Another 2020 Democrat admits we need ABORTION to combat overpopulation [VIDEO]

2020 Democrat Tim Ryan was asked today if he thinks overpopulation contributes to ‘global warming’ and if we should be doing anything to combat it.

Tim Ryan literally says the United States should be involved in ‘family planning’ efforts around the world to combat overpopulation, suggesting this is about resources. Wow. In other words, Ryan believes we need to use abortion as a tool all over the world to keep the population down, because CLIMATE CHANGE. Good grief.

This is very similar to what Bernie Sanders said just a few weeks ago, when he also starting pushing for more international abortions in poor areas to combat overpopulation.

Seriously, how are these Democrats any different from the Chinese who have used forced abortions for decades to control their population? Only in tactics.

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69 thoughts on “Another 2020 Democrat admits we need ABORTION to combat overpopulation [VIDEO]

  1. All the poor folks and working class folks, this Democrat strategy is aimed at you. You’re just too irresponsible to have babies and we don’t need any more of you, so we’re going to require (erm “help”) you murder your offspring, because we love you! Abortion supporters are at best dupes and worst, active agents of Satan.

  2. All these folks need to be reminded; we already are “involved in ‘family planning’ efforts around the world”. We have been since the Johnson administration. Grants of foreign aid are often tied to promises from third world countries to limit their population by any means necessary. Much of the cash comes from USAID and isn’t spent directly but gets funneled (laundered) through other agencies like the World bank or Planned Parenthood International. Meanwhile the world is in no danger of “over” population. Fertility rates everywhere are declining. In the west they’re almost universally well below replacement rate. The world population is at or near peak now. So we really don’t need any more imperialism to be ramming our western ideology down the throats of the third world. They won’t be grateful.

  3. If we have a problem with over population growth in America. Let’s start by closing down the southern border, put more regulations on immigration and start with enforcing the laws already on the books.

  4. “Tim Ryan literally says the United States should be involved in ‘family planning’ efforts around the world to combat overpopulation”

    So since we don’t murder enough children in this country, we need to branch out and help the rest of the world murder their children too. Because it’s all about “resources.” Bull crap.

    The party of murder on display. Don’t tell me that if these blood thirsty fools couldn’t get away with a Thanos snap, they wouldn’t.

    Come Lord Jesus!

  5. To be fair, Ryan said “family planning.” Without further clarification, I don’t think it’s fair to automatically assume he’s talking about abortion and not just simply birth control.

    We need to be careful not to get “over our skis” on stuff like this. It hurts our credibility.

    1. Well we can be sure he was not talking about abstinence. Neither have I heard Democrats talk about abstaining from sex until married in conjunction with family planning. At least that is not something they actively advocate. There isn’t many “options” left based on what he said.

      1. Of course he didn’t mean abstinence, heaven forbid! lol

        No, I think he meant birth control as in contraception, in various forms. There are, in fact, several options.

    2. He specifically said family planning in terms of “resources”.

      Enough of giving these evil bastards the benefit of the doubt buddy. We’ve done that for decades & look where it’s got us: right here.

      1. I’m serious as well. Heard in the Netherlands, one of those happy progressive countries, they euthanized a elderly woman against her will be cause she had dementia, but she still had lucid moments and never requested to be euthanized. The doctor kept pressuring her and she kept saying, “No, not now, I’m having a good day.” Then the doctor put a drug in her coffee and had family members hold her down while the doctor have her a the final shot. A sheer horror story.

        1. They’d rather give healthcare to a 21 year old illegal immigrant than a 75 year old American veteran that’s been serving and paying taxes his/her entire life….,

      1. I think they’ve already thought of it, w/ their ‘medicare for all’ baloney. 1st up for ‘quality medical care’, the illegals. LAST up for care, those ‘old folks’.

  6. Give them a few more years and the tactics will be the same.

    Seriously, do these dudes really want to go there by saying less people would mean that the climate could then be controlled? We had a lot less people on the planet 100 years ago and that didn’t reduce the number of horrific weather incidents.

