**[UPDATED]** Anti-US riots spread to 20 countries throughout Muslim world, also multiple bomb threats in US


First a current report from the NY Post on how anti-US riots are spreading:

NY POST – Angry protests over an anti-Islam film spread across the Muslim world Friday, with demonstrators scaling the walls of US embassies in Tunisia and Sudan and torching part of a German embassy. Amid the turmoil, Islamic militants waving black banners and shouting “God is great” stormed an international peacekeepers base in Egypt’s Sinai and battled troops, wounding four Colombians. …

The day of protests, which spread to around 20 countries, started small and mostly peacefully in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The most violent demonstrations took place in the Middle East. In many places, only a few hundred took to the streets, mostly ultraconservative Islamists — but the mood was often furious.

The demonstrators came out after weekly Friday Muslim prayers, where many clerics in their mosque sermons urged congregations to defend their faith, denouncing the obscure movie produced in the United States that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad. It was a dramatic expansion of protests that began earlier this week and saw assaults on the US embassies in Egypt and Yemen and the storming of the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Several thousand battled with Tunisian security forces outside the US Embassy in Tunis. Protesters rained down stones on police firing volleys of tear gas and shooting into the air. Some protesters scaled the embassy wall and stood on top of it, planting the Islamist flag that has become a symbol of the wave of protests: A black banner with the Islamic profession of faith, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”

Police chased them off the wall and took the flag down. Two protesters were killed and 29 people were wounded, including police.

The heaviest violence came in Sudan, where a prominent sheik on state radio urged protesters to march on the German Embassy to protest alleged anti-Muslim graffiti on mosques in Berlin and then to the US Embassy to protest the film.

“America has long been an enemy to Islam and to Sudan,” Sheik Mohammed Jizouly said.

Soon after, several hundred Sudanese stormed into the German Embassy, setting part of an embassy building aflame along with trash bins and a parked car. Protesters danced and celebrated around the burning barrels as palls of black smoke billowed into the sky until police firing tear gas drove them out of the compound. Some then began to demonstrate outside the neighboring British Embassy, shouting slogans.

Several thousand then moved on the American Embassy, on the capital’s outskirts. They tried to storm the mission, clashing with Sudanese police, who opened fire on some who tried to scale the compound’s wall. It was not clear whether any protesters made it into the embassy grounds.


Hays Post reports of a current bomb threat at a Federal building in Kansas City:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A bomb-sniffing dog has detected the presence of some sort of explosives inside the vehicle of a man who walked into the Kansas City federal building and told authorities he was a terrorist.

The man entered the Richard Bolling Federal Building, 600 E. 12th Street around noon Friday.

KSHB-TV reports the Kansas City Police Department ordered the bomb and arson squad to his vehicle, located on the northeast corner of the building, near 13th and Holmes.

Authorities have closed the exit from Interstate 70 to 13th Street and have blocked off 12th and 13th streets between Cherry and Charlotte.



Fox News reports that 2 colleges were evacuated earlier today due to bomb threats. Both are clear now:

FOX NEWS – Thousands of people streamed off university campuses in Texas and North Dakota on Friday after phoned-in bomb threats prompted evacuations and officials warned students and faculty to get away as quickly as possible. No bombs were found on either campus by early afternoon it was not clear whether the threats were related.

The University of Texas received a call about 8:35 a.m. from a man claiming to be with Al Qaeda who said he had placed bombs all over the 50,000-student Austin campus, according to University of Texas spokeswoman Rhonda Weldon. He claimed the bombs would go off in 90 minutes and all buildings were evacuated at 9:50 a.m. as a precaution, Weldon said.

The deadline passed without incident, and the university later issued advisories saying all buildings has been cleared and were reopening by noon. Classes were canceled for the remainder of Friday, but other university activities were to resume by 5 p.m.

North Dakota State University President Dean Bresciani said 20,000 people also were evacuated from his school’s main and downtown campuses in Fargo after the school received its bomb threat Friday morning. Officials did not immediately release details about the North Dakota threat and its evacuation remained in place by early afternoon.

Is all this nuts or what? I’m so glad Obama has made the world love us again. Great job Barack.

