Ann Coulter: I would prefer Ron Paul as president to Newt Gingrich

Ok, she’s not saying she’d vote for a third party Ron Paul like Beck did, so that’s good. But still, this anti-Newt sentiment has caused the crazy to come out even in Ann Coulter, who says that she’d prefer a President Paul over a President Gingrich:

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248 thoughts on “Ann Coulter: I would prefer Ron Paul as president to Newt Gingrich

  1. Before you conservatives go land shark on Coulter… she didn’t say she supported Paul or wanted him to be President.

  2. Your’e half way there babe!

    Now you and Mrs. Malkin should just set aside the Neo-Con
    Kool-Aid push for small government at home and abroad!

  3. Has the War Hag Coulter and her legions in the “ahmen corner” thought through another “pre-emptive” War in the Middle East? Even 5th grade bully Bill O’Reilly said it would be a disaster, but of course out the other side of his mouth he parrots the “Ron Paul is a nut on foreign policy” line.

    1. Has the Marxosocialist cauliflower ears Obama and his legions in the “lets draw pentagrams corner” thought through Obama’s Middle East policies which included standing silent while moderates were calling for help while their regiems brutalized them, inciting the overthrow of the Egyptian govt immediately instead of waiting for announced elections, and his own “pre-emptive” war in the middle east?

  4. Newt is a flat out liberal. Let’s be honest. At least Romney has an idea (or says he does) of the proper spheres of government. Ron Paul actually has a record of standing for that, but I digress. Newt has repeatedly been for federalization of problems and programs. He is a saber rattler when it comes to war. He is simply not worthy of the Republican support.

  5. Her job is to give her opinion. If you don’t like it then that is your option. But you all sound like a bunch of leftist wanting her silenced. What happened to debate in this country?

  6. I can’t even make it through 1/4 of the comments. Ron Paul fanboys bore me. Your hero has 0 chance, deal with it. Your a bunch of OWS losers working knowingly or unknowingly for Berry.

  7. Normally, a paragon of rational thought, Ann has me confused. I don’t see how she can so vigorously oppose Newt while supporting Romney. In fact, it appears she’s flipped. She adores Christie because, she has said, of his ability to articulate conservatism. Newt has shown he is supremely adept at precisely the same thing!

  8. ‘I would prefer Ron Paul as President to Newt Gingrich’.

    She has officially jumped the shark, that is insane. I would prefer Obama to Paul, as Obama has attacked our enemies overseas, which would end with a Paul presidency. Paul is looney-tunes; which other candidate blames the US for 9-11, receives funds from white supremacy groups, appears on Alex Jones show regularly. Has Coulter lost her mind?

    1. Waelse1, what you don’t mention, and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you don’t know this, Ron Paul has also received more donations from military, current and retired, as all the other candidates, including Obama, combined.

      As far as your “conspiracy theory” implication who believes that the US government initiated 9-11, see this: You’ll see that Dr. Paul does NOT support this line of thinking, even though he has appeared on the Alex Jones show. He’s also appeared on every single major network on the planet and does not necessarily agree to their particular bias either.

      Obama has also murdered American citizens overseas – not only a perceived terrorist but a teenage American boy who was not suspected of doing anything wrong. This is okay with you? If so, what a monster you are!! What if he decided to murder your son or daughter just because he says he can -that would be okay with you too, I suppose – just because he or she may be accused though not convicted of a crime?

      Do you even understand what the constitution says about the American justice system? “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Have you even read the Constitution? At the very least, have you read the Bill of Rights?

      Given this supreme law of the land, do you really think it’s okay to execute your fellow Americans without any semblance of trial?

      I don’t really give a crap if you respond to me one way or another, but I do hope you and all the other like-minded, non-thinking zombies who have half a brain to read this post, do some serious soul searching and a small amount of research and think about what you are promoting and supporting.

      Vote for Newt or vote for Obama – you get the same results either way.

      If you think voting is a serious business and not just a beauty contest or a sporting competition, then you ought to at least understand who or what you are voting for.

  9. I have always liked Ann Coulter’s acerbic wit vs. the neo-liberals or those of that ilk,but recently I have got to say as a Conservative myself,that her ‘conservatism’ is a type only Ann knows. I won’t mention anything about her ideas,because she obviously has something(including myself) that keeps conservatives buying her books and listening to her opinions.I know I did.I thought for myself and since I am 15 years older than Ann ,I started earlier following conservatism.When Bill Buckley ran for mayor of NY and then his brother Jim ran and won,if I’m not mistaken the Senate seat from NY.So,I have been through all types of conservatism,Buckleys,Newt’s and say Kristol’s.They are generally conservative on issues(though I wonder about Newt).Ann,is well Ann. Only time and sales will tell if she has a backlash,but I’ll be honest,I don’t think I could buy another book by her because I don’t know which way she is heading.Maybe Newt is that bad or maybe,when she was pushing Cain,her thinking is not working as fast as her lips.So,quiet down Ann and keep your followers,before you turn into another David Brock.

  10. yeah, it sure is “crazy” to be anti unsustainable war, or to be pro civil liberties.

    Liking Ron Paul is not crazy, but disagreeing with him on most of the issues is. Unless you are a wall street banker, or a military industrial complex goon, in which case you should be very anti Ron Paul.

  11. Sadly we are witnessing so called conservative punditry coming apart at the seams making outrageous statements seeking a moderate. With all the so called conservative WalkieTalkies making the outrageous statement that there is no difference in 0bama and Gingrich. Or AC saying that Paul is preferential to Newt just to boost her next in line moderate. I think she is pissed at every candidate because her main man christy didn’t run.
    She has dropped equal to Sean Penn and the other liberal actresses in my book.

  12. Anne Coulter has FRICK’N LOST HER MIND! I don’t have any other explaination for her Insane choices politicians to back or oppose except to say this she must be going through her “change of life times” and it has scrambled her barins! I know it may sound sexist to some of you ladies,I’m sorry, but there’s no other rational explanation for her sudden abandonment of her conservative principles!

  13. Nice to see that everyone agrees that Ron Paul’s domestic program of Small Constitutional Government is good. If only the other candidates would endorse them too. As for his foreign Non-Interventionist policy, it has yet to sink in. Call it: Mind Your Own Business. Isn’t this what our parents taught us? You stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong and you are gonna get your ass kicked! Which is exactly what is happening to the USA. Ron Paul is simply obeying the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.

  14. Hey, crazy aunt: GTF back in the damned basement, and STFU. You’re embarrassing us, again. I’ll send your plate down, when its time to eat.

  15. She is maddly in love with Gov Christi, and since he gave his support to Romeny, she will dedicade all her efforts in trashing and bashing other candidates.

  16. Some people reach a status of fame and decadence at the same time. This is true for Mrs. Coulter. She is right now out of ideas and has engaged in provocation. To support Mr. Paul, with the knowledge about politics, that I expect her to have, is irresponsible. O.K. Someone will show up and tell me about the freedom of speech etcetera, but to spread stupidity is not serving our Country. Mr. Paul is together with Obama the guy who can make more incoherent statements per minute than any other candidate at the moment. No American should support someone who is not willing to stand for Israel and who shows such a high level of ignorance of the conflict.

  17. It’s good that she hasn’t endorsed Paul? It amazes me how pretend conservatives hate a man that has never voted for anything that is not specifically authorized in Article I, Section 8. I dare him take the Tenth Amendment seriously!

    He is the only candidate that does not support the central planning of fiat paper currency, interest rates, and banking by the Federal Reserve. The other candidates have a very statist position.

    The Republican party platform indicates that the party supports civil rights. Paul is the only R running that lives up to the platform. The rest have no respect for habeus corpus (see support of indefinite detentions, NDAA, etc.) They have no respect for equal treatment of the LBGT community. They violate the Constitution with their support of the War of Drugs (aka War on people). They support the Repeal the 4th Amendment Act (aka unPatriotic Act). The list goes on.

    Gingrich and Romney explictly rejected the free market approach to a burst credit bubble of central bank creation in favor of bailouts, money printing, and debt.

    And the part about “bringing out the crazy EVEN in Coulter” really made my chuckle. It’s a short-trip to crazy town for that demagogue. Didn’t Coulter claim not more than 6-months ago that Romney couldn’t win? Now she supports progressive Romney (D). The woman has no credibility.

