Anti-Trump Vets for Impeachment ambush Dan Crenshaw at Capitol Hill, but he handles it with CLASS

A few “vets for impeachment” ambushed Dan Crenshaw at Capitol Hill yesterday, even following him into the members only elevators. But Crenshaw handled the whole thing with class:

I don’t know where security was but these anti-Trump idiots should have never been allowed in the elevator. But instead of forcing the issue, Crenshaw just let it go and went about his business, and kept from giving them what they really wanted.

What bothered me more was how they actually questioned his his courage, something even Crenshaw took note of, as they argued with him about impeaching Trump. What loathsome people.

Crenshaw was right, though, that they didn’t want to have a conversation. All they wanted to do is yell at him and make a video.

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66 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Vets for Impeachment ambush Dan Crenshaw at Capitol Hill, but he handles it with CLASS

  1. This is America and you can believe in and support anything and anyone without fear of reprisal or harassment.
    Real Veterans would know and respect that. Stop acting like Antifa.

  2. Didn’t watch the entire video, that guy didn’t want to have a conversation he just wanted to rant. What a fool!

  3. Sounds like a case of false valor.

    You don’t get your point across by ambushing a representative on camera and then insult him and follow him into restrictive places. (Where the heck is security in this place!)

    If you really want to meet with him and have a logical discussion, you can make an appointment at his/her office. This was nothing but a stalker with a gotcha mentality wanting something to post on FB.

    1. The guy is probably a Vet, but I could buy a ball cap with Iraq War Veteran on it and claim I’m a combat Vet.

      1. I’m editing because they do claim to be combat vets. If true, then I can only speculate that is why they felt brazen to confront him, being “equals” and all.

        There are a lot (not majority) of liberals in the armed services. Many have teachers as parents.

    1. I’m certain that there is security with metal detectors at the entrance. Even my SSI office has an armed guard.

  4. The fake veteran with the hipster pubeface and his skinny jeans is claiming Rep. Crenshaw hid from him in an elevator. No person who ever served in our armed forces would ever question Rep. Crenshaw’s courage and sacrifice. This poser scum is a liar.

  5. Nikki Haley/Dan Crenshaw 2024

    As a 40 year old vet, I can assure you that an overwhelming majority support President Trump.

  6. There is a big difference between “Vets” and “Combat Vets”.
    You don’t get to pass out equipment in the USA to soldiers shipping out for overseas combat and claim you were in Nam.

  7. I respect the service of every vet. That doesn’t mean I respect their opinion or behavior. Crenshaw behaved with calm and class. The fool in the elevator behaved badly. And to suggest later that Crenshaw feared them is despicable.

  8. If you ever needed the definition of what it is to be a Blue Falcon in the military…

    *points at vets for impeachment*

      1. Wow, those acronyms and aliases from the military are wild. A long way from snafu!

  9. I couldn’t help but reply to this tweet by the idiot.

    CORRECTION: You’re harassing a Congressman, trying to bait him to make your video shocking. Evidently you can’t simply have a disagreement with someone & must resort to questioning his COURAGE. Given that you’re just pestering a Congressman, maybe someone should questions YOURS.

  10. I don’t think he was thinking where is security, my gut says he had already mental thought through several ways to defend himself against all 3 of them at the same time. 🙂

  11. I don’t care if Danny craps Bald Eagles- he is done. He can continue to pipe Koch until his term is up and then sail his lying, turncoat self back to Texas.

    I really wish these media sites would stop trying to make this guy happen. He showed his true colors, let him fade from memory. He really isn’t any better than the punks mewling after him in the above story.

    1. You are a babbling idiot. Please cry to yourself and dont make it public. So sad that you libs or whatever u are, are so fragile.

      1. If wanting to keep my 2nd Amendment rights and supporting strict immigration for the sanctity of American culture makes me a lib in your estimation, then whatever you say Clueless One. Maybe you don’t keep up with current events, but your arse pirate Danny Crenshaw does not support either of those ideals.

  12. “You got to make your video, you didn’t come here to have a conversation.”

    Boom. Mic drop.

    I swear, that needs to become standard reply to all these iphone wielding high-pitched morons.

  13. Y’know, just out of curiosity – show of hands who agrees with the whiny vets. I want to compare it to the list of people who supported Bolton’s turn through the revolving door.

  14. Mr. Crenshaw deserves so much better than that. He deserves respect and these guys didn’t show him any. They embarrassed themselves. That was awful. Where was security? Liberals are violent people.

  15. So sick of people using their VA status as a shield from critisims or as an excuse to be a know it all. Not everybody who slaps on a uniform is Christ reincarnated. There are a LOT of a-holes in the military. Not everyone who was sent into battle was an honorable warrior. Some just went in with an open general and got the sh*t end of the stick. Firemen demonstrate the same kind of bravery every day. The whole “I’m a veteran so you should be forced to listen to me” is horse-sh*t. Go get a job at Home Depot. Show them you can bleed orange. Lol.

    1. Respect the Service to our Nation is one thing respect for each individual is another, and those men were shameful.

      1. Absolutely. I have no respect for Crenshaw as a congressman. But as a vet, sure. Same with McCain. But like McCain, a lot of guys and gals think that service is an a-hole pass. It’s not. And as a vet, the whole swearing to uphold the Constitution should have greater meaning. It rarely turns out that way with our elected leaders.

  16. Conversation my foot. The jerk kept throwing out insulting “questions” and then not even letting Crenshaw answer. But stepping into the elevator and not getting off was really over the line.

    Maybe that guy really was a vet, maybe he wasn’t. Still no excuse for that behavior.

  17. Note that this guy also stands on Crenshaw’s right side, both in the hall and in the elevator. The side where he’s missing his eye.

    Not cool, dude.

  18. That A-hole should be arrested for harrassment. He was obviously not a veteran, probably stole the hat, and he’s spitting out the Dem narrative to the letter. I would have had guards drag him out of there.

  19. I’m a Vietnam Veteran, US Marine Corps, and I’m not a big Trump fan. I like some of the thing he’s done and some I don’t. The debt and deficit are a major problem and he’s done very little to curtail federal spending. In his defense, he gets very little assistance from the republicans in Congress. However, any democrat currently running, bar none, would be an absolute disaster.

  20. Stolen valor is a terrible thing. If he was in the military he was probably a stateside Remington warrior. Can’t understand any Vet dumb enough to be a dem.

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