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140 thoughts on “**[UPDATED]** Anti-US riots spread to 20 countries throughout Muslim world, also multiple bomb threats in US

  1. Now, now, now. They’re a “religion of peace” and these are just a few isolated extremists. So isolated that they have spread to 20 countries. Why won’t anybody call out the media on this? Is this their definition of “isolated, fringe groups”? When will they quit with the PC crap and just admit, “Islam hates us!”?

    If they are so few and far between and just isolated groups, then why in the hell is this a worldwide crisis? All it would take is one wrong word and Dearborn, MI could erupt into a full-blown jihad. Don’t believe me? Stayed tuned.

  2. Anti-US riots? Jay Carney and the Obama Administration says it’s not about anti-America. What a joke. Impeach them all they are a discrase to this Country.

  3. Think back….back….back…to 2008. Remember when the sanctimonious liberals lectured and rebuked Conservatives about how the rest of the world hated us because of President Bush and our evil war mongering.

    Remember how they promoted Barack Obama as the cure, and if elected, the world would love us and genuflect to Obama as: “A Lightworker — An Attuned Being with Powerful Luminosity and High-Vibration Integrity who will actually help usher in a New Way of Being – Mark Munford San Francisco Chronicle”

    Obama himself proclaimed that his election meant “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal. – Barack Obama”

    The Euro Marxists awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize having been in office only a few months. Why? Well, just for being Barack Obama.

    How about this:

    1. Not to nitpick, but they awarded him the peace price while in office…October 2009, but the DEADLINE for submissions was in February, 2008, more than a year before he took office, which means they were licking his boots long before he even won the election. Talk about politically correct appeasement.

  4. the liberals call the Republicans hawks and we love to go to war. It is my belief that all Democrats are weak and girly and wouldn’t win a war anyway. They would cower and apologies to all the muslims. Per Obama =”I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” This is from page 261 of the “Audacity of Hope.” This is our leader speaking. He has obviously acted on that too in last 4 years. Anybody is still confused why this craziness is happening???

    1. Well, yeah. JFK and LBJ got us into Vietnam and Nixon got us out. Carter screwed up in Iran and Reagan got the hostages back. Oh, yeah Eisenhower approved the invasion of Cuba and JKF messed that up leading to the Missle Crisis. Clinton turned down Bin Laden and we got attacked, so Bush had to take over. Now 0 is botching the finish to Bush’s retaliation in Iraq and Afganistan. If you need any more examples I can probably dig up a few more.

  5. I say let’s make our own bomb threat. Of course it won’t happen because miss obama and Mr. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t want to upset the turmoil they KNEW was coming. And folks, we still have the October surprise coming. Better buy some beans and rice. The $hit’s coming down, compliments of liberals and muslims working together.

  6. I long for the days before YouTube when our embassies weren’t stormed in the Middle East.

    — Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) September 14, 2012

  7. Time to take critical, drastic and decisive action.

    As president, I’d dissolve EUCOM. The eurotrash don’t appreciate America or Americans, for the most part, and since they’re supposed to be the big boys on the block, now, they can defend themselves. All EUCOM resources would be redeployed, immediately, to CENTCOM, AFRICOM and NORTHCOM. The hemorrhaging of Soldiers and Marines would be stopped, immediately, even if I had to stop-loss them. This stuff about Marines guarding embassies would be stopped, and stopped cold. This has to be a job for both the Army and Marines, and its quite apparent we haven’t made a large enough show of force. The Foreign Service Act of 1946 and 10 U.S.C. § 5983 would be altered to reflect this, or scrapped and replaced, altogether.

    This detachment BS would be out the window. Each embassy or consulate would be guarded by a platoon of Marine Security Guards or Military Police. Regardless of the post, they would be trained, equipped and armed for heavy combat and holding the line, no matter what. A squad would be designated and trained as SRT (Special Reaction Team), in a formal SRT school. In addition, there would be 1 squad of either Marine Corps LAVs or Army Stryker M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicles. These vehicles would be used for patrols. Any attempt at invasion, or storming, would be met with immediate, automatic lethal force, and even the vehicles would fire into crowds. Embassies would be redesigned to resemble prisons, complete with towers from which guards can fire on individuals, or crowds, with assault rifles, or even sniper rifles. Weapons would include the full gear normally utilized by Soldiers and Marines, as well as flame throwers, sniper rifles, NODs (Night Observation Devices), etc. Training would be intended to have the Soldiers and Marines in constant siege-mentality. Security would be augmented, further, by American corporation versions of the Samsung’s SGR-1 robot and personal IFF (Interrogator, Friend or Foe) devices.


