Ana Navarro claims DeSantis only won because he ‘gamed the system’ [VIDEO]

Hack CNN analyst Ana Navarro claims Governor DeSantis only won so big because he ‘gamed the system’.

Navarro claims DeSantis turned Florida into ‘an unlevel playing field’ by changing election laws to make it harder to vote by mail, and with this election police force or something.

Navarro is so anti-Trump that it’s made her bitter, so much so that she can’t even appreciate someone like Ron DeSantis bringing everyone together to vote for him.

Just look at her list. She blames it on changing election laws, parading black people who committed voter fraud, his election police force and apparently being good at responding to hurricanes. Yes, that’s right. DeSantis gamed the system by helping people in a timely and thoughful manner after a category 4 hurricane hit the state.

Navarro is nothing but a joke and CNN deserves her.

Oh and as far as voter turnout, DeSantis increased his voters from by well over 500,000 from 2018 to now. It was the Democrat opponent (Crist) who lost nearly one million votes since 2018. She can blame that on voter turnout if she wants, but that’s not the fault of DeSantis or any of that bull poop she put in her list.

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