Ann Coulter pushes liberal lie to attack Sarah Palin while discussing Margaret Thatcher’s death

Ann Coulter needs to stop reading the liberal media because she’s becoming more like them every day (h/t: Daily Caller):

On the day that Margaret Thatcher passes, Coulter goes after Sarah Palin by saying that Thatcher wanted to teach Palin ‘how to speak proper English’ but Palin refused to meet with her. Then in 2010, she says, when Palin was promoting ‘some reality show or something’ and went to England and wanted to visit Thatcher, that Thatcher snubbed her and refused to meet with Palin.

I don’t know about Thatcher wanting to ‘teach’ Palin ‘how to speak proper English’, but why even go there? On a day when there is so much to be said about Thatcher, Coulter turns it into an attack on Sarah Palin. And then she spreads the liberal lie that Palin was snubbed by Thatcher which is not true (h/t: RWN):

LEGAL INSURRECTION – It turns out that the Guardian story was a hoax, as reported by Nile Gardiner:

I have spoken to Lady Thatcher’s Private Office regarding the story, and they confirm that the attack on Sarah Palin definitely did not come from her office, and in no way reflects her views. As a former aide to Margaret Thatcher myself, I can attest that this kind of thinking is entirely alien to her, and that such remarks would never be made by her office. She has always warmly welcomed like-minded figures in the United States, and has in the past met with numerous US presidential candidates and political dignitaries when they have visited London. But at the age of 85 she is now able to receive very few visitors at all.

There was never any snub of Sarah Palin by Lady Thatcher’s office. However, there has been a great deal of mischief-making and unpleasantness from sections of the liberal press in a vain and futile attempt to use Margaret Thatcher’s name to smear a major US politician.

They more I hear from Coulter these days, the less I like. I wonder who she’s gonna propose for a candidate in 2016, Colin Powell maybe? Seems like she’s moving in his direction.

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184 thoughts on “Ann Coulter pushes liberal lie to attack Sarah Palin while discussing Margaret Thatcher’s death

  1. anniebanannnie
    As far as the Aid lie. The real Reagan record on AIDS is
    different. AIDS funding skyrocketed in the 1980s, almost doubling
    each year from 1983 when the crisis became known. Funding increased
    from $44 million to $103 million, $205 million, $508 million, $922
    million, and then $1.6 billion in 1988. Reagan’s secretary of Health
    and Human Services in1983, Margaret Heckler, declared AIDS her
    department’s “number one priority.” The left loves their
    own lies. Aids was/is an virulent virus that took time to find , if
    not a cure, but a the ability to control it. Blaming Reagan for Aids
    makes as much sense as blaming Wilson for influenza in 1918 which
    killed far more Americans.

    You may not like Reagan but you sound silly when you diminish the
    accomplishment of one of the greatest Presidents that saved this
    country after the Carter disaster.

  2. @ anniebanannnie
    You must have read one of the Paul Krugman text books about
    Reagan. Reagan history shows that Reaganomics led to a booming
    economy. Federal revenues increased from $517 billion to $1 trillion
    by 1990. This economic boom lasted 92 months without a recession.
    Reagan increased exemptions, tax credits for the poor and put more
    money in their pockets and took 4 million low income people off the
    tax roles entirely. I was in by twenties and I can assure you that
    you never had to worry about changing jobs. If Obama could put this
    type of growth in the economy and stop spreading his Keynesian misery
    then I wouldn’t care if Michele used Tarot cards.

  3. @ anniebanannnie
    Religion in our government?? Are you serious?? Have you been asleep for the last two decades? The secular Left has successful removed the ten commandments and values from schools and Nativity scenes from the public square. We are NOT a better nation because of it. The Left has used the separation of church and state that an anti Catholic KKK FDR appointed Hugo Black ruled on as case law to attack religion expression in this country. I’m far from a religious zealot but when I see a President take over Private healthcare and FORCE the Catholic Church to violate its own teachings we’ve crossed the Rubicon as a nation and he’s attacking the First Amendment.

  4. Not Powell, and to get her positions right about half of what she’s been so vocal about the last year she won’t like Rubio or Jeb. 

  5. I like people that speak American English …The heck with proper lingo…This is not England …This is the USA

  6. The only way RINOs get their name in print is attaching it to Sarah Palin- good or bad publicity – its all the same to them………… little imps ANY attention will do.

