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18 thoughts on “American Crossroads explains the new Obamatax

  1. Where do these play? I’m in such a blue metro area that I will never see the Obama opposition videos. Has anyone seen this?

  2. I can see a liberal watching this ad and when it gets to the part where she says about taxes going up “unless you can’t afford health insurance” they would respond “if you can’t afford health insurance, you can get the free stuff then.”

    I don’t think this makes it clear that if the government deems that you have enough money to buy health insurance, but too much to qualify for the free stuff, you’re gonna pay a tax.

    I know quite a few people who COULD buy health insurance right now if they budgeted wisely. For example, if you’re flying to Disney World every year, having your nails done every week, carrying smart phones with $30/month data packages per phone, and have all the premier channels on your TV, but no health insurance, chances are the government is going to tell you that you make too much to qualify for the free healthcare.

    I really think they need to make this VERY clear. Uninsured people who choose not pay for insurance in favor of going on vacation need to know those days are over.

    1. Hey, excellent question. I work for the Archdiocese. I’m sure they’re looking into that as we speak.

      And we have really great medical benefits.

      NO CO-PAYS!! I suppose I can kiss that goodbye.

  3. cow-ard noun

    Definition of coward

    : one who places his own legacy above the Constitution and Country

    : one who caves to the corrupt, liberal media…because he’s afraid of left-wing, radical backlash

    : one who twists himself in knots…to find a way to justify passing a law the vast majority of Americans don’t want, AND is unconstitutional

    : one who is so self-absorbed and obnoxious–he chooses to rewrite a bill that was NEVER proposed as a tax

    See John Roberts Chief Justice of The Supreme Court of the United States

    1. No, he placed himself as the brunt of words and demonization, like you’ve used here, to protect the constitution and IT’S legacy, for the future of his kids, our kids and posterity in general. You do he and yourself a disservice here with your false accusations.

      You are missing a boatload of stuff here, and are slandering a good man who did a good thing.

      It was presented as a tax and it is a tax. Just because something is not called a tax does not make it other than a tax. Roberts snookered the heck out of the left with this decision. You just can’t see it. You are also parroting others who can’t see it.

      Want a cracker?

      1. You just stay on the government dole, Rshill. We’ll take our country back on Nov. 6, 2012.

        1. The dole? Would that be the one where I send the Federal Government enough of my money every year to buy a house with? That dole?

          It appears to me, that the Government is on the Rshill7 dole.

  4. A new tax?? WTH? I thought we were all getting free healthcare. More lies. More mess to clean up. Are we up to it? Yes, we are!!!

  5. When working Democrat voters get wind of this they will be pissed. What happened to free?

    The media and the left called conservative bloggers liars from the get-go when they tried to warn about what was coming. I have had liberals call me a liar, too.

    They’ve got a rude awakening coming.

  6. Fight back, America.

    We can not let obama death machine get us via this unconstitutional illegal piece of trash legislation.

    Because of obama, we have 159 bureaucracies, 47 new agencies, 20 new tax laws, 16,500 new IRS agents and Canadian style health care aka death-care.

  7. Love it! Keep’em coming!

    Obama and his ilk can spin this all they want… but money leaving a person’s pocket will speak volumes when compared to their lies. Money talks, BS walks.

    1. I’m not as excited about this “tax” approach, frankly.

      Obamacare is perceived as “getting something” for the money…whether it’s called a tax or not is merely semantics to many people who support Obamacare.

      No, no, no. We need to concentrate on the drawbacks of Obamacare. The death panels (yes there is such a thing) … the wave of physicians planning to leave the vocation … the bad, bad health care that results from state-imposed regulations.

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