ANOTHER elderly Asian American BEATEN by BLACK assailant. How soon will this be called ‘white supremacy’?

An elderly Asian man is in critical condition after being beaten by a black man in Harlem, apparently for the crime of having spoken in Mandarin.

Also in Harlem just couple of months ago, a black man sliced an Asian man’s face open with a box cutter. Bystanders just watched and did nothing. And remember that a black man beat a 65-year-old Asian woman who was on her way to church recently in a brutal video that went viral. That was in San Francisco, and bystanders also did nothing.

It was CeFaan Kim of ABC News, a former sergeant in the Army Reserve, who brought attention to this attack, as with the previous San Francisco attack.

Attacks on Asian Americans over the last year have been almost universally blamed on Trump by the media. But attacks by black people against Asian people are brutal, comparatively frequent, and unremarked by the press. Except where they figure out a way to still blame that on white people.

And people not intervening? Well if it was a white man doing the attacking they would say the people didn’t intervene because they agreed with him. That might be true for some of the Harlem bystanders, judging by the apparent rise in anti-Asian sentiment. But for other people you might think they’re afraid. Either of becoming a target of the attacker, or becoming a target of the press.

After all, you can’t even save a black teenage girl’s LIFE without being called racist anymore.

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