American Spectator: Rally for Rush

I don’t normally do headline posts, but this is an article that I would call a ‘must read’. It is by Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator and it extensively takes apart this lefty-driven intimidation push at Rush’s advertising base over his ‘slut’ comment and exposes the left-wing participants just waiting to be used to silence the conservative voice.

It’s long (8 pages) but it feels like a fairly quick read and it is well worth it. You won’t be sorry you spent 10-15 minutes reading it.

Click the image below to read the article Rally for Rush:

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107 thoughts on “American Spectator: Rally for Rush

  1. Carbonite, which has been sucking wind since Dec 1, 2011, Dropped another 12 pts today Tue 3/6/12. but Carbonites daughters are being insulted by Limbaugh nor are they being paid to have sex, yet.

    This is the most beautiful chart I’ve seen in months! The Carbonite stock value chart looks like a dog’s tongue. Look at how that final red tip just plummets!

    THIS IS HOW CAPITALISM WORKS! When you have a moral aversion to a company and it’s values, you drop them Thank you America! Thank you Rush Limbaugh fans and supporters!

    Couldn’t happen to a finer American, traitorous scum bag. Good bye Carbonite!

  2. I just read from Hot Air (LA times) that there are now eleven advertisers pulling out from Rush. Does anybody know which companies the other four are (as I only know of seven)?

  3. Show those left wingers the real power and boycott their products.
    Even better call them and tie them up for the longest possible to order and then
    … oh sorry, do not place that order, you are the one that is bombing our friend Rush…”

  4. Okay, I said it was coming, and here it is. Obama is not doing things the American way, he is for ‘change’. I said just wait, the left will ramp up, after the GOP has clearly revealed it’s intentions. So, now you see what a warrior is like, our own Rush. He, just like any conservative, will be attacked on all fronts. No one is exempted. Obama will use every dirty trick in the world to win, and he has a billion to start with. He will get more, much more, from Iran, from his buddies in Chi town, the cheaters, the liars, the torys, the hidden educators, that hate the USA. This, my friend, is what anyone, who fights the bad guys are going to get. If you lift your head, you get shot at. Maybe now, you will have more respect for our founding fathers, and what they risked. You see what any patriotic politician gets, just as sure as the morning sun. Without your 100% backing, they will do nothing. Our’s is a citizen nation. Either work for it, or it dissolves. I got your back, Mark, but you know what is coming. Semper Fi!

  5. What hasn’t been said is that Rush has 20 million listeners a week. I’ll bet he has a loooong waiting list of prospective sponsors. The boycott of Rush will backfire as they are in turn boycotted. The former advertisers are going to find out they’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest of their own.

  6. With HBO character assassination of Sarah Palin with Game Change, Bill Maher Show, and other manipulation to push leftist causes, dropping your subscription of HBO would make a statement (better late than never). While doing that, you make certain your displeasure and complaints are made clear to them and to your cable provider. The left has been blacklisting conservatives to isolate them, it is high time to fight back and let them have a taste of their own medicine.

    1. I fired HBO 2 years ago because of BM (Bill Mahr). Now I wish I hadn’t so I could fire them again. Who needs what they serve up for “entertainment” anyway.

      So little time…time to be serious.

  7. Thank you for posting this link. If this happens to Rush they will then go after Mark Levin and Hannity. There will be no stopping them.

  8. This was fabulous. I made note of all the names, phone numbers, addresses, and yes, this chick will be on the warpath tomorrow. I already shredded Carbonite over the weekend and pulled the plug on their monthly service. I’ll keep going through the list. I am sincerely hoping that Mark Levin at least, gets rid of some of these same sponsors that are on his show, and publicly tells the world why. I know that’s wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be wonderful? There would be other sponsors waiting to take the spots, I am sure. Let’s go get em’ people!

  9. A Very Good Article.

    Obviously Conservative radio programming gets high listener ratings. Many of the programs familiar to us, Levin Hannity, Ingraham and many others have the same sponsors as identified in this article. It only seems appropriate that if these sponsors are able to pull this off with Rush then all of the other Radio Talk Show Hosts should quickly start looking for better advertisers and dump this crowd. That would be one good way of fighting back and maybe it would prevent a possible conflict or demise with these companies at some future date.

