Antifa YELLS at Portland police to commit SUICIDE, abuse black cop with RACIST insults….

There are more insidious videos coming out of the Portland scumbag Antifa demonstration. In this one, some dumbass tells police that the only way out is to commit suicide.

I bet any one of those cops could obliterate that doughy idiot one on one, but ironically, he is protected by their dedication to the principle of restrained police action.

In this one another scumbag calls a black cop a “coon.”

Incredible. Do these idiots really think this behavior is going to help their cause? Regular normal Americans who hold down a job and are just trying to get ahead don’t support this kind of extremism, even if they may not completely agree with the policies of the Trump administration. And all this does is push them to abstain from voting or even join the other side. Thanks Antifa!!!

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28 thoughts on “Antifa YELLS at Portland police to commit SUICIDE, abuse black cop with RACIST insults….

  1. When the real fight comes down, and it’s not to far away, Antifa won’t have a chance…

  2. So is the media and the Democrats going to call these Antifa creeps Trumpsters or right wing racists?

  3. Regular normal Americans who hold down a job and are just trying to get ahead don’t support this kind of extremism

    That doesn’t matter. Some of these antifa terrorists will be in congress soon.

    The same clique who recruited and bought AOC’s seat will recruit and buy other D+25 seats for radicals with out-of-district money. They are pulling the Democrat party far to the left, but nobody will defeat them in these super-safe Dem seats.

    Meanwhile, the GOP also lurches to the left following stale, 50’s era political thinking to “seize the middle.”

    Conservatives are actively blocked from running by McCarthy, McConnell, and the GOP aristocracy (e.g. like the GOPe hired Democrat operatives to steal the election from Chris McDaniel) — they only want pliant lackeys loyal to the leadership.

  4. Maybe it’s time for the Portland Police to catch a case of the blue flu and tell the Mayor to stick it.

  5. Yep, the party of the KKK, the Democrats. They are the KKK in sheep’s clothing. Always have been..

  6. Police swat teams should be in place to take out these ANTIFA assholes. No investigations, no findings of any criminal activity, just god taking out the trash. Shoot a few of these morons and this crap will stop !

    1. They’ve turned Portland into a shitehole. I’m sure sure the regular residents are worried less about the Proud Boys and more about homeless crazies crapping on their lawn and leaving used needles everywhere.

  7. Want to see where this leads? Watch PJW’s video on L.A. This is supposed to be “compassion”.

  8. “Antifa” is a self-deprecating joke for these people. Fascism is basically “Do What I Say or Else”, which defines these thugs perfectly. Antifa – Anti First Amendment.

  9. The FBI knows their recent terrorist attacks, so what are they waiting for. . .

    Just recently far-left Antifa terrorist Connor Betts slaughtered 37 people, killing ten of them in a Dayton Ohio massacre. Other Antifa terrorists firebombed a Federal Government building in Washington State occupied by hundreds of people leaving behind a manifesto beginning with “I am Antifa”. In yet another Antifa attack an ICE office in San Antonio was shot at several times early Tuesday morning, leaving several windows shattered and the people inside nearly assassinated.

  10. Over the weekend, NBC Evening News “reported” on the Portland activity:
    “In the Portland confrontation between right-wing AGITATORS and AntiFa PROTESTERS….”

    No editorializing there, Comrade – none at all!

    1. If one asks themselves “who do I want living next door, a Proud Boy or an Antifa member?” the true reality becomes obvious.

    2. It was similar to how the news on the radio also described this in the Metro area. It was infuriating as they called Antifa an anti-fascist group which it is not. It is a fascist group with very bad actors in it. They actually played an interview with one who said they don’t wear the masks to make it harder on the police but because in their “normal” life, they do not want to be hassled – like at their jobs, homes, every day lives, etc. If he was doing anything that would be applauded, no one would be hassling the dude so it is quite clear that they know that what they stand for is vilified by real Americans.

      What I find interesting is the silence of the media when these Antifa dudes show their racism like was noted above but again,chooses to attack Trump as the racist.

      I wonder why that is? For me, it is my belief that the media, just like the Democrat Leadership, are truly afraid of these monsters they created and coddled and now cannot control. As I have said previously, those like Babs, Michael Douglas, Chuck Schumer et al need to really pay a lot more attention to the Omars and the Talibs who they have let into their circles to show how “enlightened” they are. Everyone knows that you don’t let the Fox into the Hen House except these fools. They have let these barbarians into their own gates and with that pandora’s box now open, they have a lot more to worry about than some old irrelevant Rinos. Truly enlightening if one has ears to hear.

      I didn’t have a chance to comment on that mother who lost her daughter in Saudi Arabia. Again, proving our point that Islam is not compatible with Western culture. When will these fools ever learn?

  11. Call your senators and rosenhaus and tell them that antifa should be put on the terrorist list. They are just like Hitler’s Brown shirts.

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