AMERICA MUST ‘PAY THE PRICE!’: Hezbollah declares ‘Holy War’, threatens US ships and troops, mocks Biden’s Afghan debacle

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on Friday praising the murderous Hamas terror rampage against Israel as part of a Holy War, and blamed the United States as “fully responsible” as he threatened, on behalf of the Arab “resistance” fighters worldwide (you know: global terror networks) retribution against U.S. bases and ships.

“The US must be held accountable and pay the price for the crimes perpetrated by Israel in Gaza, hence resistance movements have attacked and will continue to attack American forces in Iraq and Syria,” said Nasrallah in a ridiculously long speech he gave remotely because he was afraid to show up in public and get his terrorist head stuck justifiably on a pike.

Anyway, he called the Hamas attack and subsequent fighting a “holy war,” praised it and the martyrs, and then turned around and called for a ceasefire — so I assume he’ll have a column for the NYT soon.

“Your ships in the Mediterranean do not scare us,” he warned after painstakingly saying Hezbollah took no part in planning the Hamas attack. Big talk, bud.

He also gave Biden a well-deserved shout-out.

“To the Americans, I say to you, remember your defeats in Lebanon, Iraq, in Afghanistan and remember how you humiliatingly withdrew from Afghanistan,” he said.

Things are going great, y’all.

He made specific threats against American troops and ships.

“You, the Americans, you know very well that if war were to erupt in the region that your Navy ships, your Air Force, will be to no available and your interests, your troops your Navy ships, they will pay the price first and foremost, they will be the biggest loser.”

Explain to me why we keep sending money over there?

Still, here’s a sad truth:

Explain to me why we keep sending money THERE, too, will ya?



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