Animation: Biden leads by DOUBLE DIGITS say billion WRONG headlines EXPOSED by Biden’s own campaign

JOE BIDEN LEADS DONALD TRUMP BY DOUBLE DIGITS screech headlines every week or two. As they have since Biden first entered the primary race. A lot of times it’s preceded by some event the media thinks is DEVASTATING.

Trump refuses to condemn BLANK, check out the polls! Trump heard someone say the word Russia, check out the polls! Trump reacted to a poll result, check out how that affected the polls! And every time it’s about how he plummets or tanks or craters or bottoms out or what have you, and Biden is up by BIG ol’ DOUBLE DIGITSSSSSS!!!

It’s a VERY popular news story, just take a gander our purty animation below showing just a FEW to get the idea.

But it ain’t really so, says Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon in a video posted online of her speaking to a grassroots summit.

INFLATED is an important word here. A correct word. They’re inflated in a million ways and by a million methods, but even the Biden campaign itself knows they don’t represent reality.

So what’s the reason for spilling the beans?

Now THAT is funny. But the reason for the MSM to constantly tout the phantom double digit whupping is the same as always. They want everyone to think Trump is done and over with and the worst and they GOT him.

But, you know, they haven’t. Got him. Not that they aren’t still trying.

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