Anti-Christian snowflakes IMPLODE because Tony Dungy mentions God

The anti-Christian snowflakes are at it again. This time their frail pathetic worldview crumbled at the very sight of Tony Dungy mentioning God in a tweet about the Super Bowl.

He posted a comment on Twitter:

How is this controversial? He just said what Foles told him he felt, and he made an observation about it. SO WHAT?

Well if you’re a whiny pathetic atheist, you just can’t handle it:

What a pathetic loser. If all of this is “nonsense” to him, why is he so threatened by it? And if ESPN wants some faith-based observations in their coverage, WHO CARES?

Dungy responded:

What sad empty lives these people lead to have to complain about such things.

This is one of the more common complaints from idiots who don’t understand Christianity and whine out of their ignorance. Most Christians don’t believe God takes a side in sports contests. But that doesn’t mean a player can’t pray for God to help him be his best, and then give God the glory afterward. That is perfectly reasonable – unless you’re an anti-Christian fascist whose beliefs are so shoddy they can’t handle opposing beliefs in the public square.

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