  18. LOL! You people are so funny! If somebody veers a little ways off the plantation you all scream for blood. As a matter of fact, you’re all blood thirsty vampires – starting with darlin’ Newt the Impaler.

  19. Oh sh1t, where am I, it feels like I’ve stumbled into bizarro huffpo! Or possibly the gathering place of neocon trolls to get the latest digs in at Ron Paul. And to think the GOP expects Ron Paul supporters to fall in line when they manipulate the nomination away from him. From the point of view of a formerly 25 year registered indie, now repub, he’s the only candidate that differs from any of the remaining contenders including Obama.

  20. I have an idea about why Ann hates Newt Gingrich so much.

    Ann’s first best seller was High Crimes and Misdemeanors:The Case Against Bill Clinton. It was (obviously) an argument for the impeachment of Clinton.

    I think Ann is so pissed off at Gingrich because he was screwing around on his wife at the same time the House was bringing impeachment charges against Clinton. I think that’s why she hates Newt as much as she does. Newt’s actions negate any premise there is for conservatives to ever throw Clinton’s impeachment in the face of liberals ever again.

    She’s not wrong, either. Every liberal I know does not even know that Clinton was impeached. They really don’t know it. I’ve had to explain it to them. Clinton wasn’t convicted by the Senate, but he was impeached by the House.

    I think that’s why she hates Newt. He negates her most passionate argument against the Left. And she can’t stand it.

  21. Ok, here’s another question: When are we going to stop giving credence to “pundits” like Coulter who continue to spew nonsense? (For example, RS how many posts do you have of a “conservative”/Republican talking head saying something stupid? It may rival your Obama/Biden posts)

    Can’t we just ignore these people? I seriously, think they are part of the problem with our movement. Krauthammer, BOR, Rove, Coulter, Rubin, fill in the blank … have caused more problems, and have led to this environment of our rather “lame” field.

    Why don’t we let the voters decide who is “electable”, “polarizing” and “can appeal to Independents” etc. I do understand the radical ramifications of such an exercise.

      1. I sincerely hope people on our side stop subsidizing the lifestyle’s of these pundits so that they may go to parties and trash the very people who support said lifestyle.

  22. I tend to agree with Coulter. Newt completely lost me after his comments regarding the judiciary this weekend.

        1. What’s your point? I saw that and I think it’s the most relevant issue facing us in the next election. Everything Newt said was absolutely true and I don’t understand how anyone can object to it.

          What did he say in that interview that you object to?

          1. Take the first sentence of the LA Times article, but change the name to President Obama:

            “[President Obama] says as president he would ignore Supreme Court decisions that conflicted with his powers as commander in chief, and he would press for impeaching judges or even abolishing certain courts if he disagreed with their rulings.”

            President Obama has stated repeatedly that he will take matters into his own hands if Congress doesn’t act with regard to certain, despite the lack of any constitutional authority in that regard. I view Mr. Gingrich’s comments as a similar willingness to flout the powers and authorities of a branch of government co-equal to the executive. That is cause for real concern, for a man who will not respect the constitutional limitations placed upon an office is a man who cannot be trusted to hold that office.

            1. Pay attention to what Newt has said and not what the media is reporting he said. Impeachment of judges is in the Constitution and nothing Newt has said goes against the Constitution. Congress created and funds the courts and nothing Newt has said violates the separation of powers. The point he’s making is that it’s the courts that have violated the separation of powers and we need a re-balancing to reign in what has become an imperial judiciary.

              As far as the “what if the other side did it?” argument, let them try. They do it now anyway, except they do it in darkness. Obama’s EPA went ahead and instituted regulations defining CO2 as a pollutant even though both Congress and the courts refused to allow it. The only way to prevent Democrats and liberals from doing what they want is to vote Republican.

  23. Apologies if someone posted this already …but didn’t Coulter also say she would vote for Hillary Clinton over McCain?

    1. Many times. She wrote several columns including references to “My Gal Hillary” and what she needed to do to get the nomination.

      It was probably tongue-in-cheek.

      I think her tongue got stuck, though.

  24. Ann Coulter’s would prefer Ron Paul to Newt Gingrich? Of course, because she is very much in the pocket of the International Oil Interests… as in ….. her love of “Sharia Judge Appointing” Chris Christie. So of course, she is going to pick “Pro Sharia” or Sharia Neutral candidates. Wake up folks and get a clue! Do you NOT understand what is going on with this woman?

  25. I was just over at the Washing Times site checking to see if anyone responded to the following post I posted over there only to find it was deleted and I have been banned from posting. HMMMMM!
    Didn’t the times endorse Romney? Why are they stomping on speech rights like lefties and ChiComs do? Pathetic!

    Here’s what I posted in the comments section of a piece about Newt.

    Why wouldn’t the establishment want Newt?

    I say study his agenda very carefully and there has to be something they don’t want because they know Newt can rally a majority of Americans behind him, twist arms as President and get things done unlike Obama he knows the in and outs. There has to be something Newt wants the establishment from BOTH SIDES doesn’t.
    Real reform?

    As long as the conservative base behaves predictably they will have the MSM choosing their candidates for them by way of their predictable behavior.

    If conservatives really want to see liberal heads explode within the MSM then nominate Newt and enjoy the show as the talking heads explode and demand conservatives play by their rules and behave predictably.

    What the WT did speaks volumes about the GOP DC establishment insiders.

    Here’s the link I posted that at:

    Negative ads taking toll on Gingrich

    Wake up folks! The establishment types at the WT are now behaving like ChiComs in support of their guy Romney.

  26. She is starting to think straight. Do we really prefer someone who was tossed out of Congress on ethics violations over someone who has served honorably and honestly for over 30 years and is known for his honesty and truthfulness? Not me, Newt is a disgrace to our party and Paul is the true conservative in this race. The other two are socialists in disguise.

    1. Lorin Chane Partain – you’re right. I think that the moral compass in some of these people has gone haywire. Newt cheats on his bedridden wife, gets busted for ethics violations and Ron Paul and his supporters are the kooks?

    2. Paul is not a Conservative. He’s an anarcho-libertarian.

      He can’t win the nomination, he can’t hijack the Republican party, and he can’t seem to stop making an a$$ out of himself.

  27. Fortunately for all of us, Newt will not be the candidate so Coulter’s threat is hollow at best.

    Newt’s “great debater” badge seemed to be missing in the last Iowa debate. After the debate his poll numbers…collapsed.

    Gingrich less than 2 weeks ago had a double digit lead in the polls.
    CNN: Gingrich 28, Romney 28, Paul 14, Bachmann 8

    The “Anybody but Romney” hysteria is driving bewildered voters into the arms of Crazy Uncle Ron.
    Insider Advantage: Paul 24, Romney 18, Perry 16, Gingrich 13

    And of course there’s the evil Left wing shill Fox News:

    “DEAD HEAT POLL: Gingrich Lead over Romney Collapses”

    Coulture is part of the Political Entertainment Industry and is fulfilling her job description.

    Perry/Rubio 2012 because the pre-game show is over, the clowns have entertained us and now it’s time for the main event.

    1. “Crazy Uncle Ron” I don’t know if you remember but the called Reagan crazy in 76. Said he wasn’t mainstream enough, his views were a bit nuts and so on. Sound familiar? Exactly what is crazy about Paul anyway. He is right about everything and is the real conservative in this race. The others are fake.

        1. yeah right.redstate anal froth is the last word on racism..sheesh.ive had it with pseudo losers hate the military because they support paul overwhelmingly.

          1. You forgot the part about how we’re all racists, and eat babies.

            I mean, while you’re making sh*t up, why not go whole hog?

  28. Ron Paul will get Obama re-elected.
    Obama really gives Ann a lot materials to talk about. That’s is her best sellers based on. That’s how she makes her money. I think that’s why she and Beck really Obama second term.

    1. ANYONE save Ron paul will get obama elected.

      if romney,perry or gingrich get the nomination :none of the ron paul supporters will vote for them.they dont see these d-bags as any different than the marxist in whitehouse today.
      so,if any of you fellows want obama out ,hold your noses and vote ron paul.end of story.otherwise its all downhill from here for y’all

      1. Which is why we continuously make fun of you Paul cultists. You’re stupid, and don’t know Ditka about Butkiss. Do you speak football?

