Angry top White House official essentially CONFIRMS Biden & Dems declaring 70 million Americans OUTCAST

Former Atlanta mayor and current senior White House adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms essentially confirmed what has been abundantly obvious for the last week. Biden and the Democrats are declaring that anyone who ever supported or voted for Donald Trump is persona non grata. Outcast. The enemy.

Martha Raddatz asked her THE question that should be the only one any White House rep is being asked (I would say Biden but he doesn’t take questions from the press and is on vacation again anyway) every time they go out in public:

“Has the president essentially given up on those MAGA Republicans, some 70 million people?”

Keisha Lance Bottoms doesn’t dodge the question. She answers it by omission. Watch:

Look at her anger as she says it she’s almost shaking. They’re so filled with self-righteous, smug superiority it enrages them to even have to answer question about it.

But notice that she began her answer with “what the president has done is said that he will continue to work with mainstream Republicans.”

That is a very clear signal and answer. Behave. Or begone.

Notice how she ends it: by saying otherwise the country is in danger.

So her answer is don’t be MAGA or the government will consider you a danger.

Straight from the White House, folks. This is how purges start.


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