    1. Dittos…

      Maybe the MoveOn acolyte Mr. David Friend, the founder of Carbonite, will have a midnight head on the pillow epiphany after ALL the Friends of Rush radio hosts cancel Mr. David Friend and Carbonite.

      Who knows what will happen when it dawns on Mr. David Friend that money “walks” after his “daughter” holier-than-thou “bs talks” reason for dumping Limbaugh is refutiated by his current customers who “move on” to, oh, I don’t know, maybe, Mozy <> dot <> com.

      Who knows?


  10. Buchanan shuffled silently off stage, Beck went quietly into the dark, Dobbs saw the opportunity and effected a job change (for the better). Now Rush is under the gun.

    Are we to expect him to also quietly assume audio ‘room temperature’? Without a battle? Or even so much as a shot across their bows? CERTAINLY NOT.

    Rush has an audience in need of a national champion…someone to take up the issues that only his ditto-heads seem to find significant. If the Left chooses battle with Rush, the Proverbial Goliath against the populist David, then let the battle begin. Take up the cudgel and hit ‘him’ where it hurts most, in the most tender, yet deadly, spot and listen to the roar of pain. And the cheers of encouragement from “our side”.

    President Obama is usurping the office of President, and as many as 50% of Rush’s followers believe it, but no one with a Voice will acknowledge them. Regardless of where he was born, Obama’s birth certificate is a non entity in this battle. Unless he has lied about who his parents really are, Obama has a significant and insurmountable impediment to his being eligible for the office he currently holds. He fails the Constitutional requirement of being a natural born citizen. This definition is the only thing the Left disagrees with and ‘goes off’ on, which is revealing in itself.

    They will agree to any definition of nbC, as long as it IS NOT “born in the country to citizen parents”. And have gone to great lengths and despicable means to erase all references to such definition. Such as scrubbing public records to hide current examples of court cases so defining nbC, and even trying to surreptitiously change the Statutes in at least one state and several times in the US Congress to so indicate an acceptable, but deficient, definition.

    I strongly believe Rush is aware of the controversy, and quite probably has his own opinions but has been reluctant to express them, publicly. My only hope is that Rush acknowledge such a belief to his “family of listeners” before the pressures previously indicated further flattens the support his, so far, faithful sponsors have maintained.

    And in so doing, put such a rent in the overinflated gas-bag supporting the usurper that it lets him down with a serious thump, sufficient to ‘awaken’ the sleeping, dare I mention, “patriots”. Official America that also knows better but have been immobilized by some misguided sense of propriety into a peaceful silence and abdication of civic responsibility. Until such arousal, they remain in a class just a short step above the ‘Illegals’ who also take up valuable space that could be occupied by the justifiably affronted and unsatisfactorily represented Americans.

  11. Hmm…

    Rally for Rush
    By Jeffrey Lord on 3.5.12
    “Carbonite CEO tied to Move On. <> org: time for conservatives to fight blacklisting?”
    >> http <> ://spectator. <> org <> /archives/2012/03/05/rally-for-rush/

    Maybe it’s time to, uh, you know, “move on” from Carbonite. <> com to Mozy. <> com …


  12. I really think Rush should play a montage of all of these tomorrow.
    Where Was the Outrage?

    Bristol Palin “Is Such A Hooker,” Sandra Bernhard Shrills To Joy Behar

    Sandra Bernhard issues ‘gang rape’ warning to Sarah Palin

    Bristol Palin Verbally Attacked By An Angry, Drunk Obama Supporter! Her mother was called a whore.

      1. They are really going after him. For the first time, I’m worried that they just might succeed in getting him off the radio.

    1. KSFO, a San Francisco station, dropped Rush but his show was picked up the same day by KNEW also a Frisco station.

  13. I don’t know if any of you are listening to Mark tonight, but he was talking about this Fluke person, and he said, in the past, she’s wanted to sue for insurance companies to pay for sex chang…. oh excuse me, gender reassignment operations.

    And if you don’t wan to, you will be called, get ready, they made up a new word that they want everyone to accept, like it walked right of the pages of Websters Dictionary,”heterosexist.”

    Shame on the Republicans for always allowing themselves to have these people abuse the American people this way. She owes the American people an apology, so does the Democrat Party, for this orchestrated lie and waste of taxpayer dollars.