        Ron Paul uber alles, uber alles, uber alles! “Aaaaaaa shaaadup!” (Bugs Bunny)

        Obama couldn’t beat an unwashed jock strap. He’ll be wearing a thong while dancing to song. “Landslide”…right out of town.

        I think Stevie Nicks is still kinda’ fat…at least she was the last time I saw her. So, she’ll start singing, and O’ can once again shake his move thing…all the way to Indo-freakin’-nesia.

        Meanwhile, the electorate will continue what they started in 2010. This time it will not only be a shellacking, but a political head cracking, with some fracking thrown in for good measure.

  29. Newt Gingrich is a part of the political machine that people hate so much. Has he ever been anything else? It bewilders me that the guy has any support whatsoever… unless people just love the status quo. But I suspect that if people would spend just 5 minutes looking up dirt on him on the internet, his support would flatline.

    1. The political machine kicked Gingrich out and are going ballistic trying to keep him from getting back in, so how do you figure he’s a part of it?

  30. News is literally a new world order, globalist, third way, Illuminati guy.
    I mean what he wrote on some books or forwards to books is really dangerous.

    Romney is just an empty suit just like Obama is who can be manipulated and told what to do.

    Ron Paul is the only honest and not bough and paid for candidate by the big banks.

    Romney top donors are all banks from jp morgan, bank of america, wells fargo, etc… Ron paul top donors on the other hand are army, navy and airforce!

  31. A President is much more powerful in the area of foreign policy than domestic. A President Paul may not accomplish any of his policies domestically unless we have overwhelming majorities in both houses.

    On the other hand, a President Paul (cringe!) could do immense harm to the world if he alienates and endangers Israel, and allows Al Qaeda to regain strength, and allows the suicidal maniac running Iran to acquire nukes.

    1. Netanyahu, disagrees with you. He just recently said that they don’t need the US in order to defend themselves, and they don’t.

      Also, it is not our job to be the policeman of the world, it makes us less safe as US citizens. Who do terrorists like to kill? Canadians? Swiss? New Zealanders? NO, they look for US passports and kill Americans. Why? Because our government has been killing their civilians for years now. They don’t hate us because of blue jeans and cheeseburgers. They hate what our government is doing to them and many are motivated to kill because of it.

      So our policy only encites the very responses we don’t want. You don’t see terrorists blowing up towers in Switzerland do you? NO.

      1. Terrorists have killed many more Muslims than Westerners. And they have killed many Westerners that are not American.

        They may not have gotten around to Switzerland yet, but they have orchestrated attacks in Spain, England, Scotland, India, etc.

  32. What all of these talking heads should be doing is using every last breath they have on air to promote a run by Palin…but none of them had the guts to get behind her before so why would they now even thought the GOP is going to lose to Obama with the horrible field they have running.

  33. I can’t tell if Ann is serious or not. Last time around she said she would actively campaign for Hilary if McCain got the nomination. I think she was very glad to use Palin as an excuse to change her endorsement.

  34. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich worry me on opposite sides of the issues. Ron Paul worries me on foreign policy and Newt worries me on domestic. Personally, I’d rather avoid the scare entirely and vote in someone else that’s not one of those two.

    Although I think Bachmann and Santorum are the most solid conservatives, I think Rick Perry is more stable and has a much better chance.

    1. That will never be.

      Many women will never vote for a “trophy wife” First Lady, especially when so many have been traded-in themselves.

      Newt has a BIG problem with women voters, he just doesn’t know it yet.
      Many women will never vote for a man who OBVIOUSLY has no respect for women since he has betrayed so many.

  35. For the sake of me, I don’t understand why these people keep pushing Romney, he’s just not that great of a candidate. I understand that Newt may have a few flaky ideas, but at least he has some.

  36. Wow. She’s REALLY leapt into the deep end of the pool to even joke about embracing Ron Paul as any kind of serious Presidential candidate.

  37. Ann Coulter is articulate all right, but total flake.
    She went nuts about fat man Christie,the liberal from N.J.
    Now she supports another Northestern liberal Willard The Flip Flopper.

    She even told Hannety that fatso Christie is the only man she would marry.
    Picture skeletal Ann and mr YouTube screaming fatso togetter.

    1. Why are you making it a point to call Christie a fatso? If you don’t like his policies that’s fine, but you sound like a leftist with that type of attack. It’s a personal one not tied to his character or policies, and in my opiniion it’s uncalled for.

      1. Being very obese shows lack of discipline,willpower and lack of character.

        Plus,the guy is a liberal,fake,phony and a fraud.
        Just like his friend Willard Rockefeller Romney.

        1. I’m not going to argue against you saying that he’s a liberal, fake, phony and a fraud. At least those are relevant to policital positions and are fair game.

          But I disagree on the weight issue. Some people just love to eat, and for others its a personal weakness. That does not mean they aren’t strong leaders or have bad character. Like his positions or not, Christy is a very strong leader. His weight is a non-issue.

          For the record, I’m 6’1″ and weigh 200 lbs. I am not defending his weight based off any weight problems I personally have.

        1. Why? I wasn’t angry. It was sounding like high school and I just think it’s not necessary. Big deal.

  38. I really Love Ya Ann…..but it’s time to stop talking for a while, and get your head screwed on straight.

  39. Lets see, first she says Romney will loose to Obama so we need Chris Christie. Then she says Romney is as conservative as Michelle Bachman. Then she says Newt is bombastic, unlike her first choice Krispy Kreme Christie. Coulter is out there! I suggest people just stop listening to her bloviate.

  40. if Newt wins the Republican nomination, you are handing the election to Obama, it is as simple as that. yes, the debates would be great entertainment, but the liberal media would cut him to pieces

  41. She makes her living as a shock jock,she says these things for the attention they bring her, nothing more nothing less

    1. Okay maybe your right and we shouldn’t be so hard on her.

      It’s just that her imitation of an idiot is so darn good.

  42. The establishment hatred against Gingrich is insane. Coulter, National Review magazine, and countless others have gone out of their way to provoke utter contempt from me and I should suspect a lot of other conservatives. We’ll remember this for a LONG time.

    1. No it’s not insane. Newt help to get this Rino Nathan the real deal in GA. Oh yeah he was going to cut spending yeah right! There’s coPs everywhere trying to squeeze $ out of our pockets. Gov Deal is always coming up with wacky ideas to take more $ from us. What’s insane is people still listen to Newt!

    2. Especially Glenn Beck who was way over the top with his TRASHING of Newt. By a guy up until that point had showed not much interest in any of the candidates

  43. I’m sure in Ann Coulter’s mind she’s something special. She has sold her soul to the republican establishment!

  44. So Ann would rather have a guy whose foreign policy is to the left of Barack Obama than the guy who gave us the first Republican Congress in 40 years and a balanced budget? I’ll pass.

  45. I remember when Coulter said that she would “vote for Hillary rather than John McCain”.
    She doesn’t help herself with remarks like this.
    Coulter lost me as a fan a long time ago.

  46. I agree with her. Newt, Romney and the rest of the NeoCons could careless about the US Constitution and individual liberty. What has the Republican establishment really given us, at least those of us that are actually Constitutional Conservatives.

    George W Bush? Come one, that guy was nothing but a liberal. He increased the debt, he increased the size of our government, he stuck his nose into public education, he advocated for open borders and amnesty.

    Romeny is just another Northeastern elite politician – he wont even go into details about what he would actually cut.

    While I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul says, at least he is a real Constitutional Conservative. I’ll take less war and nation building over more debt and decade long wars any day.

      1. He’s for letting states decide matters like drug legalization, abortion, healthcare, gay marriage, etc. If Ron Paul really wanted to impose his moral viewpoints on America, he wouldn’t run for President on a platform of taking those powers away from the federal government.

          1. Well no kidding. It was to show how the Federal Government went out of it’s way to deem alcohol as a drug at one point as well. I am pointing out to David the point of legal marijuana. I honestly don’t care if it is legal or not. I don’t think it is much worse than alcohol, and, I don’t hear of the NUMBER of cases where the guy behind the wheel was so stoned he killed an entire family on the news each day. I can say that is linked to alcohol, not pot.