  7. I’m a retired marine engineer.  Ann reminds of a loose terminal on an electrical connection.  Most of the time she is conducting well, and then a little shaking causes a break (open) in the electrical circuit.  Maybe this is an actual representation of what goes on in her brain, i.e., capricious open circuits or short circuits.

  8. Stop buying her books, stop having her on these shows. She is irrelevant. I have turned my back on her since she was ticket holder #1 in the Willard Mitt Romney fan club. She needs to be banished.

  9. As a conservative female I have never gotten a good vibe from Ann.  She is not a good person and the conservative party needs to weed people like Ann from the party

    1. all she seems to care about is proper english and people that write for a living…My name is not William Shakespear, Rudyard Kipling , Edgar Allen Poe or any of the others.. But I can do basic math..17,000,000,000,000 17 x 10 +12 zero’s    365,000 people signed up for unemployment last month here in bankrupt American   At least in Kansas City Mo…the people are trying to survive in underground bunkers that they dug themselves

  10. Ever wonder why this woman threw her support behind Chris Christie? Here’s your answer right here.

  11. coulter is such a phoney – if she can date maher – nothing more said – if she can endorse christie – enough said – I can’t stand her and her fake conservatism

  12. She should definitely be much more vigilant with her remarks and accusations! Research Ann!!!!

  13. Coulter, again, exposes herself as an east coast GOP-er RINO by supporting their mindless mantra.
    Coulter is NOT a Conservative.

  14. Ann…you make these asinine comments!!  Good Lord woman you had to know that wasn’t going to go over well.  Why do you shoot yourself in the foot??  …and just after your stupid remarks that the election was the tea parties fault!  I had just gotten over that when you do this….guess what Ann…I’m done!

    1. SweetLiberty 
      Why? Simple so people will pay attention to her. When she 1st came on the scene her shtick was new and fresh, but as the old saying goes….That Was Then…This Is Now.
      And Ann For Gods sake EAT SOMETHING!

      1. Valin SweetLiberty 
        She needs to quit wearing those tight little dresses too. She’s too skinny and too old to wear ’em. Once you hit 30 to 35, it’s time to quit wearing little black dresses.

  15. I never fell for coulter. and many times conservatives have attacked me for not liking her.
    oh well.
    shes a lawyer turned pundit. its all about her.

  16. Coulter is starting to give me a pain. I just wondering why SHE isn’t running for something, given that she is always into self-promotion or pushing some sort of book she’s written. Talk about over exposure. I thought she was a big fan of Chris Christie, although he doesn’t have a chance to get the nomination. And if Christie does get the nomination, he’ll do as badly as Romney, McCain, and Dole. Seems like the elites in the Replublican party want to try everything EXCEPT a real conservative. And the conservatives will not come out and vote unless a real conservative is on the ticket. Romney’s defeat proved that. Strange how people like Coulter never understand that.

  17. I am so sick of Coulter and I wish she would just shut her friggin pie hole.  She is becoming more and more irrelevant and I think she does this crap to bring attention to herself.  Also I think Coulter is jealous of Palin because she is loved and admired by so many Conservatives.

  18. I haven’t watched Fox News since Sept. 2011, when Coulter and Laura Ingraham had a cheap laugh at Gov. Palin’s expense–regarding her candidacy for the 2012 election. I have a hunch I’m not the only person that’s permanently tuned out the RINO’s at Fox.

    1. mder4thegov  You would be absolutely right….. that “slam” was when cable TV became a casualty in this household!

  19. The woman with the skinny legs and the stringy hair is nothing more than a jealous grifter. Hey Ann, Sarah Palin is more like Thatcher than you will ever be. You have been showing your Liberal leanings more and more, now in order to get attention you are telling lies. Todays lie has fed the Liberal beast and their blogs, book sales must be down eh” Tin Pan Annie”?

    1. JRNASH  
      I like your equation very  much
      RIP Ronald & Margaret, Thank you Dear Lord for Blessing us with Sarah Palin.And Please Lord make Coulter a real person.
      And help me not to be nasty with Ann Dear Lord. Amen

    2. JRNASH sarah palin couldn’t lick Mrs Thatcher’s boots.  Mrs Thatcher was educated, smart, articulate; sp – NOT!!!
      as for the old d-bag reagan – sure!

