AOC attacks Dan Crenshaw with INSANE response after he admits he loans GUNS to his friends…

AOC reacted in shock this morning after Dan Crenshaw admitted on Twitter that he’s lent his handguns to his friends for the purposes of self-defense:

The story Crenshaw retweeted is about a girl who was going to be robbed by 5 men until she pulled out a gun and shot through her car window in self-defense. And it worked.

Crenshaw’s point is that universal background checks would prevent ordinary people from loaning their guns to their friends who might be traveling alone and would need it for self-defense, which could have been this girl.

AOC’s response to Crenshaw’s tweet just shows how much of an idiot she really is:

Why does AOC just assume that Dan Crenshaw’s friends “can’t pass a background check”, or “have likely abused their spouses” or “have a violent criminal record”? Just who does she think Dan Crenshaw hangs around with? Is she saying this because he was in the military? Has she just revealed a bias against Navy SEALs or just members of the military in general?

Crenshaw just responded to this idiocy in a very kind way, if you ask me:

He could have went at her much harder and I’m honestly surprised he didn’t. But his point still stands, because this is what we do in real America and it’s our protected right under the Constitution.

What AOC’s idiotic remarks reveal about her, aside from a potential bias against the military, is what most Democrats believe, that the American people can’t be trusted. Only the government knows best! That’s why they want to regulate everything we do, because we aren’t smart enough to take care of ourselves. We are too stupid to know who we shouldn’t lend/sale our guns to, so there must be universal background checks to protect us from ourselves. It’s at the heart of every liberal elitist, which is why they are authoritarian in nature.

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