  14. I would encourage all of you to follow what Canada did to Chiquita in answering to these bullies. You need to respond and fight back otherwise they will get emboldened and pick you one by one like a lemming until no one is left to fight for your country and your rights and freedom.

    In Canada, there was a successful boycott response against Chiquita. Thinking they could easily abuse polite Canadians without repercussions, Chiquita supplier of Bananas and Fresh express Salad with their other products initiated a boycott against Canada for our oil sands, in trying to please (gave in) and impress the Global Warmist crowds.

    A fledgling lone conservative TV station (proud to be politically incorrect, much better than your FOX News) of less than a year named Sun News Network (, led by Mr. Ezra Levant, fought against them by encouraging their viewers to boycott back CHIQUITA. Many viewers used social media to disseminate the message, and soon the usually slow riled Canadians were calling their grocery stores not to carry Chiquita Products (otherwise loss their patronage). Ordinary Canadians were minding their grocers’ displays and discourage those who were uninformed from picking that particular brand. In a show of patriotism Canadian grocery employees, friends and their relatives urged their purchasing department to get their supplies from other brands instead. This went viral; soon every store was inundated with calls and messages. Chiquita’s website was filled with angry Canadians. Until now Canadians were refusing to pick up Chiquita products.

    If polite and slow riled Canadians can do this, why can’t you bold and brave Americans? Take that as a challenge! By the by, now is not the time to be timid. By staying quiet, you are complicit to your own freedom and country’s demise.

    1. We’ve found our inner activist. We’re fighting a cyber civil war. Truthfully, I wish we could get rid of these people or split up the country. I can’t stand living in the same country with them anymore. They’re abusive, they bully, they’re dragging the country to hell, and I’m sick of it. If they want to live like a bunch of angry fascists, let them live in their own country. I’d like to put up borders where they could never get in. I’d love to see them get real poor and then I’d throw stones at them.

      Can you tell I’m angry? I just think of Andrew Brietbart when I need to pump myself up.

      1. They are like pestilence; you cannot isolate yourselves from them. It is better to expose and fight them and inoculate your youngs with better information. Do not leave the education of your children to these fools, as they will surely succeed in changing your country’s future.

        Do not give up a part of your country without a fight. Learn what happen to Vietnam and Korea. These people are not satisfied occupying part of a country, they want a totalitarian world – not just a part.

        If you do not counter this misinformation now, it will just be a matter of time where they will get you and your country through your children, no matter where you retreat.

        You only need a keyboard to effect a change. Talk to your friends, relatives, and acquaintances about media and academia’s biases to help in waking them up. With social media and information technology, we have an easier job than our ancestors.

        1. I agree with everything except the last sentence. In 1776, everybody knew their neighbors, today, they do not. 300 million are out there. Yes, the more we reach, the better it will be. Have you ever taken a street poll, on your own street? You might try it, as well, as posters. It is a great thing to know your neighbors are with you. If you know math, you know a multipier, is just you getting a few others to do the same thing. Like a chain reaction, your effect is unbelievable. AND, those independents are impressed, if they see the whole neighborhood is doing the same thing. So, if the world is your neighborhood, you can get the word around.

  15. Only advertiser I ever used was ProFlowers / I erased all my info from their site and sent them a letter (email) with my intention of never using them again. It’s only a drop in the bucket but they get my NO vote.

    1. The prettiest flowers you can get are at
      You will pay a little more, but those at ProFlowers can’t compare. You even want to keep the vases, they’re so pretty.

    1. Carbonite
      Legal Zoom
      Pro Flowers
      Quicken Loans
      Sleep Train
      Sleep Number

      Boycott them all! Spread the words through social media, call your relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Your rights and freedom are on the line.

      I believe it is time to have conservative radio, TV, and news stations funded by conservatives alone.

  16. Remember this?
    I’m sure there’s more.
    Man verbally attacking Bristol Palin calling her mother a whore.

    Bristol Palin “Is Such A Hooker,” Sandra Bernhard Shrills To Joy Behar

    Sandra Bernhard issues ‘gang rape’ warning to Sarah Palin

  17. Hannity just made excuses for advertisers leaving Rush…guess he’s worried about them leaving him…follow the money…everyone has their price. Will be waiting to hear if the ‘Great One’ makes excuses too…

    1. Hey, maybe you should get with the program? The left has now become the lion’s den for misogyny. Just ask Kirsten Powers and Karen Tumulty how they have survived the sexist comments of the likes of Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, Matt Taibbi, Chris Matthews, and others. And since Bill Maher doesn’t have sponsors, I just cancelled my HBO. Problem solved. Even Steven. From now on, the people who appreciate his whining sort of humor, can pay for it! I also won’t be spending my hard earned dollars anymore at the EXsponsors of Rush Limbaugh. Let them solicit the Occupy Wall Street crowd!