    These would remain in place like military installations in the Middle East, until we are able to achieve energy independence, and start selling energy resources at rates that will undercut and destabilize OPEC. Once that’s done, we would cut ties with muslim countries, and literally destroy those embassies, blasting every building to the ground, destroying every wall, and leaving nothing for them to use in our absence. I would make it abundantly clear that you’d rather kill Soviet personnel, than Americans. Until we make America something to fear and respect, false leaders will make America an object of hatred and ridicule.

  8. Anyone think this is a set up? Perhaps, obama and friends are intentionally stirring up the trouble with Islam so obama can call Marshall law and keep his job.

  9. So, how are all the speeches, apologies, and Muslim outreaching working out? Obama can cause the waters to recede but he can’t calm the rising tide of Muslim anger and violence. Perhaps if he held a fundraiser in Cairo and gave another speech to the Muslim Brotherhood while wearing his Nobel Peace Prize, they would show him some respect. Or maybe not. It’s worth a try.

  10. But, but, but Obama said in a speech to the Muslim world…. Islam is known for its tolerance……

    Guess the magic mouth didn’t work that time.

  11. And where is the Jive-Talker-in-Chief?? I put my empty chair back outside.

    I have had enough of this nation building bullsh*t. We have saved many of those Middle Eastern rat [email protected] from genocide and this is the thanks we get.

    We are stuck in a never ending holy war. These animals have been fighting with each other for thousands of years and now we are knee deep in it. I don’t think we can stop it, but we can certainly control it if there were some [email protected] in that White House.

    1. It’s unnecessary to do that, so long as we achieve (actual) victory over Islam elsewhere in the world. Their US mosques would just end up becoming ordinary buildings, since Islam would dissolve as a world power.

    1. Muslims have been at war with all unbelievers ever since the 7th century, and the only way to end that war is to end Islam.

      1. That’s right, we’ve forgotten the Crusades and they haven’t. “Forgive and forget” is something I’ll bet you won’t find in the Koran.

  12. If the muslims bomb our cities….maybe we should drop a concentration of bombs on their cities kinda like we did in WWII.

      1. LOL……I like the way you think, Jay. We could do a weather check and make sure that the wind would not affect Israel.

  13. Is all this nuts or what? I’m so glad Obama has made the world love us again. Great job Barack.

    My thoughts exactly.

  14. I think this is very suspicious- while if there is no bomb, that could incite terror to announce yourself and say there were bombs like at the college that was talked about on local tv news today, but when they actually had a bomb, I have a hard time believing a true Muslim terrorist bent on killing infidels would make an announcement prior to setting off a bomb. This smells fishy to me.

  15. OT: Listening to Beck after Scoop mentioned he was gonna tell stories about Mitt that have never been reported. He’s only told one so far and I’m already in tears. These stories need to be told.

  16. God Save the United States of America from our enemies, both foreign AND Domestic! Counting down 3-2-1, who are they? Obama, et al, LSM, leftist/communist/socialist bloggers, trolls any and all who drank the O’s kool aid…

  17. My child is a student at UT Austin, you have no idea how sick I felt when I heard about the bomb threat today. This administration has allowed the Islamo-fascists to terrorize our entire country. When I saw how they murdered our US ambassador and his staff I wanted to bomb those responsible back to the Stone Age. Am I the only one? I am so tired of appeasement. I’m normally a pretty reasonable individual, but when my child is under threat I have a really hard time separating the fanatics from the rest who stand by and allow it to happen. I’m trying to get back to a place of calm, but it’s very difficult.

    1. I share your feelings. For me it is 100% about our children and their children.

      Anger is a healthy phase – it means being over the fear of these pre-fuedal barbarians. Being trained in the use of firearms and self defense is so important here.