      1. anniebanannnie JRNASH Reagan saved this country from hyper inflation, stagnation, double digit unemployment and a crumbling military. Palin was a very effective governor who had support from both parties, took on the crony establishment, cut waste in government, took on Big Oil to develop Alaska’s natural resources. You buy into the left’s attack on her. She is one of the few politicans I see that would put the country should check out her real record. It’s why the left did an all out assault on her.

        1. BearNJ anniebanannnie JRNASH D-Bag reagan is responsible for the influence of religion in our government, where it has no place.  He gave his ear to bible-thumpers, while ignoring tens of thousands of deaths which he pretended wasn’t happening.  His simpering twit of a wife influenced him with her astrologers and psychics.  I’m not buying into anyone’s else’s opinion.  I am an immigrant to this country, who respected and admired Mrs Thatcher for her accomplishments, and whose family operated, and continues to operate to this day, successful businesses during and after her tenure as P.M.  I base my political opinions on what I have experienced in this country.  My dismay at the clout of intolerant religious bigots who are detrimental to us knows no bounds.  As far as I’m concerned, your old movie star did us no favors, and I’m certainly not alone in my opinion.

        2. anniebanannnie BearNJ JRNASH whatelse you want to tell about your big opinion, it sure do make you into a complete ass, go ahead D-Bag

  20. Coulter opposed the so-called “media candidate” Christie.
    As far as her opinion goes on Palin, she’s entitled to it, and she happens to be right that Palin has nothing on Thatcher.

    1. WaiGuoGuizi I personally don’t listen to Geraldo with intent, but I will if I am in the car at that time in the morning? Did he ask Ann to compare the two? This sounded more like an opportunity to make a personal dig at Palin, and that seems to me very unlike Lady Margaret. I agree though, we are lucky to be able to express our opinions, without persecution.

      1. DawgfanInFL WaiGuoGuizi  
        I am so waiting for Heraldo to compare Michelle O to Thatcher.How many miles from earth to the sun ? heh ! Come to mind Ann Coulter, Palin is a Conservative Women THING ! you are not !

  21. I’m still amazed by the vitriol aimed at Sarah Palin. I would think if you want people in general to disregard Palin, stop mentioning her. The flat out smear campaign by the left, and now conservatives, is tiresome if not boring. I say keep rubbing it in their faces, Sarah, you are doing just fine!

  22. Ann needs to stop calling herself a conservative.
    Look at what SP has accomplished in her life, including what she accomplished as governor:  Clean up government corruption, prosecute offenders, confront and fix their crony-capitalist collaborators.  All evidence shows that Palin is a hard working, capable, incorruptible, servant of the people.  
    Isn’t this exactly what DC needs?  Isn’t this what the TPM wants?  Isn’t this what the multitude of disillusioned Americans want?   What does Ann want?
    Many may not know this, but the truth is, they want SP as a force in politics, and I believe even for president.   Pray for sunshine.

    1. Bill589 Time for Ann to settle down and get some kids?  On second though, I wouldn’t wish her as a mom  on any kid.

  23. Coulter put herself out to pasture ..  never to bear milk again ……  finished, we weed up .. gone .. out/ after thought .. bye .. enough said ….

    1. misterlogic0013  
      so no milk bearing, what else would she be ok for anymore ? let me think.

      1. crosshr misterlogic0013 not necessarily a bad thing .. get old fast .. has to be more to life. lol ……

  24. Ann Coulter only cares about selling books. If she can’t get it done by bad-mouthing liberals (as she lost a big conservative audience during her shenanigans in this last election), then she will bad-mouth conservatives, hoping to get that liberal bounce. She knows any slam of Sarah Palin will get the liberal media on her side.
    It’s time to leave now, Ann. Your 15 minutes have long past expired.

      1. nibblesyble 
        Oh, I still lurk. It’s just the format that has kept me from commenting much. I do so miss the old way. Sometimes I wonder if change is really all it’s cracked up to be. I would have thought that by now Obama would have taught us all to mistrust change. Guess not. 😉

        1. Well I miss your insight and wisdom so please do less lurking and more posting. That’s an order from Mama Bear! was lovely seeing your post but I understand that this new format is not as good as the old disqus, I keep hoping they change their minds.

