America abandons our citizens in war-torn Yemen, while helping Saudi Arabia’s BOMBING campaign

Here’s another embarrassment for America that would get ten times as much press if we had a Republican in the White House – we have evacuated our military and diplomatic personnel, and left American citizens to fend for themselves, all while helping the Saudi Arabia BOMB those same citizens.

NPR relates the story of one American citizen who was able to get out but was abandoned by the Obama administration:

Alkhanshali realized immediately that he needed to get out of the country. But actually doing so would prove complicated. The civilian airport had been bombed that night; there was a no-fly zone, and all naval activity was stopped. He was effectively trapped in Yemen.

When he tried calling the American Embassy in the countries around Yemen, the response he got back was always some variation on the same statement: “We are not evacuating any U.S. citizens at the moment. What we can do, though, is relay your messages to your loved ones.”

Alkhanshali didn’t exactly find this comforting.

“I for one didn’t want to tell my mother and father that I’m terrified that I might die tonight,” he says. “When I realized that there was no help coming, I had decided to take matters into my own hands, even though that meant putting myself at extreme risks.”

And since we’re against the Iran-backed rebel Houthis, we’re actually helping the Saudi Arabians bomb in Yemen, where our citizens are stranded!

You know who IS evacuating their citizens? Russia, our number one geo-political foe:

This should anger every American – our citizenship used to mean something. But in the new days of leading from behind, with a president who doesn’t really believe in American exceptionalism, we can’t expect any help from this useless government in the one thing that they’re actually supposed to do.

But hey if you need an Obamaphone, they’re good for ya.

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