      I am no longer afraid nor angry. I am resolute. The enemy we need to root out is not the terrorists – it is those within who they serve. That includes our politicians, our religious leaders, our financiers, our media.

      This is an enemy both foreign and domestic. Fascism like islam’s, is a favorite tool of those who through out history seek only to ensalve us through government. They use terrorism to scare us, to make us run in fear to that government for “protection”.

      It is just an foreign face to the very same tyranny our Founders gave us the tools to preserve our liberty – but we must take those tools now and fight. It starts with a simple mindset: Give me Liberty or Give me Death

  18. Wow. It’s a good thing these countries love us now. I’d HATE to see what they’d be up to if they hated us!

  19. “Is all this nuts or what? I’m so glad Obama has made the world love us again. Great job Barack.”

    I don’t know how it could be said any better. And where is Mr. Empty Chair? Still in Vegas fundraising or off somewhere else?

    It should alarm people that obama is not acting disinterested. He is purposely ignoring this because he supports the outrage by muslims. He no doubt not only knew about the US Embassy apology but likely ordered and approved it. The violence is now spreading across our borders. Somebody in Congress better wake up.

    1. “It should alarm people that obama is not acting disinterested. He is purposely ignoring this because he supports the outrage by muslims.”

      This all brings a twinkle to his eye and grin to his face. He hides it well. No?

    2. He supports it because this powder keg now makes it much more dangerous for Israel to attack Iran, should the need arise. This is doing what he doesn’t have the balls to do or say, with regards to his position on Israel.

      1. Israel does not care they will attack when they want and how they want and they will do it right and if they means using nukes then so be it.

  20. How can you trust a news story that starts with a lie? “Angry protests over an anti-Islam film…” This is just getting totally absurd. The Big Lie.

    I briefly watch Morning Joe today. The whole discussion was about this film causing the riots and how Mitt Romney was wrong to take a position on what has happened. I was ready to destroy the TV…

    The UK Daily Mail published photos of our burned out embassy. If we had a Republican president now those photos would be the basis of a cover story in Time or Newsweek with all the pictures inside. But of course since Barry is prez the MSM propagandists will ignore these pics.


  21. Wait! But Obama said this: “We will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.”

    Whew! I feel better now that the administration is focused on the 5 or 10 people among the thousands of terrorists that actually physically did the killing.

    I feel better now that (like the obsession with OBL and not Al Queda) his administration is treating this like a criminal act in response to a video and not an act of war planned for months.

    Thank you, Barry, for making us feel so much safer here and around the world.

    As Sally Field might say today: “They respect us! They really really respect us!”

    1. Under your own name and as an American.

      Obama will make the entire planet, except for North America, unsafe for Americans.

      Americans will make the North America unsafe for Obamarhoids.

    2. Forget the middle east – coming soon to a mosque near you…..

      In Europe, between 1989 and 1998 the Islamic population grew over 100 percent (to 14 million or 2% of the population). It is estimated that Islam’s population by the year 2025 will be 1.9 billion or 24% of the total European population. This growth comes primarily through immigration and a high birth rate. In Brussels the birth rate is 57% muslim.

      The major Muslim populations are concentrated in Asia and Africa. Muslims are mostly people of color. 68% of all Muslims live in Asia and 27% in Africa. Indonesia has 15% of the world’s Muslim population, Almost 1/3 of the world’s Muslim population live in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.

      It unclear how many Muslims currently reside in America…because of a lack of data. For the past 50 years the United States government, unlike other countries does not included questions about religious affiliation in the census. Islamic Horizons states that there are eight to ten million Muslims in North America. The largest concentrations of Muslims are in California, New York, and Illinois — with an estimated 400,000 in the Chicago area.

      Muslim population in the United States grew by 25% between 1989 and 1998. In 1990 there were only 50 Islamic schools in America. Today the number is over 200. Since about 1990 the number of “registered Islamic centers and mosques” has tripled, now at over 2500.

