Anarchy and looting in Chicago after BLM mob attack police over lies about police shooting

Last night anarchy and looting happened at Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district after Black Lives Matter protesters attacked police over lies about a police shooting.

First, here’s what police say about the shooting and the mob attacks:

FOX NEWS – The unrest began Sunday afternoon, after police responded to a report of a man with a gun in the city’s Englewood neighborhood. While pursuing that individual on foot, he “turned and fired shots” at officers before being struck himself and taken to a local hospital, Deputy Chief Delonda Tally told Fox 32 Chicago. A crowd that had gathered at the scene then faced off against police and started hurling objects at officers after getting agitated over a false rumor that the suspect – who is in his late teens or early 20s – was a child, investigators add.

“We do have an officer that was maced by someone in the crowd,” Tally told Fox 32 Chicago. “We do have an officer that sustained a shoulder injury from the incident with the crowd. One of our vehicles, the windows were shattered by a brick.”

Police later tweeted an image of a gun they said they recovered at the scene.

After the BLM mob attacked police they used it as an excuse to loot and pillage because, you know, they were hungry:

In this video they actually rammed a car into the side of a store in order to break in and loot it. They were just so hungry!

Hungry looters finally loot a grocery store!

So far we haven’t seen much of a police presence in these videos (except the Walgreen video). But here Chicago police are arresting one looter who fell down as they were pursuing her:

There may be other videos, but I think you get the picture of what happened there last night. I hope the mayor is proud of her city.

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