Andrew Breitbart speaks at Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll

Howdy! I’m spending the weekend at Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston attending the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll. This morning Andrew Breitbart addressed the main stream media’s role in destroying the social fabric of our country. Here’s a little of what he had to say:

I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Breitbart last night and am even more thankful for what he does.

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16 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart speaks at Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll

  1. CIA and FBI and local police departments have known for decades that profiling simply does not work. Unfortunately the conservatinve talking heads are unable to articulate this, probably because the frisking of the 90y/o makes an easy story, tabloid journalism and all.

  2. For the pure entertainment experience, follow him on Twitter. A lot of vile stuff being sent by a bunch of nut jobs!

  3. Exactly, Breitbart. I have alot of respect for Andrew. Why do they search old ladies in wheelchairs, when there is probably a Muslim in line that could use a good old search, due to the 99% of terrorists are Muslim logic?

  4. Andrew,

    I left commenting on your site, The Bigs, after a year and a half because it’s poorly moderated by a bunch of Nazi’s who ban Christians. Your site is also over run with Paulbots, homos, atheists, anti Semites and anti Christian bigots.

    1. DITTO that, to much division and a lot of pounding on their chest’s. The Bigs is not a welcoming committee– God help you if your a newbie. See CL first! It’s more of a stand off between blowhards and a test of ones IQ against the other. What’s worse, it’s inevitable someone alway’s jumps-in, hi-jacks the thread, another will flame-it and another will insult. It’s a constant and a complete turn-off.

      Any wonder why the Conservatives or it’s base doesn’t have it’s act together? the Bigs is a good example… of who’s side are you on? anyone who gets the popular snarky post out first and a good thumb’s-up.

      Andrew Breitbart, he is the “official in-fighter for the Tea Party” but at the Bigs site it’s like……….where’s the team?

      Don’t get me wrong, Andrew is “my hero” for the Conservative cause, but The BIGS not so much.

        1. CL is the ” all knowing head honcho of the website: This person prides themself as being the go to since the beginning of the site etc:: and the cowboy—logic is all that’s right in their world. Doesn’t talk favorably about SP and not much more of a fan having a female for POTUS: it seems *wink* you know, one of those types. ,)

          Yes’ OMA Mom it is a rand over there. I just read and that’s it for me….”

          1. Oh Yeah. I KNOW who you are talkin’ about. He’s a dyed in the wool card male chauvinist PIG and he hates Sarah Palin and calls her a moron all the time.

            The IQ there is below 100 for sure.

  5. I hope you get a chance to have some Texas BBQ while you’re there, Red.
    Yummy stuff.

    It was a little hard to make out what Brieitbart was saying…
    No matter though, he is a good warrior for the conservative cause.
    I wish he would endorse Rick Perry.

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