  25. Why put this up at all. Coulter is a thoroughly discredited egotistical fool! Not necessary Scoop!

    1. deTocqueville1 I think we should confront the Rinos lies against any and all patriots.  Both to defend our conservative brothers and sisters, and also to help oust the traitors to the cause.

  26. I have never agreed with or liked Coulter.In fact I can’t remember the last time I listened to her or read any of her columns.Go away Ann.We don’t need any more progressives fowling up the conservative movement.

  27. You notice how Coulter never mentions Palin’s record? Seriously
    what GOP contender grows crowds like this woman? None. To me with
    Sarah Palin it always comes back to her record. Look at her success
    as Governor. Its one of economic growth, lower budgets, taking on Big
    Oil for the benefit of her constituents and confronting corruption in
    her own party. The establishment of both parties, the liberal elites
    feared Palin and destroyed her reputation with the low information
    voter. She wasn’t one of “them” , that being an inside the
    beltway character with an Ivy league degree in “Bankrupting the
    US”. They had to ruin her reputation before people could see
    what a populist, conservative Governor who took on the establishment
    when she was in office.
    Look at this record. With Palin’s record in Energy she would
    create the environment for an economic boom. I hope she runs in 2016.
    Coulter is a sell out.

  28. This is an advance wave by the united forces for RINO Americana prior to the 2014 mid- term build up when Sarah Palin starts putting her candidates in play. Man, they are so scared of her……. it would be hysterical, if this country’s survival wasn’t at stake. Feel free to join Krauthammer and Rove in the dinosaur club of political irrelevancy after 2014. Sarah’s going to take you all down………. oh, and one more thing. Sarah is the best communicator out there of the government’s constitutional role in this Republic and all of you know it! She’ll serve us. You know, the “we, the people” types, and not the reverse! You and your “elitist” IQ are less than spit in my eyes. Go home, sit down and shut up!

  29. Coulter has never been Conservative. Why are you suprised. She wants Chris Christies’ baby.

      1. brianc2221 TCW9127  
        Sleaze Bill Maher know that ? lol. her womb is very very barren. I better stop !

  30. Ann Coulter lost me when she said she loves Chris Christie. She has mentioned on Hannity that she is secretly dating Bill Mahr. That may have been a joke, but after some of the things she has said lately I am not sure if it is a joke or if he may have influnced her. She just lost me.

  31. Man, give up on Coulter already, what is there to like? She stabs in you in the front not the back, and nothing she says, whether she is right or wrong matters.

  32. Coulter got behind RINOmney, even though she admitted on Hannity’s show that he was not a conservative,  so what can ya expect?  Her harshest words often wind up making conservatives look bad, to the point where I sometimes wonder if she’s a Trojan Democrat.

  33. I don’t like it, She shouldn’t have said it, but she also said Palin is a fine person, then the audio clip is cut. Coulter has often defended Palin. I’d cut Coulter some slack.

    1. MarkSteele No. Coulter did this deliberately.
      Saying Sarah Palin is a fine person, but ….and then spreading a lie which was debunked long ago is classic concern troll behavior by Coulter.  Totally unacceptable.

      1. John_Frank MarkSteele Why do you think she did it deliberately? If she did; it’s very discouraging. Queen bee syndrome? Come to think of it, I myself said that Palin needed to study Thatcher in how she spoke. No high pitched comments. She always spoke with a low measured cadence. Palin’s only problem is her voice!

        1. MarkSteele John_Frank Oh, right …. the old voice canard. Go back and listen to her 2013 CPAC speech.

        2. John_Frank MarkSteele I love Palin, but she’s definitely in dire need of voice lessons. It’s not a canard, it’s a fact, and one that Palin would do well to consider. Other than that, and her political support for a few Rino’s she’s OK.

        3. MarkSteeleJohn_Frank The only thing SP does better than talk the talk, is walk the walk.
          But if only her voice was better, she’d be okay.  Priorities?