  18. Freedom of speech is being taken away at an alarming pace. We’re not fighting back and Rush as well as other conservative hosts are in danger from an elitist group of politicians and their power-brokers.

  19. PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE WIDE & FAR!! If necesary, we may have to take the streets to defend our Conservative cause!

  20. Why anyone would trust Carbonite, obviously a liberal data mining arm of the democrat party, with their personal info is frightening….

    1. Seriously, don’t people realize what would happen if the internet is taken from us. How stupid to trust your information to a third party. They do make back up drives and zip drives.

  21. My letter to Legalzoom:

    Dear Sir or Madam at Legalzoom,

    By now you must know that you are now being despised by all the conservative Americans who according to recent polls outnumber liberals. You also must know that the people who love businesses like yours, are loyal customers of businesses like yours, give money to businesses like yours, are the backbone to businesses like yours, and help to grow businesses like yours, are conservatives.

    It’s common knowledge that you cannot make a green cent out of selfish liberals!!!

    You guys made the wrong choice by taking off your ad’s from Rush’s show. You must understand that I, as well as millions of Americans who are not only angered at you for starting up with Rush, but also see you now as a destructive entity siding with the liberals and their agenda to destroy our country and its corporations and small businesses, and you most understand that they won’t exclude you.

    Since the only people who were looking at you as a business who add to the economy (and not as some selfish object taking away other people’s money) are us the conservatives, and now you lost all of us, you must know that with the liberals you won’t be going any ware other than into bankruptcy.

    A true Rush loving conservative

    P.S. My letter is not objective, or any call to action, just a small description of my feelings….that’s all!

    1. …and no buying from them even if they come back to advertise on Rush!

      Those 7 advertisers that dropped Rush also advertise on Hannity and Beck. Well, the majority their listeners also listen to Rush. So these advertisers will be wasting their money advertising on those two shows because no conservative will buy from them, not now or ever.

      If libs don’t want to buy their own BC, why would they buy the stuff these 7 advertisers sell?

  22. I think Rush’s apology was admirable and that he did nothing worse than is done on a weekly basis by liberals like Bill Maher & Ed Schultz. I think boycotting the companaies which pulled their adds is a great idea, & complaining to them about their actions is no different than what liberals do regularly.

    1. It’s probably just network clog. Some server somewhere, or the disqus servers themselves. Seems to be working about normal.

  23. I’m not bothering to read it because what Rush did was inexcusable and even he admits it. Now let’s move on and hopefully conservatives can try harder to not mirror liberal behavior.

    1. Rush said he apologized for using harsh wording and for stooping to the level of the unhinged Progressives. It’s the attitude you display that gets us nowhere. It’s time to stand and fight (with a flood of emails). They need to be hit where it hurts…………their pocketbook. Moving on at this point is just not an option.

    2. This passive can’t we all get along attitude is why the Conservaitives are such easy marks and why we tolerate the wishy washy spineless linguine members of the GOP.

      The Liberals have been at war with the Right, They mean to take no prisoners. The only way to stop a raging fire is to start another to go against it.

  24. Noticed on today’s show that Comcast, a left-leaning Obama supporting company, is still one of Rush’s advertisers.

  25. It’s amazing how “one liberal feminist” can turn the whole narrative of all thing’s that “are not” important, into an entire “hit piece” of nonsense and double standards– attacking Rush for simply implying…. what “most would conclude” from hearing Flukes own words.

    If you cannot afford your contraception Fluke, buy a chastity belt? What an embarrassment to herself, is she not! Please, who cares and her behavior is that of a ……….”S”

    No apologies from me.

    and BTW: a Boycott is a two way street my friends.

  26. You know, the K-Missus has been urging me to get a sleep-number bed for the last six months or so. I was waffling between that or one of them “memory foam” thingies. She had me almost ready to go with her to check them out.

    Not. Gonna. Happen.

    She doesn’t want one, now.

