Antifa activist shot and killed by police during ATTACK on ICE detention center; PRAISED as a ‘martyr’!

Not only did an Antifa terrorist die while committing an act of left-wing political violence against a government facility, but all of his Antifa buddies are praising him as a hero.

He had a record for assaulting a police officer, and for violating an restraining order after a domestic violence dispute.

From the News Tribune:

The man who was shot and killed by Tacoma police while allegedly staging an attack at a Tacoma immigrant detention center has been identified.

The Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the man killed at the Northwest Detention Center as Willem Van Spronsen, 69, of Vashon Island.

Police were called to the center at 4 a.m. Saturday after an employee at the facility spotted a man with a rifle. The center holds migrants waiting for hearings and deportations.

Van Spronsen was allegedly throwing incendiary devices at cars and buildings, tried to explode a propane tank on the site and exchanged gunfire with police.

Police later located Van Spronsen. He had died on the scene.

Here’s the scumbags praising the violence:

Now that’s a lot of people praising political violence on the left… I’m sure the mainstream media will run to cover it, right? Riiiight.


So three of the above scumbags deleted their tweets. But we have screenshots!!!

Oh no, sorry scumbags!!!

And for the rest of the tweets, if you see one that looks like it has been deleted, alert me at @soopermexican on twitter… I may just have a screenshot for the rest of them too!

Update: Here’s another one.


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104 thoughts on “Antifa activist shot and killed by police during ATTACK on ICE detention center; PRAISED as a ‘martyr’!

  1. AntiFA FASCISM ON THE RISE : Fear of the radical violent AntiFA Left, a organized violent domestic terrorist thug force, supported by MSMedia / Democrats, who literally mirror Hitler’s 3rd Reich Nazi brownshirts of the 1930s, same justification cause, same hate and violent tactics, have declared open war against America, Americans

    Pres Trump must immediately declare AntiFA the violent domestic terrorist hate group that they are.

    AG Barr must direct the FBI to create a task force to take down these violent domestic terrorist street thugs.

  2. They seem like they want a war. They don’t realize they’d be on on the short end of the stick in that situation.

  3. None of the MSM are mentioning he was a far left, extremist ANTIFA. It’s also bizarre there are no pictures of him. I hope more ANTIFA(Anti-First Amendment), commies follow his lead and the problem will sort its self out.

  4. The mental defectives who wax panegyric over this dead fool should all be put on a terror watchlist.

    1. Absolutely! One of them may decide to emulate him. People that crazy can never be trusted.

      After all who thought even the crazies in the ME could be talked into strapping a bomb on their chest and blowing themselves to kingdom come to kill innocents for Allah.

      I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that.

      1. Encouraged by their own mothers, no less.

        (My theory is that women hate their situation so much under the throwback Islamists that they don’t GAF if their own sons die.)

  5. Shooting them with paintballs at these events should make them easier to identify later on. Shooting them with tranquilizer guns would make them easier to pick up off the street.

    1. I like rubber bullets too because I want their idiocy and terrorism tactics to sting a little. Of course this clown committed suicide by cop – he planned on dying – said his goodbys to his friends.

  6. “Police later located Van Spronsen. He had died on the scene.”

    So how did the scumbag die? did he blow himself up? what the heck? that’s no way to end an article.Not that I care about the thug, I just think there should be more information.

  7. An important safety advisory to the parents of ANTIFA members:

    If you do not gain control of the stupid children living in your basement and get them to behave more rationally and peacefully then be prepared to bury them.

    If your deadbeat offspring do not behave properly, then sadly the funeral business is destined to boom at your expense.

    Please, for everyone’s sake, do something with your rotten kids.

  8. We need more “heroes” like this idiot…I’m tired of watching these goons getting away with destroying property and attacking people and nothing being done…maybe some in the Antifa crowd will think twice before carrying out attacks of violence…

  9. Once they declared speech as violence they think the only way to combat violence is with violence which is exactly what they are doing. You even question their social justice agenda then that is hate speech and violence justifying their violent response.

    The only cure for speech that can be allowed is more speech. When they riot or even conspire for actual bodily harm they need to go to jail for maximum sentences then this garbage will go away. Until this happens there will be no change and things will get worse.

  10. The left LOST the culture war. They have now moved to the next phase of their struggle to destroy this nation and its institutions that have liberated MORE PEOPLE in the last 40 years than any other economic system could in a million years.

    We should not trifle with these communist bastards who are too stupid to pour piss out of a boot even if the instructions for doing so were on the heel in flashing neon lights. If they cannot figure out that free markets liberate people while government controlled markets MURDER people by the millions then they are just too damned stupid to bother trying to educate. Shed not a tear for this criminal thug loser whose only understanding “Power” is brute, thuggish force. May he roast in hell for all of eternity.

  11. To quote members of Antifa and their media supporters:

    “Play stupid games…win stupid prizes”

    1. This is nothing new for Antifa. This was their goal: to get one of their own killed, so they could escalate their war on prosperity and the system that creates it.

