and a man imprisoned in Iran

CBN interviewed a man who went on a two week visit to Iran and on his way out of the country, he was imprisoned by Iranian officials for nine weeks. He was beaten many of the days he was in prison and it broke him to the point of wanting to commit suicide. But that’s where this story gets amazing.




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27 thoughts on “Amazing story of Jesus and a man imprisoned in Iran

  1. Wow – what an inspiring story and a teachable moment for everyone.

    I wonder what was the outcome of his friend.

  2. That was an incredibly powerful story. Hate is your worst enemy–ALWAYS! Something I need to remember. Amen.

  3. Gee?, I wonder why tingles or madcow or sgt. shultz doesn’t have this guy on, ya know, to make fun of him?
    Now that would be worth watching, huh?

  4. Jesus said we weren’t to worry about what to say when we are hauled before the magistrates. Daniel was a great example of Jesus keeping that promise!

  5. Jesus said we weren’t to worry about what to say when we are hauled before the magistrates. Daniel was a great example of Jesus keeping that promise!

  6. Thank you so much for posting this amazing story!
    It made me think of Peter and Paul and the many others who were imprisoned for the Gospel, and those who were converted by the same love of the Holy Spirit.

    Truly, this is the difference between our God, Jesus Christ and Islam’s Allah.

    Jesus is ever reaching out to save people. He knows those who are HIS and He will not loose one!

    In my heart I know that Jesus wants to save many, many more people in the Middle East.
    And He will!

  7. The LIGHT – and dreams and visions…

    Jesus speaks personally in various ways.

    Inside The Revolution , 2009
    by Joel Rosenberg

    Part 3
    The Revivalists

    Testimony of Tass Saada
    A person friend of Yasser Arafat
    Converted to Christianity in 1993

    Page 364 –

    “Before I knew it, I was on my knees.
    I didn’t consciously decide to kneel.
    It just happened.
    I lost all awareness that my friend was in the room.

    A light came into my field of vision – a talking light.

    Now I know this soulds really odd, but this is what happened that Sunday afternoon, March 14, 1993.

    The light said to me,
    ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
    No one comes to the Father except through Me.’

    I didn’t know at that moment that those words were what Jesus said during the Last Supper [in John 14:6] .

    As far as I was concerned, they were a message from Jesus soley for me.”

    – – – – – – – –

    Joel continues with dreams, visions of Jesus

    Page 369 –

    “… many ex-Muslims … have told me, that they have seen dreams and visions of Jesus, who personally told them to follow Him.”

    Page 383 –

    “… an abused Muslim woman who dried to commit suicide by swallowing a bunch of sleeping pills. But as she was fading into unconsciousness, she had a vision of something called the ‘Living Water.’ … .

    “… something made her want to know more. She woke herself up, vomited out the pills, found a Bible, and read the entire Gospel according to John.


    “She has led her four sisters and her parents to Christ. And a house church of twenty secret Iranian believers now meets in her home.”

    Page 387 –

    “One Iranian Muslim woman had a dream in which God told her, ‘Whatever the two women you are going to meet with tomorrow tell you, listen to them.’


    “She obeyed the Lord’s directive from the dream, listened carefully, and then bowed her head and prayed to receive Christ as her Savior.”

    Page 395 –

    “… God is … giving Muslims visions of Jesus Christ.
    He is coming to them and speaking to them, … .
    I’m saying that Shiites are seeing visions of Christ and repenting.”

    Page 399 –

    “One day, Jesus appeard to Marzuqah in a dream. ‘Your prayers have been answered,’ He told her, ‘Go tell your brother about Me.’ She did.

    Page 403 –

    “Senior Pakistani Christian leaders … tell me … whole towns and villages along the Afghan-Pakistani border are seeing dreams and visions of Jesus and are converting to Christianity.”

    – – – – – – – – –

    Joel Rosenberg, author of “Inside The Revolution” also wrote “The Last Jihad” and “The Twelfth Iman”

    I stand with Israel … and the name of Yahweh (YHWH) vs. the name of Allah to … STOP! Islamization Of America … with our informed speech and action

    1. As I was reading your post Ezekiel 37 came to mind (his vision of the dried bones)
      Many devout Jews are also having similar dreams and visions of Jesus, and in them He reveals Himself as Messiah. These personal experiences are very powerful and they are also acknowledging Him as LORD.

      God is in control.
      Though it is difficult for us to understand His work as human beings – unable to see the entire picture from a heavenly point of view.

      You say you stand with Isreal. I do too.
      But are you also aware that as a believer, you ARE Israel?
      From a Biblical point of view, Israel is more than a small portion of land inhabited by the Jewish people.

      If you will read Ezek. 37, starting at verse 15, you will notice that God is making some distinctions between, Judah, Israel and Joseph.
      There are many other references tied to these portions of scripture to help us understand that God has always intended for His people to be one.
      His first declaration is found iin Duet 6:4 “Hear O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

      Also, in the New Testament Paul spoke of the Gentiles being grafted into one tree (Ezekiel prophesied that God would make the two sticks one)

      It’s pretty amazing when we come to this understanding.

      Sometimes people wonder why America should stand with Israel?
      For believers, the answer is simple ~ and I suppose there is a portion of Islam that recognizes that, since they seek to annihilate both America and Israel knowing that their religion can not have dominion while we are here.
      But what they fail to realize, is that God is with both nations. And every promise made to Israel, is made to America as well. “Those who bless Israel I will bless.” The LORD has said. “And those who curse Israel I will curse.”

      But let us also remember these words Ezek. 18:23 “Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the LORD GOD; and not that he should return from his ways and live?”

      This is the essence of the man in this video’s testimony and we witnessed the power of God through him.

      This is also the comparable differences between a preacher who chose to burn a Koran ~ and a missionary who chose to extend a hand of friendship to an enemy.

      To be a Christian is not always easy.
      And our actions do bring forth fruit…we decide as individuals what we will do with the power God has given to us. I suppose.

  8. ” Amen .

    04/02/11 , I stand with ISRAEL , with the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart .”

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