And just like that Gov DeSantis has a “glass jaw” and the media, anti-Trumpers are trying to break it

I wake up this morning to find out that Governor Ron DeSantis apparently has a “glass jaw” and is “easily offended” or something.

At least that’s what all of his detractors are saying it, both on social media and tv.

The knives are clearly out for DeSantis now that he’s the biggest name in the Republican Party, and it all seems to have started with this guy yesterday, whoever he is:

“Too toxic. Too brittle. Too much of a martinet”???

I don’t get this analysis at all. If I didn’t know any better I’d think they were talking about someone else, not DeSantis.

Then came the “glass jaw” comments from the typical anti-Trumper crowd:

Cruel? Authoritarian? WHO IS HE TALKING ABOUT because none of this describes Governor DeSantis.

Then one former Republican turned lib takes this on MSNBC this morning to root for a Trump DeSantis fight:

Mark Levin said that the media was trying to goad DeSantis and Trump into a fight and they are doing exactly that. Trump has clearly already fallen for it but I really don’t expect DeSantis will. I think he’ll just ignore it and questions about it, and continue governor the great state of Florida.


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