          1. I am quickly closing in on 50 years old, never smoked pot, served 11 years in the Marine Corps, and I would answer your question this way.
            If Paul were to not support dropping the war on drugs I would have to question his commitment to any liberty or freedom issue. Therefore, no, I would not support him. Very simply, if you own yourself, what business is it of the government what you do with your own person?
            Your question is BS, and saying that those responding above were “dancing around the question” is just as dishonest as the phrasing of your question. Have you never wondered what other issues might be important to Paul supporters? Does it not occur to you that if one wishes to curtail one of the freedoms you don’t care about, they just might want to do the same to others that you do? Do you think exhibitions of simple-mindedness makes you seem smarter?

            1. It is always I am so and so old and never smoked pot BUT if Paul wasnt for legal pot I would not support him………………………………………………I leave it up to each to decide what is truly important cause I feel that a strong leader trumps getting stoned legally.

              1. Go ahead and fall for the statist crap if you want. All the other candidates are statists, and believe in the state’s right to use violence against anyone for anything. I refuse to support such a position.

                1. Please …… Maybe you need to smoke some of that pot you want legal and relax. I just find legal drugs a dumb reason to vote for a person. Especially one who has spent over 3 decades not doing a thing in office.

                2. You really are a one trick pony, aren’t you? It seems to be your belief that only potheads support RP. I don’t really give a damn about pot, and it is not even one of the driving factors behind my support. I do see it as a gauge of a candidate’s commitment to the issue of liberty. If they want to trample on the rights of some, they will trample on the rights of others just as readily.

                  This is the reason that I don’t care much about voting. There are so few candidates I can support since nearly all are statists. The motivating factor for most of them is to wield the power of the state’s gun without having to pull the trigger themselves. They talk about making a difference in people’s lives and defending the weak in society, but they only accomplish that through the exercise of force. They believe in the right of the state to make a difference in your life through abduction, which they call arrest and incarceration. They also believe in making a difference in your life by shooting you with a taser, or if need be perforating you with lead projectiles, if you won’t submit to their attempt to abduct you. They will do this if for no other reason, than you have not remitted your tribute to the state, which they call taxes.

                  If you are so concerned about what people ingest or inhale, why not just form your own little society of anti-ingestion and inhalation crusaders, and you all can enforce the prohibitions of ingesting and inhaling among the members of your society all you want. The society I wish to belong to is the one where people mind their own damn business, but you crusaders just never keep to yourselves. You elect people to rule over everyone else regardless of whether they wish to be ruled by people who are essentially immoral thugs.

                  Get the picture? I am an anarchist. I believe in voluntary cooperation as the basis of any society. I do not believe in the right of anyone to rule over another. Ron Paul is the closest to my position as there is in the realm of DC. His faith in the constitution, and the likelihood of a limited government being formed under it, is misplaced, in my opinion. The limits on power in the constitution are vague enough to be no limit at all. Even the enumeration of rights that are purportedly protected by the bill of rights is awkwardly phrased, allowing them to be easily disregarded. This is why I am no longer a member of the cult of the constitution.

                  I will leave you with a couple of quotes. One by someone you have surely heard of, and one by a person the government schools wouldn’t dare expose you to:

                  Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
                  – George Washington

                  Inasmuch as the Constitution was never signed, nor agreed to, by anybody, as a contract, and therefore never bound anybody, and is now binding upon nobody; and is, moreover, such an one as no people can ever hereafter be expected to consent to, except as they may be forced to do so at the point of the bayonet, it is perhaps of no importance what its true legal meaning, as a contract, is. Nevertheless, the writer thinks it proper to say that, in his opinion, the Constitution is no such instrument as it has generally been assumed to be; but that by false interpretations, and naked usurpations, the government has been made in practice a very widely, and almost wholly, different thing from what the Constitution itself purports to authorize. He has heretofore written much, and could write much more, to prove that such is the truth. But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain — that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.
                  – Lysander Spooner

                3. Anarchy is the dumbest thing ever. It Always leads to some dill hole becoming a dictator. It is the most unstable and selfish modes of society ever. Just cause you think it is cool and true freedom isnt so. How free is it from the women and children hiding in fear form the rapists and murderers that thrive in anarchy? You think liberty comes with no responsibility?

                4. Actually, most of the other forms of government lead to dictatorships, including the one we currently live under. Anarchy is self-governing and means “no king or ruler”, not lawlessness. It actually requires personal responsibility to an extent that most other forms of government do not. I don’t think it is cool, but I think it is much more moral than what we have currently.

                  Murderers and rapists thrive now, under our current system, because we are required to leave our security to the state rather than seeing to it ourselves. My wife has little difficulty carrying her gun for protection, but would not be capable of carrying a cop for any extended period. Particularly if he really likes those donuts.

                  Before the blossoming of the state, when I was younger and people in this country were much more anarchic and self-reliant, the adults in the community saw to the protection of women and children, actually all neighbors, without needing the government. Not because there were written laws, but rather, because it is right. Stop trying to conflate anarchy and lawlessness, or chaos. It is neither.

                  The strongman takeover is myth. Dictators are always elected by the people, or installed by another government. Those without consent of the governed, the strongman is unable to hold on for long. If he persists, it is because the people allow, or even welcome him to.

                5. OWS is not anarchy. If anything it is mob rule aka democracy. The problem with that crowd is that they are demanding the wrong thing of the wrong people for the wrong reasons. They beg for more government intervention to curb capitalism, when the problem is government intervention in the form of crony capitalism, which is actually fascism. If these people were anarchic they would recognize government for the evil that it is. The only way to achieve what is called for by most of those who identify with the left and the right in this country is through strong central government, one that is authoritarian and despotic.

                  I would have to say that supporting candidates of the status quo, to which all the “mainstream” belong, and believing they will bring meaningful, positive results, smells of pedantry. Remember Einstein’s definition of insanity? Do the same thing over and over, and expect a different result. Gingrich, et al are the same old thing. They will not fix things, but rather perpetuate the problems. This includes statist Obama, who is much more like the rest of the statist Republican field than Ron Paul is. If you despise Obama, you should despise the Republican candidates as well. They differ only in degrees.

                  How has BO been markedly different from GWB? W and his sycophants gave us the medicare deal, the largest expansion in social spending up to that point. He has involved us in nation building and wars of aggression. Obama has continued and expanded the aggressive warfare into new territories. He has expanded all the violations of liberty started under the previous regime. Republican and Democrat insiders point and scream at the other side using rhetoric that motivates large numbers of people wishing to have things go their way. The end result is that, regardless of which despot you elect, they implement similar policies justifying them through their inexact rhetoric. Their main goal is to live outside the laws they create for the rest of us. They are not responsible to us for their actions. How many politicians ever get what they deserve for the destruction of lives and livelihoods through their “official” actions?

                  Again, go ahead and blindly follow the statist of your choosing, but leave me out of it. I want to work to build wealth for myself, and through that, advance the standard of living for those in my sphere of community who are also willing to be productive. We can contract with others for our wants and needs without bureaucrats confiscating money from us to carry out their visions. Let them build their own wealth and implement their visions by their own efforts, not by stealing mine. Your Republican “Dear Leaders” do not want that for you or me. They only wish to implement their visions at our expense. Take an honest look at what both parties have done, and continue to do. You, indeed we all, are being used to their advantage.

                6. I will also add this bit of situational ethics from Newt:

                  Gingrich charged in 1994 that 25 percent of President Bill Clinton’s White House staff used drugs, but at the same time admitted that he had also smoked pot 25 years earlier.

                  “That was a sign we were alive and in graduate school in that era,” he explained.

                  “See, when I smoked pot it was illegal, but not immoral,” Gingrich reportedly told Wall Street Journal reporter Hilary Stout in 1996. “Now, it is illegal AND immoral. The law didn’t change, only the morality… That’s why you get to go to jail and I don’t.”

                  My question is, how the hell does morality change, but the law doesn’t?
                  He stated that he would put those who import about two ounces of marijuana to death!

                  Let’s see. Murder? Yep, last time I checked, that was immoral! Doesn’t matter if it is done by an individual, or by the state for transgressing one of its made up laws that they truly wish they could equate with morality. They can’t! Legal and illegal are not interchangeable with moral and immoral.