      “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful, our soldiers” Recep Erdoğan,2003, Prime Minister of Turkey

      1. sDee,

        Your analysis is spot on. If you look at the indigenous population birthrates for all the countries in Europe, they are all at 1.2 to 1.4. This is FAR below replacement levels. All these countries are in a population death spiral from which they will NEVER recover. All Europe will be an Islamic Caliphate within 20 years. You cannot argue with demographics. Any state entity that does not maintain replacement level population growth of 1.9 births/1000 or more irrevocably declines!

        Mosques should be outlawed immediately. Islam is a cult of death, not peace.

        1. and our birthrate is in trouble too. The only reason it is even close to 2, is because of the predominantly Catholic illegal immigrant births.

  22. Where’s the Nobel Peace Prize Winner when you need him?
    Oh yeah, he’s out partying and campaigning….

  23. Because of this mess called the “Arab Sring,” we are now forced to hide in our embassies and hope these maniacs don’t try and take over like they did in Tehran in 1979. I would send roughly 100 heavily-armed Marines to each embassy until this thing is over. Also, given them flexible Rules of Engagement to defend themselves properly if they are fired on. That should at least make the mob think twice before trying to burn down an embassy. Other than that, all we can do is hunker down and wait it out, thanks to Obama and Clinton’s foreign policy.

  24. Where was the outcry when 4 INNOCENT people were killed of the coast of eastern Africa handing out Bibles? Did Christian outfits propose death and destruction to those who slaughtered those folks that happened to be Muslim?

    1. I’m still wondering where the outrage was when the military burned Bibles…. Well, there was that “accidental burning of the koran” that got a bunch of our soldiers killed, but no one mentioned the Bibles.

      1. Are you referring to the US military burning bibles?  The point innocent people, American people, were killed.  If I was the President I would send out special ops and find those bastards that killed innocent Americans.  That will send a clear message to those who think murdering Americans will go without consequence!

        1. I agree. I was just trying to show the incredible difference between the religion of pieces to Christianity. These people will riot and murder for any little thing- this movie that people are trying to blame is a smoke screen, but even if it were because of it, or burning korans, they still would be evil murderers. Christians have people mocking Christ at every turn, Bibles burned so to appease muslims during a time of war and yet there is no rampage. Somehow still Christians are portrayed as the bigoted intolerant terrorists.
          For our government and media to portray this evil as nothing but retribution for a stupid movie is pathetic at least, but more so treasonous.

  25. Obama wants this in the U.S.A. That way he can have a crisis here to shut down the election on Nov. 6. He wants to keep his “Empty Chair” as a dictator. The ends justify the means.
    Obama is a very dangerous man who must be stopped from completely destroying our country. We must have our Nov. 6th election. If Obama steals it, then we march…

      1. Damn right. That’s why the regime wants to enact a gun ban. The government should fear the populace, not the other way around.

    1. Indeed. The things that are going on are too much of coincidence to be a coincidence. Careful planning is involved here. Cause and effect.


    He has done more damage in four years than anyone could have imagined

    I am very upset today after seeing those 4 flagged draped caskets

    I think EVERY single HERO that comes “HOME” should be shown this way so the Country
    understands the losses involved

    These Women and Men are becoming numbers –

    Instead of being viewed as HEROES

    He showed NO emotion – He has NO soul

  27. The publicity this administration gave this video, in order to scapegoat their own failures in national security, makes them directly responsible for this spreading violence. It’s not the first time either- OWS was also supported by the admin. It seems they’ll support any unrest either here or overseas. I wonder why.

    1. “The publicity this administration gave this video, in order to scapegoat their own failures in national security,”

      Exactly. And what should be even more troubling is how the narrative spread so quickly all the way from the State Dept, to the newsrooms, to the mosques, to protesters on the streets, to the propagandists interviewing them, and back into the newsrooms.

      The real problem in this world in that there is no free press, just a global propaganda machine.

  28. But wait…isn’t Islam the religion of peace? Surely these are misunderstanders of the sock-puppet Muhammed and his pimp-daddy god? Iman Rauf, Fareed Zakaria, Ibrahim Hooper and Martin Bashir call your offices.

    If they would just unclench their fists….LOL. 1400 years of slavery, rape, murder and mayhem is on display for all to see. There is no reasoning with these troglodytes from hell.