  12. If there is any good that comes out of this idiots suicide it is that it will make it just a little easier to label Antifa a terrorist group

  13. Great news for a Sunday. More of them should play “Bullet Catch” with the police. Let’s hope we can get deputized to help take down antifa. I’ve got a sh*t load of green tips to get rid of.

  14. This piece of absolutely worthless Communist garbage is not “resting in power”, he’s resting in the dumpster which is a proper way of disposal for all his #Antifa “cumrades” too,

  15. These responses are from marxist anarchists saluting a dead fellow marxist. We are at war in this country for the sole of our great nation and so many people are completely oblivious to that reality.

    1. With Twitter, facebook, Youtube and every other leftist owned and controlled social media outlet.

  16. Martyr, huh?

    So, what faith is he testifying to?

    BTW, Muslims who die in jihad aren’t “martyrs,” either. You don’t get to call yourself a martyr if you die because you were trying to kill someone, and that person killed you in self-defense.

  17. Anybody listen to the propaganda report? KING 5 is more in favor of the “refugees” than objectively reporting the news.

  18. Antifa members, join your brother!! Become martyrs for the sake of your cause! If you don’t die a “hero’s” death then you aren’t true to your beliefs! Go out and take control of your destiny! A .556 round or two in your upper chest will be a sufficient and grand finale for you

  19. *Sitting on porch & channels his inner Powers Boothe*


    BTW, how dumb are some of these people to praise this terrorist on social media for all to see?

  20. How DUMB do you have to be to go on to social media and PRAISE a TERRORIST for TRYING TO KILL LEOs?!?!?!

    Really have to hope FBI is watching social media after this.

  21. These imbeciles don’t understand their very actions are the definition of fascist (basically- do what I say, or else).

    1. The left always attempts to get ahead of and controlling the narrative by calling and accusing conservatives that for which they are.

  22. Power? Pfft. There’s nothing “powerful” about some dumb POS lunatic challenging the real power in the United States. He was just a pitiful little worm, a coward who tried to kill innocent men and women who worked for our government, protecting our nation from illegal aliens.

  23. So this moron paid the ultimate price, and all he managed to accomplish was to burn up a car or two. Of course those cars will be replaced with insurance money, so he didn’t really accomplish anything except getting himself killed. And his fellow morons are calling him a “martyr” hahahahahaha! Let’s hope that this will become popular among the antifa scumbags. They should all become “martyrs”.

    1. No, none of these aholes probably have life insurance and the taxpayers will have to bury them.

  24. ” Rest In Power” is the Lefts idea of heaven ??? It really is all about power, the power to control, and dictate. It’s never been about securing personal liberty. It is quite the opposite.

  25. Willem Van Spronsen
    Was no Charles Bronson
    He went after ICE
    Now he’s dead. Very nice!

  26. Let’s see if I were a detective I would go to the twitter page of these fools get all their buddies names and start picking them off.

  27. of course this happened here, right in my area… the leftists here are insane. almost as bad as portland.

    1. Colorado’s right there w/ ya, AustindPowers. Replacing the American flag w/ the Mexican flag at a detention center? Why not just move to Mexico if you love it so much more than America. It’s really not that far…

    1. He accomplished ridding this country of one more psychotic lunatic along with saving the tax payers from having to pay to support him while he’s in prison.

  28. Attacking a ICE government facility is just so smart, what a loss to the country that he is gone. Not.

  29. Attacking a ICE government facility is just so smart, what a loss to the country that he is gone. Not.

  30. Nutcase probably thought the car was a Ice officers car and threw a Molotov cocktail and burnt it up, would be funny as hell if it was another antifa’s car… Officers need to start shooting more of these antifa ~
    GOOD JOB ICE ! ! !

  31. Those fa’s really going to be considered a terrorist organization now? Seriously though, what was the point of attacking this place? Rest in power? Uh, yeah.

  32. Nuts. Another old leftist looking to kill people en masse. Was he going to help the illegals being detained there by burning them all up inside? What is going through these people’s minds?

  33. This man was no young hipster I generally associate with Antifa at age 69 but he was clearly extremely dangerous to the public. Armed with a rifle, throwing incendiary devices at cars and buildings, tried to explode a propane tank on the site, exchanged gunfire with police and it cost him his life. And for what?

    1. Reading that this guy was 69 years old made me question his sanity. It’s highly unusual and unlikely to hear about 69 year old people acting out in this way. Something tells me that this guy was psychotic.

    1. They prefer to prey on the weak and defenseless, but once they are confronted with equal or greater force they scurry like the gutless cockroaches they are.

    1. The problem for the rest of us is that he’s probably already reproduced a number of times. He won the Darwin Award decades too late.

  34. Why is that some people consider this guy as a hero and I see him as a nutcase…where have I gone wrong?

    1. Yeah, did you listen to the news report? It was obviously slanted toward the picnickers- oops, protesters and the “refugees.”

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