                  Murder is mala in se. Everyone knows it is wrong. Drug laws are mala prohibita, Newt and David take it upon themselves to decide for everyone that drugs will be prohibited. Newt even goes so far as to say he wants to kill you for carrying them across a political boundary. I know I have sold some on Newt for prez, but there must be many out there who see his position for the evil that it really is.

                  Ron Paul is not pro-drug, he is pro-liberty, and favors letting people decide what they will do with the body that they own.

                  David apparently likes potential hypocritical murderers and control freak psychopaths, like Newt.

  47. I totally agree with Anne. Women do not like Gingrich. Period. Every woman I know almost gags at his name. He will never, ever be able to beat Obama. Jon Huntsman in the only GOP candidate that has any hope of taking him down. How about doing the smart thing and getting on the Huntsman bandwagon, Ms. Coulter?

      1. I think having a strong understanding of a rising super power in the world is far more advantageous than, say…Rick “let’s just nuke ’em” Perry, don’t you? And he was very outspoken concerning their record of human rights violations. And I don’t understand when people critisize him for “working in the Obama administration”. Ridiculous. When a president of either party asks you to step up and serve, you do. Just like our Military folks. All that aside, Huntsman had me at “Congressional term limits”!!. I say Amen to that!!!

        1. I didnt criticize him for working with the Obama I told you what I hear him say. He has financial interests in China and is acting like a booster for them. I cant trust a man who is in love with the largest communist country in the world.

          1. And I can’t, and never will, trust a man that cheated on at least 2 of his wives, all the while going after Clinton for his affairs. The hypocracy is mind boggling. I will never vote for Gingrich. Ever.

              1. He’s still a lying, cheating hypocrite! What about the million and a half he took from us, the taxpayers, via Freddie and Fannie?? He is nothing but pure BS, that man! Huntsman on the other hand is running on a platform of shutting the politician to lobbyist revolving door. His tax plan got the highest ranking of ANY other candidate. And, very importantly, no baggage. Go Huntsman!!

            1. Suppose we need to hate King David and King Solomon of the Bible especially if we are Christian. No , we can’t forgive David for being a murderer of another soldiers wife so he can lay down with her while at same time have many women.
              Newt has a past, he mentioned countless time how he went back to God to make right with his ill choices and ask for forgiveness. Newt has openly admit this publicly with contrite spirit.His personal life is never a far fetch from other human beings personal life, for we all fall short at some point, and none is perfect. It never meant let’s condone and put up. It meant if it’s possible that one can have an open mind and find in your heart that I am sincere in my apology and repentance, please try forgiving and move on.
              I would rather focus on Newt’s policies, economic wise, foriegn policy,social issues, how are his stands with the constitution.
              I am still a Palin but it’s not happening, I am looking at Perry, and Newt

    1. I’m a woman. I like Gingrich. I support him. I would vote for him happily. I don’t care about his sexual past. That’s none of my business. That’s none of your business either. It’s between Newt and God.

      My biggest concern is for America. We need to elect a leader that knows what has to be done and has the ability to do it. I think that’s Newt. I want the budget balanced. Newt’s done that. I want someone who isn’t afraid to call Obama a socialist. Because he is. That’s Newt. I want someone who recognizes the danger of liberal courts. That’s Newt. I want someone who loves this country and will defend her, her God and her people. That’s Newt.

      1. Dude, or dudette…

        He has a history of breaking oaths, both to his wife and to the constitution, was required to pay a $300K fine for his ethics violations. If he’ll turn his back on his oath he made to two wives, he’ll turn his back on you, a complete nobody.

        BTW, if Newt does win the White House will that make Callista the “First Lady” or “The Other Woman”?

      2. Actually his past does concern me. I was against Newt because of his sexual escapades for a long time. To me character counts. It wasn’t until I read that he was remorseful and settled it with God that I decided to forgive him. After all if God forgave him whom am I? At any rate if I don’t vote for Newt it will not be because of his adulterous past.

  48. Did anyone catch Oreily interviewing Romney? OMG!!!! I have never seen oreily go so easy on an interviewee in my life!!!

    Something is fishy about this whole thing!

    Prediction…Romney gets elected, signs executive order for Obamacare and then in 2016…we get obamacare!

  49. Everyone needs to get past themselves. Common everyone likes here when she says something you agree with, Yet when you disagree with her people all of a sudden find faults with her. As with anybody. Just look how we all spar over candidates right now. Just look at how many candidates have reached the top just to dive to the bottom of the pile. We need to understand that no-one is perfect and all the candidates have baggage. The question is who has more baggage? Is it Obama or one of the Conservative candidates?

    We are electing a President. We are not electing a “savior” (as people voted for Obama) or a “king”. We are electing a president to “Lead”. To take this country in to a new direction of the Constitution understanding not interpretation. I believe anyone on this site agrees with that. It does not mean that we are revising the train or want to go back to the segregated 60’s. It is just the opposite. We want freedom for all, freedom to fail (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). We need someone who will “help” bring morals back to the fore front of American politics. We need a president who will bring limitations on Politian’s. We all want someone who will be held accountable is 1 bill. Dollars come up missing. I would like to see people like this actually go to jail and be held accountable for their actions, I would like to see people actually be put to death for proven treason to this country. I want to elect someone who has accountability for there own actions. Now none of these candidates really meet the bill. The closest one’s I think is Michelle Bach. and Rick Santorum. My third pick is Romney. All the other candidates don’t even come close in to fitting the bill. Newt fans, I just got to say a vote for Newt is a vote for McCain. That’s what I believe and no one is going to tell me or justify it. I know too much about Newt to make a difference. Rick Perry I “really wanted” to like, but he just does not light my fire, in debates or otherwise. Ron Paul would be perfect, if not for his Foreign Policy’s which in the long run would hurt America more than it would help. Huntsman (yawn) do I have to say anything ells. Although the last debate I thought he was quite good in. Yet his previous debates are all too telling. I want to pronounce myself and say who ever the candidate is I will support and back 100 percent. I also want to say that if you want bragging rights or (I told you so) rights you better get out and vote in the primary. Otherwise you don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Another thing I am connecting is all these young people voting Republican this time around. ALL around the age of 26? I am starting to realize that all these people are the ones that voted for Obama fist time around. Obama wouldn’t have done as well as he did without the young crowed. You got to remember 4 years ago these people were 18-22. I wonder how many of them voted for Obama 1st time around that are now voting for republican. Why did you change your vote from Demo(dogs) to Republic(cats)? what was really the changing point in “your” politics.

    Another thing is I wonder in 4 or 8 years if this country will fall back a sleep again (politically)? If we elect someone that puts this country back on the right track are we as a people going to fall back in to a dormant sleep? The fight keeps on going and there are so many underlying problems that the country needs to face and fix if we are to straighten out our direction. Like Indocnoration? We need to find and locate all the socialist teachers and take out all the lies that our school children are learning in public schools. We need to stop freedom from religion and enact what the constitution really says freedom of Religion. We need to stop giving all the minority groups more rights than the community as a whole. We need to overturn Roe vs. Wade. We need to stop the insider trading that the House of representatives and the Senate are doing. We need to have term limits on positions, no more spending 30-40 years in the government just to Retire or die in office than have one of your sons or daughters take your place. Which is even worse than having a king? Because instead of one king we are electing many kings over us. It needs to stop. There are so many other problems that one presidency and one or two terms of the house AND senate is not going to be able to fix. We have got to start electing people who only want to serve one or two terms and put limitation on theses guys without loop holes that they can escape with. We need to start electing Farmers and citizens with outstanding records them self’s.

    1. There are three branches of government. The first is elected (President) the second is elected (House and Senate) the third is placed by the elected judiciary. The only way to really secure our nation and our beliefs is to keep voting in people who meet our HIGH standard. I am not saying voting in to a fault I am saying if we decide to stay home one election cycle that gives the Socialist the advantage than we deserve what we get. I do believe there are good people out there that have yet to rise to the occasion like; Congressmen West, Rubio, Chaffetz. Governor Christie and many others that have not even come to light. We must stand strong yes but we must remain strong even when times become tough again.