    Heck, the “meteorolgists” couldn’t even predict the correct track of a storm that was two days out and I am supposed to listen to these idiots. You had a ship of fools that had to be rescued by a fossil-fueled ship – about a week ago – because their ship was stuck in ice and the ship was not designed to withstand the crushing ice. They were going to the South Pole to determine if the polar bears are in trouble because of global warming. This is so ludicrous, that it is funny. If it was me, I would have left them there. That would have helped reduce the number of people on the planet.

    Again, mother nature has been unpredictable since the beginning of time and no one but God Almighty can do anything about it. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So why does anyone believe anything these climate alarmists say or do? Complete insanity.

    I do wish though that if Tim Ryan wants to go down that rabbit hole on reducing humans on the planet, that he starts with himself and maybe one or two from his own family. You know, for the cause or whatever………………Just saying.

  7. One way to stop overcrowding is by putting a freeze on all immigration for the next ten years. If the people of Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America continue to be stupid enough to breed like rabbits in heat, and allow their children to grow up in squalor, then that’s on them, not us. Build the wall, put military personal on the border, underground sensors, and we stop the overcrowding that’s occurring in our nation.

  8. Record Player Joe wants the federal government to raise your kids.

    I’m surprised Trump didn’t pounce on that!

  9. Vote Biden= give up your kids and parenting responsibilities to the Fed government.

    That alone should re elect Trump. 40+ states

  10. These LW extremists need to lead by example by offing themselves. Additionally, if they have rug rats that haven’t yet started breeding, perhaps they should give serious consideration to spaying and neutering them.

  11. We’re raising your taxes, taking your guns and we’ll raise your kids for you, because you’re not playing the Record Player enough! Vote D 2020

  12. In case anyone still doubts that climate hysteria is a religion to the nutcase left, NBC launched a new site where people can make climate confessions. They have a few categories…plastic, energy, meat and transportation. You can even view other peoples confessions to get ideas.

    1. Saw that on Fox…a few confessions had me ROFL. It’s nice to have some comic relief in the midst of all the ‘crises’ we apparently have today

  13. Vote D, We’ll send social workers to your house to raise your children for you. Right after we’re done searching your home for firearms. Without a warrant of course, because the 4 th amendment is racist and was written by white men!

    We’ll Teach them that the constitution and Bill of Rights is horrible, infanticide is great, your parents are racist and are destroying the climate, etc….

    1. you nailed it sadly where the hell are the parents today???????????????????? can they get off their phones for 5 minutes and pay attention

    1. Record Player Joe has spent his entire political career allowing China to steal our jobs and wealth, so I’m not surprised the Ds want China’s policies implemented here in America..,

  14. When did the D party turn for the worse? I’m 40, and during my lifetime, the Rs today are what the Ds were in the 90s and the Ds today are completely unamerican?

    1. Don’t kid yourself. Both parties have been full of sh*t-bags for a long time. The only difference is that demographics are changing and everyone is in a rush to get in good with them to get their votes. But they don’t want too many of them, as they want to still rule, and if new people become too plentiful, they may decide white dems/repubs. have no say anymore. We’re already seeing this with debates, as there are certain demographics a white male had better never critique. Long term…. we’re f*cked.

        1. Agreed, 100%.

          The Convention of States is, in many ways, becoming a party. While they are technically non-partisan and dedicated to the issue of calling for an Article V convention, at least in Texas, they are starting to delve into other issues. Texas already submitted their application for the Article V convention. Still, the COS project leaders in the last session were organizing activists to lobby the legislature on a number of issues.

          While I doubt Mark Meckler ever intended this to happen, should the GOP continue on the present course, COS has the network and the membership to transition into a party.

  15. Why is it only ever the new humans? Why don’t we kill all the existing humans instead?

    Environmentalists, Climate Change Believers, Lovers of Gaia – I call upon you now! Who’s going to volunteer to do their part?

  16. More Accurate Title:

    ‘ Another 2020 Democrat Tim Ryan Demands ABORT “..your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore”, ABORT “..the homeless, tempest-tost to me” aka 3rd world overpopulation [VIDEO] ‘

  17. What this shills globalist lodge based controllers really mean is that they want you to lower your groups birthrate so that their Kalergi mass migration pop replacement scheme can even be more effective.

    As they flood in low and unskilled “migrants”(the majority on welfare packages) to replace you.

  18. I agree. We need to start aborting voting age democrats. I’ll happily supply the first 2000 green tips.

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