Another Muslim woman is challenging Ilhan Omar and she’s AMAZING! Watch her campaign video…

Dalia Al-Aqidi is a Muslim woman from Iraq who loves American and Trump and has just begun challenging Ilhan Omar. She’s just released her first ad introducing herself to everyone and it’s off the charts.


WOW! Ilhan Omar is going to have her hands full trying to defend her seat from Al-Aqidi and, to quote Rush Limbaugh, I hope she fails!

Seriously, Dalia sounds fantastic. She loves America, loves freedom and understands how a government which says it will provide really leads to oppression, and in many cases war and mass murder. She’s seen this with her own two eyes.

I love the photo of her holding a rifle next to Saddam Hussein’s large marble portrait.

But then she goes on the attack, hammering Ilhan Omar for her outrage opposing the killing of Soleimani, who she correctly says was a vicious terrorist who killed American soldiers and countless innocent civilians. Dilia notes that Omar claims to be speak for all Muslims, but emphatically says “she does not speak for me.” mic drop

Rather, Dalia says that being from Iraq makes it personal for her and that she was so proud when Trump killed Soleimani, removing such an evil from the world. It’s a great campaign introduction and one that I hope sends her soaring in the polls over Omar. Check out her website here.

UPDATE: Here’s her interview on Fox and Friends this morning:

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