      I guarantee who ever is president they are going to face an onslaught of horrible media coverage as well as public outcry. If we believe we are electing our savior none of these candidates are ever going to rise to the occasion. We are in such a mess that nothing is going to fix our problems but Time. We have to assure ourselves that time will be on our side by standing steadfast and keep on voting and keep on being politically awake.

    2. You’re saying all the right things, Lapitup. I’m hoping that the majority of Americans are thinking the same way.

      Question is, will the outright destruction the present administration is causing be enough to compel Americans to never, never again turn their backs on the politicians (from the school boards on up).

    3. Lap, Thank you. To summarize you posting:

      –We need to find and locate all the socialist teachers and take out all the lies that our school children are learning in public schools.

      –We need to stop freedom from religion and enact what the constitution really says freedom of Religion.

      –We need to stop giving all the minority groups more rights than the community as a whole.

      –We need to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

      –We need to stop the insider trading that the House of representatives and the Senate are doing.

      –We need to have term limits on positions, no more spending 30-40 years in the government just to Retire or die in office than have one of your sons or daughters take your place. Which is even worse than having a king…

    1. He won’t.

      All the good Newt might have done in DC in the past, he erased. We have Obama now if anyone needs reminding.

      Newt is such a disgrace.

  50. what happened to the ‘I will vote for ANY GOP candidate?” I guess that was more for a Romney candidacy than a Gingrich one huh?

    Freakin establishment! I say we revolt and Vote Newt and let him tear down Obama in the debates!

  51. Ann still has her head up Christy’s rear end so she doesn’t even know what state she is in. Another repubican that just needs to go away.

  52. Her current stupidity re:Gingrich does not surprise me. She is only one of too many pundits (Beck, Steyn/NRO, Will, etc) who all *coincidentally* came out ONLY 3-4 weeks before the Iowa primary to voice their displeasure. And: ALL. AT. ONCE. I can only hope this is the last dying gasp of the “establishment” Republican party.

    1. You noticed that too, eh? I wonder if there is a conservative version of JournOlist? There certainly seems to be.

  53. I like to think that Ann is purposefully poking a stick in the eyes of conservatives … Just for giggles, airplay, whatever.
    Her endorsement of Romney made me want to vomit.

    1. I agree with you. It’s just like when they refer to other Americans as “Kooks and Birthers.” They’re indirectly aiding Zero. If it isn’t your cup of tea to challenge his origins, fine, or if Newt isn’t your cup of tea, fine, but I’m sick and tired of people attacking people on our side. Her last book must have flopped, because she seems to be angrier than normal. She’s obnoxious. Can’t stand her. The more they attack Newt, the more people will run away from them and their man Romney. I was even supporting Romney in the last election, but not this time. I’ve learned he is a socialist, and I don’t want a socialist.

    2. I have been a long time listener of Beck’s, and his assault on Newt (and tea partiers!) really offended me – I’m SO SICK of so-called conservatives TRASHING anybody but their favorite and handing Obama all the ammo he needs! It’s crazy!

  54. It must be Paul’s sober and well thought through foreign policy ideas that she finds more attractive.She is this year’s Christopher Buckley.Pay her no heed

  55. This girl has lost it.

    “Ron Paul won’t do anything in foreign affairs but that’s better than what Obama has done so I’ll vote for Ron Paul before Gingrich.” The “Ann Coulter–the White Goddess” show has taken a turn to the menopausal.

    She’s in need of an intervention.

    1. I don’t know if she’s lost it or not, but she’s definitely lost me! I’ve made my last excuse for reading anything she writes or listening to anything she has to say! Ron Paul is a nasty old man, Obama will portray him that way should he become the nominee and Obama will win, easily! How could any serious Republican consider this wacky old goat?

            1. “Certainly no evidence from the founding suggests that “commerce” included the mere possession of a good or some personal activity that did not involve trade or exchange for value.

              In the early days of the Republic, it would have been unthinkable that Congress could prohibit the local cultivation, possession, and consumption of marijuana.”

              Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Dissent, Gonzales v. Raich 2005.

              Really no need to say more.

        1. You’re right! I’ve been calling the “mean, nasty” look but Rumpelstiltskin fits better! (and probably won’t get me blocked on some blogs)

    2. “Ron Paul won’t do anything in foreign affairs but that’s better than what Obama has done”

      On this, I can go along.

      “so I’ll vote for Ron Paul before Gingrich.”

      On this, Ann is NUTS. Sorry, but I no longer trust unnaturally skinny people. Mostly because Ann has brought disrepute to skinny people, the same way that nancy pelosi has brought disrepute to botox users.

  56. For once, I agree with Coulter, although not for her reasons, I am sure. She figures Paul can’t win anyway but he is taking votes from Gingrich,which helps out Romney.

    In terms of foreign policy, Paul states that we should follow the constitution when starting a war which means CONGRESS declares war. So, if congress declares war, he (Paul) would support that action.

      1. I don’t know about your aunt but ann looks like she gets her freak on & sounds very jilted towards newt. These ”re’pubic’ans” who are talking trash about fellow republicans are only doing opposition research for dear leader obummer & the demonrats.

  57. As long as the conservative base behaves predictably they will have the MSM choosing their candidates for them by way of their predictable behavior.

    If conservatives really want to see liberal heads explode within the MSM then nominate Newt and enjoy the show as the talking heads explode and demand conservatives play by their rules and behave predictably.

    1. If you really want to see liberal heads explode, let some well financed conservative PAC sponsor a full “Kim Jong Il” styled billboard campaign, exposing the irrational devotion to the “progressive” messiah.

      A “We must all bow down to our Dear Leader” campaign. Put that out across the nation, and you will see a full-on rejection of the obama mystique.

  58. Seems like Coulter can’t stop herself from self-destruction. So, let’s see, we have gone from:

    Mitch Daniels to
    Paul Ryan to
    Chris Christie to
    Mitt Romney to
    Ron Paul?

    Coulter is acting like a two-bit lady of the night!

  59. “Fantastic on domestic policy”, what the heck is she talking about? Ron Paul has no moral compass, he said in effect all Supreme Court justices are good and bad. There is a lack of reason in that kind of thinking. Anarchy will be the result of a Ron Paul presidency with the states having the right to trump Natures Law and Nature God. Ron Paul espouses liberty and freedom without any restrictions, guidelines, or basic protections from the anarchy that he will certainly create.

  60. I just can’t help thinking that someone cut this lady a big fat check. No offense to folks from Czechoslovakia of course.

    Man oh man! She’s like a hooker all of a sudden who doesn’t seem to be hooking anyone. At least she hasn’t hooked me. I’ll be heading away from your brothel Annie. Get your gun if you need to but I’m wearing Kevlar mmkay? It covers my front and my back.

    Good grief…I hope you get some nice fragrance for Christmas, cuz you need it sister.

    1. Ok I guess Bribery fits in with Corruption, but I should have added bribery to the reasons formerly good solid conservatives are now to be ignored and ridiculed.

  61. Ann Coulter has jumped the shark, gone full retard, lost the plot and is now consumed by irrational hatred of Newt that she has to justify in increasingly absurd and shrill ways. Stupid woman, shut up.

  62. I’m not surprised. The woman has gone nutty. How many times has she bashed Ron Paul? What is wrong these folks. I’ve stopped listening and watching Glenn Beck. They are all fakes and liars.

    When you see Ann Coulter think of Bill Maher – there really isn’t much of a difference in the two.

    1. In the past I also looked forward to her commentary and her columns where she stood up for what was right.

      First Christie, now Romney, sadly, I think she has evolved into a member of “inside the beltway”

      Anne, please come home………….

      1. She has become very much establishment. She and Rove are working very hard to get Romney the nomination. In my mind, Romney will be an easy target for Obama. He is the only foe by which O might be able to once again fire up the ows, anti-wall street sentiment come Oct-Nov 2012. He looks the part, and has lots of money. That is enough for Obama to continue the us-against-them class warfare. He will be the face of the “evil rich”. It would end up like the McCain deal. Wrong candidate at the right time.

        1. All of you are engaged in some variant of the following theme: This person doesn’t agree with me so they must be nuts, dishonest, corrupt or on drugs.

