Ana Navarro has a embarrassing MELTDOWN while defending Venezuelan SOCIALISM!

Well this is odd. Ana Navarro, who is ostensibly anti-socialism, went absolutely chicken-crap crazy when Rand Paul wouldn’t agree with her contention that Maduro in Venezuela isn’t socialist.

This is just bizarre. I see the point she’s trying to make – she wants to say that Venezuela is governed by a thug, not necessarily one led by the tenets of socialism. But, as Jonah Goldberg argues, that’s kind of the point – socialism leads to thug dictatorships when the people start rising up because of failures of centralized governance. So, that’s a point that people can disagree or agree with, and discuss and debate rationally.

But Ana Navarro cannot.

She is so damn irrational that she isn’t even willing to let Rand Paul discuss the issue, and instead just squaws like an idiot that she’s right. It’s really pathetic.

AND GET THIS – she has a bunch of tweets where she EXPLICITLY describes the thugocracy in Venezuela as SOCIALIST:

So WHY, is she all of a sudden whining that it’s wrong to describe Venezuela’s problems as caused by socialism?

What changed? All I can figure out is the Trump age has made her so incensed that she has to disagree with anything the Republicans say, even things that she once held to be true. Amazing. And pathetic.

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