Amy Coney Barrett anti-religion HATE-fest is ON, Bill Maher out FRONT; Turley DESTROYS

Today it is a virtual certainty that President Trump will announce his selection of Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. For over a week the CNN media has been attacking her and attacking her religion because the left opposes God and they hate people who believe in God. Especially Catholics.

Oh but what about Obama and Biden going to church, Fred? Yeah, that’s a scam.

Don’t believe they hate religion? If you somehow missed their attacks on George W. Bush’s faith in the Bible and making fun of his believing in the rapture and Revelation, and you also somehow missed their attacks on Mitt Romney and Mormons and you also missed the many TV shows that mock Jesus and Christians in ways they would never DARE to breathe about when it comes to Islam and Muslims, then at least be convinced by what is happening right now before your eyes.

Bill Maher said it out loud.

But I don’t have to respond to this, because Jonathan Turley did it faster and better.

“Last night, Bill Maher came unglued with a attack on Judge Barrett, objecting that she is ‘really, really Catholic — like speaking in tongues.’ The raving assault (which even bizarrely tied in Stormy Daniels) shows the triumph of rage over reason,’ said Turley this morning.

From the linked article:

Few Supreme Court nominees, let alone a still unnamed nominee, have been labeled as threatening to reduce all women to handmaiden birthing machines in a theocratic hellscape. Of course, the extraordinary career of Barrett should be a celebration of feminism. She graduated at the top of her law class, became a national thought leader, and ascended to one of the highest courts in the nation. She did that in her career while raising seven children, including two children adopted from Haiti.

Read the rest y’all. Every word. This is an important article.

Anti-Catholic bigotry goes back a long way in this country, and the modern left sees nothing wrong with it. They don’t even consider it bigotry. It’s allowed and celebrated and talked about like good policy discussion on CNN by folks like Jake Tapper and the Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy and the rest of them.

Also this one is good.

By the way it’s not just being Catholic that has them mad. They also hate that she wants children to live good and happy lives.

They know no bounds.

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