  34. A couple of thoughts:
    – Using the death of Lady Thatcher to lie about Sarah Palin. Absolutely appalling behavior by Ms. Coulter.
    – After her initial thoughts on the passing of Lady Thatcher on FB around noon EDT, about four hours later Sarah Palin her brief statement again with a picture of Lady Thatcher containing the following quote:
    “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding, because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”

    – Margaret Thatcher 1925-2013
    (Sarah Palin sentout a with a link to her first post around noon EDT and a second with a link to her second post with the photo around four in the afternoon EDT.)
    Safe to say that quote expresses Governor Palin’s thoughts not only about Ann Coulter’s comments, but also about the articles published by the Washington Post, the Alaska Daily News and Politico for pushing the lie that was debunked by Niles Gardner in the following blog post:
    (Mr. Gardner, who was a former aide to Lady Thatcher when she was Prime Minister, posted this article on June 13, 2011.)
    – In light of what Coulter said, and the fact that the lie was debunked some time ago, raises two questions, given her staunch support for Romney; and her obvious dislike of Sarah Palin.
    Was Coulter one of the Romney supporters that helped spread the initial snub using the Guardian, by urging whomever she was speaking with to make the claim to the Guardian, which turned out to be false, in an effort to hurt Sarah Palin in the summer of 2011, before it was announced that she was not going to stand for the Presidency?
    Did Coulter use today’s interview with Geraldo to repeat the lie, at the suggestion of the “architect” given their mutual disdain for Sarah Palin and the TEA Party movement?
    Inquiring minds would like to know.
    In any event, Coulter has again shown her true colors and must be treated accordingly.

  35. Ann Coulter is irrelevant to me.  I no longer care whatr she has to say.  She’s been GOP Elitified!

  36. C.O.U.L.T.E.R.G.E.I.S.T.
    Has anyone noticed that Ivy League educated idiots like Coultergeist, John Avalon etc. believe that they are the CHOSEN ones. These “useful idiots” live in their ego. They are the only ones who can run for office. The rest of the “little people” have to submit to their masters.
     Hey Coultergeist, GW Bush, Bill Clinton, and Dumb- Ø are all Ivy League educated idiots. They all put us in this mess.
    STFU Coultergeist!

    1. Mominnv I started boycotting Coulter when she backed Romney in the primaries…  claiming he was the only “electable” candidate…  She’s just as big of a RINO as the rest.

  37. Stuff it, Ann. Sarah Palin instinctively knows far more than anyone in the media will ever give her credit for – no matter what she does.  The only interest you and your pals have is  to destroy her in any way you can.

  38. The real problem here is us. We let the enemy sneak in the back door while we were busy fighting evil abroad. We let them come in and steal the spotlight and redefine what it is to be conservative for all of us. That is why you have Ann Coulter talking smack. That is why you have 80 Republicans sign an amicus brief for homosexual marriage then go on every media outlet and proclaim they are the ‘true’ conservatives. That is why I heard Jedidiah Bila proclaim support for homosexual marriage today.
    That is why you currently have Republicans negotiating your rights, your paychecks, your livlihood away on a daily basis

  39. The unmarried Ms. Coulter is much like BO: both are New York (in her case Connecticut) liberals masquerading as conservatives.  The operative alliteration may be RINO.

  40. Ann has gone over to the dark side; then again she was probably always there and the conservative Ann was a mask to hide the real person.

  41. “Ann Coulter needs to stop reading the liberal media because she’s becoming more like them…”
    Yeah.  If she gets any more like them, she’ll be endorsing Hillary for President.  Oh wait.  She already did that.

  42. Coulter’s brand went down with the S.S. Romney, the ship of dreams she so loudly endorsed.

  43. I used to buy all of Ann’s books, and enjoyed them.  Then, the day she and Laura Ingraham took shot after dirty shot at Palin when Laura was subbing for Bill O., it ended for me … for both of them.  I tossed out all of my books … from both of them.  They came across like two jealous teen-queen beatches.  My instinct was right when I watch Coulter go against her own advice and pick Romney.  She used to say never ever select the candidate the MSM has chosen for the GOP … well, the MSM clearly chose Romney, and Anne simply fell in step.  I was amused that her latest book didn’t sell nearly like the others … conservatives need to show her the door.

