An Assad-lovin’ Democrat has JUST declared for 2020!!! Guess who!

We have a new entry into the thunderdome election 2020 and this one is very well known for a little tour they took with Syrian dictator and butcher Bashar Al-Assad!!


Well, I’ll tell you one guy who will vote for her – her best pal, Assad:

Not everyone is happy that she sucked face with Assad however:

Oh well, S.E. Cupp wasn’t going to vote for Gabbard anyway.

Yes, she’s a YUGE longshot, almost as crazy as the guy she backed in 2016 – Bernie Sanders:

WOW! Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard official RESIGNS position at DNC to support Bernie Sanders!

Here are some of the other greatest hits from Tulsi Gabbard that we have documented over at the Righto Scoopo:

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard blames Trump for false missile alert in Hawaii

Yup everything is Trump’s fault.

And she’s big on impeachment:

I’m doing my homework on IMPEACHMENT – Tulsi Gabbard

AND she used to NAIL Barack Obama… no, not like that, you potty-brain, like THIS:

EVEN this Democrat is angry and frustrated that Obama REFUSES to recognize radical ISLAM as a THREAT

Daaaang. That’s gonna go over well with the Obama-worshipping Democrats.

And lookit this!!

Democrat Congresswoman says Obama is ‘WORKING HAND-IN-HAND with ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS’!

Hmm, yeah good luck with that run, Tulsi.

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