    I urge people to support their local florists, do their own backups, use a young local attorney for contracts and wills, and find a local bank or credit union for all your loans.

    Locals have to see you face-to-face.

    1. Kinda the same for me here. This weekend I had decided to do a legal zoom will and upgrade my Lifelock to Ultimate. Not now.

      I hope the advertisers reconsider their positions and understand that they are killing our Constitution by caving.

  27. Rush said on his show today that he has turned down companies wanting to advertise in the past – including GM – and all those who bailed will be replaced.

  28. I guess people forget the ‘Kill Him’ reference that the press made up to use against Sarah Palin during the 2008 election. They made it seem like people that supported the McCain/Palin ticket were threatening Obama at the rallies.

  29. The time has come for all conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, to boldly proclaim who we are and what we believe. Today, i created a photoshop picture containing the words of the Apostles Creed and posted it to my Facebook account. I am sick and tired of the progressives in government and the media mocking people because they believe the same things that I believe. And I’m not ashamed of what I believe or the Savior in whom I believe.

    I will not be intimidated by their mocking. Rush was right! Let’s stand with him.

    1. Oh geez…you’ve got to be kidding me? You call yourself a Christian and you are upholding Limbaugh calling a woman a slut and a prostitute? Conservatives feign outrage when it is one of “their own” but if it’s a liberal, it’s OK. It’s called hypocrisy.

      1. It is okay to be a Christian and also use the words slut and prostitute and a whole host of other foul words. It’s called being human. Making mistakes. Letting the temper get the better of you. Being a Christian isn’t living in a box and never doing anything wrong. You tout Christianity, yet you are unwilling to forgive, aren’t you. You aren’t even willing to look further than two words you find offensive to see the bigger picture of this entire issue. Enough of the Christianity bit. I’m a Christian. And, I swear frequently, and I have been known to refer to some woman as a slut now and then. Yet, I’m a decent, kind, giving soul. Go figure.

  30. I can’t stand the fake moral outrage over this piece of trash Fluke. How despicable do you have to be to demand taxpayers pay for you to whore around campus??

    Atlas Shrugs says it best:

    A 30-year-old poses as a 23-year-old, chooses a Catholic University to attend at $65,000 per year, and cannot afford ALL the birth control pills she needs… so she wants the US taxpayers to pay for her rampant sexual activity. By all accounts she is banging it five times a day. She sounds more like a prostitute to me. She must have an gyno bill to choke a horse (pun intended). Calling this whore a slut was a softball.

    1. I seem to recall reading an article in the NYT several years ago about women who, ahhh, “work” their way though college (on their backs). It was a sob story about the high price of a college degree.

      Evidently community college just isn’t good enough for some folks.

      Nowdays, community college is a very good way to go. Thanks to the Internet, you can get some really top-notch lectures and research materials. If your teacher isn’t a total moron, you can come out of community college with a solid education, and almost no debt.

      Bonus: you can take classes like welding and auto body repair. Also known as “things you can take that actually get you a job.”

  31. Funny way by Rush opening his show:

    He tried to call himself on Saturday to cancel his “Two If By Tea” advertising on his own show but he couldn’t get through so the ads have remained !

  32. Boycott those who Boycott Rush.
    I watched Fluke’s performance several times.
    What other conclusion could one come to?

  33. I emailed ProFlowers,Sleep Number and Carbonite this am and I am going down the remainign list of the free speech hates telling them I will no longer be using their products. It is time for those who love the First Amendment to support Limbaugh and not let the Left reduce the First Amendment to shreds. Whether or not you agree with what he said, this is a free speech issue.

    1. I emailed Carbonite yesterday and was happy to see the contact information for the rest of the companies in the article here. We all need to stand together.

  34. I haven’t read the article yet but before I do I am signing up for Rush’s 24/7 prime service. I have wanted to for a long time. Today I will.

    If these companies punish Rush they are helping the government destroy the first amendment freedom of speech. Freedom of religion is already under attack and these corporations need to know that they are compliantly ignorant to the maximum degree.

    1. I just did as well! What a great way to respond based on what we value as conservatives. I would buy some tea too if I drank it, but I don’t. Perhaps I’ll buy some for some of my good friends.

    2. Good for you Patriot – you won’t be sorry, Rush 24/7 is great.
      I just early-renewed my two year subscription too!