    1. DebrisTrail Tossed them out?  I mailed them back to her, with a note that she needs to read them more than I do.

    2. DebrisTrail Same here. Ann coulter thinks she can play people by doing her mea culpa at CPAC.

    3. DebrisTrail Yeah, that was pretty much when I decided I had no more time for either of those two.
      I had already stopped listening to Ingraham’s show just because I found her more annoying on a good day than Sean Hannity at his worst. But when we heard that clip, I realized neither of them were anything but Republicans.  They stopped being conservative and simply moved into “make money while the sun shines” mode like most long-serving Republican senators. They remind me of Trent Lott and Lindsey Graham.

  44. If Adams Apples were brains, Ann Coulter would be the world’s smartest woman. They aren’t and she isn’t.
    Coulter becomes a bigger joke by the week.

  45. Coulter can shut her bloody is that for proper english?! She is so jealous of Palin she can’t help but use every chance she gets to diminish her,because at the end of the day, Palin wins the hearts of conservatives with just her spirit and spunk and Ann is constantly trying to stay relevant.

    1. ajtelles Ann Coulter has become a freak show on so many levels – her politics (having a huge crush on Christie yet posing as a conservative when she wants to peddle books), her personal life with Bill Maher (who cannot come up to her Adam’s Apple). Coulter is in her early fifties and is starting to realize that life  has past her by. Never married (I don’t know what man could put up with her for more than 30 minutes). She looks at Sarah Palin (mother of five, husband is a hunk, much better looking than Cloulter, a self-made woman) and Coulter turns green with envy.

  46. I never liked Coulter. Not even when they were throwing pies at her. Always thought she was bad news.
    She is now resorting to lying to get attention instead of just being loud.

  47. I KNEW it!  That blonde is not from a bottle afterall, but in fact has deep, deep roots.

  48. stop acting like you care you stinkin’ b#@!*!
    Just sign up for the dnc you christie loving freak!
    Sarah Palin has more charisma and dignity than you’ll ever have, so suck it!

    (that’s all i needed to say)

    1. SherriGray My husband used to be her biggest fan.  I didn’t understand it and we would argue about it.  Now even he can’t stand her.  He finally came to his senses.

      1. marthachandler SherriGray I read all of her books and loved her for years. Now I am just sad to see how far she has fallen into the elitist cult. This will NOT win her any friends.

  49. Agreed,  Ann Coulter and Dana Perino are the insider analyst and power brokers Palin warned us about in her CPAC speech.
    It’s time we stop giving the phonies are attention and devote ourselves to promoting proper conservatives

      1. Mokadoka It’s not your fault…I find when I type with righteous anger…grammar goes out the window!

    1. Mokadoka I am not a huge fan of Ann Coulter. But HER CPAC speech — in which she identifies the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act as ruinous to our republic — is without equal. Who has had the boldness to address this? An elected GOP member? NO. Any other “mainstream” commentator? NO. 
      Multiculturalism WOULD NOT EXIST in this nation as a repressive dogma if it were not for the 1965 Immigration Act I cite above. What is being repressed? Western Civilization and our White European heritage. And for even STATING THIS TRUTH, people will be branded: bigots, racists, and fascists.
      I am not always in agreement with Ann Coulter: but I will applaud her when her commentary cuts to the heart of what ails America. And this is it, the multiculturalist, diversity, inclusivity demands that emanate as sacred oracle of the state and are broadcast from every media outlet and sycophantic, pandering, demagogue in America. 
      These people feel SO GOOD, don’t you know, as they trumpet their pet causes and assign traditional America to the figurative (for now) gulag for their “private beliefs.” Watch that term, “private beliefs;” for it is coming soon to your neighborhood that any “private beliefs” that “disadvantage” state-sanctioned opinions (marriage redefined, for example) will be summarily marginalized and eventually criminalized.

      1. OliviaHT Mokadoka Very well stated. I feel the same about Coulter. When she’s good she is very, very good and when she is bad she is Horrid. I get so dang mad at her sometimes and then she turns around and writes a column that really nails the statists to the wall.

      2. OliviaHT Mokadoka Sure.  And we can usually accomodate folks on the right with whom we have some disagreement.  Sort of like the distance between Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, for example.  There’s room for a lot of disagreement between those two guys. Or Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich.

        But like Ron Paul, the points of disagreement we have with Coulter are ones where suddenly she goes totally bug-******* nuts.  It’s like having someone in your platoon who occasionally likes to shoot a fellow solder in the back. You can’t tolerate that kind of crazy, even if that crazy guy is otherwise exemplary.

