American Medical Association asks Big Tech, DOJ to censor, investigate, and prosecute journalists who oppose gender surgeries for minors

The American Medical Association has just sent a letter to the DOJ asking them to investigate and prosecute jouranlists who oppose transgender surgeries for minors, which they say leads to bomb threats and threats of violence.

The letter starts out asking the DOJ to investigate organizations and individuals who coordinatie, provoke and carry out bomb threats and threats of perosnal violence against children’s hospitals and physicians.

Ok fine, I’ve got no problem with that. But then they drop this in the letter:

They say have called on big tech to prevent this ‘disinformation’ from their platforms and want the DOJ to investigate and prosecute these individuals.

So who exactly do you think they are talking about? Clearly it’s people like Libs of Tiktok and Matt Walsh who are among the biggest voices out there opposing these transgender surgeries for minors.

And what exactly have they done wrong? All Libs of Tiktok does is put out factual information and videos about what’s going on. She doesn’t call for violence or bomb threats. Yet the AMA wants her completely silenced and imprisoned to stop her from exposing this radical and horrible practice.

As Matt Walsh said today, “The medical establishment, Big Tech, and the federal government conspire to punish those of us who criticize the accepted narrative. This is full on tyranny, and it will of course be defended by every single leftist who spends every day whining about “fascism.””

He’s right. The leftist AMA wants Biden’s authoritarian DOJ to stomp Matt Walsh and Libs of Tiktok with their jackboots into the ground so that nobody hears from them every again on this issue. And in doing so they want to put them to put the fear of goverment into the minds of anyone who would dare oppose transgender surgeries for minors.

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