“Another social justice warrior that is simply a hypocrite” – Bill de Blasio ships NYC homeless to North Carolina despite his travel ban to state

Mayor Bill de Blasio is shipping his homeless population to North Carolina even though he still has a policy which prohibits NYC from doing business with North Carolina and traveling to the state:

NY POST – Mayor Bill de Blasio is sending homeless New Yorkers to live in North Carolina — even though he banned the city in 2016 from doing business with the Tar Heel State over its controversial bathroom bill.

“He’s ignoring his own travel ban,” North Carolina state Sen. Danny Britt, a Republican, told The Post. “I think it’s just a clear example of another social justice warrior that is simply a hypocrite.”

De Blasio still hasn’t lifted his travel ban, which prohibits non-essential travel for city employees to North Carolina, even though the state partially repealed the law prohibiting people from using restrooms in accordance with their gender identities in 2017. The mayor’s office has said the new bathroom rules don’t go far enough.

Over the past two years, city taxpayers have given North Carolina landlords approximately $640,000 to house 40 Big Apple families who were living in city homeless shelters under a program called Special One-Time Assistance.

The $89 million program has come under fire for sending the families to other cities around the country without notifying local officials or assuring that they get quality housing.

“So he has a restriction for New Yorkers to come to North Carolina but he doesn’t have a problem with sending these individuals to our community? This appears to be a bit hypocritical,” said Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin, a Democrat who has six NYC homeless families in his district.

I thought commies were all about taking care of everyone, but here he is dumping his homeless population on other states. What a hack.

And what’s worse is that, at least for North Carolina, de Blasio is unwilling to do business with the state but he’s willing to go behind the state’s proverial back and dump his homeless population there. Yes, he’s putting a dime or two up front, but what happens when that runs out? Why not put them up in New York instead of trying to make them someone else’s problem? Or better yet, why not enact more Republican policies that will help lift some of these people out of homelessness instead of jacking up the minimum wage so high that people lose jobs and become homeless.

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