  63. I really don’t understand where Ann Coulter is coming from regarding her Newt Derangement Syndrome she is really going over board. I mean Mitt Romney has so many negatives and so timid and moderate that it is hard to understand her attraction to him as a candidate. It is not like he is the second coming of Reagan? She has really lost me on this one.

    1. I’m not all that surprised. I never really bought into Ann Coulter, even though I bought two of her books. I had to stop reading them. Between her and Bill O’Reilly, I don’t know who is the bigger sell-out for the microphone. They both want to seem smarter than everyone in the room, even if it means spouting nonsense from time to time.

      Maybe she thinks Ru Paul will get all he wants as far as domestic policy, but that Congress will not let him strip the military as he has stated he will do. That’s out-of-the-box thinking….but DANGEROUS out-of-the-box thinking.

      And declaring that Mitt is more conservative? C’mon, ANN!

          1. Hit by a car?? I think it was run over by a steamroller that was resurfacing the road!!!

            Ann Coulter has really lost it……I know she is a partican Romney hack but her comments are really bordering on the completely insane.

            1. Retreat? LOL! An isolationist doesn’t want to trade or engage in diplomacy. His foreign policy will not bankrupt us. No one is going to invade us. It’s absurd. It’s all propaganda in order to control the flow of oil in the middle east.

              The U.S. govt. needs to stop propping up tyrants and building bases all over the world.

            2. No more country left to govern? LMFAO. You think bringing our troops home and using them to defend the southern border is gonna destroy the country? You really are a neo-conservative piece of lying trash, aren’t you!

            3. You must be one of those people who line up to by books by Morris, Rove, Hannity, O’Reilly, and the rest of the “echo chamber”.

              But, don’t worry if Paul were to win the Republican nomination, you’ll still have Obama to vote for, his “foreign policy” has followed GW Bush’s.

            4. It is called a non-interventionist policy, NOT isolationist. Isolationist is North Korea. Ron Paul wants to trade with everyone, but does not support pre-emptive wars or undeclared wars that have bankrupted us as a nation, made us weaker and created a lot of hatred of us and our foreign policy around the world. Wake up and understand that this country is NOT an empire…it is supposed to be a REPUBLIC. We are not meant to police the world and run the planet. We need to lead by example. And if our example is to pre-emptively start wars “just in case”, well, that is inviting a lot more to our shores than I think anyone in this country can even think of, much less live through.

        1. No, this shows she is at least marginally sane. That she would reject progressive Newt for progressive Romney doesn’t say much for her mental health.

          A vote for either is a vote for a currency/bond market crisis. It’s coming when interest rates spike. Those two statist will not change the system. They will just play around the edges of it, just as Bush and Obama did.

      1. Ron Paul does not want to “strip” defense spending. He wants to get rid of all military spending. Neo-cons need to learn the difference. There is no sane reason why the U.S. govt. should be in 140 countries. There is no reason for nearly 1,000 military bases all over the world.

        Why does the U.S. support the welfare states of S. Korea, Japan, and european countries with a military umbrella? They can pay for their own defense. Besides, the govt. is BROKE.

        Anyone who doesn’t think that there is waste and pork in the military has never seen Pentagon spending.

      2. I’ve always wondered if people really bought books by the media talking heads…wow and you admit it.

        Why would anyone buy a book from authors who say the same old thing day after day on TV and radio and then put that same “nothing-ness” in writing?

        There really is “a sucker born every minute”.

    2. To understand, read her column from a couple weeks ago on Newt’s behavior immediately after the Republican victory in 1994. I remember his betrayal to this day, and am angry and bitter still.

      Younger folks do not have this memory. But imagine making Quisling as the nominee. It went beyond zany behavior, it was like a guy introducing his new girlfriend to his wife the day after they got married.

      This treacherous behavior was duplicated with NY 26.

        1. Let me explain something to you about Newt. He wants Republicans to win because he understands the consequences if they don’t -see President Obama.

          Newt supported TARP after opposing it trying to give McCain a little breathing room. Newt wants Republicans to win for obvious reasons. I will highlight for you the pertinent parts as to the point I am making and end with Michelle Bachmann making the same point about Newt and what he does for the cause.

          Gingrich Switches Bailout Stance

          Gingrich, who led the charge against the bailout last week, explained his change in position by saying that the House Republicans, “reinforced by John McCain,” have improved the bill “significantly” so it is “less bad” than the original proposal offered by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.


          The former House Speaker was in a very different place last week when he urged McCain to break with President Bush and Barack Obama and oppose the bailout.

          “I don’t know how he can vote for this and with a straight face go around and say that he’s for real change and he’s the reform candidate,” Gingrich told ABC News on Sept. 23.

          Newt was trying to help McCain defeat Obama. McCain just like HW Bush didn’t listen to his advice about raising taxes, McCain didn’t listen either.

          2008 Flashback: Michele Bachmann Gushes Over Newt Gingrich

          1. Newt supported TARP for the same reason as the others: he didn’t see the bubble being formed, nor did he see the crash coming, so why should we expect him to embrace a free market solution to a problem of govt. central planning creation?

            Newt is a statist. Where are the proposed budget cuts from Newt? Where are the real cuts (not baseline budgeting “cuts”) from Newt or Romney for that matter?

            Will Newt take Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution seriously. If so, he would have to abandon his beloved public-private partnerships ( central planning/corporatism).

            If Newt were a free market man, he would demand free market money, interest rates, and banking. That would entail stipping the Federal Reserve of powers and reinstituting gold/silver monies with competing currencies to compete with the government’s money.

            Why did Newt vote for the Dept. of Education? Why does he think that the fed. govt. should be involved with education at all?

            Why does Newt support indefinite detentions of American citizens without trial or formal charges (NDAA)? Why did he support the Repeal the 4th Amendment Act (unPatriotic Act)?

            Why does Newt hi-jack the language of free markets and liberty for the advancement of govt. central planning efforts?

            Newt and Romney are the same on policy. That was abundantly clear the other night when Romney was asked to name the policy diffences between the two, and he could only come up with lunar mining. Lunar mining? He had to leave the planet to find a difference.

            The only difference between the two is that Romney isn’t corrupt.

            They are both Obama’s second term.

        1. I appreciate and respect what you are saying. The Republican Congress with the cooperation of Bill Clinton (advised by Dick Morris) balanced budgets, often in a struggle against Newt.

          But Newt threw that and much more away, in a manner beautifully described by Ann Coulter in her column.

          You know how people say, understandably, that B.O.’s behavior – – regardless of his actual motivation – – is indistinguishable from the behavior of a person intent on destroying this country? Newt’s behavior, regardless of his actual motivation (not possible for us to fully know) was indistinguishable from a person intent on destroying the huge, historic, conservative victory of 1994, which he single-handedly succeeded in doing.

          1. Oh yes! Chasing Newt out and pursuing Gerson’s “compassionate conservatism” worked out so well for the GOP. So well in fact it delivered us first Nancy and Harry and then Barry.

            Its by far more morally irresponsible and reprehensible what the DC establishment did piling 10 trillion dollars on our children and grandchildren imperiling their futures by more than doubling our debt since they chased Speaker Gingrich out.

            These “sinless” a-holes casting stones at Newt sitting atop their moral high horse make me sick! There hasn’t been fiscally responsible adult leadership in the House since Newt.

            John 8:7
            So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

            1. So true. You can’t blame sharks for eating the occasional surfer, and you can’t blame the Democrats for being Democrats.

              If Republicans did what they say they would, Democrats would be out of a job. In stead we get the same old bloated budgets, cronyism, and wars witht he GOP as with the DNC.

              Except Ron Paul, of course.

            1. They borrowed from SSI surplusses to “balance” the budget.

              Just like when I was a kid, I’d “borrow” from my parents to buy stuff I wanted. Doesn’t mean MY budget was balanced, just means the money came from another source.

        2. Too funny! He was out of office when the budget was allegedly balanced in the ’98 and ’99. He was there for the first two years, when the govt. claimed that the budget was balanced.

          The budget surpluses were a fiction anyway for the following reasons:

          1) If the fed. govt. abided by the same rules that it requires of publicly-traded companies, it would include unfunded contingent liabilities in its annual deficits and total debt figures. If that were done, those “balanced budgets” become deficits. The deficits run under Bush and Obama would be even larger if honest accounting were enforced.

