AOC, Bernie Sanders and rest of socialists jump on 14th Amendment bandwagon — and the Bible

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are out pimping the 14th Amendment “solution” to Biden not wanting to negotiate to cut spending — by pretending constitution allows him to just skip congress and act unilaterally to ignore the debt ceiling.

The preposterous idea was first floated by the lib media, of course, and as you recall Biden refused to take the idiotic notion off the table – in fact he and Yellen made it clear it’s an option they’re willing to take.

The next phase of the plan is the “progressives” pushing for it. Sixty-six of them pressured Biden to take it and some are doing tweets, especially the avowed socialists.

Even vegetables are in.

They can expect to get away with it because they have the press with them on it. Because with the media and Democrats permanently aligned and joined at the hip, there’s really no power that Biden can’t take and use. Teh only check left on his power is that more than half of Americans are sick of this [curse word] and they haven’t yet figured out how to disarm us.


But leave it to AOC not to miss out on the chance to pretend she knows what a Bible is. She’s also on the fake outrage about DeSantis saying “good Samaritan” bandwagon with Sharpton, and implying that she’s seen the inside of a Bible, which is hilarious of course but also makes me want to kick a locust.

The press continue to cheer all this and whoop and holler like they’re watching an episode of Springer and somebody just found out they’re a baby daddy.

I hate this planet y’all.

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