ANY women making a sexual assault claim MUST be believed! – Serial sexual assault denying Dem candidate

Hillary Clinton made the most hysterically laughable comment about sexual assault in a press conference today.

From Real Clear Politics:

At a press conference held Monday in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addressed sexual assault on campus and how women should to respond to an attack.

“There is a big divide between survivors who do not want to seek the criminal justice system for different reasons and those who want to but are not sure that it would be responsive,” Clinton said today. “So we need to do a much better job on the fairness of the response so that people feel like whichever route they go on campus or off they’re going to be taken seriously, that doesn’t mean that, you know, that there’s no process. There has to be one.”

Unless it’s about Slick Willy Clinton, then the accusers should be destroyed!

Clinton said women should immediately be believed, starting a process to “determination as to what if anything should be done about the claim that was made.”

“I think that when someone makes the claim, they come forward, they should be believed and that is what starts the process and then there is a determination as to what if anything should be done about the claim that was made,” Clinton said.

Clinton also said there needs to be an “increased prevention effort” to fend off future sexual predators.

“We have to do an increased prevention effort,” Clinton said. “This has to start much earlier. We are in a real difficult environment with cultural pressures that are on young people, women and men to do more to combat.”

By increased efforts to prevent sexual assault, she meant that her husband would be locked up away from women. Ok, maybe not.

Allah Pundit at Hot Air explained well how Hillary’s hypocrisy shines through that statement:

Broaddrick has accused Hillary of threatening her after the alleged rape; Willey claims Hillary led a “terror campaign” against women who’ve reported some sort of sexual contact with Bill, wanted or unwanted, and says of her, “She is the war on women, as far as I’m concerned.” How many enterprising journalists out there will note that the “right to be believed,” although a lovely talking point to mask the terrifying illiberal noises being made by Democratic policymakers lately over the Great Campus Rape Panic, is the antithesis of pretty much everything the Clintons said when they were in the White House in the 1990s?

These people are shameless.

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