Answer: Anatomy of a smear. Q: WHAT happened to a Jeopardy contestant over INNOCENT hand position?

I won’t even call it a gesture. It was just a placement of his fingers. Three of them, counting his victories on the game show Jeopardy! But that simple numeric acknowledgement spawned a whole passel of preachy news articles.

And the whole thing started with some jackass on Twitter. Of course.

It began on Thursday.

As I said, it’s stupid. He was counting wins.

But dumb as it is, it sparked a big outcry … Or wait, did HE spark a big outcry? Did natural reactions from viewers? Or was it actually some manufactured trash?

RedSteeze (Stephen Miller) has the answer to that question.

Manufactured by the press. What a shocker.

Every. Day.

This man was forced to apologize for everyone else getting outraged, then had to apologize a second time because his first version wasn’t denouncey enough.

The press is the enemy of the people. Is there any question about that?

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