          2) The Federal Reserve blew up a credit bubble with artificially low rates and cheap money. That created an ephemeral phony prosperity (see housing bubble as well). Projects were started, but when interest rates inevitably spiked and inputs prices rose faster than anticipated, the bubble burst. Inflated tax receipts went away once the FED’s bubble popped. There was never any real savings to justify the increase in credit. It was doomed from the start.

          3) The Treasury, under Robert Rubin, put the fed. govt. on an adjustable rate mortgage. It began moving its long-term debt into short-term treasuries. That meant it could pay lower rates on its debt. That makes debt numbers look lower. The problem comes when interest rates spike. It means that the U.S. govt. must roll over most of its debt in 3-years at high rates. That sort of finance only works for awhile.

          Lastly, the national debt never went down during that period. The debt will go up faster than the additional new deficits, even if the govt. claims that its budget is balanced, due to interest accruing.

          The “balanced budgets” of the late 90’s were a piece of government legerdemain.

          Newt is a statist.

          Ron Paul 2012 🙂

    3. I am shocked at the so called pundits who seem to be thinking with their behinds than with their heads. What is it about Ru Paul that is fantastic, even on the home front?
      1. Is it the free marijuana?
      2. Or is it the no religion?
      3. Will not stand with Israel, because we have no money, what else will we not stand with because we are broke.
      falling in love with Paul bc he seems to be frugal is like falling in love with a rapist because he looks handsome.
      Christians, people, better take a good look at this man again before things go really awry.
      Bring it on Paulbots 😉

      1. Wow. Where to begin.
        1. He is not for free marijuana. He just wants the government to stop spending a fortune fighting something that should be legal to use in the privacy of one’s home.
        2. He’s been pretty clear that he’s an Evangelical and that has shaped his positions.
        3. His views on Israel are no different that Reagan’s were: we will elp defend you, but will not pay for your defense.

        Again, logic fail or intentional distortion of the facts. Which are you doing, Kessi?

        1. 1. It’s a state issue, not a federal issue.

          2. Raised Lutheran, cureently attends Baptist.

          3. His views on how the US should treat Israel are EXACTLY the same as Benjamin Netantahu’s view on how the US should treat Israel.

          Christians like me follow the Prince of Peace. Not the prince of bomb-everyone-that-doesn’t-agree-to-give-us-their-oil-and-worship-at-the-alter-of-Israel’s-government. Love your neighbor, remember? Or better yet, love your ENEMY.

        2. One clarification on the Marijuana, Paul is for the FEDERAL government to get out of the drug WAR, HE’s never said he would dictate to the states what they choose to be legal or illegal. Paul has this idea we should follow the US Constitution…I know that’s one of his “nutty” ideas, especially for the republican “punditry” and their legions of “book buying” followers.

      2. No one is advocating subsidizing marijuana. I think Newt and Romney love subsidies though, so there is still hope for your pot subsidies. Paul is opposed to that sort of thing. Besides, drug prohibition isn’t constitutional. There is no authority in Article I, Section 8 for a War on Drugs. It’s a state and local issue. You can’t claim to be a strict consitutionalists and support the fed. war on drugs at the same time.

        Paul is religious. He has lived his life very conservatively. Newt has not. His personal life is a wreck. He was the only Speaker in the history of Congress to ever be convicted for ethics violations. It was the R’s who threw him out because he abandoned the Contract with America. He just used it to gain power. Do you not remember him calling people like Joe Scarbrough “cannibals” and “extremists” because they actually intended to follow through on the Contract with legislation? Did you forget that, or were you never aware of it to begin with?

        Where in the Constitution does it say that the U.S. govt. is to create foreign policy based on another country’s national defense? Show it to me. Where does it give the govt. power to take money from me and give it to other citizens of other countries? Try reading through Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution sometime.

        Israel has nuclear weapons. They have the best trained army in that region with the best intelligence service. They can take care of their own defense. If you want to help them, write a check or volunteer as part of their national defense forces.

        All of the war propaganda is due to the desire of the U.S. govt. to control the flow of oil in the M.E. In order to do that, they must prop up tyrants in the region or hold sway with them.

        The U.S. govt. has been propping up tyrants in the M.E. for a long time that abuse the citizens of those countries. Was it just a coincidence that 15 of the 19 9/11 bombers were Saudis? They explictly cited the base in S. Arabia as their primary motivation.

        The CIA and 9/11 Commisstion report also conceded that blowback for the base in S. Arabia was a huge motivating factor. The Bush administration conceded this when it removed that base shortly after the attack.

        Why do people like you critize the fed. govt. on the domestic front, but imagine that same govt. is angelic abroad? It’s a glaring contradiction.

        Repeat after me: You are not the U.S. government on the domestic end anymore than you are the U.S. government abroad.

        The U.S. government breaks its own laws. It is illegitimate. I think you have Stockholm Syndrome. You have fallen in love with your captors.

        By the way, if I am to be derided as a Paulbot, does that make you, as a Newt suppporter, a Mini-Grinch? Maybe I should identify you as a Fig Newton? The possibilities are endless.

        Oh, almost forgot…

        Ron Paul 2012 🙂

      3. Voting for Ron Paul is for adults, childish folks who need the government to take care of them from craddle to grave can vote for any of the other republicans or Obama, so you have a lot to choose from…

        and don’t worry if “foreign policy” is your concern, (the 51’st state Israel), then you’ll still have Obama to vote for since his foreign policy mimiced GW to the letter.

    4. What is so hard to figure out about Newt? He is a big government progressive who will do his utmost to destroy the country from within and carry on 80 some years of neo-marxist, progressive policies.

    5. The best I can come up with is that Ms Coulter sees herself more and more as a “king maker” inside the party and her choices are uniformly of the pragmatic centrist stripe (Christie, Romney). She’s not in favor of Ron Paul on any basis, this is just her being bombastic to show how deeply she opposes Gingrich. She’s at her best skewering liberals and liberalism, and at her worst when she shows her Rockefeller Republican colors.

    6. Her attraction is the same as mine. His positions are conservative and he isn’t going to be an idiot right wing bomb thrower like Newt, or Palin, or Perry, etc. One more thing. He has the best chance to win. Maintaining a reasoned tone discipline to remain on message and not get distracted is NOT a weakness of Romney. Reasoned and thoughtful commentary does NOT mean a leader is weak or wimpy. Romney’s record of accomplishment is 10 times superior to anyone other than Gingrich. Gingrich ties on accomplishments, but lacks electability for countless reasons. But the one most important one is that the news cycles will be consumed with ‘What Newt said’ rather than on Obama’s record. Mitt will keep the focus on Obama.

    7. There is no difference on policy between progressives Newt and Romney. They are both statists. They both hi-jack the language of liberty and free market in the service of advancing central planning efforts.

      Neither one of these guys plans to go back to a constitutional monetary system, i.e. gold/silver money and an absence of a central bank.

      Neither takes Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution seriously.

      Both will advance the police state even further. They both support indefinite detention of American citizens without trial or formal charges. They both support the unPatriotic Act, which repeals the 4th Amendment.

      They both share the same traditionally left-wing Wilsonian foreign policy of nation-building and “making the world safe for democracy.”

      A vote for Newt or Romney is a vote for Obama’s second term, or, if you will, a vote for Bush’s fourth term.

      You appear to like your statists with an R behind their name rather than a D. You will get the same basic New Deal/Progressive era structure with these two men. They will only play around the edges of the same system. It doesn’t need to be tweeked. It must be overhauled.

      Ron Paul 2012 🙂

      1. Ahmen! There’s not a big government program, current, past or future that Newt is not willing to embrace and put that “big brain” of his around.

        Newt’s favorite president of all times is FDR.

    8. The answer for you is that Ann is part of the Washington DC Establishment, and since her “guy” Gov Christie is backing Romney, she will talk garbage about anyone that will get close to Romeny.

    9. To me she lost all credibility! It is obvious that her brain is not working properly, and wont spend my time watching her talking so much garbage!

    10. Cheryl, I agree wholeheartedly. Ann Coulter lately is a big disappointment. I used to value her opinions, but not anymore.

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