Andy Ngo suffered SERIOUS injury from Antifa ATTACK, liberals applaud violence [UPDATED]

There’s a lot of updates on the Andy Ngo attack story. First of all, it looks like he is suffering from a major injury as a result of the vicious attack by cowardly antifa scumbags, this comes from his legal representative:


Some on the left doubted that the injuries could be so bad, because they say he was just hit by milkshakes.

Here’s the issue with that:

Some think they did it to include caustic chemicals that could irritate your skin, but others point out that if it hardened, it could really do some damage. That could explain the injuries to Ngo.

Some are defending the attack by trying to act like it’s not a big deal:

That guy’s tweet isn’t showing up because he eventually protected ALL his tweets. Here’s a screenshot of the start of his pro-attack defense:

Others are saying, well he deserved it:

In a week? You have this info now, but waiting to release it? Oooook.

Or they’re saying he was faking it:

I guess he started a fight with antifa, so he deserves all of this?

Meanwhile Brian Stelter is forced to admit this was a despicable attack, but he can’t bring himself to call Ngo a journalist, so he calls him a “messenger”:


On the plus side, Michelle Malkin opened up a GoFundMe to help Ngo, and she quickly met the $50,000 goal she had set. It’s up to $78,000 and counting:

So, pray for Ngo. And hopefully the scumbags who attacked him will be caught, but to be honest, I’m not holding my breath on that one….

Here’s our previous post on the attack.


There’s another angle of the attack.

And Malkin’s GoFundMe for Ngo has reached more than $123k.

No more info on his condition yet.

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