      RS: A BIG THANK YOU for making an exception with this headline post. IMO Jeffrey Lord is a brilliant writer, on a par with Andrew McCarthy, and readers of this article would be well rewarded by browsing through his AS archive.

      Thank you.

  35. Looks like the Spectator site is overloaded. That’s a good sign people are going and looking and finding the information they need to let these sponsors know we still outnumber the leftist who want to shut Limbaugh down. If they want to stay in business they’d better reconsider their decision to stop free speech. No doubt the left has bombarded them with irate reactions to Limbaugh now it’s our turn to support him.

    This is the real beginning of the lefts all out efforts to shut down conservative talk radio and free speech. There’s no other way the left can win on ideas and they know it (Limbaugh’s words not mine).

    I’m waiting for Levin and Beck to weigh in on this.

    Good job posting this Scoop.

  36. He did NOT call her a slut. He said, “what do you call someone that gets paid for sex? A prostitute or slut.”

  37. I’m about to read the artcle, but before I do, I’d like to apologize for being so hard on Rush. I too after further introspection think that the slut comment was one step to far. We don’t know every intimate detail of Fluke’s life. Perhaps she is having so much sex with a monogamous partner that she is going broke paying for contraception. Her wanting us to pay for it only makes her a commie pinko, not necessarily a slut.

    1. A few words over the top was what the press, Obama and left have been waiting for. If those words hadn’t been spoken so soon after her appearance before Congress and her real background had been known (which it is now) this would have blown over as all of his past remarks have most of which were taken out of context or actually lied about.

      Whether she’s a slut or not she is a liberal operative who has been involved in campus leftist activities not some co-ed seeking money for birth control. She was a plant, pure and simple.

      If this had happened even a year ago this probably wouldn’t be happening but the left is desperate just like they were during the Bush/Gore election cycle. Which they lied about for years.

      It doesn’t really matter what Rush said or whether it was appropriate or not, either we have free speech or we don’t. The left can call conservative women sluts, whores and any other name and even suggest they be raped. No coverage, no reaction, no outrage.

      Breitbart was right the enemy is the press. They are the ones we are fighting and I might add, to the death. Because if they win it will be the death of our country.

      1. I agree with you 1000%. My point was that I was upset at Rush for apologizing and now I am not. I still don’t think he had to, but I am no longer upset that he did.

    2. I’m not getting it. A woman need buy only 1 pack of BC pills a month no matter how much sex she has. If her “partner” is responsible for the matter, than he? can go buy it. What the heck kind of BC is she referring to?

    3. Strange she has so little ‘help’ from her steady, what, patrons? Decent sort of guy would certainly help a ‘lady’ in a particular sort of financial bind.
      And besides being decent, it’s only good business to support those who give above average service, isn’t it?

    4. Strange she has so little ‘help’ from her steady, what, patrons? Decent sort of guy would certainly help a ‘lady’ in a particular sort of financial bind.
      And besides being decent, it’s only good business to support those who give above average service, isn’t it?

    5. See, it don’t make no difference. It would have been anything. During the glorious 60’s, when all the liberals were screaming about how drugs set them free, and wild sex, was the best thing on earth, they carefully avoided it. This leftist – is just like them. If you went to college, you knew someone like this. Anyone with any sense, just avoided her. I personnally think she shold be publically shamed, if that is possible, like Monika.

  38. I’ve contacted every single sponsor, and told them Rush isn’t just a radio host, he’s family. If you attack our family, we attack you.

    In that article take special note of Carbonites Connections. I’ve contacted them at [email protected]

    They’re associated with many Soros groups like I told them our goal is to destroy them using Freedom of Speech. I don’t believe those that profit from Capitalism, should promote communism.

  39. Legal Insurrection has a good post on this subject. He calls it “total political war” because nobody is allowed to be “apolitical” by today’s left. You MUST agree with them or they will go after you, your neighbors, your clients, your employer or employees. You can’t even not have an opinion on what Rush said, either denounce Rush, or else.

    This is going to be a scary, frustrating year. Stay happy, the left is totally demoralized and know they are headed towards electoral doom, which is why they are acting so irrational.

    1. Yes, I think I am going into “total political war” mode.

      I always tend to try to be polite in political discussions. I do not believe that politics should be dragged into all sorts of other areas (i.e. pressure on advertisers, and so on).

