Anonymous claims Darren Wilson will go free and gives the date of Grand Jury announcement

Not a fan of Anonymous nor do I believe their information is infallible. They could be right if their sources are good and here’s what they announced today (h/t: The Blaze):

Last night we announced that we have received over the past several days a series of leaks from two separate and unrelated sources regarding the long awaited Grand Jury decision regarding the murder of Mike Brown by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. In our opinion after careful analysis the sources are reliable, and the information we are about to reveal is true. Both sources are government employees with access to both internal government as well as confidential police communications. For reasons of safety we will not be revealing anything further on either our sources or the material leaked to us. The following is a synopses of the leaked information:

On or about November 10, 2014 the Grand Jury decision will be announced. Darren Wilson will NOT be indicted on ANY charges related to the murder of Mike Brown. All local police Chiefs and jail commanders have been notified to begin preparing for major civil unrest. Governor Nixon has been notified of the impending announcement and has ordered the Missouri National Guard to begin preparations for a possible re-enstatement of the martial law that was declared at the beginning of the Ferguson protests.

As additional evidence that neither the State nor Federal authorities intend any legal action against Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown, one of our sources has provided a very intriguing close up glimpse of Darren Wilson – his current where abouts and lifestyle.

I keep seeing headlines about schools and local businesses really worried about the impending civil unrest. I’ve also seen headlines where the police are stocking up on riot gear so they can be ready and I’ve heard a rumor about possible martial law.

Either way, it’s pretty dang sad that all this is needed. After all, if Wilson walks free it’s only because his peers looked at the evidence and decided he did nothing wrong. It’s what we call justice.

But hey, Democrats need something to motivate the black part of their base for the midterms so all the collateral damage and lives be damned.

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