AOC accuses Ted Cruz of trying to have her murdered after he dare agree with her tweet

Ted Cruz dared agree with AOC today on a tweet referring to what’s happening with Gamestop and other stocks, and she accuses him of trying to have her murdered or something. But first, here’s the quick backstory.

Since yesterday, when we explained how the peasants on Reddit figured out how to game the system and cause major Wall Street hedge fund firms to lose big money, the company controlling the buying and selling of these stocks have stopped allowing them to be purchased:

In other words they are trying to rig the game.

AOC responded to the report calling for a hearing on Robinhood’s decision to block these specific stock purchases while still allowing the big hedge funds to freely trade the stock. And Ted Cruz agreed with her:

That’s when AOC attacked Cruz and accused him of trying to have her murdered:

That’s completely unhinged and false. All Ted Cruz did was what other Democrats have done in the past, which was to object to the results of the electoral votes from states which illegally changed their laws to enable tons of voter fraud. Yet because there happened to be a riot, loathsome Democrats like AOC are now lying and smearing their Republican colleagues like Ted Cruz for inciting it.

And just for the record, there was NEVER any proof of a plot to murder anyone at the Capitol. Those were rumors dispelled by the DOJ. Everything in AOC’s tweet to Cruz is completely false.

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