    2. Mokadoka One coming july4,2013. America news Karl Rove, Ann Coulter,Bill O, Hannity, Williams or Beckle. Suppose to be conservative with grassroots, TP values and rival RINO FOX. If so FOX will be tanked.

      1. Longiron Mokadoka Why not watch TheBlaze?  It’s outstanding and conservative every day!

  50. For myself Coulter became persona-non-grata during the primaries when she decided she was the voice of the Republican party especially when she negleted to differentiate between conservative and republican values. She talks conservatism and walks establishment republicanism.

  51. Ann Coulter and Dana Perino have made millions as pseudo conservatives….people ARE catching on to them.

  52. Ann Coulter wants very much to be a GOP insider but cannot cut it. No class and has no audience and cannot get over Bill Maher whom she dated until he dumped her. If she was not on FOX one would never know who she is and she has a record worse than Dick Morris on predictions. Just another wannabe Info babe. !

  53. Ann Coulter…
    For Chris Cristie…
    For Mitt Romney…
    For… anybody BUT Sarah Palin…
    3 strikes… you’re out.

  54. What part of ‘divided we fall’ do these gope types not understand?
    There really must be some huge conspiracy to wreck the country, or the gope just collectively does not have the brains of a retarded mule.
    Or is it just jealousy?

  55. That scenario could not have happened for another good and well known fact:  Baroness Thatcher has suffered from strokes that debilitated her long before Sarah Palin even came on the scene in 2008!  Coulter is a low class moron and a GOP lap dog along with Rove.  Palin scares the he l l out of her because Palin calls the GOP on their garbage just as much as she does the Dems!  What a trashy way to remember Baroness Thatcher on Coulter’s part!  Just despicable and classless…typical Coulter.

      1. Mokadoka notebene Ann Coulter makes me forget I’m a lady…I’d like to rip her fake blonde extentions out of her head!  She is as vulgar as they come!

  56. If Mika Brezinkski on Joe Scarborough is the the Blonde Joke of the Year”, then Coulter is definitely the 1st Runner-up.  She has been wrong  so much of the time that left has to be the only direction she can to go.  Her love affair with Chris Christie has exposed her incompetence to the point she can never be take seriously again.  They can talk the talk, but fold like cheap underwear when it matters.

  57. All of us have to stop patronizing this woman’s material. whether is be not buying her books, not reading her crap, not visiting her site…whatever.  I change the channel whenever she comes on a show.  She had her moments in the past but she has clearly gone over to the dark side.

    1. I totally agree, Publius69.  The only reason RINOs, even female RINOs like Coulter, exist is because we recognize their existence.  I turn the channel at the sight of a RINO.  I can’t remember the last time I watched O’Reilly.

      1. volsense good point volsense. i forgot about that arrogant prick….but i stopped watching him and sheppie a while back.

  58. Perhaps she and Karl Rove could recreate that great Thelma and Louise moment and see what free-fall feels like.

  59. She can go whistle Christie. She’s now graduated into an republican establishment mouthpiece.  In short, she sucks. I never really liked her. But she really lost me a few years ago when she made some bizarro remark about how “Jews need to be perfected.”  Ann go sell your Adam’s Apple on Ebay and go away from all of us.

  60. I liked her book Demonic.  I learned a lot about The French Revolution.  But getting in with Christie.  What was that all about?  Was she looking for someone to take Taft’s spot as the fattest president?

  61. Thank you Scoop for running this.  When I read your first Tweet which linked to the RCP video, without comment, I was definitely wondering if you were falling for this bullcrap from Coulter.  That video will probably get Coulter on Maher’s show within the next couple of days..

    1. RefudiateGOPe It was a Mark Levin facebook link, but apparently when I shared it on my page, it left his comment off. I thought it would bring it all over. I guess not.

  62. She just hasn’t been the same ever since her “secret crush” didn’t win the White House.

  63. Ann I will never buy your books again. You are an opportunist. My husband saw you in the airport and said you look like a scarecrow, eat honey, maybe you won’t be so ornery.

  64. Ok, what Ann Coulter! Do ya think Margaret Thatcher would have like the ruled and fat a$$ Chris Christie any better! You can go straitght to haites!

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