Anti-Islam Protests Break Out In Europe, Media Panics

Via Drudge, the UK’s Sunday Express reported this weekend that “anti-Islamist” protests broke out in France following the attacks in Paris. (Judging by the URL to the story, it looks like the original headline may have been changed from “Anti-Muslim” to the current “Far-right” protests one)

The protesters, armed with flares and with banners reading: “Throw out Islamists” pushed their way through the peaceful crowd and started chanting “Out the Muslims”.

Protesters hurled Islamophobic chants as police surrounded the tense scenes.

Demonstrators, taking part in the act of solidarity organised by Human Rights League, lashed back at the group of right-wingers, shouting: “Get out Fascists”.

There were four major protests like this in France after the attack, but they were not the only such protest in Europe. Not related to the Paris attack another march in Poland was also interrupted by anti-Islam protesters last month.

“Around 10,000 right-wing protesters clutching the national flag assembled on the streets in the capital of Warsaw on Saturday, and chanted slogans including “Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!“ and ”Poland, free of Islam!“.

Police in riot gear watched over the crowds as some lit flares, however there were no reports of violence. “

Again, the “right wing” label seems far more important to the European press than the fact that the protesters are condemning the religion of the murderers who terrorized (most recently) Paris. While this is a peculiarity common to Europe, where “right” and “left” don’t mean exactly what they do here, it shows the press far more fearful of nationalism at home than religious nationalist invasions from abroad, despite the obvious disparity in where the violence is coming from.

As a side note, it is entirely possible to write about two opposing fascists and condemn both, Europe. Give it a try.

Because, we must continue to remind people, that is in fact their religion. Islam. The killers were Muslim. That’s just a fact, whether the leftie press like it or not.

But of course, the American media was not about to be outdone by Europe, as you can see from this absolutely preposterous article at IBD. The melodramatic headline reads “After Paris Attacks, Muslims Brace For A Backlash They Always Knew Was Coming,” and it describes demonstrators outside of mosque in all the grim seriousness of someone reporting the Titanic, the Hindenberg, and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand all in one report. Then they post the video.

Anyone with any media experience will immediately recognize the four or five protesters here as members of the professional protest group the Westboro Baptist Church, the despicable wretches who protest military funerals shouting “God Hates Soldiers” and protesting homosexuality wherever they can with similar language.

This is the backlash they “always knew was coming”? Well then what were they worried about? Five people from Westboro is nothing. Less than nothing. A laughably maudlin report from an obviously uninformed reporter.

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