    Yet Obama and his admiinistration divert and obfuscate, while the lickspittle Carney tries his best to lie through his pearly white teeth.

    Shades of Jimmy Carter and 1980.

    1. LOL! ” the sock-puppet Muhammed and his pimp-daddy god”

      When you said that , I pictured Obama, sitting on his throne, alone with his thoughts of empire and immortality. (It was the “sock-puppet” image that pushed me over the edge That should be a poster–LOL!)

  29. The key to what this administration is saying is in their words. It’s all in their words.

    They knew ahead of time that there were plans of attacks, but, as Carney said, there was no ‘actionable’ intelligence. In other words they didn’t have a specific group plan that they could stop. It’s all very disengenuous to say that because even though they may be technically right, they hide behind the fact that they didn’t do anything to protect our embassies and consulates overseas on 9/11.

    I’m sick and tired of these word games that Carney, specifically, is hired to play.

    Next, they’ll say that these weren’t ‘actionable’ bomb threats either because they actually found no bombs. The terrorists have us right where they want us. They don’t have to do anything but make a phone call to create havoc.

    I want conceal-carry in my state.

      1. I don’t want to put anything on my cartridges, as I don’t need them jamming at the wrong time. But I will carry a bottle full of pig-blood spray, to spritz them when they go down. That should be the last thing they have go through their minds just before they meet MY maker and he sends them straight to H*ll.

  30. Obama’s Brotherhood doing what Occupy Wall Street couldn’t handle. They will be unleashed here in short order. Thanks Barry. That Cairo speech was just terrific. You healed the world.

    1. All in a commie’s day’s work. He’s right on schedule. This month… riots over there, the October surprise, riots over here and martial law… suspension of elections so they can deal with a crisis they can’t let go to waste.

      1. I really wish I could say, “Oh please, your insane that will never happen. Start living in reality!” But I can’t, because that IS our reality….

        I really hope the people who have voted for Obama last time have seen what they have done. Yes, THEY, the people who wouldn’t listen when the signs were right freakin’ there!

      2. You’re right about the schedule. If Americans would only read The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich, or as I’m currently reading, Bonhoeffer, by Eric Metaxas, they would see how closely this aspiring dictator is following that playbook. And as for a video inciting these riots – why aren’t they rioting over accurate history books that truthfully explain who and what Muhammad was. Monotheists indeed! They worship Allah, Muhammad, their mosques, their so-called holy books, their martyrs. They’re the same ancient warring tribes of polytheists they’ve always been.

  31. THE POST IS FULL OF CRAP!! This not because some ANTI-ISLAM FILM!! This is BS!! I am getting sick of this crap! Nowhere do you see people cursing the FILM….they are cursing AMERICA…SHALL WE SEND A UPS EXPRESS PACKAGE to the NY POST WITH PICTURES!! What the heck is the matter with his newspaper??? Oh that is right cover for the MARXIST!! I keep seeing all those signs denouncing the film! NOT! This is being directed at YOU OBAMA!

      1. Absolutely spot on. The WH Thugocracy would love to go all martial law on us to make Obama an official dictator.
        We need to keep our powder dry and not help feed a manufactured crisis “here” until after Nov. 6th.

    1. Mike-you’re among friends now. Not one poster on this site will misunderstand what you are feeling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, my friend

    2. These are all anti-western and anti-free speech riots. They’re burning Israeli flags, U.K. and German embassies and threatening non-muslims all over the world if they exercise their right to free speech.

  32. They are coming out the closet. They know we are weak. That our economy is near collapse.

    READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL. Our only chance to get sanity back in place is to VOTE ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

    1. I don’t know. I kinda like watching the bastard cook in his own juices. Every once in a while, they dip Hillary into the bama stew. Helps to bring out that musty, meat flavor!

  33. Watching the news today it is clearly apparent (imo) that Americans are unable to get factual truthful new from U.S. news sources. Any of them.

    The news I have seen and any spokesperson from our own Administration are pushing the this is all because of that lame ass video which is an obvious lie..