      I was glad we had Breitbart, but I could never go into pit bull mode myself.

      So I thought. But now I am getting angry. There is no way those on the left pursuing these tactics don’t know what they are doing. They will obviously do anything to get their way and they have 100% committed allies in the MSM.

      So I am joining the Army of Andrews.

      1. I view it as a cyber Civil War. I feel like I get up every day, have to check in everywhere and start fighting. I like how the colonists fought the British in the beginning. They’d mock them, call them names, I do that on the phone with the Congress, and throw snowballs with rocks inside, at them.

    2. I disagree. The left is acting like it always does. I remember the Goldwater ads, by LBJ. It’s the same ole jazz, mama. An appropriate 1920’s song. To me, it is a scary decade. Expect worse. And, yes, it can get worse.

  40. Absolutely.. must read. It’s important, though often difficult, to know just who the enemy is. I’d like to see companies owned by conservatives step up and buy ads on Rush’s show.

    1. Sounds like Rush isn’t concerned about replacing advertisers and I was pleased to hear him say he doesn’t want us to behave like the left does in silencing dissent.

      YES to Rush & the First Amendment!

      1. I’d love to see other ‘conservative raido hosts’ (Levin, Beck, etc.) that use ‘these advertisers’, to DROP THEM in defense of Rush!

        If they want to drop Rush, how bout Conservative Radio dropping them?!

        1. Those same companies advertise on Beck and Hannity. Well, the same people who listen to Rush listen to Beck and Hannity, and they sure aren’t going to buy from those companies no matter whose show they advertise on. So they can go ahead and spend their ad dollars on Beck and Hannity but no conservative is going to buy from them.

    2. +++

      Scoop needs to add this vid…

      Mark Levin To Media: “We Will Not Let You Take Down Rush”

      Mark Levin opines on the outrage over Rush Limbaugh’s remarks about Sandra Fluke. Levin says there really are “two Americas.” Levin says in one case President Obama calls up Sandra Fluke to see how she is, yet he never called U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, whose death prompted an investigation into “Fast & Furious.”

      Levin also says that the military health insurance policy known as TriCare is being slashed in this year’s budget, yet people like Fluke want to get birth control and other contraception without a co-pay.

      Mark Levin to the mainstream media: “I want the leftists of NBC, CNN and the other so-called news outlets who are dressed up as journalists but are nothing of the sort, I want you to understand something: You don’t get to decide who the rest of us listen to. You don’t get to decide who the rest of us admire. You’re not going to succeed in driving Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves. I don’t care how many cowardly Republicans you speak to. I don’t care how many inside-the-beltway pseudo-conservatives you speak to, and so forth.”

      “Our nation is teetering. Everything we believe in is being undermined. The future for our children and grandchildren, it’s perilous. And you in the media do the bidding of the very politicians who brought us to this dire state. You don’t get to dictate to us, you don’t even get to influence us. Try as you might, Rush isn’t going anywhere because there’s tens of millions of us standing by his side. And we’re going anywhere either.”

      “You say nothing about the unconstitutional acts of this president. You say nothing of the policies that are bankrupting our nation. You do nothing to expose the lies and deceit of this administration. In fact, if you’re not covering it, you’re cheering it on.”

      “This is why we have no respect for you, why your audience and readership are plummeting. And will continue to. Now we will not let you take down Rush, or anyone else. In fact, I think I speak for tens of millions of Americans when I say: You can go to h ell.”

  41. I support Rush and will do all I can to keep him on the air. He deserves respect and honor.

    Conversely, I will do all I can to expose and boot Mike Malloy… he is what bacterial scum calls other bacterial scum when it wants to insult someone.

    1. Mega Ditto’s! Rush did nothing wrong at all here. He had nothing to apologize for, liberal talk show hosts say much worse things than this and nary a peep. This skank that testified last week was a liberal activist pushing for free contraception that naturally means the abortion pill and eventually free abortions paid for by us, the taxpayers. They are going broke because they can’t learn to close their legs. SL*TS!

  42. Scoop,

    That was one of the longest articles I have ever read. Wow! We are at the cusp of something quite dangerous. They are ramping up their attacks on Christianity. If the Left could successfully shut down Rush Limbaugh, who do we think is next on the list.

    This article needs to be shared and read by all who are concerned with the first amendment’s right to free speech.

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