Amazon suddenly HATES mail-in voting during the pandemic!

Amazon has just come out AGAINST mail-in voting. Seriously. Because it’s being used against them:

CNN – Amazon is once again asking the National Labor Relations Board to direct thousands of the company’s warehouse workers at an Alabama facility to cast votes in-person on whether to form a union, rather than by mail, despite the ongoing pandemic.

The e-commerce giant filed a motion Thursday to delay the union election, which is set to begin February 8, so that the NLRB may revisit its decision to hold the election by mail over the course of nearly two months instead of through an in-person event.

The NLRB declined to comment on Amazon’s request.

The union vote is a milestone moment for the Alabama facility and for Amazon (AMZN). While some Amazon workers are unionized in Europe, the company has so far fended off unions in the United States. A union election was held in 2014 at a Delaware warehouse, but resulted in workers largely rejecting the effort.

The NLRB said last week that the approximately 6,000 employees at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama, facility would cast a vote by mail, noting the health risks from the pandemic.

“A mail ballot election will enfranchise employees who cannot enter the voting location for health reasons or due to positive COVID tests,” the NLRB decision stated. “In addition, a mail ballot election will protect the health and safety of voters, Agency personnel, the parties’ representatives, and the public during the current health crisis.”

In filings this week, however, Amazon said the NLRB decision regarding its election doesn’t specify what is considered an “outbreak.” Amazon said the NLRB’s Acting Regional Director, Lisa Henderson, “reached the remarkable conclusion that any level of infection or potential infection among employees counts as an ‘outbreak.'”

Amazon said that at its Bessemer facility, 2.88% of Amazon’s 7,575 employees and third-party workers at the facility — or 218 people — tested positive during the 14-day period ending on January 7. Amazon rejected the idea that this would be considered an outbreak.

“If true, facilities will be in a constant state of ‘outbreak’ unless and until the virus all but disappears, with no manual elections occurring until that unknown time,” the filing read, also citing that a mail election could “disenfranchise dozens or hundreds of voters” because it is imperfect.

Amazing. Amazon actually says in their filing that mail-in voting would disenfranchise voters. What? Who ever heard of such logic?? Didn’t the msm tell us for the last 9 months that mail-in voting doesn’t disenfranchise voters or have voting fraud issues???

In all seriousness, I’m guessing that Amazon is worried that their employees will cheat if mail-in voting is used, just like Democrats cheated to elect Hunter Biden’s father. They clearly doesn’t want to deal with a union here in the states, but it looks like they’re probably going to be stuck with one, especially if mail-in voting is used.

Also, I thought Democrats loved unions?

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