    There is much more than that going on here, much more. The powers to be in the media and government are ignoring the rest of the story , which is what got us into this situation in the first place..

    We are living in the time of Amerika… It is here.

    1. I disagree, the Propagandist are NOT in control. Places like the RightScoop the Drudge Report, The Blaze, and all other blogosheres out there are doing the job the journalist are meant to do. This is the new media, and will probably be here to stay, if they keep going down this path. In fact, I say the LSM are unravelling! They are losing control and we are seeing flustering and panic from these guys trying to keep the public in tune in how THEY want us to.
      Mark my words:


  34. I thought obama was suppose to make nice with muslim countries once he was elected and they would love us big time! What happened to that plan? Those countries hate us more than ever and now aren’t the least bit afraid that the US will defend our embassies or make anyone pay for the murders of four US citizens. They know that obama won’t do a thing to defend our property against his brothers in the Middle East.

    1. We should send Obama back to Cairo to make a speech. Maybe he can get a few donations. I don’t think the president has enough gumption to blow his own horn even in Dearborn MI. He’s such a pathic loser even a muslim couldn’t respect him

  35. The Muslim dogs have Obama’s nation treed like a racoon.

    What will President Wets His Pants do?

    “Oh my, oh my, Sweetie, ” I hear Valerie coo, crushing the little potoe head to her greasy breasts. “Didn’t you read the “What to do when you’ve stomped on your own member and the entire world is starting to think of you as a pathetic, weak coward and Moron” chapter in Rules for Radicals? There-there, ‘bammy, yo momma’s right here.”

    1. eEEeew!! Never mention Valarie’s breasts again! The image is frightening as is! *gag* o_0. Besides, I think there’s usually a 1-800 number in case of emergencies in the “Rules for Radicals” handbook, right? WWSD (What Would Soros Do?)

  36. Even CNN had report that these were planned back in August LONG BEFORE ANY SILLY YOU TUBE VIDEO!! I mean if CNN can find a report and the Independent can find sources that say that the US was advised 48 hours in advance…HOW IN THE BLOODY HECK DID THE CIA MISS IT?????????? This is not a fastball pitch in baseball…THESE ARE REAL AMERICANS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

    1. Pajamas Media reported these very threats on Sept.10/2012, per Rush’s show today. Sorry, couldn’t find a link for it.

  37. “denouncing the obscure movie produced in the United States that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad…”

    But the religion of pieces must not be made fun of! It’s unfortunate for the world that some bigot islamophobe decided to make muslims not feel good about themselves so they are only letting off some deserved anger.

    Christians are the true terrorists, everyone knows that. I mean, look at all the beheadings, rapes, murders, burnings and stonings we did when they came out with The Last Temptation of Christ.

      1. “Heeerrrrreeee he comes to save the daaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!”

        I like it. Can he have a pig as his side kick? Maybe I should ask ABC

        1. Who, you mean Porky? Oh, I’m sure he doesn’t mind being Robin! 😉

          BATDUCK AND PORKIN!!…………………………okay, I’ll think up a better name next time lol

    1. Let’s not forget that they have no problems murdering and raping, just as long as their dear prophet Muhammad is not portrayed as a murderer and rapist. Muslim pretzel logic on full display.

  38. Well its a good thing Obama has his Beyonce/JayZ concert to look forward to. All this strife is probably giving him a headache.

    Come on November.

  39. Leadership….but that is that YOU TUBE VIDEO RIGHT JAY? Where is Obama? What is this two bit cheap suit doing? Can someone find the little weasel? Or is he with Stephanie Cutter in the Gutter? Hiding Coward? Die Spiegel in Germany writes…”OBAMA’S MIDDLE EAST POLICY IS IN RUINS!!! But do not tell Jay that!! Now right here in the US…I guess those muslims are really PEACEFUL HEY JAY??? This is becoming an INTERNATIONAL DISASTER FOR OBAMA!! He can run but this time nowhere to hide Marxist!!

    1. Nice to know our president is treating these murders as a criminal act with the statement, “We will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.” So glad this was all about a video and not an act of war planned for months. Obama can train a drone on the guy who made the video and all the Muslim countries will love us again. Whew! I feel better now.

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